TRU Lite waterproof Mattress encasement bed bug mattress protector

TRU Lite Mattress Encasements are
fantastic for providing full waterproof mattress protection against allergens,
dust mites, and bedbugs the full enclosure design will completely protect
your mattress from bed bugs. this means that the mattress is covered
on all sides, not just the top. This encasement design is a very important
feature to protect against bed bugs because they are persistent little pests
that will creep and crawl around until they can find a place to get into your
mattress during the night. Our bodies naturally produce dead skin and oils
that will begin to collect in the mattress and cause it to turn yellow.
TRU Lite mattress encasements are waterproof and will completely protect
your mattress from accidents as well as the normal use that causes yellowing and
staining over time. Even though they are waterproof there is no crinkly or plasticky sound.
Parents and allergy sufferers love the fact that the encasement will also
protect against dust mites and other allergens. All of this and they are very
easy to clean we spend a third of our lives sleeping
on mattresses. If you are only covering your mattress with a bottom sheet, well isn’t that just like waking up and
putting on the same dirty clothes every day for years? Protect yourself and your mattress and
start sleeping better on a clean allergy-free mattress. You deserve it!

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