– It cost what 35 dollars a day, to stay in this place. Obviously here for a week, and we’re checking out tomorrow. (upbeat music) Hey everybody how’s it going? Just a quick video, I get a few questions about where to stay if you’re training in Tiger Muay Thai. We’re here. We’re in the area of Tiger
Muay Thai at the moment. I just thought I’d give you a quick tour of the place we’re staying at. We’ve been here for a week. We’re checking out tomorrow, but I’ll show you what this
place looks like on the inside. The beds been made just
gonna put it down there, it’s just my bag. But it’s literally this
place we’re staying at now it’s called Phaithong
or something like that. It’s right there. And literally we’ve spent
it cost what 35 dollars a day to stay in this place. Obviously here for a week
we’re checking out tomorrow. Super cheap but take a look at this place. Just how basic it is. Queen bed. I mean it’s super basic, but it’s good enough for what we’re doing. Which is by the way like
little balcony out here with our muay thai wraps and
gloves drying outside here on the little balcony that’s there. So really really cool really really basic. And um and yeah and it’s
pines like on the fridge, on the cabinets there’s a safe. Really nice place there’s free wi-fi here. And it’s good enough, it’s not the fastest
internet on the planet but it’s good enough. The hot the water’s good
the hot water’s good, everything works no problems. And anyway so yeah 35 bucks
a night here for a week. And yeah hair dryer blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah. Got a nice little menu with food on it, food uh room service
swimming pool outside. Anyway so we’ve actually hired a scooter from this place for one week it’s cost us one thousand
seven hundred baht I think. Which is about 60 Australian
dollars for a week. So it’s definitely worth it
we’re about to jump on a scooter in about two minutes from now
to head over to Pa Tong beach, over the other side which is about 20 to 30 minutes on the scooter. But more importantly is
if you’re staying here for Tiger Muay Thai training
or any kind of training on Soi Ta-iad then you
will need a scooter, You can walk it probably
be about 10 15 minute walk. I’ll throw the map up
that’s where we’re staying, and that’s where Tiger
Muay Thai’s located, so it’s about 10 15 minute walk or two minutes on the scooter. And as I said 60 Australian
dollars thereabouts for scooter hire for the
week definitely worth it, cause you can go wherever you
want you’re not restricted. And otherwise in terms of
power points people some of you have asked me about power points. I mean it’s the same
wherever you go in Thailand, it’s a two pronged connection. Just use a standard adapter like, Australian connection or US connection, to the two prong connection here. So it’s literally that right. And no issues with like, power and things like this
just plug it straight in. Like I can charge all my
cameras my laptop works, no issues and some of
you have asked for that. We’re off to Pa Tong beach it is Sunday, there is no training today on Soi Ta-iad, so everything’s closed on that street. So literally we’re going to the
beach to get a bit of a tan, to get some sun and so in
the next one or two videos we’ll show you a bit of Pa Tong beach, and maybe a few other
beaches as well in Phuket. And then tomorrow we’re
checking in to our new hotel, and then we’ll do a separate
video on that hotel. Which is gonna be closer
to Tiger Muay Thai, so yeah stick around for that
otherwise have an amazing day. See you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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  1. Cool series man, specialy for people that are looking to go there! was wondering how are the internet conections there in general? fast enough to upload videos etc? thanks and keep it up.

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