This Minecraft Bug COLLIDES DIMENSIONS! Welcome To The EndOver! Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Hello everyone Silent here and welcome back a to another bug rock of the week episode it today we’re gonna be taking a look at an amazing bug and that just popped up on my radar and this one allows you to collide the Overworld and the end dimensions into one amazing place called the over end or the end Over I don’t know what ever one you prefer but it’s seriously awesome and kind of beautiful as well because you get to see these amazing views such as a Sunset over the end island with the ender dragon or an amazing a moonrise with the end cities and honestly It’s just a really really cool bug. It also completely breaks your game So there is that I would not recommend ever trying this in your world But if you do want to try it out on a creative test world and mess around with it I will be showing you how to completely do this So as you can see with this bug of the entire day/night cycle sunrise sunset and all of that stuff is in the in dimension and it’s basically just a giant Visual bug that I really really love you’re not actually moving anything from the in dimension everything in the end is still there you’re just taking the actual skies or from the overworld and Putting that into the end dimension or at least that’s what the game thinks. It’s doing anyway so this is actually the real time scale from the Overworld if you have one player in the overworld and one player in the end with this bug happening to them They’ll see the exact same sunrise and sunset and all the same stars and everything and really it’s quite very fascinating I hope to see many more bugs like this. It’s very difficult to pull off It completely breaks your game, but it gives you some extremely unique views on the Minecraft world So the thing about this bug is there’s actually two different variations of it there is the version where you can actually place and break blocks and normally in the in dimension and you just have these skies of the overworld which is quite beautiful and This is mostly just a visual glitch that does happen and it takes quite a lot of work to actually get this to Happen as well And then there is another version where the in dimension is completely broken and the game thinks that you’re kind of like in between Dimension so you won’t be able to a place or break any blocks you won’t be able to die or take damage You won’t be able to use items or see yourself and honestly, it’s just quite extremely broken So here we are in the broken version of this bug as you can see everything is still Visually the same except that it’s nighttime here in the in dimension But if we try and you know, look at ourselves, we are clearly invisible I can even drink some milk and we are never going to reappear I can also try and target myself with commands and even then the game it tells me that no Targets match a selector, which means that I don’t technically exist I can try and break or place blocks and They kind of just a flash appear and then go back into their default state. You can’t use rockets You can’t fly You can’t throw ender pearls and if you get into the state you’re basically stuck here until you log out of the game and then log back in it’s a very interesting thing and honestly, it makes exploring the in dimension a pretty Pretty fascinating because if you are in you know game-mode survival, then these shulkers won’t actually target you, you can kind of just look at the architecture of the in cities and kind of just Have a good time because none of these guys think that you exist. It’s honestly very Fascinating and you can also go down here and look at the Enderman you can do whatever you want and these guys Won’t even realize that you’re here either furthermore There is something that I know Every survival player has always wanted to do and that is just jumping straight into the void and not worry about it And as you can see, you can totally do that in this broken of version of the world as well So the end also looks rather fascinating at the daytime as well But the truly interesting stuff it comes when you’re down in the void you get kind of the dark skies Because you’re in the void the undersides of the end islands are all completely dark and honestly, it’s just kind of a surreal experience I don’t know how to quite explain it, but it’s really very fascinating! So this bug was posted on reddit by u/frickmepew! And I’m assuming that they are the original Finder of this because this is a very difficult and very strange thing to find so Thank you very much u/frickmepew for like sharing this with the general community Because it’s a really really awesome in quite a very interesting bug. I seriously do love it So again, thank you very much There be a link to his reddit post it down below if you are interested in checking it out So now is the part of the video where I actually show you how to do this in your worlds And I really want to drill this into your heads and do not do this on any world that has any form of Value to it specifically because this is going to either break your world or break your client You will not actually be able to escape this unless you have commands or somebody has commands so you only want to do this on a fresh a creative world that has absolutely nothing else on it because again This is gonna break some things So the first thing that you want to do is find yourself a fresh not lit end portal here in the overworld and you also want to remove all the blocks going up to a world limit directly above where the actual portal blocks are going to be going and then once you have that kind of set up we’re gonna be Placing down a few beds actually directly in the center of this 3×3 the reason why we need to place the beds of first is because Mojang actually knows about this bug and instead of actually fixing the bug and they just made it a lot more difficult to actually Have happen which I find to be a very Mojang thing to do but anyway, basically It’s impossible to place a bed above or below these actual end portal thingies And it’s also impossible to place a bed above or below these actual portal tiles as you can see I’m clicking away like an absolute madman and you Cannot place this thing even in creative. We can try placing one down here. You just can’t do it. It’s literally impossible So the best way I’ve gotten to have this bug happen reliably is one bed on the right one in the middle and one on The left as well just in that exact orientation We’re gonna go ahead and stand right here at the foot of this bed asleep in the middle one And then this should pop us out on top of the bed if it’s doing its job I put us over here a very strange beds are weird on this platform anyway It doesn’t really matter you wanted to just kind of drop us out in the center area Because we’re gonna be dying in the in dimension the bed’s gonna respond us right in the center of this portal and then that is going to cause us to go back to the In dimension immediately and that’s how this bug is going to happen. Okay So now that we have the portal lit and we have our actual spawn set in that middle bed We can jump into the in dimension And then as you can see, everything is perfectly fine and nothing is really going wrong over here So we’re just gonna go ahead and hop into the void or really do whatever you want just kill yourself in some form of way shape or form and that should pop us right back into the End dimension if we’ve done everything properly and as you can see We now have these skies of the overworld there is the literal Sun right there So if you don’t pop it back right into the in dimension immediately You set your spawn or wrong as somehow and you need to readjust that Your bed should spawn you right inside of an end portal and that should teleport you to the end dimension So yeah, as you see stuff is going pretty well over here It looks pretty nice and we can even see the outer end city islands. Honestly, it’s just such a beautiful beautiful bug So how exactly do you get to the secondary part of this bug where you’re basically completely breaking the entire game? well after you’ve died the first time and you have these nice overworld skies, you need to die again, and that should Respawn you at your bed location, except this time. You will be in the end dimension as you can see I’m in some in stone at the same coordinates as my bed in the overworld But again in the outer end city islands and now I’m completely invisible as well Anyway, we’re just gonna go into creative mode real quick and of course We’re gonna just teleport upwards by about a hundred blocks as well just to get out of that disgusting in stone block And yeah, as you can see now we can no longer break any form of block. We can’t use fireworks We can’t summon mobs. We can’t place blocks. I can’t even pick block any blocks So that’s kind of strange. Let’s get some Acacia (Achacha). Yeah, we can’t place any blocks it’s a very strange bug and the only way to actually escape at this bug is To have someone actually come into the world and break your bed or break the actual end portals in the overworld There’s no real other way to escape it and that’s really all there is to it You can log out of the game at this point and that’ll put you at the main spawning platform on the end Island and then you won’t have the overworld skies And you also won’t have the broken end either kind of just the default end But yeah There’s no real way of escaping this about either using commands or having someone else help you So let me know your thoughts about this bug in the comment section down below I’m very curious to see what you guys think about this and again remember do not try this in your survival worlds unique creative mode and commands it to actually do this properly and Safely as well. And of course don’t do this on any important worlds I don’t want to be responsible for you guys Accidentally losing a world To this strange and mysterious bug but that is pretty much gonna do it for this bug rock of the week episode I do hope that you all have enjoyed if you have then of course a share this video around with others so they can enjoy It too if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this in the future Then do subscribe and I’ll see you all down the comment section and in the next one Thank you again for watching and then there was silence

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