The Stunning And Possibly Illegal Lengths Trump Is Willing To Go To Get His Wall | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “The Stunning And Possibly Illegal Lengths Trump Is Willing To Go To Get His Wall | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Directing someone to break the law is breaking the law. All out in the open. Once again Trump proves he's not only a criminal, he's a stupid criminal. However we get him out of office, by impeachment or the ballot, how much wreckage is he going to leave in his wake?

  2. When the bullying is going to stop his wife is talking about cyberbullying when her husband is a big bully you just can't take the people lands because you want to look good by telling the American citizens that you are going to build a big tall beautiful wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. You just can't have it both ways.

  3. Trump can't lead, can't legislate, can't build consensus, can't be honest, can't run a successful and legal business, can't unify…. Trump is a failure and a disgrace.

  4. On the civil servants: WWII and Nazi Germany showed what happens when people in civil service follow a leader without standing up in the face of illegality. It showed what happens when you don't stand up for what should be questions of basic humanity. And what happens when the majority of the pipulation follows. So just wondering about may be done is not enough. Full disclosure: I'm German so my view is obviously influenced by my country's history. But it makes me incredibly sad that the country that is partially responsible for a free Europe & forced post-war Germans to confront their wrongdoing through laws & education is now failing at exactly this. Failing in not just upholding basic legal principles and ethical standards of behaviour but the actual democratic structure of the country.

  5. Y'know, people in the southeast part of the country, probably don't care about anyone in the southwest/on the border losing their lands if Trump does this, while also probably being the types who scream "The government isn't gonna take MY land/home from ME!" They'd probably consider it the necessary, patriotic duty of those in the southwest to just make it happen and not care about the gross violations of rights that would entail.

  6. Trump knows he has to win re-election because if he doesn't win, he will be going from the White House to the big house.

  7. Trump is not the one who is "undermining our democracy": it is US and our institutions who are tolerating a traitor, criminal, and incompetent.

  8. There is nothing Trump will not do in hope that it will help him win. That includes provoking a ruinous foreign war, which we must be prepared to see in the next 6 months.

  9. So , if I go out and Rob a bunch of banks ….. And offer to give trump 50% of the loot ….. he would pardon me ?
    Of course he would !!! Duh ! Mr. Greenbacks would do anything for a buck .hr d sell his own mother or his own country for MONEY ! The MOST important thing in this world to him … And fantasizing about ivanka

  10. While Trump's goal is the honorable and heroic protection of America, the worthless and bumbling democratic congress continues to refuse to protect the American people with a border wall. The American people salute you Mr. president!!

  11. Trump has or already believed himself to be a dictator. He actually believes that his will must be done,legally or illegally.Where is the congress on this,you don't need anymore rope to hand him with.Why is then that our congress not done a thing .It may be high time to vote the entire senate out,or recall them all ,at least serve them with recall petitions.Trump is not alluding to dictatorship, he is a dictator. And where is the congress? The next thing will be full out revolution,states will succeed from the union at will if they are not already contemplating this move. Once the people realize that there is no law from top down the nation will be finished.which is precisely what Russia desires.If our president does not respect the rule of law,why should any one else respect it,including our military . Look around America is disintegrating before your eyes.All because of the action of one man.To quote Ben Franklin,"a republic gentlemen,if you can keep it" It does not look like we still have the will to do so.Who would have ever thought that the seat of treason would be our president,but it is

  12. If any one is "stunned" by now, they haven't been paying attention. Change the headlines to "Trump breaks the law/violates the Constitution AGAIN."

  13. Eddie isn't in the weeds, Nicole. It's the heart of our democracy that is under attack. You can tell she's a conservative.

  14. I was a Democrat for most of my life. Watching the actions of the current occupant of the White House and the lack of action by Pelosi, I am now a progressive…take the corporate money out and actually work on benefiting Americans. Regular Americans who are working 2-3 jobs and still live on Top Ramen with nothing added most of their week.

    Stop penalizing people because they are not white. Start treating people like they are people. My god…my heart hurts the more I find out more about what this administration is doing…. children who have a good chance of dying getting notices that they have to leave the country in 33 days of the date of the letter but getting the notice 10-15 days after the letter….

  15. Trump is a racist and a liar and a bigot and a womanizer who bullies others to get his way.
    His supporters follow him blindly regardless of his actions or words.
    Now Limbaugh is a criminal himself, remember the giant bags of prescription pills they found by warrant, don't believe I'll be listening to that pill popper.
    What is it, people just vote their party and not their conscience.
    Only racists defend racism, anyone but trump 2020

  16. If you re-elect this kind of person, you are literally deaf, blind or a zombie. Your country is great but he is pushing it in not a great direction.

  17. IMO, when DJT said "it's our country, not theirs" he was referring to the east coast elites and mega-donors mentioned just before that segment of his comment. I hate to defend him, but there you go. I'm sure that's what he meant about "theirs". BTW, doesn't he aspire to being an east coast elite?

  18. Defense spending hum very interesting it's not about the wall it's about less defense spending in case we need to defend ourself against Putin!

  19. Trump has made the WHITE house into the biggest human swamp like creatures like miller and Moscow Mitch trump is holding America's economy hostage with his terrible tarrif war with China ,he doesn't get big economic development and he doesn't get that even maga hats and t shirts are made in china along with so many products it's overdue to impeach

  20. dont impeach,kick him out of AMERICA.he proves everyday he is a traitor,he hates all americans.our elected officials could band together and shut him down,but please change the codes on all the nukes first. the more power trump gets,the more imbalanced his mental instability becomes.the end cost will be more than the 23 billion now projected,far cry from his lie to the voters who supported him.a trump voter said the next thing on trumps agenda is the implant of every person,except trump and his family to be sure,of the pellet under the skin which tracks and controls our buying powers.without it,you will die. the bible calls it the mark of the beast.

  21. 5:08 the deadly combination only works when the enablers and other public servants stand around with their thumbs in their bottoms and do NOTHING. What none of these talking heads will tell you is YOU have to do something besides click "LIKE" on youtube. Get off your butt, buy some cheap post card stamps and WRITE TO ALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS & PELOSI & NADLER. They don't feel support from enough VOTERS to move forward. SO GIVE THEM THE FRIGGIN' SUPPORT PEOPLE. If not YOU and I, then who? If we fail to write a few damned cards and letters WE DESERVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF THIS CLOWN.

  22. Any other democratic country would see their Own party kicking him out Trump hasn't made an impeachable offense he's made Several including transparent conflicts of interest. Like saying how much he'd like to make money at the next G7 meeting

  23. If we only had two political parties so one could fight against Trump. Thanks to the Supreme Court, we only have one party with two different names but the same donors.

  24. Trump don’t want the wall because he believes it will help! Only to keep his word, which means nothing anyway!

  25. It is easy to see that tRumpis a corrupt person . There's no doubt that he has broken laws in his business ventures . There's signs that he is an immoral cheating, corrupt liar who needs to be stopped before we become a Russian territory

  26. The promise was not to just build the wall, but that Mexico would pay for it. Before you respond with the ignorant argument that the new NAFTA agreement will bring in enough money to fund it. That would still be us paying for it, not Mexico. If the extra money coming in from NAFTA is used on the wall. We didn't benefit from the extra money other than getting the wall, which means WE PAID FOR IT.

  27. That's funny I said that last week when trump said if you break the law I'll pardon you. They will not just be breaking federal law they will be breaking state laws. state of California ,Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and I'm sure those States will come down on those people extremely hard, trump has no pardon power as far as state level offenses.

  28. Remember this trump Hispanics have been coming and living and working in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah you name it for hundreds and hundreds of years. Before you scugmbag white racist pigs got to this country, remember that because the hispanics won't long after your GONE.

  29. LIKE DESPERADOS WAITING FOR A PARDON…Someone should convince him that he can't pardon himself.. But if he resigned Mike Pence would.. DOH! But there's those pesky state offenses. DOH!

  30. I’m British and I said long before he got elected he would go on to cause chaos on the planet why after so say 37 top physiatrist have all agreed on the same diagnosis what on earth is he in the White House for he should be impeached or took out ASAP and I’m against all types of violence when he goes on one of his rants he no different to the other lunatic Hitler and now we Borris his new best friend in power anything can happen now all I can say to it is good luck everyone Stevie

  31. Trump has the money now so my fellow Americans, I ask you why hasn't he even started to build the WALLS.

    Trump is wheeling and dealing with tax money.

    He wants kick backs from contractors that he knows and are corrupt.

    By now, all plans for that wall should be a ready, set and go.

    All Trump was waiting for was the MONEY.

    You have the money
    Dumbo Trump so START PUTTING UP THE WALLS so we don't have to hear your crap and rhetoric about the wall to your base.

    It should have been up by now right, the invaders are invading AMERICA.

    DUMP TRUMP IN 2020



  33. Hay usa in one report he's encouraging violent citizen removal for a stupid rule . Your president is impeach able impeach him now no pardon for the president and no pardon for conspiritors .

  34. Directing subordinates to break the law and promising to use the power of his office to protect them from prosecution is both a felony and a high crime.

  35. What about abuse of office he's broken more rules said more lies than anyone. You don't have to search for his wrongdoings they are in plain sight. Impeach now

  36. You know that kid in class who.knows the term project is due in two days and he hasn't even started?

    This is that kid in the oval office.

  37. In 1993 trump came to New Zealand and wanted to build a casino. Our gov't did due diligence and he was declined. Fortunately it would seem we were not blinded by glamour.

  38. MSLSD at it again. A bunch of know-nothing talking heads and an anchor who may have gone to college and studied lesbian dance theory pontificating breathlessly on nonsense Trump will not do. What these know-nothings need to explain to the rest of us is how they would stop illegal border crossings. They have no effective plans so divert to name calling and character assassination. If they don't want a wall will they support landmines along the border? How about sniper towers? What about their own racism for seemingly to support law breaking on our southern border for no other reason than the skin color of those crossing the border illegally? I'd like them to explain that racism they seem to gleefully support. Are these fools willing to pay reparations to illegals several years from now when they claim to have been exploited for being encouraged to enter the country illegally to do the "jobs Americans don't want to" at poverty wages? Wasn't this what slaves were for back in the day? I need to hear their solutions before I can take anything they say seriously.

  39. And this is why Nancy says she wants him in jail. As mom said, give him enough rope and he'll hang himself – and he is. Patience then EXILE!

  40. Donald Trump has promised bunch of mobsters contracts with the government in order to Build That Wall. This is why he is in such a hurry and willing to do anything to Build That Wall. Donald Trump is in hock to the gangsters and the mobsters who funded his campaign.

  41. This coming from a network where they had the big scoop on the Potus's tax's, fricken hilarious!!!
    What are people going to do when he win's in 2020?

  42. Is there any law in The U S ? Other than putting average people in jail . Do the rich just automatically get to do what they want ?

  43. Where are the Dems? The are so stupid to be staying silent and not impeaching simply as a matter of course based on these statements of illegality by this maniac in the WH. And focus on the Senate not the presidency!

  44. Blue lady. The wall promised will never be fulfilled. The promised was a " wall and Mexico will pay for it. " Taxpayers might end up paying , if built. As for the economy, it is the result of previous administrations. Starting with Bush pumping rescue money for banks, auto makers, wall street which Obama kept stimulating until the economy stop sinking. In addition, obama stimulated the economy in such way that Trump benefited.

  45. Trump is not bailing out his shooter in El Paso. So to contractors, you break the law, you will be prosecuted, if not here, in the next administration.

  46. The president and the republican party have broken laws to be elected or re-elected, why does this continue to happen?

  47. Funny how this president thinks he is above the law. Weather he has laws against the law passes or even said it. His own staff is reporting him word for word.

  48. She meant: "That alone would get a Democratic President impeached" – assuming the republicans had control of congress.
    Vote for actual Americans in 2020!!

  49. Corrupt, stupid and…demented! Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach, etc…
    Honorable Republicans——do something now!

  50. This is probably how he ran his businesses. The only difference is that he's no longer able to control the press coverage so that he comes up smelling of roses. Let's just hope he's removed from office (either by impeachment or election) before he runs the country into the ground like he did so many of his businesses.

  51. Trump getting kickbacks in the form of political contributions from contractors. Better than a presidential salary. Our political system is one of the most corrupt in the world.

  52. well im watching people i voted to take care f things NOT DOING ANYTHING AND TALKING ABOUT NOT DOING ANYTHING. geez the country is ready to bend over and take it from first come first served….SAVE THE TATER CHIP MACHINES AND SAT TV

  53. Does he even know that he can’t pardon anyone for state charges?
    He is remarkable!
    Who is this corrupt and STUPID??????
    Why’s he continuously acting as an authoritarian dictator and getting away with it?
    We are living under a dictatorship. Put him in prison already!

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