“Toast” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 7 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

[Phone alarm] [Clock alarm] Deckard? Hmm. Cass: Deckard! Rent’s due. Will you deliver it for me? Cass: I gotta finish up coding this program today. Catch. Sorry. Do you like doing this computer stuff? I’m good at it. Yeah, but do you like it? I like money. Go pay rent. And drop this off in the mail, too. Did you fill out my cooking school acceptance form? I told you I didn’t know if I was gonna go or not. [Thumping noise] Oh, hey… you… Toast! My name’s Toast! Uh… sorry? Don’t play stupid, Castaspella! Deckard: She knows your full name? I can’t believe our parents named us after wizards. Deckard: Wizards are cool! Your sister with her mom hair was the lowest ranked wrestler in our women’s wrestling cult. What? You said you were like, ranked. Twelve. Yes. Out of twelve. And I was ranked eleven! Safely not worst. Oh, yeah! Toast. [Laughing] When you left, you forced me to take your place as the most pathetic wrestler! The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to be the strongest! And now that I’m ranked last-! [Crying] Toast… I have been bar-hopping. Learning wild man fighting techniques from drunks so lost in the fog of their own mistakes that they can commune with devils who live on the periphery of suffering! Cass: Ugh, I don’t have time for this. I have to finish scripting this program before Monday, or I won’t be able to buy groceries. Toast: -the only student to have studied under the saddest winos… Get outta here, man! [Fighting] Cass: No biting! No biting! No biting! Toast: I’m gonna bite you and talk about my ex-wife! Cass: No biting! No biting! YES biting! [Growling, chomp] Cass: I have… to finish this freelance! [Crash] Toast: Hiiii-yah! [Crash again] [Fighting, dog barking] This is great! I haven’t paid rent on time in forever. Cardamon is gonna be so excited. Oh! Can you get down the stairs? Come on, you can do it! Come on! You gonna keep trying? Very impressive. Hey, Deckard! [Dog barking] Oh, you’re paying rent too? Uh-huh. Whose dog is that? I don’t know. Doggy! [Munch!] [Growling] So cute! [Barking] No hitting! Puppycat: [Dismayed noise] [Growling, gagging] Deckard: A-a dog is choking on your hair. [Bird screeches] They look like they might start pooping. Bee: I’m not scared of poop. Oh, they’re done! All those years of docile nature, all those wasted years… and now my true bloodlust has awakened. [Squawking] You! How dare you enter the sanctuary of my mind! You just want to bite and mess everything up too? [Squawk of agreement] Perfect. Together, we can ruin everyone’s good time. [Dog gagging on bird] Bee: They look so happy. Deckard: Maybe they’re salmon. Salmon– soulmates. [Sigh] And now a special look at Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space, coming in 2019.

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100 thoughts on ““Toast” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 7 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

  1. It seems that people did not understood the function of Toast in the story. Indeed is out of nowhere, and silly, but we are talking about Bee and Puppycat here, weird things happening are the norm. Anyway, Cas at this point was the only "mature" character, with money security and a stable job. Deckard is insecure about cooking while Bee is just all over the place. When Toast burst at their house, it shows that Cas had a hobby, and would rather do it than "programming", but because of the money she gave up on it. In a way Cas is the exactly opposite of Bee, that is constantly running out of money, doing nothing all day.
    Even the crazy dog antics were made around those themes. He started chasing his dream of biting everything and everyone, with a crow being his "soul mate" in interests, hinting that it may be the case for Deckard and Bee as well.

  2. Terrible Hawkes? Is THAT TERRI HAWKES!?!??!?!?!?

  3. There are some serious implications if the 11th ranked can just walk through a wall like that.

  4. Detesto tener un pésimo inglés en situaciones así 🙁 ¿Por que no hay subtitulos en español de este episodio? La mayoría tiene

  5. Was a scene deleted before 1:55 ? I mean she acts like Toast just said something but she had just entered?

  6. If all Toast ever wanted was to be the strongest, why didn't she just challenge the wrestler who's a rank above her instead of, y'know, bothering someone who's not even in the wrestling cult anymore? Is she projecting her issues with her ex-wife onto Cas or something (read: leaving her)? Well, I hope she pays for the damages done to the wall. It's winter, she can't just do that to someone's house, it's rude af. :/

  7. 4:39 Is that… jealous?? if puppycat is actually a outlaw or human, I will definitely ship bee and puppycat.

  8. i cant believe i totally missed Decker messing up his pronunciation the first 4 times i watched this series lol

  9. This is how I discovered my 2 favorite characters in this show: Toast and Dog who hates humanity and everything in this world.

  10. Is Toast voiced by the Sailor Moon English dub, voice actor?? 😮 She sounds exactly like her 😀 (Terri Hawkes, to be exact 😂)

  11. 1:50,
    Toast: Heeere's Johnny! room's empty D'oh!
    next room
    Toast: Daaaavid Letterman! a boy with a star shirt is there instead
    Steven Universe: Hi, David, I'm Steven!
    Toast: D'oh!

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