This is How Many Germs Your Dog Carries When it Sleeps in Your Bed

(dog panting) Nineteen year old Lea loves her three dogs. They go everywhere with her. Do they sleep with you here? Yeah, almost every night. That’s right, after a day of playing in the backyard and strolling the neighborhood, dirty paws and all. Come on you guys. They all wind up back on the bed with Lea. What do you think is on their paws? It’s a little scary to think about, I don’t really know. We decided to find out. Ready to get swabbed Kevin? Here we go. What have your paws been into, sweetie? We swabbed all their paws and sent the samples off to a lab. Shawna Wallis also sleeps with her two small pooches, Scottie and Angel. (dogs barking) At Shawna’s apartment, we applied a florescent marker to track her dogs’ paws. Then we turned off the lights and shined an ultra violet light unto the floor. Your dogs have been all over this apartment. Look at the prints behind you, they’re everywhere. Oh my gosh. It doesn’t hurt at all. I swabbed their paws too. The dirty dog paw results are in, time to reveal the details. Kevin, your retriever, has ten different types of bacteria, and two types of fungus. Sahsi, your poodle, has six different types of bacteria, one fungus. And Charlie, the poodle, 8 types of bacteria, and one fungus, and guess what? All of your dogs had E. coli. Oh my god. They slept next to me last night, so that’s good to hear. It’s disgusting. We also had to break the news to Shawna. For Scottie, this guy, we found seven different types of bacteria, and one fungus, including a really bad bug that can cause pneumonia, meningitis, No. And urinary tract infections. Okay, that’s not good. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. Oh, and it gets worse. Sweet little Angel here, Okay This sweet little face, this sweet little angel. Okay, tell me, tell me. Six different types of bacteria. Okay. Including E. coli. No, ew! No, no, no, no, no. Yes. Ew. Yes, I’m so sorry to have to tell you that. Surprisingly, both these dog owners say they’ll still let their dogs onto the beds, but with new precautions. Baby wipes, and then wash their feet, maybe. But yeah, they have to sleep with me. I can’t give that up.

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