This Pink Winged Stick Insect is Hiding in Plain Sight

(light music) – [Narrator] Utilizing one of the most efficient natural camouflages on earth, this is the pink winged stick insect. (light music) True to its name, the
pink winged stick insect does resemble a stick. They have been observed making repetitive side-to-side movements, mimicking a stick blowing in the wind. As camouflage is their biggest defense, many stick insects are nocturnal and in the face of an
attack, will play dead. Some have been seen to even
shed a limb to evade a predator. Long and thin, these insects
range between 13 and 21 inches in length, with females
being longer than the males. Little is known about stick
insects, making it difficult to declare the vulnerability
of their status in the wild. However, this one is endemic to Madagascar and was listed as an endangered species due to aggressive
deforestation in the area. This is the pink winged stick insect. (light music)

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78 thoughts on “This Pink Winged Stick Insect is Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Maybe their camouflage is so good researchers can't document them, maybe they just want us to think they're endangered, maybe… Just maybe

  2. Wait isn't all stick insects both-gendered? I mean the lil' one I have clones itself instead of mating with another stick.

  3. I was playing on the garden when I was a kid and mistook a stick insect for a regular twig
    I never realize that it was an insect until I accidentally crushed the poor thing. Their bodies are surprisingly soft and squishy.

  4. What do you mean 'this is a stick insect'??? You literally put 2 pencils right next to each other on a table! You can't fool me!

  5. What if you accidentally rub your hand against a piece of wood with a stick bug on it, what will that spike get look like 🧐

  6. 0:25 i legit thought it was a stick! Until you said it can play dead and zoomed on it. i thought you brought in a stick for comparison. The thing got me haha. Maybe its because i watched it through my phone so the quality wasnt good. But good camo nonetheless.

  7. I remember one of my teachers had stick bugs in a container for the class to study during one session and keep kind of like a continuous classroom pet but somehow they started getting really into it and bred like crazy and during winter break at that. When we came back from break, they were literally on the other side of the school! Apparently the babies managed were so small, they managed to just crawl through the mesh netting top and escape… Some even made their way home to folk's houses be it on purpose or accident ;; ofc its pretty cold here though so they didnt survive that long but it was so bizarre to start seeing little specks and eventually legitimate stick length creatures walking around our school.

  8. I found one in my house as a little kid when i was putting my shoes where it was crawling on all our shoes and it scared the crap outta me!

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