Trailer REACTION: Ant-Man and the Wasp

hey what’s up everybody? today I’m here
to react to the official trailer of ant-man the wasp, it was published by
Marvel Entertainment this morning or sometime today. however I just got home a
little while ago and now I am here and I have the chance to sit down and watch
and react to it. so let’s check this out! where’s the trailer? okay I’m gonna play
it and ready and I bamm How long have you been ant-man a gain? you know, it just sort of happened I wish I could fight bad guys like you I seem to mess it up almost every time Maybe you just need someone watching your back there you go, she’s cool! like a partner I like her! I actually heard what happened to you. walks through walls and stuff, stole some tech, and now supposed to take over the world or whatever! you believe that in your
hour of need you would turn to us. Not me cause we robbed you remember, that’s us teaming up yeah! you better follow her
lead, she’s way too cool for him, she seems intense you go low, I go high. I have wings, why would I go low? good point We are gonna die I don’t wanna die….We didn’t die!!! what’d I miss we were just tiny….. Ant-man and the wasp….. I was partner with Hank on a project called Goliat.h how big did you
get? my record 21 feet in 65 feet 65 if you two are finished comparing sizes! 65 –
that’s a Lois Lane saying right there, she said
that on one of the other film, oops I just pressed a different video yeah it
seems pretty cool . to be very honest with you ant- men it’s not as far as the
character go, my favorite character however he does have very cool
powers, and some funny lines. I guess so yes it seems interesting it’s gonna be
action-packed but to be honest with you
after Infinity war I guess the only thing that we really want to see next is part two, so we want to see how that movie is gonna end up and
then after Thanos you know it’s gonna be very hard to have a villain that will be
as menacing and as threatening but I don’t know I mean kind of follow
the same Marvel formula with the jokes and yeah I have to watch it
and see how the story is gonna go I think
Evangeline is actually my favorite character, I think that this might be okay
obviously I need to wait to check it out I didn’t think that the
trailer was super exciting or anything that it was like whoa I really am dying
to watch this film but I think it’s gonna be fine
no I’m definitely gonna check it out and see what I’m gonna think about it
but anyways, what do you think about it? you like ant-man ? are you expecting, are
you really really excited for this film? let me know your thoughts on the
comments below and again if you liked this video don’t forget to leave it a
thumbs up and subscribe for more and I’ll see you next time bye

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16 thoughts on “Trailer REACTION: Ant-Man and the Wasp

  1. My first time watching this too! I guess I'll be reacting alongside u then 👋😄

    Also, 2nd comment 😁👍

  2. Hola Vivian, please react to my short horror film called The Pleasure of Malice

  3. this looks like they'll try for more comedy than the first one. Watched Infinity War today and was left gutted by the ending of the movie.

  4. Great reaction. I just discovered this channel. Definitely looking forward to the Antman sequel. Hannah John Kamen as ghost is the selling point for me. She was great in killjoys and ready player one. Now, I don’t know know if you’re a Netflix subscriber or if you take requests about what to watch and react to, but I was hoping you could spare some time to watch and review the Netflix original animated series Stretch Armstrong and the flex fighters. If you enjoy science fiction and superhero origin stories similar to Spider-Man, then this show is for you.

  5. # comment contains spoilers for infinity war #

    It just occured to me that Ant man and the wasp will be in infinity war 2 probably because they didn't get destroyed in the cataclysm. At least that is my opinion, because we didn't see them get destroyed by the infinity gauntlet. The timeline though is a bit confusing, because the happenings of infinity war doesn't seem to happened yet according to this trailer.

  6. Been looking forward to Ant-Man & the Wasp more than Black Panther, Loved Ant-Man my biggest surprise of MCU movies.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! You're right, I think after watching Avengers, it's hard to oooh and awww about something else. Still too early… thanks Viv..keepem coming!

  8. Michael Peña has a way of making every movie better. I think directors are letting him be himself more and more, like he did in CHIPs.
    I'm willing to bet that this movie will end where Infinity War begins or run a very close timeline to it because, they mentioned in Infinity War that Antman was off handling some other business.
    The Wasp's attitude and Antman's nervous yet brave behavior might make for a good movie…one worth seeing hopefully.
    Wonderful review as always.

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