Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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51 thoughts on “Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. The Repugnants are a disgrace ignoring Trump's incoherence and inability to govern. They are all breaking their oath of office. They all need to go.

  2. MYTH : A large share of Denmark's energy production comes from wind

    FACT : Only 5% energy production in Denmark comes from wind
    Denmark purchases large amounts of renewable energy from Germany and the other Scandinavian countries. In addition, the Danes produce more energy than they consume, and most of what they export is in the form of oil and its derivatives.
    Population of Denmark around 5.7 Million in mainly urban areas totaling around 17,000 sq miles
    American population as of Sept 01 2019 … 329,549,397 ! in an area around 3,537,436 sq. miles (9,161,923 sq km)
    Measure the heavy industry of the US against that of Denmark, which incidentally, Major industries in Denmark include manufacturing, chemical production, oil, gas, and agriculture!
    Cost of living in Denmark is 15.50% higher than in United States.
    It seems you people love being misled. You deserve all you get!

  3. Madcow's accuracy was shown by her election and Mueller prediction accuracy. No wonder she has lost a half a million viewers. Perhaps she can tell us why there are so many abandoned wind farms. Google "abandoned wind farms" and see for yourself.

  4. This broad is nothing but a hysterical cow on a losing streak (along with all the other 'Soros Sycophant' anti-Trump, anti- American, leftist losers)

  5. If i would be the one organizing my countries US-G7 appearence, i'd deliberately rent a nearby hotel not owned by Trump. No way i would set a foot into one of his buildings other than the official meeting point. I would even organize meetings with other G7 members outside of Trump-owned ground.

  6. A week later and the Falun Gong bots are trolling Rachel's videos. Trumpism is the saddest thing I've ever encountered online. If they weren't so blatantly obvious and pathetic in their comments, one might feel sympathy. I mean, I felt sorry for the people at Jonestown who drank the Kool Aid. These guys? Not so much.

  7. Who is the squeaky voice guy trying to do a monologue on something he knows nothing about. Who are these idiots leaving comments about things they can't comprehend. Am I the only one who has the good sense to support our president on this site? Trump 2020

  8. Texas and California are greater governments than the whole. Drumpf will not usurp these states there rights and "attack his own people". United States soldiers will be arrested and incarcerated by the states for there own crimes by obeying Drumpf's attempting to invade. When did our soldiers swear allegiance to this man who has broken his own oath to uphold OUR constitution? Our soldiers allegiance is to OUR constitution and so was his…

  9. the Danes are funny and they know the US president is an IMBECILE! Sorry Denmark the message you are sending is above the comprehensive level of the IMBECILE-in-chief, the US president.

  10. I'm guessing the left would have said buying Alaska was an insane idea. When it is all done and years later, that was a great deal for the U.S.

  11. I think this was my first time watching Maddow. Don't know how she usually delivers. Honestly, initial reaction was: OK, yeah. Trump is apparently either morally and perhaps criminally reprehensible or genuinely somehow mentally impaired, but… you're not funny. You're clearly not a stand up, and your whole 'hey wouldya take a look at this crazy sob over nya' schtick was not entertaining. Leave it to the Colberts or maybe Kimmels of the world, or whoever…. BUT, by the end of it, there was a show of emotion that genuinely seemed like pure exasperation and desperation at the ludicrous predicament these assclowns have put them in.

    Still not sure about the delivery, but, I guess……….. woudlya seriously just take a look at this crazy sob?! I feel for you.

  12. Let's put a little scope of reality into this person's (anchor) craw. Did you realize that Canada has been waging a standoff with Denmark for…oh, over 100 years over a tiny rock in the ocean called Hans Island and neither side can seem to figure it out? We don't even need to discuss Denmark's intelligence potential simply taking that into consideration. Anyone for some Canadian or Danish whiskey?

  13. This guy has the worst show on this pathetic network.
    He was devastated when the collusion/obstruction scam blew up in his ugly face.
    What will he do when Trump is reelected?

  14. You are really dishonest & stupid. It’s sad that you hate our country and the greatest American President in our nations history. Get a Life

  15. It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes Ms. Maddow to get to the goddamned point. She doesn't just build one a watch when asked for the time; no. She mines the metals. Manufactures the parts in a machine shop. Builds a store to retail the finished product. Then sells you the watch and then tells you the time. Really Rachel. A little less prolixity. A lot more restraint.

  16. Does he think that governing is a joke, and his own personal business, and that he's not accountable. He may have a 4 yr contract, but he was hired by people just like him! They had the power to do this, so they will undo it too. I won't even give the time to his stupid show's slogan. Rather, I think he wants to make everything seem so unstable so that he gets back in as if only he can handle the crazies that he's incited.

  17. Samantha Bee is so much better at this type of thing, and she is genuinely hilarious. Rachel’s schlocky overacting puts her in the adolescent ‘can you believe how STUPID this guy is???’ department. This is The Donald folks. Why would she expect him to be something he can’t ever be? He’s only going to get worse. IMPEACHMENT NOW!

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