Travel Gifts for Women (Mom, Mother-in-law, Wife, Mother’s Day)

hey there these 17 travel gifts are for
the women in your life on Mother’s Day whether it be for your mom your wife
your daughter your mother-in-law all of these gifts are going to fit the woman
in your life and they’re going to be travel inspired or travel geared when I
travel on vacation I like to buy something for myself and so this is a
chance for you to give a gift for a woman that she can use to help her pack
or just while she’s on her vacation I have a few roadtrip gifts as well as
most of them are airline travel those kind of gifts the first gift I would
like to talk about is like a floppy hat and I have one from Walmart I believe a
few years ago and they have similar ones in Walmart now I will link them below
but this very cute floppy hat is so flattering it’s soft around my head
sometimes the band around your head is scratching this is very flattering and
fluffy one thing I bought myself this year is a travel perfume rollerball and
it is small enough to fit in your liquids bag and it’s a faint smell and
I’m very particular about smells and giving me headaches and stuff like that
so that’s a cool gift idea that they may not have thought of
I do recommend one of these cute travel bags
it is quart sized and it’s thicker material almost squishy but you can wash
out the inside totally the zipper is high-quality one of my favorite things
is to wear a t-shirt that has a pun to it as a pilot wife as a travel youtuber
I thought this shirt was perfect and I will link it below it’s at Old Navy for
the camper in your life there’s also this happy glamper one and this is from
two years ago on Amazon but I will look for some that are similar and there’s
this cutie that I wear on a lot of my videos I treated myself this fall know
this winter to a nail file carrier I just used my emery board because I like
those better than the glass ones that they come with you get two in a pack and
I keep one in my purse and one in my travel backpack speaking of backpacks my
mom and I both have this exact backpack and it’s kind of like a
school size backpack with a huge one back there and a little pocket up here I
have done a video about fitting a paper towel holder or roll in the back of my
backpack that’s how I gaze how useful it’s going to be to me but my mom when
she went to Israel did not want to take that she thought that she would have
more use out of a backpack that’s very similar and I’ll link it below it has
four pockets and she did love it it’s just as much storage as this if not a
little more but it’s the same size I know a lot of you asked about what to
take to Israel things about Israel and I have a friends blog that I will link
below that gives you things they did another gift for an international
traveler is a passport necklace holder but they make passport belts you know
but a lot of women and men think it’s easier to get to the passport holder
necklace and I will link one below that has the RFID stuff in it another idea
for a Mother’s Day gift is the RFID little pockets that you would slide your
credit cards into don’t miss my video about non travel safety tips it mentions
the RFID blocking technology and whether or not it’s worth it and whether you
have a certain card that it would be useful for I love giving pouches as
gifts this was a free one from an Ipsy subscription so a little pouch is a good
idea and also I recently bought in March about a two phone charger worth
Powerbank and what this does is you plug it into your wall and charge it and then
it will charge your phone to complete time so if you’re traveling across the
ocean this is why I bought this I do have a similar one it’s just a little
more narrow than this and just a couple of dollars cheaper so I just stick with
this double charger now in case I forget to charge my phone a lot a fun travel
gift idea for women is a fingernail polish that is travel themed or location
themed OPI is my go-to fingernail polish because of they’re such creative names
they have a Puru line one of them is called Lima tell
you about this color this is my favorite neutral color and this would be if you
were going to France and it says tickle my France II and then there is Malaga
wine this was new and then I also have one of my most favorite is Great King
and sunset another idea is to give your mom some travel brushes I know they sell
sets like this has like four different ones for travel but um that’s an idea
there are all kinds of cheap ones on Amazon or anywhere t.j.maxx they’re
everywhere now this is not a belt to sit you in when you go to the beach in a
bathing suit it’s for your suitcase and I thought that some people might use
that to help cinch that bag in so that it fits in the luggage strict luggage
requirement checker when you’re at the airport I’m a big fan of little journals
I you can tell I use journals like crazy when I’m on the airplane when I get away
is when I get so creative and thoughts just come to me and I love journals
making spirits bright things that I bought at Christmas but I bought them
because I knew they would go year-round this room’s from last year and this one
is from this year a new set of headphones is a good idea but be sure
you check what size phone your mom or a woman in your life has if you have like
a newer cell phone with the flat jack make sure that you also give them a pair
of headphones that can fit the old kind of jack the old plug because the airline
Entertainment System still uses the old plug for the most part if you’re going
on a cruise or just need an extra outlet in a hotel room this is an outlet with
two little USB things and then the plugs swivel so if you you plug it into the
wall however it is but if you need your plug to go this way so that this one can
go this way it’s very convenient and I know in cruise lines and a lot of hotel
rooms there’s only one outlet for the whole entire room thank you for visiting
my travel tips by Lauren YouTube channel if you are liking this video or my other
videos or click the bill Bessette subscribe to
let me know how you’re feeling okay this is something I just bought so I cannot
recommend it yet because I haven’t used it but subscribers have told me that
they love it and they really do work it’s the foot hammock so what this would
do you would have to cinch it up but it goes around the tray table okay and I’m
pulling and it doesn’t it doesn’t release okay so it’s a good
I know latch and then you can just pick your feet up and just rest them on the
foot hammock but the reason it’s so good is so that your knees are bending and
then the blood can flow more easily as if you were sitting in a hammock with no
worries but you know when you lay in a hammock your legs are like straight and
up so it’s it’s confusing I also want to tell you about this fossil watch and the
reason I like this is because it is a smart watch but it does not look like a
smart watch does it when I am in a restaurant and someone texts me I get a
buzz for whatever number I have assigned to them like my husband is number one so
if I’m in a restaurant and I’m waiting on my husband – text me something import
it I don’t have to keep going to my purse and checking my phone for text I
can just know when I get a little vibration on my wrist – look at my wrist
and it doesn’t look rude in public I can just look at my wrist and see number one
and I can say excuse me let me check this text I’ve been waiting for this for
a while or whatever and it’s also good for the women in your life who misplace
their phone or not misplace their phone but don’t always have their phone with
them I don’t always have my phone with me and my husband does so when I don’t
answer he is like worried and all that kind of stuff but anyway and it’s very
easy to set up and you do need a phone that you can connect the Bluetooth to
all right I have given luggage tags as gifts I have given a cute pair of
flip-flops that’s a good idea and I’m asked not
I’m asked for puffiness but asleep I’m asked for travel I don’t know if a lot
of people use it but you do see them on the airplane another idea is a fun beach
bag or a tote I saw a totally cute one at Walmart it was more of a canvas
material now be careful because the straw ones you can’t ever tell if
they’re gonna be really cheap or what this one I got from Amazon no from
Walmart I love it I think it is so high quality it’s a smooth straw and the
bottom is such a soft leather the tassel is a soft leather there’s this outer
pocket right here and it goes about that deep you can see and then it also has
this pocket right here and then these awesome quality handles right there and
there is space in there and there’s a zipper pocket right there it is fabric
on the inside it’s like silky fabric so it’s not like waterproof that you would
take to the beach but it’s so cute and then it’s got the leather straps the
only thing is you have to see where it was folded but I think if you fill it up
with stuff which a lot of women have no problem doing it will look just about
normal that’s an idea all right I got two more to show you and they fit over
your luggage handlebars okay I am a big backpack only so that I can be
hands-free phone coffee or whatever baby whatever you need to carry this one is
from Amazon and the quality is amazing you never know with Amazon it is canvas
and here’s the slip that would fit over your handlebars so you can be hands-free
this this leather is like butter it butter feeling okay it’s it feels heavy
but I weighed it and it is not any more than two pounds it’s got really great
quality hardware the buckle swivels and then this is how you open it okay really
high-quality hardware the strap or the handle is inside and it
is a brown leather they have sorry for all the plastic sound they do have the
zipper pocket inside and they also have two little pouch pockets on the inside
nice and deep it’s a cotton fabric on the inside I highly recommend this one
this one is from Walmart it’s the time and true and this has an outer pocket
and this is also able to fit on top of your handlebars on your suitcase the
bottom is this type of fabric and in the Amazon one I forgot to show you it does
have the gold little thingies to help protect the leather a little bit the
straps of this bag are a little cheaper they’re just real thin and what I like
about this tote for an airplane ride and that one the other striped one is that
they are zip if you are putting a bag under an airplane seat you don’t want to
worry about stuff falling out okay on the inside there is one simple pocket it
is black and I don’t know if you’ve heard of this life hack but some people
especially my friend Sean does not like to have a purse that is black on the
inside because she can’t find things or she doesn’t see the things that she
needs to see but that one is black and this one is black on the inside but
that’s all the pockets available on that one it’s easy to get wet or it’s stain
resistant and water resistant um very great for the for the beach this one is
much lighter than this one from Amazon it’s just a little more elevated in the
look I love how wide the stripes are okay and then this is my purse that I
use in the springtime sometime in the summer and it does fit a wallet and
three small pouches there is a loose flap pocket on the inside it’s not zip
abut the purse is zipper bull I’ve had this bag almost a year and loved it it’s
lasted it’s from Amazon it’s affordable it does come in a
or color and some smaller versions that I’ll link below and I also wanted to
tell you about these tubs if you haven’t seen these on my other videos these hold
headphones and they also hold jewelry pills that kind of thing you could also
get them an RFID blocking wallet and that’s fine I just would not get them a
crossbody because I think that is a more personal opinion or a personal choice as
to what type of crossbody body that you like for your body
my mom is diabetic and I highly recommend the my abetik purses it is
able to hold all of your diabetic supplies even the needles that you’re
done with or whatever those things are called
it’s got a little trash bin that is protected if that makes sense
and you can take care of your things in the restaurant it’s they’re very
expensive and we bought her a small one and then we bought heard this one that
she’s wearing in this picture and I’ll link it below for you I am going to take
my mom and my mother-in-law at some point to the Drummond ranch from the TV
show the Pioneer Woman in Oklahoma and as a gift for them I bought them at
Christmastime a dish towel from the Pioneer Woman just to help with the
excitement and be a little memory keeper all the way until however long it takes
us to actually go all right I hope this helps you think of some ideas for the
woman in your life this Mother’s Day thank you for visiting

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41 thoughts on “Travel Gifts for Women (Mom, Mother-in-law, Wife, Mother’s Day)

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  6. Those luggage straps also have locks and make it easier to spot checked luggage. Also the foot hammock is horrible for tall people. I also saw this refillable perfume travel bottle that would be a nice gift. I also saw a wrist bag that is a little smaller than your cross body bag. It wraps an your wrist and I found out from some airlines like Delta it does not count as a bag because it is on your person and can stay there safely during the flight.

  7. I just bought that bag from Walmart that I can slip over my luggage handle bar……..I was shocked to find it at Walmart……this will be my first trip using carry on only which is an adventure all of it own……..I find that a quart bag sounds bigger than it really is….lol

  8. Hi Laurie, Iove your suggestions for traveling, they helped me alot on my most recent trip. I purchased a number of the items you suggested and they worked out perfectly. Looking forward to more videos. 🙂

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  12. Great ideas! Taking note for a 50/21 bday trip for our family. Going to Oahu in June with husband, son (almost 23), dtr (21!) and 3 of her friends. Thought 2 big birthdays this year (mine and hers) called for some warm beachy celebrations. Thinking of little gifts for her girlfriends.

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  15. Laurie, thanks again for these tips. My daughters are always asking me what I want for Mother's Day, my birthday, etc. Thanks to your ideas, I just received the nail file and holder, plus the large GoTubbs and a set of the medium ones from one of them. I will be sure to use these on our upcoming trip to London in a couple of weeks. I have probably over planned for this trip more than any of the others in the past 25 years, but I'd rather be prepared than not. I'm carrying a cpap, insulin pump and sensors, and have Global Entry. I am ready!!

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