Tiny Kitten – BIG Meow!

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow meow *meow* *meow* Meow Meow Meow *meow* (this is literally so cute I’m dyingg) Meow Meow m m m Meow meow

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100 thoughts on “Tiny Kitten – BIG Meow!

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  2. When I was camping, I was in my cabin. And this black kitten went into my cabin and slept on my bed. It didn't poop or pee

  3. Kitten: "Fear me hooman!" *intense meowing*
    Human: "Awwww so adorable ,look at you how small you are!"
    Human: "Let's take a video and share this on the Internet so everyone will know you!"
    Kitten: "Yes finally!… I will create my own Army and destroy the humanity and have The planet all BY MY MYSELF! MUAHAHAHA!"

    Human: "Look Kitty!… you're getting popular on YouTube they all say that you're very adorable and small!"
    Kitten: "GOD DAMMIT!"

  4. My 3-year-old black cat watched this vid VERY intently! I think he was afraid that I'd brought another baby into the house. =^..^=

  5. You can easily feel the frustration of the kitten. When there's is no response from the guy it gets even worse. Not a good thing to do to a kitten or a cat for that matter. I hope you realize this. Passive aggressiveness against children, kittens and so forth is bad and wrong.

  6. Some months ago I saw a dubstep remix of this video… was awesome o_O I just realized it was Cole :O If someone has the link to this video (that I can't find anymore…), I'd be forever grateful <3

  7. Dear little Cole, you had a sweet little meow as a kitten, I still love you so much as a grown cat.🐈🐦🐝🐀❤🐾🐾

  8. Aww, this is exactly a kitten we had, but we had to give it away, becouse the mother was hissing at it all the time.😢

  9. When a baby kitty is crying — he is saying I am scared. Try wrapping him in a soft towel so he feels snuggled like when he burrows into his mama kitty to help him feel secure.

  10. Spongebob reference
    When I see cute small kitten
    Me:I don't need it I recently don't need it 😓
    Also me: I don't need it I don't need it
    again also me: I NEEEED IIIIIIITTTT😲😲😲😲

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