Tropical Fruit Taste Test

– Fruits, fruits, fruits, fruits. Natural sugar is what this video’s about. (upbeat tropical music) – Guava, oh I dropped it! – You can eat the rind of a guava? – I don’t know if I wanna eat the rind. – Well do I eat the seeds? – You could bust up some
teeth with these seeds. – Ah! I like cracked a tooth there. – Oh my god, that is really good. – Guava me some more fruits. – [Voiceover] Tamarind! – Ooh! – The exoskeleton is very weak. – It looks like chocolate. (sniffs) But it smells like
these vitamins I used to give my pet lizard. – This looks really weird. Like it’s veiny. – But it’s like a really nice, sweet sap. – It has like a date, figgy taste. – Am I doing this right? – [Voiceover] Lychee. – Cracking open a can of eyeballs. – Kind of reminds me of those fruit snacks my mom used to pack. – These taste so much
better than they look. You could definitely sip
up the juices in this can. – Ooh that’s good. I like that a lot. – Oh my gosh, that’s incredible. It’s like a pineapple but better. – Lychee desserts, like a lychee pie. Has anyone done that? Will somebody do that? Should I do that? – [Voiceover] Dragon fruit. – This is not fruit, this is art. – This is the fruit that everyone should Instagram themselves eating. – This is giving me like kiwi vibes. – It takes me to the ocean. – Please don’t judge me. – It’s kinda like all show, no flavor. – It’s good, I just feel
like I’m eating air. – By looks though, this takes the cake. I need to decorate my place so if you have some more of these I’ll just put them in
various places in my house. – Jackfruit named after Jack? – What’s up with all these cans? – Oh ugh, it’s kind of aggressive. – It’s a little rubbery. – Let’s see how its juice is. – Taste-wise, it’s really good. – No, I like the lychee better. – Now Stevefruit would
probably be pretty good. – [Voiceover] Dude what is that? – It’s like a fruit mush
wrapped in a condom. – This is a fruit? – This is just making
me sad, looking at this. – It smells like rotten cantaloupe. – It smells like garlic. – I don’t like that. Can I have a lychee please? – Well actually it’s grown on me. Ooh it’s got a great aftertaste. – This is like really good. – I’m pleasantly surprised. You know what? Good things come in nasty packages. Okay. – [Voiceover] Oh yes!

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