The Tinder Game

– Hello everyone welcome to
the College Humor podcast, I am the host for today I’m Jess. Thank you so much for being here. If you’re listening anywhere where you can get podcasts, if you’re on CH2 and of course our favorite
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hang out with you guys there’s a lot of awesome fan art for the different podcasts that we have. – Dried rice stuck to my jeans. – Okay well there we go, there we go. It sounds like you need
attention right now so do you wanna say your name and then we’ll go down the line. – Yes my name is Grant O’Brien, I generally have dried food stuck to myself at some juncture, at one of my myriad, you know, all my 5000 parts. (laughs) so I’m Grant O’Brien thank you so much for joining us today. – I’m TJ Gonzalez the
in house visual effects supervising artist here. And Grant has been talking about the food on his pants for like 10, 15 minutes beforehand. – We had Indian food for lunch and so there’s, it’s everywhere. – I’m Lauren Davis, I also had the Indian food earlier and I’m the supervising producer here. – And it also, did it
not get on your pants? – It did, it did get on my pants as well. – This was some of the
slipperiest Indian food out there. (laughs) It got over, all over all of our pants, I actually managed to make it out okay TJ? – I was in meeting before hand but, no pants involved. – Oh, no pants in the meeting? – No food spillage on the pants sorry. – [Grant] You VFX guys get wild. – [Jess] He put on the pants afterwards (laughs) – I’m usually not wearing pants it’s all rodo’d in later this is for the fans at home I’m completely nude. – I’m psyched to have the
two of you guys on here because we don’t usually
get so much perspective from so many different departments all together on this podcast this is cool. – Yeah, can we hear a little bit just about the jobs
that you do here maybe, before we even get into some other stuff. – Yeah, totally do you want to or me? – Sure I’ll take it, I am on the production management team. I wear a lot of different hats. And basically work with
everybody else here to make sure the wheels keep turning and it’s like big picture and
small picture at the same time it’s a lot of answering questions and it’s also just a lot of making sure consistent things happen, hopefully on time. – It can be a very thankless job and Lauren is very very good at it and nothing that we do
happens without Lauren. – [Lauren] And a lot of other people. – Yeah, no just specifically Lauren the lights are on because of her. – Lauren and I were on a job
that none of you will ever see at a production that
was filming out of town. we were in Philadelphia and I was–
(cheers) that’s right we were in Philly, and I was going to a party separate from the production. And I was taking a lift there and the lift got in an accident. And the only thing I could
do was just text Lauren and say like, so, I don’t
know what to do from here Lauren can you help? And Lauren did. – It’s great you didn’t have a concussion so we were able to move forward. – If you were concussed we would have to wipe our hands of you, leave you in Philadelphia and
act like you never happened. – Like so many NFL players before me. – Damn. – So now when they said
don’t slander anyone did they include the NFL in that? Or is that the kind of thing
that I should do more of? I’m looking at all the
producers in the room and they’re saying do more. Good, alright, sure. – The NFL hasn’t gotten through anything in the past couple of years they’re fine. – [Grant] They’re not gonna sue us. – Their numbers are through the roof. TJ what do you do for us? – I’m a visual effects
supervisor more recently. I do all of the in-house visual effects for all of the sketches and most of the Dropout shows, with the exception of a few, our schedule and how
much content we put out doesn’t let me do everything so, I guess when you see,
when Troopers comes out, you’ll see lots of my work there and then, I mean I touch all sorts of things. Any time there’s a screen
of film it’s probably me, unless I was too busy and we had to provide assets in advance. It’s a lot of fun computer stuff that I lock myself into
my cave of an office and do a lot for long hours. – It’s the most awesome impressive stuff when we get to have that in our sketches. ‘Cause typically if you
write it for a stage or you just write it thinking like, oh and then this’ll happen, who even knows how that’ll happen. And then the next thing you know, it’s actually in a sketch happening. – Yes, totally, I’m very glad
that Zac Oyama’s not here to write insane visual effects
sketches for me anymore. – [Grant] We’re all glad
Zac Oyama’s not here. – Yeah, we’re all glad. – [TJ] These are those
first and last names we’re supposed to mention on the podcast. – Yeah, Zac Oyama. – Everyone’s allowed to
shit on him it’s fine. – Zac Oyama can eat my
ass who gives a fuck. This is good right? All the producers they say good do more, alright. – TJ didn’t you have a story
to share with us as well? – Yeah, we’re actually
like just ramping up and making kind of like
our biggest show yet so coming to Dropout later this year. Can’t give any specifics, but Jess actually co-wrote it with Katie. – Those are some specifics. – Props. – You gave a little. – That’s as far as I’ll go. – Lil’ tiny ones. – We’ve been on set shooting out, we’re like three quarters of the way done the sets that we’re filming on are awesome they totally like, high
budget movie quality sets all the props, we got stunts, there’s a motorcycle. Let me know if I’m
going too specific here. – Alright, we’ll tell them. Katie befriends a motorcycle, they go on adventures together it’s called Hot-Roddin’. (laughs) – [TJ] No affiliation to Hot-Rod. – Yeah, it was actually Hot-Rod and then we had to change it. – But everything like the footage looks so cinematic it’s insane. It’s probably the coolest
stuff we’ve actually shot ever. – I can’t wait to see it, I’m so excited. – Yeah, it’s awesome. – Yeah, we’re excited to
share that with you guys. And it’s so crazy, you hear like, You know, celebrities when
they’re on sets and stuff go like, oh this is
difficult and long days. I see Katie’s schedule everyday. She has to be there for, just her entire life is
waking up, going there, having to know all the new lines that day. Like when you are starring in something and you’re the head like, it’s a ton of work. I don’t think people always realize or I didn’t even always
realize and I do this shit. – Katie’s schedule for the next three days is 5pm to 5am, like just everyday, just to shoot overnight. I’m there some of those days. – We’re there too, yeah. – I’m there those days to. – ‘Atta boy. – We’ll go to Belly Eight
together at three in the morning. – And Lauren, you’ll just be
asleep in your bed I assume? – I sure hope so. – That sounds great, that sounds so nice. – Lauren has a wonderful dog named Pam, who’s always in our office. And Pam is just the coolest. If you want to speak to Pam at all. – I love her, she is in fact a dog. Very sweet, very kind, she’s an old lady she’s like 12 years old
now, it’s very weird when your dog starts really
aging in a visible way. Because they look the same. All the time they’re
just like a happy dog, their colors are the same, and all of a sudden it’s like, oh your face is different now. Like, oh you’re feeling time
passing the same way I am. Like this is so weird. – Even faster ’cause their little lives are so much shorter. Why? Why God? – [Grant] What kind of
just God would allow this? – Can I slander God right now? – Yeah God’s bullshit. – There’s no last name, no last names. – Pam’s so cool. She’ll just walk into the office and she knows everybody loves her, so she just kind of like walks over and she’s like it’s time to give me my pets. And then everyone gives it
to her ’cause you gotta, and then she just kind of like alright bye. And just goes into her office. – Ally and I have decided
that Pam is an ally. That Pam is an LGBT ally, and we’re very happy to have Pam. That happened, Ally and I sit next to
each other and Pam comes up and we’re loving on Pam as one must. And we noticed Pam has a rainbow collar. – It is in fact, she is an ally, that collar, so Pam’s other mom worked at a big pet company basically. And so a line of collars
they had were flags and so she got a free rainbow flag collar, so it was the Pride flag. – That’s great, but we should slander the company. (laughing) – Alright, speaking of
slandering companies, do y’all want to play a game? – [Lauren] Let’s do it. – Is the job to name your
least favorite brands? – Well it does involve one star reviews. The game is called One Star Review. (mimics dramatic music) So I’m gonna pull out a one
star review from this bag. I’m going to read it to the three of you. You have to tell me the
location, where it is. – It’s a location? – Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told. (laughs) You have to tell where you think it’s at, the answer is on it, okay it is a location. Alright, is everyone ready? – [Lauren] I’m in. – Wonderful one star, here we go. I went there and got drunk on wine. Then they rudely told me to
leave because it wasn’t safe. I don’t understand why, but went the next day and they let me on. I was perfectly fine the next day and they day before I think, okay bye. – They let you on? – So they let them on. – It has one thumbs up as well. If that helps anyone. – The thumbs is part of
being let back on or? – Well in your Yelp
review, one other Yelper saw this and thought– – [Lauren] This is helpful. – This helped me out. – Okay, so what this
person said is correct. So it’s a boat that
someone said was unsafe. Is it the Santa Maria? – I’m guessing it doesn’t serve alcohol.
– [Jess] Is that your guess? – Is my guess, I’m guessing the wine was brought on,
– That’s right yeah, yeah, this person’s not supposed
to be drinking wine there. – Could it be like a whale watching tour? No, no, no they serve alcohol on those. (laughing) – Now you sound sure, did you take a drunken
whale watching tour? – I had a roommate that was terrified but just in awe of whales. It’s just they’re such beautiful creatures and so we were going to go
on a whale watching tour. So I put a lot of planning into one that ultimately we forgot
we were supposed to be at and never used the tickets for– – [Jess] What? – Being terrified of
whales is really like what is one going to get you?
– Because they’re such beautiful, majestic creatures like, the fact that they can exist,
– [Jess] I’ve never seen one I would be scared,
they’re quite large, yeah. – [Lauren] Like think
about it, like, the ocean, it’s so big– – [Jess] And they’re the kings of it. – What secrets do they know down there? – [Grant] Yeah, they know about– – They know what’s down there. – Yeah they’ve seen,
they’ve seen the bottom, baby. – But I don’t think this is a boat. – You don’t think it’s a boat? Oh, that’s right– (laughs) – Or maybe it’s broadly just Wales, the country. But I’m gonna think that it’s a Hollywood Tour Bus. – Okay. – Interesting. – Whale boat, Hollywood Tour Bus, the Santa Maria? – Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. – Okay, you’re all wrong. I was nervous that I said boat when everyone went on this boat thing. I was like, shit. It was ‘ze Eiffel Tower! – The Eiffel Tower?
(ooh’s and aah’s) Now, what could make the
Eiffel Tower unsafe, I wonder? – What? – In that review they said they made me leave ’cause they said it was unsafe. – To be drunk on the Eiffel Tower? You will fall over! – No, not me, I’m sure of foot. (laughs) – [TJ] A totally non-clumsy tall person. – Listen, the thing about the clumsiness, it’s all for show. I’m a trained ballet dancer. Oh you guys wanna peek behind the curtain? I glide through the office
like a goddamn bird. It’s wonderful watching me. – It’s wonderful watching
me from my point-of-view. (laughs) – Has anyone been to the Eiffel Tower? – I was gonna ask that. – No, no, never. – Anybody over here? Does it feel unsafe? – [Lisa Off-Camera] No, not at all. – So I could drink a couple
and just kinda chill? Damn, it sounds like the
guy who works there is a a tight ass. Alright, your turn. – Lisa’s all of our boss and is in the room watching right now. – [TJ] She says it is safe
and there’s a restaurant, she’s not mic’d. – She says everyone go and
get drunk on the Eiffel Tower. (giggles) – Okay, okay, I’ve got it covered. You can look here. So this is a one star review. (laughs nervously) Good luck to all of you. I rated one star because it smells like the McDonalds Playhouse. – So a clue that it’s not
the McDonalds Playhouse. – It’s not a McDonalds Playhouse. – Is that it? – That’s the whole review. So what, in your mind, smells the most like
a McDonalds Playhouse? – But it shouldn’t.
– Or shouldn’t. – [Grant] That’s true, so it’s a McDonalds
Playhouse smells most like, or a Discovery Zone. – What does a McDonalds
Playhouse smell like? I just think French Fries?
– Plastic and farts. (laughs) – There’s always poop in the slide. – My cousin peed in one once. And then it went down the slide and we all had to evacuate the playpen. I felt like I almost drowned
in the ball pit once too– – Drowned? I bet you didn’t.
– You spent a lot of time in McDonalds PlayPlace.
– I felt like I was stuck! The McDonalds was near the Walmart, so we’d go to the Walmart, and then we would eat McDonalds, ’cause we were, you know. – Well you were at the Walmart. – We were at the Walmart so
you gotta go to McDonalds. – Tell me again, what
country did you grow up in? (high-pitched laugh) – In Jersey, baby! We had one of the biggest,
best Walmarts there ever was. – [TJ] That’s a good promo for Jersey. (laughs) – Go to Jersey, we got a big ass Walmart. – I’m worried it’s a hospital. I’m worried that it’s a hospital because they can have that
sort of disinfectant smell. But maybe it, like, wasn’t clean enough. – I can see that. – So we’ve got one guess, a hospital. – [Lauren] I hope not. – I’m going to say… Some type of hotel, like The Ritz-Carlton. – Okay, now, have you ever
stayed in a Ritz-Carlton? – No. Didn’t you hear my
McDonalds Walmart story? – They went to there from
the Ritz-Carlton in Jersey. – Yeah, anytime you’re at The Ritz-Carlton then you go to the Walmart, then you go to the McDonalds. – A friend of mine used to
throw great birthday parties. And, one year we went to, I guess it wasn’t The Ritz-Carlton it was the Waldorf Astoria.
– What?! – And we we crashed, like, somebody’s, like, reception. Like, you had to show
up dressed really well. And then, like, the
whole party just crashed a bunch of other parties.
– How old were you? – Like 27. – Oh! I thought you were like a little dapper boy! – [Grant] I was but that’s
unrelated to this story. – I thought this was a child’s party. – You’ve stopped throwing
birthday parties? – [TJ] It’s an adult thing.
– Yeah kinda. – Yeah, people who throw
really elaborate birthdays past like 23 or something seems a little odd. – My mom made me stop
throwing birthday parties for myself when I was 8. She said I was too old. She said it’s selfish
to ask a bunch of people to come over and give you presents. – And then she took a
long drag of her cigarette and burned it out on my face.
(laughs) – Then she, you know, made me live with the penguins and I became a Batman villain. (laughs) Anyway– – I’m gonna say a… I like the hotel one. That’s a really good one. – [Jess] I’m sorry it’s taken. – And I was gonna say a vet, but a hospital’s almost the same thing. Just for people.
– I think they’re different. – What about a hotel for vets? It’s like a hotel for dogs, but actually just for people. – I’m gonna go for a candle store. Just broadly all candle stores. (noises of agreement) If a candle store smelled
like that it’d be bad. – [Grant] Well you’re all wrong, it’s the Sydney Opera House. (ooh’s and aah’s) – I think I’m gonna
guess better next time, I’m seein’ a trend. – Oh yeah like big… Places.
– Landmark. – Landmarks, that was the
word I was looking for. – And now in this guy’s defense, they were at that production of Tosca when Tosca was eating a big Big Mac. (laughs) and enjoying themselves.
– [TJ] And changing diapers. – I’ve never been to
the Sydney Opera House, does it smell? – I’ve never been to Australia. – I’ve never been to Australia either. – I’d love to go, everyone there’s so hot. – I assumed it would smell
more like sun-tan lotion and like–
– Yeah! Right? Like something that, like, you know– – I would think fish!
(laughs) ’cause it’s right on the water. – Yeah, okay I can see that. – I went to Venice, that
place fucking stinks. It was gorgeous, every corner is like a post-card but boy, I went in the summer too
so it was cookin’ up. A stinky town. – Full of Italians. Ugh! – Aye! Mamma Mia! – You guys ready for a little action? – Let’s go. Let’s see. Give it to me. – One star. Six months ago,
I’ll give you a little hint. So it’s open six months ago. Found a hair in my food, rang up to get a refund as I didn’t want anymore food due to finding a hair, and had them arguing
with me over the phone. They have got no manners and their customer service is shocking. One star. And one thumbs up. – Like, here’s the thing, A hair in food, I mean, I’m not psyched if it’s there, but I’m not gonna send it back. – I feel forgiving, yeah. – Everyone can calm down a little bit, like what’s on the hair that’s not just in the air already? Like, what are you so worried about? – [TJ] Did you ever find a fingernail? – [Jess] Oh! No! If I
ever found a fingernail there would be a problem! – A fingernail would be bad because that means someone’s trimmed their fingernails in there. – It’s also like the beginning of like a David Lynch move. Like am I like going on some kinda quest? I guess it’s just a nail. How much of the nail am I finding? – Just a clipping, a clipping. – What if there’s two nails in your food. If there’s two, would you start an adventure to find whose nails they were? – Yeah, or to find more nails. (laughs) – I’d just write a Yelp review. – One star. I had a friend who, at
a Mexican restaurant, found a band-aid in his food. Well he wasn’t a friend, he was my sister’s boyfriend. But he found a band-aid–
– [Grant] You don’t like your sister’s boyfriend?
You’re not friends? – Nah, they’re not dating
anymore so it doesn’t matter. – Hell yeah. (laughs) – They found a band-aid
in his Mexican food and then they came back, and then management tried to lie. And they were like oh no, it was like a tamale casing. And my sister is rather outspoken, so she forcibly went into
the kitchen and dug through and was like here’s the band-aid, like, you guys don’t even serve tamales. And then, so then they
got that band-aid tested and they found poop particles on it. – Oh my god!
– It turned into this whole thing where he had to, this poor guy had to go and
get like tested for E. Coli ’cause this was like
four or five years ago during the E. Coli thing. And then it turned into this whole thing, and they wanted to give him
free food for, like, life. And then obviously they
don’t wanna go there anymore to eat shitty Mexican food. – There’s poop on everything. Like, the world is just vaguely covered in people’s piss and shit.
– Yeah I guess we all guessed that restaurant. – Oh, time out. It’s not specifically like a restaurant, I’ll give you that clue. (surprised noises) I don’t want you guys to
just think restaurants. – Okay, but they do have food. – I mean, any major food
attraction, any attraction. – I can also sympathize
with maybe a band-aid ’cause chefs cut themselves a lot! And maybe it just fell. Everyone’s doing the best they can, no one I think intentionally put it. – Don’t cook with band-aids, wear gloves. – That’s gonna make me
think that it’s, like, a movie theater or something. I got the vibe where it was somewhere where you wouldn’t even expect, like, that I would expect a
hair and maybe not mine. But this person doesn’t like that. Is the vibe that I get. So I’m gonna say The Sydney
Opera House’s movie theater. (TJ laughs) – [TJ] The theater in the theater. – The theater in the theater. – Yeah, someplace
non-traditional that serves food. There’s an incredible restaurant at the Museum of Modern
Art called The Modern. I just want everyone to
know how cultured I am. – They have the best hair in their food. – They have an incredible wine program and amazing hairy food–
– program? Stop. – That’s right! I’m an asshole. Don’t ever get to know me.
(laughs) So I guess my guess is going to be the Museum of Modern Art. – I like it. I like it. I’m gonna say… The… Gift shop slash restaurant, presumably at the park station… at the… – Specific.
– Grand Canyon. – I like that. There’s a hair in my
food at the Grand Canyon, that’s very funny to me. – And I called and they did nothing. – And it was a moose hair. (laughs) let me talk to that moose. – That was actually probably
the closest actually, it was Niagara Falls. (cheers) so, geographically only
about 2000 miles away. (laughs) – Niagara Falls is such
a funny place to me. Because it’s, I mean I’d love to go and it’s supposed to be beautiful. But we were reading the article last week about how, what a popular honeymoon
destination it was, like in the fifties. And so they have all these like 1950’s style romantic hotels with like, you know, heart-shaped beds and jacuzzi rooms and stuff. – Well, that one was in the Poconos. And people were sharing around the office like isn’t this place crazy? And I was like yeah my ex took me there. (Lauren screams awkwardly) and the place has a giant glass champagne thing, like truly giant, like
almost up to the ceiling, that you and your lover can sit in and have someone come
to your private suite and take a picture of you sitting in like a bubble bath in this. I loved it there. They had a really good
salmon at their buffet. – I’m so into shit like that. I’m so into like fifties kitsch like Americana travel style things. – It was us and like, older couples in their fifties. And me and this guy, when I was like in my younger twenties. Yeah, it was a blast. – I’m scared of those places. Since the movie The Bride of Chucky, they’re in one of those kitschy rooms on the big heart-shaped bed. And they die from all the
glass flying on top of them. Then I just feel like big,
ornate, giant glass areas– – There was when you first walked in, like the floor, and then there was a hole in
the floor that was a window. And you look down, and there was like our own
little private pool. There. And then you walk down steps and it was a heart-shaped tub, and our bed then had
some mirrors around it. And then you like go down
another thing of steps, and then that’s how you got to the pool. – That’s incredible. – And it was all carpeted. But like a very wet carpeted place. I mean, it was bizarre. There was a nice lake to walk around. – [TJ] Oh that sounds beautiful. – Did your room smell like pool? That’s like my favorite, I love that smell of like swimming pool. (laughs) – No, no. I’m with you. I’m with you. I was on swim team for a while, well no, and I like that smell on people. And that’s as far as we need to get. I don’t know what I don’t know. – That story has so much
exposition being left out of it. (awkward chatter) – Yeah I think it’s best if we just. – Sure. We don’t need to
tell you about the showers. Go ahead, Lauren, what have we got? – Alright, nine months ago. One star. Eh. (confused mumbles) – You said nine months and I
thought of some type of like gynecological place that may be just this pregnant
woman wasn’t super into. So I’m just gonna go with my gut there. – No. I was gonna, I was hoping for a gut
joke about pregnancy and nothing. I’m drawing a blank. So… What’ve we got over here? How are you guys doin’?
You guys doin’ okay? (sighs) I’m just sitting in it. I’m just sitting in a dying– – You wanna make a guess? – Yeah I think I do. – That was an easy exit. – I’m gonna go ahead and say… – I’m gonna do music for people who might just be listening
while you’re thinking. – Sure, please. (hums a tune) – One thumbs up, so someone
found this review helpful. But only one person found
this review helpful. – How is that a helpful review? – So let’s see, it’s something really shitty. Well let me think of my
least favorite brands and I’ll say one of them. (laughs) I think that, that this is a one star review of of the Lincoln Memorial. (gasp) – That’s the pointy one right? No, it’s the one with Lincoln, nevermind. – Yeah, he’s sitting in there. – Lincoln has Lincoln. (laughs) – Fair enough. – Lincoln was a narcissist and so he had to have that in there. – I’ll steal your guess. I’m gonna go with Grand Canyon. I feel like that’s something that expectations would be high, and you’ll be like eh. – Wow. No one would say that
about the Grand Canyon. – It’s not that grand. – It was breathtaking. You never went if that’s
what you’re saying. – [Lauren] I’ve been as
well, it’s very beautiful. – Okay, I should go. – Alright, it’s the Amazon Rainforest. – Oh! Grand Canyon’s the closest. – Cool, I’ll take the point.
– I would say so. – Of the entire rainforest? Eh? Of the whole place? – Maybe they went to a shitty part. – Honestly anyone who goes
to the Amazon Rainforest and uses Yelp, that’s a, you’re a bad person. – [TJ] I agree with that. – Do any of you Yelp? Do any
of you leave Yelp reviews? – Every once in a while I’m driven to and I write it out, and then it’s like create an account, and I’m like oh I’m not that mad. (laughs)
then I just leave it. – I got the app on my phone
to get something for free at some sort of a like festival or event, and now every once in a
while Yelp will be like hey, I see you’re at this restaurant. You know they offer great margaritas? – Consume, consume, consume! Fuck you Yelp.
– [TJ] Yelp is great for that. I have a friend whose boyfriend, he gives these super super
pretentious scathing reviews that he’ll go off on this restaurant about one of the sides being wrong, or it not being very good. But he’ll review it like a film critic ’cause he is a filmmaker. Sorry, I won’t mention his name. – [Jess] Damn! – But he gives these
super scathing things. It’s like, you don’t know shit about food. You don’t know shit about anything. (laughs)
he’ll just go off on them. – I won’t disparage the company at all because I’ve been asked
not to, but I’ll say this. Anyone who uses Yelp is a piece of shit. (laughs) and quite frankly, has no business being a
part of a civilized society. – Alright I’m ready to go. Here we go. – Review services, not Yelp specifically. – That’s right. Yeah, a non-specific review service that has a red logo. – Here we go. – A shitty red logo. Sorry.
– A dirty, dangerous place. If you want to get robbed
or murdered, go there. Ten months ago, one
person found this helpful. (giggles) – A shitty dangerous place, if you wanna get robbed
or murdered go there. It sounds like my relatives talking about
certain neighborhoods. – Is it just like Times Square? Is it like like an iconic location
that everyone goes to and is totally fine and commercialized? – Yeah, see it can’t
be someplace dangerous. Disneyland. I’m saying Disneyland. – I’ll stick with Times Square. I’ll stick with that. – That’s a good one. The Roman Colosseum. (laughs) – Oh, I think TJ’s the closest. It’s Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. – Oh wow. – I love that statue. – I like that one too.
– That’s a really cool statue. – That’s this one? That’s a good statue. (laughs) five stars. – Yeah, to call the statue that… I know areas in Brazil
can be pretty rough, but it’s just a statue. – Statue’s not gonna rob you. The statue can’t, statue doesn’t move. – Unless of course it’s
like Night At the Museum. (laughs)
It comes to life at night. – What a lonely night at the museum. – Just one statue has
to run down the hill, just rob one dude and come back up. – Okay. This is a one star review. From a month ago, wow. Experience was great
but the staff were rude. They want only well-behaved
toddlers to be there at blank. Toddler having a meltdown is not allowed. The parents are supposed
to pick up the child who’s having a bad
meltdown no matter what. Fuck this person. Fuck this person. First of all fuck them
for leaving a Yelp review. Second of all– – [TJ] I thought that
was part of the review. (laughs) – It’s a big one. I’m gonna say Chuck E. Cheese. – If the last one wasn’t so religious, I would think it was like a famous cathedral or something. Though I guess these seem to consistently buck the expectation. – They’re all like
international attractions. – Yeah, they’re all places
that might have been mentioned in Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? – Yeah, maybe it’s Notre Dame? – What’s a international hotspot for kids? – [Jess] Mount Rushmore. (laughs) – They love it. – [Jess] You’re just crawling up his nose. That’s where Richie Rich lived. – [TJ] I like Disneyland for this one. – Okay, that’s good.
That’s a very good guess. All of you are wrong. (laughs) it’s the Space Needle, (surprised noises) in Seattle Washington. – Man when they see that pointy thing kids go crazy! – This though speaks to, like, don’t bring kids anywhere. Don’t bring toddlers to things. – What are you talking about? Where are they supposed
to put their children? – They’re not supposed
to put them anywhere, they’re supposed to, I’m sorry, you have a toddler, you
don’t get to go do things. – Oh my god.
– You don’t get to go do things. You have to stay at home
or only go to kid places. You had a kid. – That’s your punishment. – You know, like well yeah, if I wanna go to the Space Needle I don’t want some screaming toddler there. They should be kicked out. – As soon as my kid comes out I’m taking it to the Space Needle. (laughs) Like wrap that thing up to go. We’re outta here. – Those were Grant’s personal thoughts. They do not reflect College Humor– – [Grant] College Humor’s
pro-parent, I am not. – One star, five months ago, no likes. (gasps) A bad memory in my life. – A bad memory. Now I wanna go church again, like was this someone’s wedding? (laughs) I stay the same as last time. – I’m gonna say the Great Wall of China. – Is this a review of
my ex David’s apartment? – Ooh! No I’m sorry. – Did you write it? After all that? (laughs) – I better have. Is he
with someone else now? – [TJ] Oh, that’ll be
for next time, the game. We have to write the reviews. – [Grant] No I have
lovely memories of David, everything went well. I really screwed that up. I wasn’t ready to commit. – Man I’m sorry this took a turn. – So, okay, lets see, a
bad memory in my life. Why don’t I go with (hums a tune) I don’t know, Navy Pier in Chicago. – Oh that’s pretty close. It is actually the Golden Gate Bridge. (surprised chatter) – Oh boy! People kill themselves there. I don’t know if that’s necessarily… – This guy didn’t though,
he wrote a review, so he– (laughs) – He’s fine. – Yeah, it’s sad there. Was that… Oh wait we have one more. The final, okay what are our points? (laughs) – [Grant] I think TJ’s winning. – Sure I’ll take it. – [Jess] For the points we
remembered to give, TJ’d win. – [Grant] With a score
of zero, TJ is winning. – [Jess] Yeah, lets get this one. Send us the waves. – If you can’t see me, I’m staring deeply into everyone’s eyes telling them the answer. Alright. One star, two weeks ago. Not useful to anyone, no likes. Too high, I couldn’t breathe and made me gassy. Too spelled t-o. – Now I wonder if it
was too high in the air, or if they were too high
when they were there? They smoked too much of that loud, you know what I mean? They hit that ganja. – I did think it was that at first when now so clearly it is the height. (laughs) Damn, I’ve lived in California too long. – [TJ] Empire State Building. Go with a tall building. (thoughtful mumbles) – Mount Kilimanjaro. – The IAC building. (laughs) – You wrote this one too?
– We’re up too high right now. (laughs) Thanks for havin’ me IAC. They’re our parent company. – The C stands for cannabis. (Grant laughs) – Who was right? Who got it exactly right? – I’m gonna say you
were the closest, Jess. It’s Machu Picchu. – What are you going to Machu Picchu for if you don’t wanna be high up in the air? I hate that. – It was just too high, it was higher than I thought. I knew it would be climbing but come on. – [Lauren] Can you just
shave a little off the top? Just shave off a little bit. – Does altitude make you gassy? (amused chatter) – Specifically me? No. – Oh wait! Yes it does! When you are in a plane, you are gassy. Everyone is farting into
those flight chairs. – That’s true, is that just because
you’re in a contained area? – That’s ’cause you’re in a contained area and you can fart anonymously. – No, I think it’s the altitude. – I’d say it’s the opposite. Like if I fart on a plane, you know, I can’t walk away from it. I’m sitting there and
it’s just being held. – Well nobody’s using the bathrooms too, like you don’t wanna get up, you don’t wanna go over anyone. I feel like that’s gonna
lead to more farts. – More than the altitude? I think it’s pushing on your body and it’s pushing out the gas. – The pressure’s less, isn’t it? I guess it’s a pressurized cabin. That’s probably good. – Moving on! (laughs) – I’m glad this got an actual tangent. – Speaking of farts, Grant, don’t you have a fart of a sketch, that never got made, that we should give a look at? So every podcast we read one
sketch that we’ve written, we write tons of sketches. For all the ones we write, you see a very small amount of them. And this is one that Grant wrote that never saw the light of day. Would you like to give
us a little interlude? – Yeah, this is one that I wrote that actually I’m glad TJ’s here for. Because this would’ve been
a real heavy TJ piece. (laughs) this is a sketch I wrote. You really have to be
familiar with the movie The King of Kong, Which might be a reason we didn’t make it. – Never heard of it. Is it a King Kong movie? – Yeah, it’s a documentary about people playing King Kong. – Donkey Kong. – I’m sorry, yes Donkey Kong. – Oh he got revoked though, he’s no longer the leader. – Really? – They took it away
from him, I forgot why. – Ooh, we need a sequel. That’s a great movie. – I’m pretty sure that
he’s no longer the dude. – I can say without slander that The King of Kong is an excellent film, as I’ve written a parody of it basically for my sketch comedy job. So, let’s see, I’ll read Stage, Lauren, would you read Katie? – Sure. – TJ would you read Zac? This was written when Zac
Oyama was still in staff. And Jess would you read Trapp? I believe those are the only three people, I will pick it up if if there’s anything that we need. The Tinder Game by Grant O’Brien. Interior office day, Zac and Katie are talking in hushed tones. – I still don’t understand Trapp’s motive for killing Pat. – He wanted to be head writer. – Be head writer? Like behead? Like beheading since he killed Pat? – Jesus, Katie. – On the other side of the office, Trapp, or one of the new cast members, is giving people a heads-up about Grant. He approaches several different
groups and tells them. – No matches in your area coming up, Grant’s got a no matches screen coming. If you want to watch,
Grant’s playing Tinder guys. – As Trapp let’s the group know, they rush off to watch. – Ooh, let’s go. – He leads them to the common area, where a small crowd is
gathering around Grant. He’s on his phone swiping, he never takes his eyes off the screen. He wears a wrist guard. – What are we watching? – Grant’s playing Tinder, he’s the best I’ve ever seen. – We see Grant’s screen. He’s swiping really quickly, barely even looking at the pictures. – Look how fast he’s going. – How can he even tell
what he’s looking at? – Practice. He can sense if people will be cool with fucking twice and
never talking again. – A video-gamer seated next to Grant, he gives him a big sip of (stammering) a video-gamer seated next to Grant, gives him a sip of a big
gulp of Mountain Dew. He gets a match. There’s a collective ooh from the crowd. Grant considers what to do for a moment, then clicks keep playing. There’s a small smattering of applause. – Great strategy. He doesn’t wanna match
and message right away, it comes off desperate. – Cool. – Is it? I don’t get it. Is there a right and wrong way to Tinder? – There is if you wanna win! – What does it mean to win at Tinder? – Wiener and puss. (snickering) – Grant bites into a Twizzler
and gets another match. Then another match. – It looks like he’s gonna strike. – Streak?
(giggling) – Oh, streak! Strike! (laughs) – They group people we’ve
swiped right on you together so you get a bunch of matches in a row. – Cool.
– Is it? – There’s a lot going on during a streak. So you have to choose
who to talk to carefully. – Grant clicks into a profile of a match. – Now he’s gonna start recon. First, he does a deep
dive into the pictures, is there good variety? Do their friends look boring? If there’s a guy, does he
ever have a stupid beard? – Grant clicks on the Instagram link. – Now if the profile links to Instagram, he looks for terrible spots like too many hashtags or memes. – There are none of those on this profile, Grant sends a message reading hey, how’s your Tuesday so far? – Ah, the The Romanoff opening. – The Romanoff gambit? – My mistake. (laughs) bad writing on my part. – There are different philosophies on how to start conversations. You could get specific about something for the pictures or profile, but he likes to open soft. – Yeah, slow play it. – Exactly, open with a
question but an innocuous one. Let them dictate the
terms of the conversation. – Cool.
– Is it? – Grant drinks a, something from a brand that
I’m not going to say right now. He gets a response to his message. So far so good, you? The crowd was worried. – Oof. This is the danger of slow playing. You get a response that
you can’t do anything with. – Oh, what’s he gonna do? – Why do you both care so much? – It’s always fun to watch video games. – But this isn’t– – The crowd cheers a bit. Grant has responded good thanks, I’m eating
some pretty killer hummus. – Wow, brilliant. He brought up something
that everyone likes but that seems niche. She’ll have a big response. – The response comes. O-M-G I love hummus, what kind? – But he’s not eating hummus? – Yeah Katie, it’s a lie. It’s okay to lie to strangers. – Awful. – Grant responds, supremely spicy hummus,
I know what I’m doing. – Oh he sounds so dangerous. – Cool.
– It definitely isn’t. – Music. Pinball Wizard parody. (Jess laughs) ♪ He’s a Tinder wizard ♪ ♪ He’s gonna get laid. ♪ ♪ He’d flirt in real life ♪ ♪ But that makes him afraid. ♪ Grant gets a message from someone else. How are you? He responds good thanks, I’m eating some pretty killer hummus. Applause. He swipes through one more person and gets a no more matches
in your area screen. Everyone but Katie cheers
and goes back to work. (cheers) – Oh. Behead. Ha! (Jess laughs) – And this is a sketch that we will not make. – It was great! It wasn’t
a fart of a sketch, it was a fun time. Why do you think we’re not making it? – I don’t know. I think that’s a good sketch. Ordinarily, like a Trapp
or a Rick is on this sketch to tell us why we’re not making something, but I don’t know. I think that thing’s gold. – This room green-lights it. – That’s right, we gotta– – [Jess] We’ll let everybody know. – Lisa! Lisa! – [Lisa Off-Camera] Green-lit. – Good we got a green-lit from Lisa. I wrote this, Trapp commented once I was on set on Tinder. And Trapp commented like
you’re going so fast. Because, you know, you can
kinda tell pretty quickly. Like if something doesn’t
peak your interest right away, you swipe left. And then if it does, you
explore a little bit. Tinder’s great fun. – I met my fiancee right
before Tinder became a thing so I truly sometimes just don’t, I feel sad that I’m not
a part of it sometimes. ‘Cause it’s such a cultural thing. Everybody knows it and I
don’t understand how it works. I mean, I vaguely understand how it works. – I missed the whole thing. I’ve had Tinder on my phone for, like, thirty minutes for a sketch for the The Shining sketches that Tinder was like a big part, and I didn’t know what it looked like similarly, I’ve been in a relationship since like right before Tinder. So when I see friends doing it, I’m always like it does seem fast though. Maybe Trapp also missed? Him and Laura have been together– – Yes. Yeah, Trapp has
been with his wife now for, since before Tinder. – I too am in a long-term relationship and cannot relate. (laughs) – I’ve gotta tell you guys. Listen, no I gotta tell you. We are living in the golden-age of dating. This is a wonderful time to be single. You can meet all different kinds of people in many, many more ways. Certainly, there are
problems with online dating, though I would say that most of those are societal problems that are merely exposed by online dating, not necessarily caused by online dating. It’s a joy. It’s so much fun. – I think that’s true, I know so many people who
are in happy relationships that met online. The majority of people
once that all started, yeah, that’s how you meet people. – I think that’s how everyone meets now. – What’s so nice about it is it’s like a space where it’s like, we’re all here to meet a person to date. Like, you know, if you’re
out at a bar or something, it’s like do I wanna bother someone? Do I wanna walk up, get
rejected in front of people? Like, you know, are they
just out for the night? Are they not looking to get hit on? – I do think there is a culture of I was on like Plenty Of Fish
and like stuff like that, just not the apps. But, I think there is a culture of people who just broke up with somebody and they’re on there just like I just have to do something
right now but aren’t ready. I feel like was a lot of
people, myself included as well. – Some prime targets. (laughs) tremendous, that’s great. – Tremendous.
– That’s good, yeah. Then I won’t, you know, then I won’t start dating. I have a Peter Pan complex you see, I’m gonna be a little boy forever. (laughs) and it’s really wonderful, it’s a wonderful time to
do that in human history is to, you know, have
arrested development. – Oh, I think for men
it’s been all of history. (laughs)
You guys get to enjoy that. – We get to enjoy ourselves
’till we die, it’s great. – Yeah, have at it. – I feel that. I skipped being 27 by accident. That I thought I was 26
for two years and now– – What do you think
was supposed to happen? – I’m about to turn 28, I don’t know– – What the fuck are you talking about? (laughs) You forgot you were 27? – Yeah, we had like a
team-building thing here and we had like a thing where they like add up people’s ages and stuff, and I just slipped through 26. I thought that I was. I like honestly was I wasn’t lying on purpose. – I get it, the older I get it truly is hard to remember my birthday. They all kind of become one. – [TJ] Yeah, I should start
throwing myself birthdays. – I guess only Grant’s friend
is having birthday parties. – [Grant] That’s right yeah. (laughs) – So that’s probably why. – I wasn’t allowed. Well that’s bizarre. (laughs) – A lot to unpack. – Yeah that’s… boy oh boy. – Later this month I’ll turn 28 though. – Happy birthday.
– I’ll let you guys know when it happens. – That sounds great.
– If it happens. – What are we doing? – I dunno. – Where we going? Ritz? – I don’t know, you said not to get to
know you personally so. – That’s true, I’m bad news. – Ritz, Ritz. (excited chatter) – I’ll crash the party over there. – Now it’s time to answer
some fan questions. You guys wrote on our Discord and we would love to
answer these questions. – I’ll fill time. – Thank you. That was done professionally. (laughs) – I do wanna compliment your
Pinball Wizard parody thingy, that was wonderful. – I love The Who so much. I love The Who, I love Tommy. – I was just gonna say, Tommy is such a great film, album– – I understudied the guy who originated the role of Tommy on broadway in a show. This guy Michael Cerveris, who’s this fucking great actor. If anyone is into musical theater or just good singing and acting, look up Michael Cerveris, he’s– – I think I know who that was he in Rent? Or am I
thinking of someone else? – I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so. He was in Sweeney Todd with Patti Lupone. He was in Assassins, which is
one of my favorite musicals. – [Lauren] Oh that’s a great one too. – He’s a fucking mench of a man and he’s a wonderful actor. I was in a musical with him. I sing on the album. – Lets hear a little. – I don’t think I’m allowed. I don’t think I’m allowed at all. – Don’t use words and change the notes. (laughs) – Alright, here is our first fan question. Does everyone at College Humor come from a strictly comedy background? From Brown Coat B. – I do, but I imagine
the two of you did not. – Not at all. – Not necessarily, I mean
I’ve worked here a lot over the past five years. So it certainly, this place
is a part of my background, but I’ve also done like
a lot of food stuff– – Yeah how’d you get started in producing? – I actually, I was actually a theater major in college. – [Grant] Hell yeah, hell yeah. – And I, while I was in
college, sort of switched to production management and non-profit work. And so I was doing a lot of stuff with theater companies, and also just with other non-profits that were sort of like education based, or focused more on social justice And disparity in terms of
education access, stuff like that. And then a whole lot of my friends were moving to Los Angeles and I was gonna stay on the East Coast and I sort of applied
to a non-profit thing, like on a whim. And they were like yes,
we think you’re great can you be here within the week? And I was like no I can’t. (laughs) I’m certainly not gonna do that. But then that was like okay, if you move there you’ll find a job. You’re going to find a
job if you move to L.A. And then just sort of fell into actually doing production work and, you know, start PA’ing and go up that ladder. And that’s how I– – Good for you, that’s
ballsy and confident. I didn’t move anywhere for so long ’cause I was like I’ll
never get a job in anything. – That’s a risky mindset. I’ll just move to L.A. and I’ll get a job. – I did it! – [Jess] And you did it! That’s cool, I like that
people at our company I think it’s helpful, you know, I think clearly all the writers come from a comedy background. But like outside of it, I think sometimes it
is helpful when people have comedy experience
’cause you can talk to them. It’s kind of like a language
that you both understand and things that you’re trying to hit. But I also like that when
people don’t have that because sometimes it can become like comedy, comedy, comedy and it’s so like in that world that
you’re not thinking like if you’re trying to do
a parody of something it needs to look like the thing that you’re trying to parody. Like you need a little bit
of outside things as well. Otherwise it just kind of becomes it’s like a, what is that?
The snake eating its own tail. – Yeah, no I agree. I think that most people that work here are funny but not necessarily coming
out of like the comedy. Or like hey yeah, how’d you start in VFX? – Well I started as an editor originally. Then I went to school for well I guess we didn’t have
like a proper film program. I went to school at University of Florida. I did a, from there, on graduation day I drove back
to my hometown, sold my car, and then moved to New
York the day after that. – Whoa, everyone has crazy
stories of what they did. I went home and lived in my parents house and answered calls about bed bugs. (giggles) Damn. I’m sorry. – I was an intern originally and then it was like a really tiny company, so we were making like
some tech shows and stuff that required a lot of
graphics animation and stuff. So through there I was
like such a new hire for the company being made, that I was able to like
raise up pretty quick there. And then, so editing turned
into also picking up, wearing the hat of doing
the motion graphics. So then after working over
there for a couple of years, that company moved me to L.A. And then that didn’t last
too much longer after that. But that was like I was fortunate to go from
like student to editor, or like student, intern, editor, animator, visual effects artist, through only like two jobs. And like a year of freelance in between but that was like editing for web what I could get just ’cause
it’s a little competitive. – I think what stops people from doing what they wanna do too, is they think they don’t
have like enough experience or don’t know enough. But you learn so much during your job too. – Absolutely, especially
in the general like sphere of the industry we’re in. At the lower level it’s all so broad, and so if you just like
have a drive to do something and you want to learn, you can quickly identify people that are going to help you gain
those skills on the job. At least that’s how I feel. – Totally, especially in
like the creative industry or entertainment like, there’s so many tiers of quality in which content is being made, that if you were to want
to do visual effects or if you wanted to edit or write, you kind of just start in like a little bit of a lower
tier doing things for web or doing things maybe for free even or doing things with your friends. In which it’s like so easy to like you get good at it and then
you kinda go up the next tier. And then you still learn a shit load and a shit load more and… Until there’s so much shit
it levels you back down. – You’re just covered in shit. Lovely. Next question. From Zooweezer? The podcasters sometimes differentiate between College Humor and Dropout, I’m interested in what the difference is between these companies structurally, and how that manifests in the day-to-day. – Yeah, let’s hear about
some corporate structure. (laughs) – So Dropout is the subscription service. When you subscribe to Dropout you’re getting College Humor content, but you’re also getting
access to the larger shows. Troopers, as we’ve mentioned, the super secret project that
we’re working on right now that is awesome and our biggest thing yet. All of those projects,
those larger-scale projects, are Dropout projects. The sketches are College Humor. The College Humor that
you’ve known and loved from the internet for oh those many years. That’s not going anywhere. But Dropout gives us an
opportunity to make larger stuff. So if you’re watching this on YouTube or listening to it as a podcast you’re a fucking cheap-skate. Pony up a little bit asshole– – This is not that expensive. – And I think, yeah, all of
the cast at this point now has their foot in some
type of Dropout project. So we kind of are both in
College Humor and Dropout. There’s some freelancers that we bring on, to work on like this project that TJ was talking about earlier, that are just working on that. I almost said the name of the show. Just working on that show– – It’s called Yelp. – So they are technically under more of the Dropout umbrella
than like College Humor. There’s some people who come
in and just film our sketches, and then they would be under
the College Humor umbrella. So that’s kind of the difference. But it’s all in the same office. It’s all kind of the same thing too. It’s one of those things. Any other thoughts on the differences? – Well Dropout also has
content from like Drawfee and from Dorkly. Like the other brands that are associated with College Humor, but aren’t College Humor. It’s a home for all of us. So it is just the larger tier stuff is what’s referred to as Dropout content. – [Lauren] And it’s
getting stuff sooner too. – Yeah you can see the
College Humor sketches early, you can hang out with us in the Discord. Get Dropout, come on. (giggles) – Next question. Looking back, is there anything you
would change about a sketch or project you wrote or made? Noah R. S-bit. I don’t know what that means. – So many. – I know yeah, I feel like, well the thing about sketches here is there’s such a quick turnaround. So on Monday we pitch the
ideas and they’re picked. You write them up for Thursday. You get notes in the room
when we read it aloud, and then it’s due Monday, right? And then so it’s not like okay we have I mean, if you really feel like you want a second read-through
of it of course you could. But it’s pretty much expected like, we kind of read it once, you get some notes and then it goes and either we do it or we don’t do it. And even with working for Maude at UCB, we’d have like a whole month
to write these sketches and that felt fast. But this is way faster. So I feel like there’s so many times, even as we’re filming it, where I’m like God I wanna change this. Can we say this line?
Can we say that line? And then you see the cuts and you’re like oh I wish we got this or oh why’d I write this like that? Like I just think always
feeling constantly like things not that things feel unfinished, but things could always be getting better. And I think all you can do is
take those notes and thoughts to the next thing that you make and hope that it applies
to something else. And just hope that your
stuff gets better and better. – Yeah, I agree with that. I think the speed I actually really like the quick turnarounds because there’s a lot of
opportunity to make stuff. And having a long long time doesn’t necessarily make things better, it just makes things different sometimes. There is a sketch that famously got taken down from YouTube that Mike Trapp wrote about
dating a fast-food sandwich. And at the end I fuck a hoagie– – Oh no that got taken down? – It was too pornographic. – And I don’t wish I’d changed that, but, so I guess this is a bad
answer to the question, but if I had fucked that sandwich– – I guess I wish I fucked two sandwiches. – Yeah, I fucked it too graphically. And I felt bad because that was, you know, a sketch that Trapp wrote and Zac was in. Although, Trapp wrote that moment so really this is Trapp’s fault. I just did what I was told. – Grant fucked a lot of food in 2017. – Yeah, I really, I took care of business with some snacks. – TJ and Lauren? – I guess, to repeat the same sentiment like we are in like a pretty tight time crunch. So like in a lot of the sketches, I know a lot of it gets written without maybe like a full understanding of like what it’s gonna
be on post-production. So like, when there’s
specifically like the sketch, with like is this sketch branded? Like there’s like a 3D car that drives in and blinks lights and stuff. And it was like super hectic then so like it ended up going through
with like an error on my end. So like there’s little things like that– – Some of that’s the speed, a lot of that though is just I’m dumb and don’t know how
production really works, so– – Is that something that only you notice? ‘Cause that was a sketch
that was very well received and I don’t remember reading
or hearing anything about this until right now. – There’s four or five people in the comment section who noticed. – Yeah, we read it and it sticks with us. – Those are the only comments I remember. – Of course, ’cause they hit the thing that you noticed and felt. Anytime I read one where
people are writing, you know, shit on something that I wrote, and if it is the thing that I too was like damn I wish I did change that about it. And then it’s like well, fuck, whatcha gonna do? – Yeah, and there’s a lot of the times they are like the things I would change are the ones that are well received, just ’cause they’re the ones
that require the most work. Like the Katie’s minority report computer. I, like, it was so rushed
I like didn’t have time to like spend three days
designing an entire interface for these like thousand things that are called out in the script. So it’s like, oh I had
to simplify it greatly, and then like it looks pretty, I mean, for a five minute sketch it looks good. But like, I like to be able
to design the elements. I like to be able to
like treat every project like a full project that I was like hired specifically for that. Like, you’ve got like,
the company’s my client. To be able to like give options and stuff. And just so many times it’s like ooh, we gotta get this fast. – TJ just did a great job on Sleeping Over at Somebody’s
House for the First Time which will probably be out
by the time you hear this. Check that out. – That is a sketch, I did not sleep over at someone’s house. (laughs) – I did. – Lauren, any thoughts? – I would say, if I could change something
about a project I worked on, I would release the
project that we worked on that had us traveling all over the place. – Yeah, it’s a great project– – Set it free!
– It’s never gonna see the light of day. – Probably will never see
the light of day, but– – We traveled across America, we made a big thing. I think it’s gonna be
good, but here we are. – Particularly in that we’re
speaking of a branded thing, there are a lot of things that end up you put so much time and energy in these emails back and forth. How do we do this little
thing? That little thing? Figure this out. You go, you film it, you
make it, and then they go oh we’re going with a whole new direction, we don’t even need to show that. And it’s like, it was still, even if it’s not your baby, it’s not the story that
you two probably wanted, you know, deep within
your heart wanted to tell, it’s your time and energy. And you did the best you could. And it’s like, sucks. – Yeah and people have, you know, really conflicted opinions
on branded content. I’ve done a lot of it, so I personally like it
’cause it’s how you know that people that you like
to watch are making money and supporting themselves. – [Grant] I’m really proud
of a lot of the stuff that we’ve made for brands. I think we’ve done some really cool stuff. – I mean it’s still, you
know, written by our team. – [Jess] Yeah, we have a great team in branded content right now. Luke and Janey, Bartlet, Rebecca, you’re all noticed. – So fun and so talented. So I love all of our branded content. And it was a unique one in that all of the different pieces
that were coming together were so out there, that it was very different from anything we’d created before. And I kind of felt like it
would get a positive response, just because of how crazy
and over the top it was. And it was such a unique thing for us. – The company that we made it for, the product doesn’t exist any longer. The product is gone. That’s what happened with it, the product vanished very
shortly after we made the thing. – [Lauren] So we can’t release it. In any way. It was very integral but just like one of those things where, ah. Went into the– – Yep, I’ll file that one away with the Ark of the Covenant. (laughs) – Well, speaking of. It’s time for us to vanish. It’s the end of the podcast. Thank you everyone for being here. – [All] Thank you for having us, Jess. – Yeah, this is my house. (laughs) so if you guys wanna stay, everybody take your pants off, we’ll just chill out, watch some TV. – You have some expensive
microphones in your house. – I do, yeah. Well I treat myself. Thank you so much for
listening, for watching. If you had a good time on this or anything hop in that Discord, we
love talking to you guys. Have a great day. – You gotta get Dropout to get on Discord. – That’s right, get Dropout
you cheap motherfuckers. – We don’t know everyone’s financial I mean, could they share it with someone? (chatter of disagreement) (laughs)

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