Things That I Do That Adults Probably Don’t Do

Before I begin I’d like to say that this video extremely embarrassing…for me. I’m going to tell you some things that
some of my closest friends don’t know about me. So if you know me in real life, or if
you’re like my future boss or grandchild watching this, then please… All right, things that I do that adults
probably don’t do. I close my closet door before I go to sleep every night. ♪ Classical Elevator Music ♪ Okay so this one is not super embarrassing,
but why do I do this? I know monsters aren’t real. Sometimes I’ll already be in my bed, open my eyes just a tiny bit and see the black void of my closet. And then I have to get up and close it. ♪♪♪ It makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know why, it’s not
like there’s a monster in my closet that’s been waiting for like, 18 years
for the one night I forget to close my door. I just don’t like it open. Also I’m
terrified of crossing streets. I will always speed walk across the
street while checking both directions every two seconds. I think part of the reason why I’m
afraid is because when I was little my mom told me the way cars were made. Drivers can’t see little kids. At all. Which
I’m gonna want to call bull crap on that mom Unless you’re driving like a Monster Truck. So whenever I would cross the street and
see a car in the distance, I would have to run as fast as I
possibly could, I didn’t want to die so I guess that fear stayed with me as I grew
up And I remember in high school some kids would walk across the street
without looking both ways! Not even a glance, they were just like, The car better stop for me, even if they’re already going 50, It’s
their fault. So if me and you are ever walking together, and
suddenly I start speed walking, you’ll know why. I watch Minecraft videos and I don’t
even play Minecraft anymore. What happened was, is that I started
watching them while I drew comics. I didn’t feel like listening to music or
netflix didn’t have any good movies to watch. I would watch the Minecraft videos
specifically CaptainSparklez I don’t know if any of
you have heard of him, he’s a pretty small gaming channel.(8,281,827 subs) And I
started watching more and more and I kind of got attached to the point where
if I had no idea what to draw, I would still watch the Minecraft videos anyway And I’ll promise you right now that I watched some CaptainSparklez while
making this video. I talk to my dogs, or rather I talk for
my dogs I give my pets certain voices and I
talk to them in my voice and then respond for them in their voice. And for
some reason they’re pretty mean to me… I have two dogs and they both make an
appearance in this comic. This one named Papi, Has a voice like this! And this one, Georgie Talks like this, hello! So a normal thing for me to do is… Oh hi Papi! Hm hello! Your in my spot Papi. Mm I know. Can you move? Mm no. But I was sitting there first! Well I’m
sitting here now so why don’t you find a place on the floor! *Gasp* Papi! The dog has no idea what’s going on and I’ve created this scenario now where I’m sad and sitting on the floor to
watch my Minecraft. Only me my sister know that I do this. I don’t know what I’d tell someone if they walked in on me and saw me doing this. But know I guess everyone knows… Oh hello I have a voice to and I talk like this. Hm shut up. *Music*

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100 thoughts on “Things That I Do That Adults Probably Don’t Do

  1. I give my dogs voices too😂 one of my dogs thats super old has a smoker voice and I'll always say, "mom… where are my cigarettes?"

  2. OMG the first one was so relatable i close my closet every night and also every time i take a shower I quickly use the shampoo so i don’t get killed be monsters

  3. Don’t worry, the monsters in your closet used to try and scare you, but now they will just make you laugh.

  4. The thing that's bothering me is when you said you watch Minecraft, specially CaptainSparklez, there is a Minecraft video of CaptainSparklez below the recommended thingy stuff ,
    By the way, I like you video concept and it will make me happy if you do a parody to revenge by CaptainSparklez of course, in a drawing style, keep it up 😁

  5. When I was 5 whenever I went the bathroom I would open the shower curtain…the shower curtain made a shadow on the my tub and to me it looked like a man. Also one time there was a man in the shower! (It was brother but I was screaming lol)

  6. I talk for my animals too. Also afraid of the dark, so I’d probably close my closet door too, if my closet had a door to close. I also run across the street.

  7. I love the voice of the cat lol.

    Edit: i always talk to my cat if he is looking out of the window and look if i can find birds or other cats for him to see.

  8. How can you live with pet.
    Honestly i can barely hold myself from doing something to cat of our family that got here just because my sister wanted.

    Also this is some facts about me:

    Sociopath , probably asshole but smart asshole that could be a proffesional actor. Also i like to play with minds ; make people around me laugh or act in a specific way because i want to test if i still can control others. My biggest minus is that im ''sometimes'' (ehh) a liar.

    After period of being typical quiet kid, i worked out and stopped the bullies myself , from that point descending to sociopathic level – easily withstand many kind of pain and barely feel. Im really edgy on the internet as you can observe, as a perceptive eye can do. By the description you can probably guess that i had a dark past. I salute that bold guess.

    Im interested in medicine (biology) , as i am an artist- did you knew that when you smile you move more than 20 muscles!?! Now stop smiling , you look dumb.

    Thanks for coming to serial killer thoughts – archeives of alcatraz

  9. 1:56 stop he’s validating the law James has to go to jail

    And yeah it’s petty old I mean January 9 2015 wow

  10. 2:40 james i know alot of prople who do this and its kinda normal once ypu become attached to ypur pets and ypu talk for them
    Your not alone alone buddy

  11. Run through empty hallways cause I feel that if I slow down something will get me and I don’t turn around cause my imagination decides that the scariest thing I can possibly imagine is inches from me as I run.

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