These Baby Toads Burst Out Of Their Mom’s Back

Reproduction in the Surinam toad is your classic
love story. Two toads meet. They fall in love. And next thin you know dozens of little toadlets
come bursting out from under their mother’s skin. I’m Anna Rothschild, and this is Gross
Science. The common Surinam toad, also called Pipa
pipa, is an aquatic amphibian that lives in South America. Its body is flattened so it
looks sort of like a rock or an old floating leaf. But, while they might not be the most attractive
creatures, their mating act is like something you’d see at the ballet. The male grabs
the female around the waist in a mating embrace called “amplexus.” Then, the pair begins
a “nuptial dance”—doing loop-the-loops in the water for over 12 hours. The details of this process aren’t quite
so romantic. At the top of each loop, the female releases a few eggs, which the male
fertilizes and positions on her back. By the end of the nuptial dance, she’ll have dozen
of eggs glued to her. And within a few days, the eggs get completely engulfed by their
mother’s skin. The babies undergo a complete metamorphosis in their respective holes, and
three to four months later the fully formed toadlets emerge from their mother’s back. Now, this may sound bizarre, but it’s actually
a parental care strategy—one that the mothers use to keep their babies safe until they’re
ready to go off and begin their own weird little lives. Ew.

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100 thoughts on “These Baby Toads Burst Out Of Their Mom’s Back

  1. Trypophobia is not a thing. It's not recognized by medical professionals. If you feel uncomfortable as a result of seeing 'creepy holes', you don't have a goddamn phobia. It's a natural reaction for someone to feel uncomfortable with something that's uncomfortable. I don't enjoy seeing the unsettling pictures of holes, but I don't claim to have a phobia.
    Clearly many of you haven't seemed to have experienced a real phobia. It's something that is debilitating and usually makes everyday life difficult.

  2. No one else is really turned on by this? It's fine. I'm not judging you or anything like that, I'm just saying I think that you should be turned on by this.

  3. PBS isn't owned by the Public. Please change your name. CFR owns you. Call yourself mouthpiece for liars. Quit flashing subliminal messages at your sheep! Really.

  4. Eh. Not any worse than human child gestation and birth when you think about it.
    Sure, lemme have another tiny infant grow inside my stomach and then come out of my vagina!

  5. I randomly came across your channel by accidentally tapping a video and I’m like dammit wrong vid but then I just started to watch some more and I’m like ok right video

  6. That toad, like every single toad and frog out there, is cute and a miracle of nature. Amphibians are slimy angels and I love them.

  7. i don't know why but i like seeing those little froggers comming out from their mother's back

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