Thoughts on LEGO’s new 2020 Avengers & Spider-Man sets

alright here we go again still more
official pictures of LEGO sets that are coming up
once again credit to promo bricks dot de they tend to be one of the the first
places legitimate full-on websites to publish actual photos from Lego like
this so just look look around for places like that if you want to see these
things as quickly as possible and in their original resolution and everything
ultimately these are official images from Lego we don’t have them at full
resolution just yet but in this video I’m just gonna give you my personal
thoughts and I’m gonna start with all of the spider-man related stuff in this
wave this is the spider-man mech and I know that a lot of purists are gonna be
unhappy about things like this existing or at least going to question why they
exist because after all it’s spider-man you don’t need a mech well that’s so
true the set comes with 152 pieces it’s set to go for 10 euro $10 u.s. I don’t
think so I expect this to be at least 15 personally but we shall see but here’s
the thing so it’s marked how we’re kids 6 and up
yeah I think kids 6 and up will be able to love this thing and I mean as a mech
keeping mind it’s a toy as a mech toy I think it’s actually pretty cool you know
it has some decent size to it it’s not a tiny thing it has knees it has elbows
yeah as hands that will work you put an actual figure in there using this
container neck torso kind of system that they initially started with 4 wasn’t it
Nexo Knights I think glad they’re getting more use of that kind of stuff
but overall this looks good to me and I think it’ll be very playable and I
think a lot of kids will enjoy it they also include a couple of hand holds it’s
hard to see these web blast pieces over here but the full standard set of those
a couple of hand holds so that Spidey himself by himself will be able to wield
these things and use them so you get some additional use and possibility
he’s there and continuing on with the trend and theme of things that
spider-man doesn’t need here’s a very awkward motorcycle wait is it a
motorcycle or is it a spider neck thing with wheels also I don’t know I don’t
understand exactly what they were going for here
I have not gone through all the material googling to see if there was anything
like this actually used in the comics or animated series or anything like that
but to me this doesn’t work even considering the fact that it’s four kids
six enough because this is awkward you know motorcycles you can drive
around yes and then things like this and crawling mechs you can pick up with your
hand with your fingers going around the edges and you can hop it around you can
crawl it around or if you want to be more more finesse ‘fl with it you can
move the individual legs so this has some articulation in there even the
little ones on the side have some articulation so you can fold them out of
the way but just this combination of those two concepts together I feel maybe
a bit awkward and a little bit difficult to play with I do like the eyes on it
the headlights but beyond that this main thing that you’re paying for in this set
doesn’t interest me personally I do think this is a good Doc Ock I do wish
that those pieces there was a little one by two by two thirds curved pieces were
printed rather than using stickers pretty sure they’re gonna use stickers
but beyond that I think this is a fairly successful Doc Ock build you know with
the arms and everything and then this is a Spider Girl which I believe and look
this up briefly I believe this is coming directly and not the character but this
interpretation of the character is coming directly from Marvel’s spider-man
the animated series that that started a couple years ago I think so fairly
fairly modern fairly current and I think this is the first time that Lego has
done one of those figures moving on – oh wait wait wait I need to I need to get
my stuff together you do need to be better about this 234 pieces here
expected selling price of 30 euro I hope that it’s 25
u.s. or or less like you know discounted on day one to 2022 or something like
that continuing again with the trend theme of
things that spider-man does not need to talk about overkill here this is the
spider jet vs. venom neck and before I go beyond this I’m gonna look up its 371
pieces expected to retail for 40 euro or $40 u.s. I think that’s about where
that’s that’s about where I expect it to be and hope that it’ll actually end up
on on the street at about $35 u.s. or something like that
either way I think that this is in a value sense is gonna be in the right
range this reminds me so much of like that captain I’m Captain America jet or
something like that it’s a very superheroes very classic
superheroes style here I think in general they have the quad launcher over
here for flick fire missiles with the nice little little add-on warheads on
there that that actually looks pretty good to me and then on the other side to
disc launchers so this will actually fire stuff off you know for that active
play I think these wings are actually pretty
cool they’re very simple two pieces each for the most part but looks pretty good
yeah I’m okay with that let’s let’s look at this by itself so then a mecha
viously is a dumb idea but consider that just a name and ignore the name and
consider venom being in that and part of that so this is this is all venom and
this I feel is more is even more successful than the last quote unquote
venom mech set in or build in seeming like it’s just venom you know like he’s
just expanded out his his size because you’ve got these additional arms and
everything it just feels like it all flows together and especially when the
minifig is is in there I think it’s good I like it
you know just don’t call it a mech if you know if that bothers you it’s
perfectly fine consider all this to be venom himself and
think that’s that’s pretty successful and I think that this is going to be
actually a pretty decent set and then the spider-man noir over here is an
interesting character I’m I’m not a major superheros fan just in general
Marvel or DC but this is an interesting character to me and I think that it’s
it’s great to get that figure I think that a lot of folks of all ages will
will appreciate you know having that as available as an actual official Lego
minifigure okay this is the this is this is the Menace Lego spider-man the Menace
of Mysterio and it’s a four plus set so this is at the bottom the bottom of the
age range for sets that are not DUPLO yeah so just above DUPLO this comes with
spider-man they’re calling our now ghost spider or you can also save spider-gwen
and then Mysterio nice cheap way to get a Mysterio nice cheap way to get a
spider-gwen four plus set keep that in mind
wow this is not a why do we have such a small image for this that’s too bad it’s
gonna get really blurry but I do want to say that I like this helicopter for once
I can actually say I like a helicopter simple as it is basic as it is
uninspired you might say as it is for a four plus set for kids I feel like
that’s going to be a very successful thing to play with a very enjoyable
thing to play with because of these landing gear those claws they’re add so
much play value to this I I can’t even begin to to estimate just how much fun
kids are gonna have with that because this whole thing is very durable you
know most of it is one piece most of the fuselage is one big specialized piece
for these junior eyes sets are juniors style sets so you can grab all that and
you can squeeze it you can you can do whatever you want with it you don’t have
to be gentle with it whatsoever and then you can kind of have have your fingers
just coming down or use your other hand and just bring this down on top of
something and then grab it with those claws you
know you may need to use your own fingers a little bit but it will feel
like it’ll feel more like it’s actually being picked up by the helicopter itself
then if you try to connect things together if there was some sort of
connector on the base of this that would that match up to another piece on things
that would be able to pick up this is just good design for fun I think it may
even be a little bit better than the designer was even expecting this mystery
old thing I’m assuming that this is supposed to I mean look at that it’s it
looks like it’s supposed to be hovering I’m assuming that this is not even
supposed to have the base kind of a hidden universe it’s supposed to just
fly around your repulsor lift kind of craft you know like a like a top half of
a mech that just floats it’s too bad they weren’t able to figure out a way to
to really drive that home to really make that come across in this because as it
is it looks like a mech you know that has a wheeled base because that’s how
they built it but I think the idea of the thing itself is pretty cool too bad
had to have the wheels but of course you can always just take it off but then it
doesn’t have good stability at the base anyway probably overthinking that a bit
and it just has a little Bank with a small vault on the front of it they can
be pulled out which looks like a fine a fine little action feature there and
again should have said this at the beginning 163 pieces plus said so you’re
never gonna get a lot of complexity 35 euros they’re gonna ask for this though
no sir no sir I don’t like it I don’t like that price whatsoever feel like
that’s too much for this 30 feels like too much for this just for what I’m
seeing here in volume of stuff although with all the accessories I can kind of
start to see 30 but I like to see this more like 25 dollars with you okay I’ve
got to move on to the vultures vultures truck truck tur there’s there’s more
there isn’t there ninety-three pieces and twenty five
dollars for twenty five euro for this I’ll give it twenty
I’ll give it twenty dollars and then I’ll be not happy about it I’d rather it
be fifteen to be honest I’ll give it twenty so this comes with
spider-man a driver for the the armored truck here and then vulture a fairly
basic but fairly effective version of vulture I think with those wings I think
that’ll be good to play with and I actually like this truck the design of
it I think is very smart for a four plus set using that particular piece that has
traditionally been used as a as fairing an aerodynamic fairing over trucks using
that as as the engine compartment cover you know as the hood for this I think is
smart I like that window piece and it yeah
those are big prints I think this is a very good use of parts for a basic easy
to build set for young kids gives them something nice and large and having that
open top there means you can just dump stuff in it you can use it as a dump
truck if you want just pick up the whole thing you just dump it out so I think
this is actually very very good one of the better vehicles that they’ve made
for kids this young the the motorcycle another motorcycle for spider-man that
he doesn’t need but can definitely use as a toy it’s it’s not that great I like
the red wheels but other than that it’s just very basic very very basic there’s
not even really any spider stuff about it other than the colors and it feels a
little bit forest to me as a boomer okay Avengers Avengers related stuff or
adventure Avengers branded stuff an Iron Man mech well of course I all iron man
it’s all iron men are mechs right it’s a dude in a suit or it’s a suit without a
dude if it’s just being remotely controlled or ai-controlled but this
gives kids 6 plus here when you look up the 148 pieces 10 euro
really I’ll be surprised if it ends up being $10 u.s. they expect this to be 15
if it’s 10 that’s fantastic if it’s 15 I think that’s okay it gives you a big
hole Iron Man you know when you put the dude in there it just becomes a huge
single Iron Man so it’s kind of again like the venom Mexican you can look at
it as a separate thing if you want but I think it makes more sense to to imagine
that when you put the minifigure in there this whole thing is the suit right
and again knees and elbows and I think this should work pretty well as long as
it’s durable as long as it doesn’t fall apart on you too easily I think this is
actually pretty cool I personally do not know which suit that’s supposed to be
which Iron Man suit that is and they don’t mark it on the box here so I don’t
have a cheat my apologies if anybody knows exactly what Iron Man suit that’s
supposed to be please do look first in the comments while they exist to see if
somebody’s already answered that I’ll probably pin the comment or something if
it comes up but if it hasn’t been answered please do share that with other
folks it’s always you know good info now you have a Thanos mech you know I would
we don’t have another Thanos car yet they made one Thanos car but if we get a
new Thanos mech and again see the whole thing as being just him if you want you
know just kind of blown up at the big ol Infinity Gauntlet that’s fully
articulated that’s cool with all the gems with just regular pieces so it’s
not a collectible thing no nothing nothing too special or expensive 152
pieces for this one same price expected 10 euro maybe $10 I
expect it to be $15 personally which I think will be just fine I actually think
this one might even be cooler than the than the Iron Man 1 I mean I think Iron
Man himself is cooler than than Thanos just you know for kids is it
as a character to play with in in toy form but I personally myself like the
look of this I think a little bit better that gauntlet is really nice
yeah the coast game is just everything feels like it comes together well
somebody’s gonna get in trouble though for opposing that helmet wrongly look at
that it’s it’s twisted clockwise you turn it back like that four degrees
counterclockwise before taking that picture we need to redo on that anyway
that’s that I think that’s gonna be pretty cool this is stuff that I know
nothing about Avengers truck takedown evidently this is supposed to be from
from a game or a separate series or something it’s not it’s not related to
the the Cinematic Universe stuff which is fine but I just
I personally don’t don’t know anything about it so that’s that’s really my I
own pigments there of the material aim is the faction here so these are aim
agents they look pretty cool to me even though we don’t have good quality photos
of them yet got these these drones that they’ve come up with and these these
outfits they actually look pretty cool the truck itself though that’s a poor
poor quality image like the front of the truck I think looks pretty cool but then
as soon as you see the rest of it no no Oh what’s all this it’s all empty
underneath like it’s looking like it’s trying to be super beefy like something
from masks yeah from from the old days or something
you know but then the but then it’s not down here with these low-profile tires
and all this open space down there just feel like that just kind of takes away a
lot of it’s believed not believability the opposite that it takes away some of
the fantasy of it makes it look kind of weak no no I do like the fact that this
opens up like that gives you all this usable space you can use it as a mobile
base if you want to or you just hold things inside of there that bike is it’s
okay I think the coolest things here are these aim figures and also that little
little drone remotely piloted thing or a ton
whatever it’s actually gonna end up being Avengers did I did I
I am so fired I am so fired 447 pieces going back nope nope nope wrong way yeah
completely fired permanently 447 pieces for this fifty dollars or fifty euro I
think it’s too much for what I’m seeing there make this a more significant truck
then we’ll talk but $50 nope I say not at all no sir I don’t like it okay
Avengers speeder bike attack again with the same faction that looks pretty cool
that whole build right there looks very dynamic has a lot of again they’ve
they’ve used the the warhead and pieces and some of the pieces that they
introduced with some of the the DC sets I love that set of parts those molds
they’re super useful you can see them used up here as well I really appreciate
the inclusion of anything like that comes with black panther and thor also
this bike I think actually looks pretty cool okay yep yeah that looks like it’s
all all together 226 pieces for this one expected 25 euro or 25 dollars I
wouldn’t mind if it was a little cheaper than that but at least it doesn’t feel
like a ripoff to me yeah I am pretty happy with every single thing that I see
here it’s one of the better crazy ridiculously large bikes I think that
that Lego has done ever in any series that I can think of yeah you think of
next one is you think of superheroes of course you think of Ninjago has done a
ton of stuff you think of agents ultra agents anything that they’ve done may
not alter agents but at least agents anything that they’ve done with these
big big bike builds typically they’re not that cool they’re not this cool I
think this is very cool those wheels are looking really interesting to me also
but everything about this I like its design I like this whole set
for the aim agents like that accessory set
I think these figures will be pretty cool maybe the Black Panther figure will
be the least interesting just being the most basic but I think that’s that’s not
Legos faults that’s more about the the source material that it’s based on so
here’s the The Avengers end game set with the Hulk drop and this
has the the opposite of the Infinity Gauntlet mold this one fits on right
hand is a verse versus the left the thumb is right there this set as far as
I know is actually out in some places already it’s supposed to come out like
in a week or so but it’s out now there’s no embargo or anything so it’s it’s
perfectly fine for retailers that they get this to go ahead and put it on
shelves but yeah Avengers Hulk helicopter rescue the full name right
there 482 pieces right there 60 euro 6 $60 us know $55 you let us know
$50 us I guess on a price to part ratio basis that would be okay I say keep
going though keep going lower $45 us mm maybe with the inclusion of
the big fig it could be said that $45 us is okay for this for the amount of stuff
here but I feel like that’s I feel like that’s pushing it if it’s at if it
actually ends up being $60 u.s. that’s ridiculous there’s no way and if it’s
actually 60 euro again ridiculous absolutely ridiculous you know a euro is
worth more than a than one US dollar they already have to pay in the euro
zone more on a just a currency value basis then we do
in in North America or at least in in the u.s. u.s. is one of the cheapest
places to buy Lego stuff in in the world but yeah 60 euro it that’s that’s just
ridiculous to me now going going into just what I see here in terms of design
this is not a bad helicopter almost looks like weight I hadn’t looked up any
any reviews on this or anything but do these side pylons do these angle down
because if they do that’s great because I love this fully tiled off side here
and how that’s done the coloration and the line shaping is done with actual
pieces the fact that they use tiles is probably just because the pieces are
available in those shapes but it looks really good to me
the tiny little rotor it’s probably supposed to represent Ain a a note a
note our design no tail rotor so this would just be a an exhaust port
essentially how that port is what that’s supposed to represent but I mean just
the whole thing looks pretty smooth to me it looks pretty slick the Chitauri
mounts look very good to me gotta rely on some stickers there but they do look
very good to me and I saved the best thing for last way yeah black widows in
there say the best thing for last to talk about rescue this in my opinion is
the number one reason for any Marvel fan to buy this set here and I sure hope I
sure hope that Lego did not consider that in their pricing for this because
this is this is this looks to be a really good rescue figure it looks
fantastic that looks like that can be this set I could practically be the
centerpiece of an Iron Man minifigure collection it looks so good to me
personally yeah the rest the rest of the stuff is pretty good but that is what
it’s all about and if that actually goes for 60 euro that is an absolute ripoff
and I’m not happy about it but those are my thoughts on these
better pictures will be coming out again I have to give 100% credit to promo
bricks where I saw these these pictures and other pictures you know spread
spread all around stuff leaks through Instagram I think reddit has cracked
down relatively but you know Instagram is still pretty much a free for all but
I rely on the the legitimate full-on websites that are professionally run to
to kind of gauge when it’s time when it’s when it’s okay you know to share
these things they get them typically from legitimate sources and they are in
official Lego images let me know if you have any thoughts about any of these or
if you completely disagree with any of the things that I said that’s all good
it’s all about opinions and I’ll talk to you again soon

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69 thoughts on “Thoughts on LEGO’s new 2020 Avengers & Spider-Man sets

  1. When I heard there was a Spider-mech and then saw the Spider-Man Noir figure I thought it might be a Peni Parker mech. This is so disappointing…

  2. I actually more interest in The avengers sets more than the Spider-Man ones because of the avengers game is hyping me all the time
    although I really like the other spider-verse figures

  3. Who else thinks Lego should have made sets based on Into the Spiderverse or instead of big ugly oversized vehicles they should do more terrain builds to use in the fight.

  4. the second set they literraly took the spider bike from the 2019 spiderman miles morales, spiderman, and carnage set, and mashed it with the 2019 spider mech, which i think was a lazy way of making a vehicle, despite if its a spiderman set.

  5. The mech suits look like what china has been putting out for a while now. Good job lego steal the knock off designs cause you know they can't say jack about it.

  6. I don't really like it. Though I would still buy it just for the fun of building something, maybe using the pieces on something else, but mostly the figures here. It's like we can get pretty cool figures for cheap price. Not all but few sets. Like Star Wars you had like Darth Vader in those big sets now you have him in the Darth Vader transformation set. Or Kylo Ren in micro fighters. But yeah not so good but if the price is not crazy then it's pretty worth it. Just my opinion.

  7. ill probably just pick up the iron man mech, thanos mech, and the speeder bike attack just for the mini figures

  8. man, marvel LEGO and disney are just cashgrab companys now. I used to love and respect all of them but now…
    They are just trying to bamboozle people out of their money..

    Go DC comics, Screw you Marvel

  9. What Lego has store for the Winter doesn’t interest me in any way. That includes Star Wars, City, and I don’t want to say it, but Marvel too. The Spider-Man and the Avengers (Mobile Game) Sets are very pointless. One of the worst waves in the Marvel line, but I still want the Hulk Helicopter Rescue Set. Other than that, great analysis Jang! Keep it up!!!

  10. I’m buying those mechs. I don’t care if they don’t make sense canonically ( like Spiderman’s. Iron Man does make sense since he does into bigger suits. Like the Hulkbuster. I think he also had one that was the size of a freaking space station.) I only care if I’m interested or not. And I am interested in mechs.

  11. This looks like the 2nd wave of Endgames reject sets, considering the most of the original Endgames sets were not even in the movies.

  12. A Villain in a Mech facing Spiderman, OK.
    Another Hero in a Mech supporting Spiderman, OK.
    A giant Robot fighting Spiderman, OK.

    Spiderman in a Mech, NONSENSE.

  13. Honestly im just gonna skip all these and just buy the mcu related stuff cuz 90% of the reason why lego marvel are sellin well is because of the mcu sets just look at the movie based wave.

  14. That Mysterio mech seems awfully similar to the Lex Luthor mech Juniors set. They both have almost the exact same piece count, 3 figs, 1 mech, 1 vehicle, and 1 structure, but 10 dollars more? It's only been 3 or 4 years, that kind of inflation wouldn't make sense. Price not justified.

  15. Ok ok ok I am not Harding the mechs. ONLY the iron man one is good because I can alter it into the hulk buster to fit hulk

  16. The Hulk drop set looks interesting, but not for the $80 CAD they're asking for it. Definitely waiting for a retailer to put it on clearance!

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