Tom Holland & Jimmy Kimmel in Exclusive Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home

Ever since I was a young
boy growing up in Brooklyn, I have loved Spider-Man. I read the comics. I had the lunchbox. I slept on a Spider-Man pillow
until I was married, I think. [LAUGHTER] And now a dream I had on that
pillow is about to come true. Because on July
2, I will be part of the new Spider-Man movie. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Now, usually Marvel is very
secretive about the footage, releasing scenes
from these movies. But in this case,
for some reason, they were OK with
me showing this exclusive extended excelsior
scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DING] Hey, Joe. Picking up. Hey, Peter Parker,
my number one customer. [APPLAUSE] Fourth time this week. Yeah, well, you know me. I just love dry cleaning. That’s what I love about you. A lot of these Millennials, they
don’t care about dry cleaning. They’ve got washing machines. It’s disgusting, quite frankly.
It really is. It’s sad. It’s really sad. Anyway, let me
get your stuff here. Oh. That’s you, right? [LAUGHTER] – That’s me, yes.
– All right. Thank you so much.
Oh my god. Hey, kid, listen. It’s, uh, not my business to
get into your personal balls or whatever. But [LAUGHTER] can I
ask you a question? Mmm, yeah, sure. Why you get your pajamas
cleaned every two days? [LAUGHTER] Because I, uh– I sweat a lot when I sleep. I have a sweaty syndrome. Sweaty sleep syndrome.
– You’re a sweaty Betty. [LAUGHTER]
– That’s right. That’s correct. My brother was
like that, you know. – He was?
– Oh, yeah. Shame. He used to– it
was like a puddle. [LAUGHTER]
We slept on bunk beds. He’d be on top dripping
on me all night. – Oh, man.
– It’s disgusting. It’s not good. What about the holes? The hole– the holes? Yeah, the holes. It almost looked like
if, uh, some kind of a mechanical
octopus arm had taken a chunk out of the fabric. [LAUGHTER] That’s easy to explain. Um, it’s the, uh, um– – Moths?
– Moths. That’s what I thought it was. Massive moths, right. Anyway, I don’t see
my mask in here. Do you have my mask? Oh, Connie, where’s his mask? Under the counter, stupid. [LAUGHTER] Underneath– oh, all right.
All right. Hey, Connie. Oh, here we go. That’s you, right? No, that’s Matt’s mask. Mine’s the one with
the white eyes. Oh, right, right,
right, right, right. All right, here you go. [LAUGHTER] That’s Wade’s mask. White eyes with– Connie, it’s Wade’s mask. OK, I don’t care. Red one.
Little red. White eyes.
That’s you, right? Yeah, that’s the one.
Thank you. Thank you.
– Beautiful. All right. NEWSCASTER (ON
TV): Breaking news. New York’s very own
Spider-Man swung into action this afternoon
on the Brooklyn Bridge, saving a bus full of senior
citizens from certain death. Thanks to the masked
hero’s efforts, all 35 people on the bus
returned home safely. [OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING] That nutball on TV, he’s got
the same goofy PJs you got. He does. Hey, I know what’s
going on here. You are an influencer. [LAUGHTER] What are you on,
Instagram or Snapface? Snapface. Yeah. Connie, he’s on Snapface. Oh, I like Snapface. [LAUGHTER] Hey, give the place
a little plug maybe? – For sure.
– That’d be great. Absolutely. You truly are the best,
and most gullible, dry cleaner in all of New York. That’s what they say. That’s what they say.
– All right. – I’ll see you tomorrow, kid.
– I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh, hey, tell
your buddy Banner to get some bigger pants. He’s busting through
them like crazy. [LAUGHTER] He’s pretty angry, but
I’ll try and tell him. I’m not a miracle worker. Yes, you are, Joe. See you later. Thanks, kid. Hey, Connie, let’s go in
the back and make love. OK, Joe. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Thanks, everybody. I’m pretty happy
with myself too. Thanks. If you liked that video, click
the subscribe button, but only if you’re ready for commitment.

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92 thoughts on “Tom Holland & Jimmy Kimmel in Exclusive Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home

  1. Tom Holland is so gorgeous 😍 btw I’m a YouTuber so if u guys could go to my channel and subscribe please thanks 🧡

  2. The expression that Tom gives at 3:09 look so mature for once! And the looks they give each other are so in sync. Tom is a good actor I hope he gets to show off his chops in more than just Spiderman

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  4. Did anyone notice that the news said Brooklyn but played footage from Europe
    Finally I caught marvel making a mistake

  5. I'm adding this to the scenes that were cut out of the movie, and I always consider deleted scenes as complete parts of his life that didn't make it on to the screen.

  6. I'm not even kidding I thought this was legit in the movie until the Deadpool mask came out falls out of chair

  7. If Ryan Reynolds sees this video, he is gonna laugh to death.
    If Charlie Cox sees this video, he is gonna cry like hell.

  8. Did anyone notice them say about how it looked like a giant octopus arm took a chunk out of the suit? If this clip is cannon then that means Spidey has fought Doc Oc already off screen since they referenced it!

  9. My question is: How much did Jimmy Kimmelj PAY Tom Holland to do this skit? Somehow, I don't think he did it for "free."

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