The Search for the Mysterious Mothman

– [Ryan] So we’re on our way to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the Mothman. I think you’re gonna really like this town. – [Shane] I think we’re in the moth nest. – If we’re gonna find a moth man, it’s gonna be out here. – Mothman! – This goes beyond belief.
– Are you scared? – Sh. (spooky music) Mothman! This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we travel to Point Pleasant, ^West Virginia, as we dip our toes ^back into the cryptid pool again ^to search for the famed creature. The Mothman. – Oh, very impressive.
– Can you see that? – That’s good. – You’ll see firsthand when we travel to West Virginia, which we’re gonna do soon after I. – What do you need these for? – Well these are my Mothman gloves. I use these to catch it, look at the grip. I grip him by the talons. – Are you supposed to read the? – Yeah, let’s get into it. The Mothman is a cryptozoological creature ^that is thought to have made its first appearance in 1966. ^Witnesses have described the creature to be manlike in stature, often seen walking on its two hind legs. The Mothman is spotted primarily at night and its color is tough to discern. Sometimes, it’s described as gray. Other times, as brown. However, the gigantic frame of the Mothman is largely undisputed. Across all accounts, the Mothman is a physically imposing specimen ranging from six to eight feet tall. As its name would suggest, the Mothman is capable of flight, sporting two enormous wings with a monstrous eight- to 15-foot wingspan. One chilling detail that is reported in many sightings is the Mothman’s unforgettable and haunting red eyes, a red described by woman as, quote, “Red like you never saw red,” end quote. – [Shane] Moths aren’t even scary. People say Mothman and I don’t, I don’t shiver. – [Ryan] I think he’s called Mothman not because he looks like a giant moth, a giant moth would have almost butterfly-y wings, right? – [Shane] He doesn’t have butterfly wings? – [Ryan] He looks kinda more like Batman’s wings. – [Shane] Well then they shouldn’t call him a Mothman! – [Ryan] We’ll take it up with whoever made it up. – The Sky Beast.
– Sky Beast. You just literally put together the two things that it’s. – Moon Monster.
– That’s pretty dumb. – The Cloud Fiend.
– No. Let’s go through some other ones. – Wanna see my other ones? – Yeah, what are the other ones you got? – The Evil Eagle. Dr. Sky Shadow. Mr. Wind Biter. – Mr. Wind Biter. – You know, he’s flying through the air. (snarls) – You said it out loud, you’re still gonna stand by it? – Teeth gnashing. (snarling) – That’s good, but what about like… No, it’s bad.
– What do you got? Just say your bad one. – It was, I was gonna say Wingatron. – Wingatron. – That sounds.
– That sounds like a robot. – Yeah, it’s like a robot, yeah. It was in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the Mothman became famous. Hence our presence in the town now. In fact, a statue of the famed creature sits in the center of town for those seeking a face-to-face encounter. Stop number one, Mothman statue. – [Shane] It looks very ornate. – [Ryan] You’ll be able to stare at it eye to eye. – [Shane] What’s that supposed to mean? – It means you’re eight feet tall, it’s a tall joke. Get it? Look at its eyes. – [Shane] Yeah they’re a beautiful amber or something. – I was gonna say they’re pure terror. I could feel it coursing through my veins. – [Shane] Oh my god, he’s got a full six-pack, look at that! – [Ryan] This guy definitely P90X’s. – He’s like a George Clooney Batman. – Hopefully this isn’t our only face-to-face encounter with the Mothman, maybe we’ll find one in the woods and he’ll look nothing like this and we’ll have to contact the Board of West Virginia and say, you need to change your statue ’cause the boys have solved it. – Yeah, I certainly don’t think he’s gonna have GI Joe armor on. – You don’t think he’s gonna have the bat suit on? The knee pads?
– That’s a little odd. See this guy’s ass, by the way? – [Ryan] Oh my god! The purpose of our pilgrimage to Point Pleasant is to catch a glimpse of the Mothman, but if that effort proves to be fruitless, we can still enjoy the influence of Mothmania that is ever-present across town. For starters, there’s an annual Mothman Festival every September and Motham souvenirs sit stocked on shelves, ready for eager tourists year round. At the Coffee Grinder, you can order various Mothman treats including chocolate Mothman droppings, Mothman coffee, as well as a delightful Mothman cookie complete with red eyes. This is the Coffee Grinder, this is one of the many locations around town where you can pick up some Mothman treats.
Are you excited? – Yeah, they got a little Mothman lives here. – He does. – He’s sort of like the funny little mascot of this town. – Good mascot. (cheerful music) Oh man. This is nice and cozy. And look at that. – [Shane] Yeah, feels right. – You think he’ll look this friendly when we see him? – [Shane] Probably, I don’t know if he’ll be smiling like that. Yeah, that’s better. Stop that. – What do you think his voice would sound like? It’s me, the Mothman. It’s me, the Mothman.
– There you go, yeah. – You boys from out of town? (laughs) (cheerful music) Shall we eat some droppings? – Mm, mhmm. – [Ryan] Okay this feels weird, I don’t know. – Feels right. Mm. – Sweet starter and a nutty, a crunchy finish. We have the adult here and then the baby. I’m greatly enjoying this moment, this is nice. – This is really something.
– This is good. – Mm.
– Now we take a sip. This is good, is this what those Worth It boys feel like? – Not enough gold. – Finally, at Village Pizza, you can order the delectable namesake Mothman pizza. Oh you’re going through that door, I was gonna open the door, alright. What the, Jesus Christ. This Mothman pizza honors pedestrian toppings with the responsibility of mimicking the look of the famed creature. The clever arrangement enlists blood-red cherry tomatoes for eyes, bell peppers for feet, and spooky mushrooms for wings. – [Shane] So this is very fun for them. – [Ryan] He is without a doubt a big part of their commerce in terms of tourism. – Huh.
– If I’m going to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, I would go there for the Mothman. – Yeah.
– And these people are onboard. – [Shane] I just like that the town can rally around it. – [Ryan] Some people have posited that the people of this town have made Mothman up as a beacon of tourism. – Oh, Ryan.
– Which I don’t buy. – Impossible.
– I don’t buy for a second. – Nah, I sniffed for bullshit. Full proof, passed the Bergara smell test. – I don’t trust that test one bit. – I do. Because it’s my test. (laughs) – Shut up. (upbeat music) – Alright, there it is.
– Ooh, thank you. – [Ryan] He’s looking at me right now. – Look at those beady little eyes, they kinda look like yours. – [Ryan] Look at me now, Shane. What do you think of me?
– I like this guy. I like his vibe.
– Oh thanks. We got the wings right here. Torso, little bell pepper feet. That’s amazing. – If I saw this in the woods, I wouldn’t necessarily be all that scared. – Actually, the eyes would be pretty terrifying. – [Shane] Yeah, those are actually creepy. – I don’t know, I like it, I dig it, I can’t wait to eat his body. – I call one of the eye pieces. – There’s only two of us here so I’m gonna obviously get the other one. – Fine. (cheerful music) – It’s good. While at Village Pizza, the manager sat with us ^to share a story of a Mothman sighting. What’s the scariest tale you’ve heard from someone in terms of sighting the Mothman? – Danny Scarborough’s mother. She said that one night she had to fight him off, she’d come in to get Danny, she was like six months old, was in her bed, and she had to fight the Mothman off while she was trying to grab the baby. – He was trying to steal her baby. – Yeah, I mean that was her story, but I mean, she was very convincing and it’s sad to say, she’s dead and gone now, but that was a very scary. – She fought the Mothman. – Well she didn’t.
– Oh my god. – She didn’t actually fight him, but she wrestled and got her baby from him. – Oh, yikes.
– That’s her story. – Well that was educational.
– That was good. – Got my souvenirs, it was good. (church bells ringing) It’s time. These two weirdly optimistic pilgrims are ready to embark on our menacing Mothman mission. Let’s begin at the main sighting that started Mothmania as we know it. Alright, so this is the McClintic Wildlife Management Area. This is the area of the main sighting. – [Shane] This looks like the kind of area you’d see a Mothman.
– A Mothman, exactly, right. Sparse. – Not a lot of people out here. – Yeah, there’s parts that are densely wooded. – This seems like a good road to be terrified on. – During World War II, 8000 acres of a wooded area near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, were employed to manufacture and house explosives. The explosives were housed in concrete igloos dispersed across the land. After the war, the effort was abandoned and the area was partially converted into a wildlife preserve that is now known today as the McClintic Wildlife Management Area. In the ’80s, it was uncovered that byproducts of the explosives had critically contaminated the land. And yet, to this day, the igloos and some of their hazardous materials remained. Some speculate that this contamination mutated local birds into what would eventually become the Mothman. But that’s purely speculation. – I don’t think that’s how that stuff works. – [Shane] I think usually if you come into contact with maybe something radioactive or something, you die. – Or, you turn into the Mothman. I mean, what are the odds of it? They aint zero. We’ll park here and then we’ll make our way out into the Wildlife Preserve. It’s daytime right now but. Nightfall’s gonna come soon. And you know I always come prepared. I mean, there’s hunters around here, I don’t wanna get shot. – No I know, we don’t want you to get shot. – So I’m breaking out old faithful. – No helmet this time?
– No, I don’t have any reports of Mothman hitting people over the head with rocks, so I don’t think it’s necessary this time around. – I guess, you know, in some sense, you may be making yourself a better target for Mothman to just fly out of the sky and grab you by his talons. – Maybe he’ll be a lot like Bigfoot and be like, oh what a colorful vest. – You think we should try and bro down with Mothman too? – Oh yeah, I didn’t bring a beer for him, he doesn’t strike me as a beer type, he strikes me more as a wine guy. – He struck me as like a field mice kinda guy. – Despite the dangerous materials stored there ^in years past, in 1966, this area, often called the TNT area, was a popular destination for local youth. As such, on November 15th, 1966, Steve and Mary Mallette and Roger and Linda Scarberry were enjoying a leisurely drive through the TNT area. Unfortunately, their amusement would come to a screeching halt when the two women, Linda and Mary, spotted a figure near the TNT plant. The figure began to move towards the building’s entrance in a shuffling manner, providing them a fine opportunity to observe the creature. While they initially thought it looked a lot like a man, it clearly did not have arms or a head. It had massive folded wings high on the back and perhaps most noteworthy, two beaming red eyes. So my guess is the couples were somewhere around here, maybe on that road over there. And I’m not sure of the exact location but this is where they saw him stumbling around. – They just saw him kinda shambling? – Yeah.
– Big shambling man. – I don’t know, maybe he was just taking a walk, I mean, what’s it to you? – Why would you take a walk if you had wings? – He’s a fucking creature, he can do what he wants. After being spellbound momentarily by the creature, the couples came to their senses and took off in their car, terrified. Any thoughts on that so far? (blows raspberry)
– [Shane] Nope. What year is it, ’66? – ’66. – Few teens out there, probably smoking a few funny cigarettes.
– You could say weed, it’s 2018.
– Some grass. – As they made their way towards Highway 62 in Roger Scarberry’s 1957 Chevy, they saw the being appear in front of them and rise directly up into the sky. The creature had a gargantuan 10-foot wingspan and the couples noted that it did not need to flap its wings as it chased the car at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Quote, “Gliding above and behind the vehicle,” end quote. The creature made a noise similar to a quote, “record played at a high speed or squeak of a mouse,” end quote. (laughs) Not exactly the most terrorizing sound. And this is why I think maybe these people aren’t lying because if they were lying, that seems like a weird detail to make up. You would say, it opened its mouth and the mountains moved with the force of the roar. – Yeah.
– And they went, no it squeaked like a little baby mouse. (laughs) That’s what happened, I was terrified. – [Shane] It was easy to do the Bigfoot call at a very loud volume but it’s gonna be hard out there. – Give me your best Mothman squeak. (clears throat) – This is the noise you’re gonna make to try and attract another Moth person. – I’m gonna try two different approaches to this. – Okay, I can’t wait to hear both. – One’s gonna be an exhale and then one’s gonna be an inhale. So my first one is. (squeaking) That’s one. My other one is gonna be a little more high-pitched, ’cause it’s gonna be the inhale. (squeaking shrilly) – The first one was alright, I’ll give you that. The second one kinda sounded like you were smothering a dolphin. Also your eyes kinda rolled back, it was just a weird performance all around. – It’s a gift. – I guess I could try one. – Yeah, try an inhale. (wheezes) (squeaks shrilly) You sounded like a pig giving birth. – I thought mine was rather good. Sound off in the comments, whose screech. – Chime off, let us know. – Fortunately, the creature stopped chasing the couples and disappeared as the couples neared the populated area of town. Linda Scarberry wanted to report it to the police, but they were concerned that they would not be taken seriously. As a result, in an audacious move, they decided to return to the place of the sighting to confirm what they had seen. To their affirmation-slash-terror, they once again saw the creature, this time stumbling around in a dark pasture. This spurred the couples to head straight for the Mason County Courthouse to file a report. First off, by the way, most of the time, people naturally will just run away and they’ll tell the story. Very few times have I seen a case where the people would then return to the sight and try and confirm that they weren’t going crazy and that they actually saw what they saw, and that’s what these four people did. – Yeah, it’s very noble. – Yeah, and they did that, they saw it, they’re like okay, we confirmed, now let’s go to the police. Deputy Millard Halstead was on hand to take the report. Due to the size of the town, Deputy Halstead knew the couples and believed their claims to be sincere. The handwritten eye-witness police reports from the Mallettes and the Scarberrys is actually on display at the Mothman museum. The couples claim that the police put all four of them in separate rooms and asked them each to write down what happened that night. All of the accounts match. – [Shane] I mean, they’re gonna, right? – Okay, I’m gonna ask you to possibly incriminate yourself a little bit.
– Yeah, that’s fine. – Think of any time you’ve partaken in the smoking of the ganja.
– Yeah. – Yeah?
– Don’t do drugs. – Don’t do drugs, first off, whatever. – Legalize it.
– I mean, now it’s legal so you can do whatever you want. In California, it is, at least. Anyways, think if you are smoking with three of your buddies.
– Yeah. – And now imagine that you are so out of it that you imagined a giant Moth creature. – Mhmm.
– And then after that, you go to the police, one of the worst things you could possibly do when you’re high, and then you all tell the same details of a story. The only way I feel like you could tell something with concrete details that match everybody else’s story is if it in fact happened, at least when you’re under the influence. – That’s true. Okay, I’ll give it to you. This is a point for Mothman. Understand, I want to believe in Mothman. – Is this the part where when I made a good argument, you’re just gonna be like, well I believed it anyway. – I said at the top of the show. – You did say that.
– Yeah. – Watch yourself.
– You watch yourself. – You watch yourself. – Why don’t you write down some more names? – The Gliding. – Just cut it off, you don’t want that. – Gliding is a little too pleasant. – [Ryan] Eventually, the couples and Deputy Millard Halstead made their way back to the sighting area, where they heard strange noises, saw strange shadows, and an unexplained dust cloud. A hooflike footprint was also found in the sand around the area. Linda Scarberry was treated for shock following the events and reportedly experienced some unnerving phone calls as well as visits by the men in black, who would intimidate her. – [Shane] I like those guys. – Yeah.
– Our old pals. – [Ryan] Will Smith and Tommy Lee are back. – What are you doing there?
– You hear that? You made a cameo in this one. – Nothing to say about this one, huh? – It’s weird, he only moves when he wants to. The morning after the Mothman sighting, the Mason County Sheriff, George Johnson, held a press conference, and from there, the story started trending in local and national news. Eventually, the creature was dubbed Mothman by the press, inspired by the Batman series. People actually thought he looked very much like Batman. I read a report where a guy said, “There’s Batman on my neighbor’s roof, “he flew up into the sky.” – [Shane] He have a utility belt? – [Ryan] I don’t know if he had a utility belt. But I will say, if I was a kid and I saw what I thought was Batman on my neighbor’s roof, I wouldn’t be scared, I would try and go get an autograph. – Yeah, you’d be like, Batman, you’re my favorite superhero and he’d go.
(squeaking) (laughs)
Never mind. – Looking out, this is actually pretty serene and beautiful in the daytime, but nightfall’s almost upon us and then that’s when. – That’s when the boys come out. – That’s when the Mothman will come out. And then we’ll have him. Sightings of the Mothman began to pile up. Police estimated that over 1000 people were looking for the Mothman each night until midnight. And tonight, history, as it so often does, will repeat itself as we attempt to find the creature ourselves. – [Shane] You genuinely believe that there is a Mothman out here? – I’m not so sure I’m sold on the Mothman and here we are, but I will say, we’re in the area where the main sighting happened, where a lot of the sightings happened. If we’re gonna find a Mothman, it’s gonna be out here. After the Scarberry-slash-Mallette sightings, a Point Pleasant woman named Marcella Bennett, her three-year-old daughter, her brother Raymond, and her brother’s wife encountered the Mothman while visiting family friends. Marcella explained in an interview with researcher and author Andy Colvin, quote, “He was shaped like a male. “The huge wings, the way he was standing, “the head like a bird. “I’ll never forget the way he was standing. “It was like he was just relaxing, “like he was just waiting for that moment “for me to walk up. “The neck looked like it went down in, like a bird, “way down in the neck. “To me, it wasn’t of this world,” end quote. Like Linda Scarberry, Marcella suffered side effects after the incident, including anxiety, paranoia, and nightmares. – If I’m the Mothman, and I am not. – I don’t think anyone was saying that. – I am not going to make people feel paranoid and afraid, I’m gonna make them think, yeah, love that Mothman. I’m gonna walk out into the woods naked and serve myself up to the Mothman so he can have a little feast. Assuming the Mothman eats people. – I mean, I don’t know if that’s what his game is. – Oh.
– But all I’m saying is that what you need to gather from this is that he has an effect on people’s psyche. – This Mothman’s a complicated character. – What does he sound like? – He sounds like the Blood Bird. Flappy Spookster. – That’s, come on. – The Winged Wretch. Did I already say that? – This just says Fright Terror. – You know, just call him a Batman, why is that hard? – [Ryan] After encountering the Mothman, Marcella Bennett also said that she could often feel Mothman’s unnerving presence and like other witnesses, developed the ability to have premonitions and psychic visions. – [Shane] This is vaguely what I remember about that stupid Richard Gere movie. – [Ryan] Forget about the Richard Gere movie for a second. – I will never.
– And just think about this. The Mothman is apparently able, he affects people’s psyche in a way where they start to wig out a bit. Paranormal events follow this thing so it makes you start to wonder what the hell this thing actually is. It may not just be a cryptid. It may be, I don’t know, an alien. Linda Scarberry, the witness from the first Mothman encounter, claimed to hear disembodied noises and see items moving by themselves, which she attributed to a poltergeist. Simultaneously, other strange phenomena occurred around the time of the sightings. Interrupted police dispatches, malfunctioning electrical appliances, doors mysteriously opening and shutting, an increase in UFO sightings, and malfunctioning cars with no apparent explanation. – [Shane] Seems like they’re just kinda lumping it all in though, right? – [Ryan] Or if he is like an inter-dimensional being, he would obviously bring with him maybe chaos. – [Shane] If you’re an inter-dimensional being, are you gonna make a scene like this? – [Ryan] If you can jump between dimensions, why not fuck around a little bit? – [Shane] Oh he can jump back and forth? – [Ryan] Yeah, kinda like a Cheshire cat. – Or Q from Star Trek.
– Or Rick and Morty. If you could jump between dimensions, why wouldn’t you have a little fun? It’s gonna have any effect on your dimension. – I’m coming around to this guy now. This guy kinda cracks me up. – He’s in the cave somewhere, he has like a local antenna set up, just watching the news. Doors open and close in the neighborhood, UFO sightings.
(snickers) (squeals) He’s sitting there, he’s loving it. Oh my god. He’s throwing popcorn. (squealing) (clears throat) Holy shit, look at how red his face is. Oh my god. I thought I was gonna have to give you the Heimlich. – Ooh, okay. – [Ryan] So right now, I think we’re about to come up on one of those hidden igloos, the ones that would hold explosives back in the day. – [Shane] What kind of explosives did they hold in there? – [Ryan] TNT. Aren’t you excited to go into one of these little bunkers? It’s a World War II bunker. – [Shane] It is pretty neat. How much action did Ohio see in World War II? – [Ryan] Oh my. – [Shane] Okay, well. – [Ryan] Is it all good? – [Shane] Definitely… an echo. – Oh it’s very icy.
– Yeah. Hello, ooh.
– It’s slippery. I could see losing your mind in here. What’s this string right here? – I don’t know, pull it.
– No I’m not gonna pull it. You pull it.
What if it’s a trap? What if the Mothman’s sitting up there just rubbing his palms together, hoping that we pull his little string. – [Shane] I was thinking like a grocery bag full of shit. – [Ryan] Oh like he’s Kevin McCallister from Home Alone? – Here, hold something.
– I’ll hold your flashlight. I have the camera in one hand. Pretty confident there’s no heat signatures in here. Oh god, I’m actually scared. – It’s just a, snuff. – That’s where we die.
– We explode. – [Ryan] Skipping forward to modern times, in 2016, a man who would not provide his name claimed to have taken a photo of Mothman in West Virginia. The photo shows a two-legged winged creature flying over the trees. However, most did not believe this is Mothman. – I’m not terribly impressed. That could just as easily be like a hawk. – I don’t think it’s a hawk, I don’t think it’s an owl. I do think it’s a hoax. – What year was it?
– 2016. – Shopped! I gotta hand it to ya, these are some woods. Look at this, you know what this is? This is a giant nest. (laughs) I think we’re in the moth nest. – Man, if we just saw a silhouette fly over our heads right now.
– That’d be thrilling. – Alright, I’m scanning the trees right now. I guess that’s what you would do, right? (squeaking shrilly) It’s that Mothman hospitality, huh? – I mean, has it responded to calls? – Well we know what it sounds like, you would think, logic would say if you make the noise, maybe he’ll be deceived. Let’s go deeper into the woods. – [Shane] Okay. – Strangely, an outbreak of sightings occurred in 2017 in Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, there were over 20 reports of a, quote, “winged humanoid,” endquote, between April 7th, 2017, and July 29th, 2017, alone. The Tribune reports that the sightings are almost always at night and near a body of water. For those who don’t believe, some have offered alternative explanations for Mothman sightings. Some believe that Mothman witnesses had seen Sandhill Cranes, a species of bird that could have a wingspan of 10 feet. Though, a Sandhill Crane had never been officially spotted in West Virginia at the time. Although, some unofficial reports had been made. – I see those a lot.
– Sandhill Cranes? – There’s a lot in Illinois.
– Do they sound like a little mousey?
– It sounds kinda like. (cooing) – [Ryan] Maybe Sandhill Cranes are what the people in Chicago saw. But there’s none of those in West Virginia, officially. – [Shane] Sandhill Cranes, look them up. Fascinating bird, I’m gonna own one someday. A taxidermied one, and it will be in my room. – Some have pointed out that some birds’ eyes, such as owls, appear red when hit with light from a flashlight or a car at night. The McClintic Wildlife Management Area, which surrounds the TNT area, is a bird sanctuary that contains owls. – Owls aren’t that big.
– No. – [Shane] I can see someone maybe mistaking an owl for something else or seeing an owl and being confused by it.
– One thing I will point out and I don’t know if this is confirmed but I’ve seen it in a couple sources, that Linda Scarberry, when she saw the Mothman, she did claim that the eyes were only red when she shined the light at it. – It would make sense.
– Either way, she also did say this thing chased them in their car. So pretty sure it’s not an owl. – [Shane] We should bring a gun. (laughs) It’s not a joke. – You know what? This is a perfect time for us to cut back to us investigating. – Let’s see where we are. (laughs) (exclaims) – I thought I was getting carried up into the trees. (laughs) – Did you really?
– As predicted, this is fucking horrifying at nighttime. Mothman, I guess he wouldn’t respond to that, would he? He doesn’t even know his name is Mothman. – [Shane] I mean, I don’t know how intelligent it is, if it can communicate things to people. – Oh yeah, maybe. Alright, are you gonna do your little? – That’s not a bad idea. – You go first, I’ll go second, how about that? – Okay.
– Yeah I’ll get you here. (squeaking shrilly) Let’s try it again. (squeaking shrilly) – That’s record being played quickly. – I guess. Here, here we go.
– You look like a nun. – Do I?
– A little bit, in this view, yeah. (laughs) You really do. – Is it in focus?
– Yeah. (squeaks shrilly) – You look like a rave nun.
– Shh. (howling) What the fuck.
– Well those are coyotes or dogs. Or a large pack of something. – Holy shit. – Just coyotes. – Are you not fucking alarmed right now? – Are you scared? – Dude, what are you? This goes beyond belief, that was a pack of, whatever the fuck that was. – It was coyotes.
– Is that our cue to leave? I think maybe. We’ve been out here for quite a bit. – Yeah, I don’t know if we’re gonna find anything tonight. – I don’t wanna be in the mouth of some coyote later, that’s not how I want the picture wrap on old Bergara to be. – Alright well, another good cryptid hunt. We’re oh for two, but I think next time. – The odds were stacked against us on this one, there’s no way to catch this thing. We’re giving up! – You win this time, Mothman. But I’ll be back. – Okay, you know what’s funny though? – Yeah.
– Is our Mothman call actually attracted the coyotes, so it worked for something. – You think that was us?
– I think the call, it proved it, it wasn’t all for show, it had value. – [Shane] Both of us are masters of the Mothman call. – Yeah we’re basically, we should be on Animal Planet. – We should.
– I’m just gonna pause here for a second.
– Yeah. – [Ryan] Give him one last go, how about that? (squeaking) Last chance! – [Shane] I think you’ve offended the Mothman. – In the end, nobody truly knows what the Mothman is, let alone if he actually exists. Some have suggested that Mothman could be of demonic or angelic origin. Others believe that Mothman could actually be an extra-terrestrial, connecting Mothman with bright lights seen in the sky. Some even believe Mothman could be an ultra-terrestrial, a creature from another dimension. As for me, I’m not quite sure what I believe but I do find the voluminous docket of sightings to be curious for something that is not real. Nonetheless, as our efforts have proved today, the existence of Mothman continues to elude us and will remain, for now, unsolved. (spooky music)

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    I said Mothman! You’re a man who’s a moth
    I said MOTHMAN! Your pretty wings are so soft
    When you flap! A! gainst! My lamp shade!

    Mothman! There’s no need to feel down
    I said Mothman! Life that man off the ground
    MOTHMAN! Swing your new friend around!
    ‘Cause it’s fun! To! Swing! A! Human!

  5. AHAHAHAH I just DIED when you guys were mothman laughing at the thought of him jumping dimension to dimension 😂😂😂

  6. Shout Off In The Comments …….Soooo Both Of The "Moth Sounds"Were Impressive But Gotta Go With Shane's Exhale!!!

  7. Shout Off In The Comments …….Soooo Both Of The "Moth Sounds"Were Impressive But Gotta Go With Shane's Exhale!!!

  8. I honestly believe I saw mothman when I was in Korea but it was like a owl more than anything with a unbelievably orange red eyes it was about 6 feet tall on a six story building he sounded like a overweight man yawniing. But that could be a whole different beast

  9. Mothman: tries to scare the men as bad as he could
    Shane:I am about to end this man's whole career

    Mothman(a few days later): Oh Lucifer, that was not a human
    Goatman: I hear you brother, I got deceived too
    Bigfoot: I no longer wish to live my lord
    Lucifer: pals, so do I

  10. he's a fucking creature he can do what he wants

    edit: "Gliding sounds to pleasant" I guess you can say its too point pleasant

  11. Dude I was born there and grew up around that part of point and i will tell you that literally everyone despises him because of him making the bridge fall

  12. I mean like we haven't even explored all of our earth a bunch of creature may exist but we haven't discovered yet just like the ocean and the underground on land mostly forest we haven't explored all

  13. Just going to put this out there. If Shane was mothman he would n9t admit it. Shane is mothman in disguise. Explains why he's so tall.

  14. What if there where some chemicals or waste left from the operation and they somehow caused hallucinations and lasting effects of paranoia and anxiety. Like a neurological effect. Once on out of the four described what they where seeing the rest would expect to also see it and hallucinate the same occurrence

  15. The cinematography of this video is hands-down the best out of every single video of them about the Supernaturals. Great stuff

  16. I actually wrote a paper on the mothman and I've developed an unhealthy obsession with him. I am a skeptic myself but I do believe that this creature exists somewhere out there

  17. You would think at least ¼ of the town back then would have a camera ready for some blurry pictures. Nothing but eyewitness accounts stemming from one sighting that could just be a regular ole bird.

  18. Yo Shane Ryan you forgot an important part that could basically change the whole mothman story

    So I live in Huntington West Virginia And there was a bridge in point Pleasant called silver Bridge and it collapsed and a few moments before it collapsed the people in the cars that were on the bridge looked up to the highest point on the left and everybody said they saw a figure that look like moth man sitting there so now people in West Virginia are split some people say the moth man is a demon and others will say that it is an angel because they believe that the mothman either brought bad luck causing the bridge to collapse with everyone on it or it was trying to warn people

  19. I feel like it was some sort of drug that was passed around the town at that time. Usually the moth an was seen by groups of people and why not do acid in a group, in the woods. There are certain drugs that make everyone see the save thing, like salvia (probs spelled it wrong) which makes you see pine trees. Just an idea

  20. Me and my brother seen a flying humanoid creature gliding above our house towards our front yard right above our tree. our tree was only about 14 feet high. the body looked muscular almost as a heavy build. the wings were as a bat. we also noticed the wings had a few tares. and the body had short hair almost a light brown tint. from the height it was flying it seemed it had to be around 6 to 6'5 feet. the face we couldn't see because it was looking up forward. Me and my brother are not the only ones around the area that have seen the humanoid. besides this phenomenon we have also seen paranormal incidents as well as Ufo activity. we later found out our property used to be a military base during ww1. im not sure if that has to do with anything but of all the things ive seen in including my family and neighbors it would be unbelievable to most.

  21. We have Iron Man Spiderman Superman Batman Aquaman Ant-man so I wouldn’t be surprised if mothman becomes a superhero in the future

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