– What’s up everyone? It’s Collins Key and welcome
to the Thursday blog. You probably saw the title
and thought to yourself. Hold up. Collins Key is the most manly
man in the entire world. I wish I could say that was true but just like everyone else. There are some things that freak me out. So if you’re excited to
find out what freaks me out. Let me know by liking this
video and let’s get started. Spiders. I honestly don’t know
why I don’t like spiders. Besides the fact that
they freaking bite people. People die, they eat bugs. They have weird creepy legs. They shoot webs out of their
butt, which is just weird. Scary movies. Personally I don’t like to be in fear. I don’t understand the
joy of being in complete and utter terror for an
entire hour and a half. Let alone paying like 12
bucks to go to a movie theater and be terrified. I’ve never heard someone say, “Oh man, I’m so happy after
I leave a horror movie. “They’re the best. “If you’re ever having a bad day. “You should watch The Conjuring.” I will never take a girl
on a date to a scary movie because we’re gonna be
sitting there in the theater. And she’s gonna be like,
“Awww cute, a scary movie. “That way I can lean up against him. “I can cuddle with him “and then he’ll protect me
from all the scariness.” No. The exact opposite will happen. I’ll be sitting there in my chair, ready to punch anything
that comes close to me. And if God forbid, you decide
to snuggle at this moment and I feel something
start grabbing my arm. You know what’s gonna happen. I’ll be like Chris Brown, Poow. I don’t know why but I’m still
sometimes scared of the dark. Which is really stupid. Blood. Okay, that’s kind of a funny one I never really share with a lot of people but I don’t like blood
and it’s only my blood. Someone could be laying on
the ground right over there and they’re just bleeding out. I’ll be totally calm. Be like, you what do you need? You want a juice box? So I’ll be totally cool about it. If I see so much like
a drop of my own blood. I’ll be like, something
is seriously wrong. Taking out the trash at night. The moment I stepped outside. It goes into like horror movie mode. It gets to a point where
I’ll check the trash cans because I think there like
people hiding in the trash cans. I feel like I’m in the
middle of The Purge. When I have to take out
those trash cans at night. I’m like, this is completely anarchy. Anything could happen. Don’t make me hit you with a trash bag. Also let’s combine two of
my least favorite things. Spiders and trash cans. Because our trash can have spiders. How awesome is that? When guys don’t wash their hands when they leave the rest room. Yes ladies, it happens. An estimated 80% of men leave the restroom without washing their hands. I always wash my hand. I’ll use paper towels to open the door. Clowns. Who likes clowns? I have yet to hear someone say, “I love clowns. “I’m a big proponent of clowns.” I think the only people
who like clowns are clowns. Like for real, how do
they still have jobs? Garbage disposals. I don’t know why but from a young age. I’ve had this unrational fear that I’m gonna lose one of my hands in a freak garbage disposal accident. And then I find out that
you’re actually not suppose to put anything in the garbage disposal. Like eggs or orange peels
or any of that stuff because apparently it’s
bad for garbage disposal. And then I’m like, well
what the heck is the point of a garbage disposal if
you can’t dispose of stuff? I don’t know. Forgetting about homework. And then you realize you have two options. Option number one, you can do your best to
complete the homework or option number two. Which is what I do. Go on YouTube, start
watching tutorial videos about the project and then slowly but surely I end up watching fail videos. I really don’t know how it happens. And last thing on my list is moldy food. When I was a kid, our mom would always
have jars of apple sauce, and if she found mold on
the top of the apple sauce. She would just scoop out the parts of mold and then have us eat the rest. And then we found out
the worst part about mold is not actually what’s on the top. It’s the fact that the mold spores go down all the way into the food. And the lower and deeper you get. The more mold spores there are. Now whenever I see mold, I’m like, I’m not gonna eat that. Nope, don’t scrape it off the top. Don’t even try that. I ain’t gonna eat it. But even if I see food
that looks remotely bad. I’m like, yow this lettuce
looks a little bit soggy. I can’t, I can’t eat that, I can’t. Alright now, if any of those things that I’ve just named
off also freak you out. Let me know by liking this video. This Saturday, I’ve got a super special surprise collab video
that’s gonna be coming out. And also I want you guys
to comment down below and let me know. What freaks you out? The most creative will get
shout out in next week’s vlog. Don’t forget of course
subscribe to this channel and I’ll see you guys on Saturday. Peace. (dramatic music) I’m always tweeting or texting or Instagramming or Snapchatting. I lie about the last part. My Snapchat game is really weak.

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100 thoughts on “THINGS THAT FREAK ME OUT | Collins Key

  1. In my vacation house in India their are Spiders the size of a basket ball when I see one I literally run out of the house help me

  2. Lizards…
    Once I was taking a shower and I felt a leaf feeling thing on my leg. I look down and there's a LIZARD ON MY LEG…. I ran out in a towel… Scary and embarrassing 😬😬😬

  3. I am scared of the dark and scary movie , and spider's and forgot to do my homework or esle my teacher will scold me with a meter stick Ahhhh………………………..!

  4. When you're scared of the dark–

    –you're not scared of the dark you're scared of not being alone in the dark

    –true fact

  5. Once ,I watched a horror movie .
    When the ghost was about to appear the lights went off and I was like 😱😰

  6. I'm scared of the dark and afraid of blood and spiders and snakes how do the snakes move creepy why do the spiders of the eight legs and 6 eyes.

  7. First of all, 2019.
    Second, I am terrified of spiders, storms (specifically lightning), scary movies, dark, ghosts, clowns, and i always think of horrible scenarios that could happen when I'm alone.

  8. When you said you were the most manly man. I was like 😂😂😂 u lie.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Like if you agree

  9. I am not scared of garbage disposals! I always complete and remember to hand in my homework ! I never eat food if I see mold anywhere on it for Just in case reasons!

  10. Me: I'm not scared of notin
    Slender man: in creepy voice hello chloe
    Me: oh helll naw I'm out peace boiiiiii😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨

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