Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

>>Hurricane Dorian has already claimed the
lives of five individuals in the Bahamas. It was a category five storm as it was battering
the Bahamas, and the death toll is expected to rise as we get more and more reports. It’s really a devastating story to say the
least, but what’s even more devastating. Is the type of reaction that we’re getting
from someone who’s supposed to represent us, Donald Trump. Now Donald Trump lashed out at ABC news reporter
Jonathan Karl for fact-checking him. And what did he fact-check him on? Well, the statements that he’s gonna make
is in this next clip, take a look.>>We don’t know where it’s going to hit,
but we have an idea, probably a little bit than the original course. The original source was dead into Florida,
now it seems to be going up toward South Carolina, toward North Carolina. Georgia’s gonna be hit, Alabama’s gonna get
a piece of it, it looks like. And it l may get a little piece of a great
place, it’s called Alabama. And Alabama could even be in for at least
some very strong winds and something more than that could be. This just came up unfortunately, cuz the size
of the storm that we were talking about. So for Alabama, just please be careful.>>So on multiple occasions, Trump has claimed
that the storm is going to hit Alabama. He was fact-checked by the National Weather
Service which claimed that it will not hit Alabama, not even close. And ABC news also fact-checked him in this
next report, take a look.>>He marveled at the size of the Hurricane.>>I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard
of a category five, I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some category fours, you don’t
even see them that much. But a category five is something that I don’t
know that I’ve ever even heard the term.>>In fact, there been several category five
hurricanes since he became president. He also misstated the storm’s possible trajectory.>>Alabama could even be in for, I believe
some very strong winds and something more than that, it could be. So for Alabama, just please be careful also.>>Not long after that, the National Weather
Service corrected the president saying, Alabama will not see any impacts from Dorian. The President, who cancelled a trip the Poland,
in order to monitor the storm. Spent much of today at his golf club in Virginia,
CNN capturing these images of him playing golf.>>The White House Press Secretary, Stephanie
Grisham, says that he has been getting updates every hour, all day long. Presumably, David, including while he was
playing golf.>>So that ABC news report led to Trump having
a meltdown on Twitter. as one can expect. I would argue that the part about him playing
golf probably got under his skin. But here’s what he said of Jonathan Karl on
Twitter. He says, such a phony hurricane report by
lightweight reporter, Jonathan Karl, of ABC News.>>Child.>>I suggested yesterday at FEMA that along
with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Even Alabama could possibly come into play,
which was true. I’m just gonna stop there, it’s not true,
he was fact-checked by the National Weather Service. Which obviously knows more than Trump about
where the hurricane is going, which states are gonna be impacted by it. You don’t even have to go to the National
Weather Service, anyone in this country knows more than Donald Trump does. I don’t understand why he feels the need to
put Alabama residents in a panic. When there’s absolutely no evidence indicating
that storm is gonna hit that state.>>I know, he’s a pathological liar, so the
first lie is done for, I think, a couple of reasons. One is, just carelessly, he doesn’t care,
he’s just verbal diarrhea, non-stop. He might have accidentally put Oregon in there,
it doesn’t matter, but once he’s lying he’s got to stick to it. So, you’re a light-weight reporter, like well,
national weather service, like wait everything. Your ratings are bad, it’s gonna hit Alabama! Loser, idiot
>>When you’re insecure, you’re not ever able to admit that you’ve made a mistake. That is honestly a trait that you see in a
lot of insecure people, that’s who Donald Trump is. He cannot ever admit when he’s wrong, and
he’s wrong here, but he’s gonna double down.>>He’s wrong every day, ten times a day. Okay, so then the second part of it, Alabama
is a red state. So he said, the great people like the ones
in Alabama. When we thought the hurricane was gonna hit
Puerto Rico, he said, another one, when is it ever gonna end? As if it’s Puerto Rico’s fault, so when it’s
Puerto Rico, goddamn Puerto Rico. But, hey, Alabama be careful, you’re my beloved,
beloved white, white voters who are Republican. I love you Alabama, you’re not gonna get hit,
I alone can protect you. Okay, Puerto Rico is an island surrounded
by water, big water, ocean water.>>You on the other hand, are nowhere near
the water, but that’s okay. I’m gonna make up things and then pretend
that I saved you. How do you save them from a hurricane? All right, anyway-
>>And not only that, I mean, he can’t protect anyone. In fact, he’s taken money out of, hurricane
and extreme weather relief funds and diverted it to Border Patrol. He doesn’t care about keeping anyone safe,
period, including the people of Alabama.>>Yeah, and so, the golf, he criticized Obama
1,000 times over golf.>>We have some examples.>>Okay, go there, now wait til you see him,
this moron on category five hurricanes. And if you’re a Trump supporter, you don’t
wanna watch the rest of this video. Because you’ll feel deep shame and guilt at
how stupid you are.>>I don’t know if they’re capable of that,
but let’s go to graphic six, please. Because again, he was golfing while news and
reports of the hurricane were breaking. And he had a lot of negative things to say
about Obama and his golfing habit. Let’s go to graphic six, President Obama should
have gone to Louisiana days ago instead of golfing, too little too late. That’s a tweet from August, 2016, by the way-
>>This is now, okay, later, fast forward to Trump. He’s in the middle of the hurricane, Rick
Scott, the former governor of Florida, now the Senator from Florida. Had to say no, no, I’m sure that he was getting
reports while golfing. Okay, be proud, be really proud.>>Let’s give you more, this is a tweet from
May of 2016. While our wonderful president was out playing
golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster! I remember the airports becoming a complete
and utter disaster. When the government was shut down for 35 days
under Trump’s watch, but I’ll move on. In December of 2011, he tweeted, I play golf
to relax. My company is in great shape. Barak Obama plays golf to escape work while
America goes down the drain. By the way,
>>He had tweeted about Obama playing golf 27 times.>>And now all he does is play golf, he broke
Obama’s record, shattered it, shattered it. I’m not saying Obama has the record, Eisenhower
might have, but. By the way, I thought Obama played way too
much golf, I can’t believe how little the presidents work. But then Trump’s like hold my beer, kind of
literally, cuz all I’m gonna do is play golf. And look at that, I mean, that’s perfect,
to escape work, that’s why he does it. And my companies are in great shape, you bankrupted
six companies, you loser. Maybe you should play a little less golf,
and then you wouldn’t bankrupt as many companies. Anyway, Category Five, nobody’s ever heard
of it, well, I’ve heard of it my whole life. If you’ve ever watched a weather report about
hurricanes, you’ve heard about the different categories including category five. Well, apparently, there’s one moron who’s
never heard of it. And get a little of the different times that
he says this.>>Yeah, so I actually wanna go to two different
videos, let’s start of with the first one. This is what he has to say about Category
Five hurricanes today.>>We will work very hard to minimize whatever
the effect of what’s coming out. We don’t even know what’s coming out of this,
all we know is it’s possibly the biggest. I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of
a Category 5, I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some Category Fours, you don’t
even see them that much. But the Category 5 is something that I don’t
know that I’ve ever even heard the term, other than I know it’s there.>>So he might not have ever heard the term
Category 5 that’s already deeply, deeply embarrassing. But wait a minute, it’s now, this is not the
first hurricane on his watch. Let’s see if he’s ever heard of Category 5
hurricanes before.>>They’ve never seen a category like this
come in cuz it came in really at 5. It was a category 5, I never even knew a category
5 existed.>>Got hit as 5, category 5 storm which is
just literally never happens. It actually touched down as a category 5,
people have never seen anything like that. This has been a category 5, which few people
have ever even heard of. A category 5, nobody has ever heard of a 5
hitting land. Category five hurricane, category 5, never
heard about category 5s before.>>He’s such a sad narcissist
>>A lot of those video clips were from 2017.>>Yeah, first of all, if you’ve never heard
of a category 5 in 2017, after having said you’d never heard of one. Which is already deeply embarrassing, anyway
it’s about a 1,000 times over. By now you would think you would of heard
of a category five, when you yourself talked about it. I don’t know, people keep asking the question,
is he in mental decline? Or was he always painfully unintelligent? And my answer is, clearly both.>>Yeah!>>This is what a very below-average mind
looks like while deteriorating. And the narcissism part comes in at, hey,
my ignorant ass had never heard of a category 5 storm. So I’ll assume no-one has ever heard of a
category 5 storm.>>It’s amazing.>>It makes me think back to when he was trying
to fix healthcare in America, and he said. Who would have known that healthcare is so
complicated?>>No, no, he said, he said, no-one knew healthcare
was this complicated. Everyone knew but you, but you.>>Daily embarrassment, and this is not hyperbole,
I mean this. Literally the dumbest person elected as president
in the United States.>>That’s so easy, no, that’s not even a question.>>He now makes Bush look smart and Bush was
a category four. Really dumb-
>>And Trump, I never heard of it before, but is a category 5 idiot. I think though, I honestly believe this, in
all my years of covering politics, now well over two decades. I have never seen a politician as dumb as
Donald Trump, elected at any level. He makes Gomer look like a PhD
>>It’s true.>>And if you look up to him, my God, that
is so embarrassing and humiliating. And one day you’ll pretend you never did,
and one day you’ll pretend that you didn’t vote for him. But we know-
>>We know,>>We’re in the middle of it now, and you
all of you idiot goes will go to Trump is smart. He’s so smart and here he is, embarrassing
himself and you, on a daily basis. Later when you find out, no, his very, very
limited mind was already in very significant decline. You’ll pretend you knew, no, I knew, but I
just hated Latinos and Muslims, but I knew. Did I say that out loud? That’s what’ll happen to you.>>Yeah, and look, there’s the comical angle
to it where you see his stupidity. And you can’t help, but laugh how incredibly
dumb he is. But at the same time, lives are lost as a
result of his stupidity, I mean, this hurricane is no joke. And again in the Bahamas, it has created complete
and utter destruction.>>You’re looking at Great Abaco Island in
the Bahamas there.>>Five people are already reported dead,
an eight-year old was reported drowned. And by the way, this is just the beginning,
I mean, the death toll is definitely going to-
>>Way higher.>>Yeah.>>So it sat as a category 5 on top of the
island for an incredibly long period of time. And so funny thing is, if Trump was right
about how people hadn’t heard of Category 5s. It actually wouldn’t be something that he
should be saying politically, why? Because the storms are getting more intense,
and why? Climate change, so if it was true that nobody
had ever heard of a category 5 before. And now all of a sudden we have category 5s,
that means you should leap into action. And make sure that we’re fighting against
climate change. Climate change does not create more hurricanes,
what it does is it makes the hurricanes far more intense. Because of the warm ocean water which creates
more precipitation, and more wind, and more sustained and sometimes even slower. So it becomes a Category 5 and then this sits
over land wiping out everything on the ground. It looks like a nuke hit it. And who’s the leader of the most powerful
country, that by the way gets hit with hurricanes all the time. Who’s in charge now? A total buffoon that has almost no mind left,
and we’re supposed to trust that everything’s gonna be okay? His own Weather-
>>Service.>>Service, thank you, National Weather Service,
turns around and says no, don’t believe the President. The President is an idiot, whatever you do,
do not listen to the President. Alabama you’re gonna be fine, Florida, you
are not, you need to take action right now. But turn off Twitter, turn off the TV, don’t
listen the President, cuz the President has lost his goddamn mind.

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100 thoughts on “Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

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  2. Just note this doesn't hurt him, his voters don't think "what a dumbass", when he says nobody's ever heard of a category 5 it makes them feel SMART because they have.

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  10. Cenk, it’s one thing to say stupid or petty things constantly (of which Trump does on a loop).
    It’s another to buy into this whole climate change hoax. There is NO valid empirical data to support the man made climate change theory. And it’s just that, a theory.
    The IPCC got caught cooking the books manipulating the data to get a predetermined outcome. Climate change is a thing that has occurred since day 1 on earth. Man made climate change is a hoax used to redistribute wealth through taxation in order to gain control over the masses. Wise up stupid.

  11. Guys, I don't agree with your progressive politics at all. BUT, you nailed Trump's personality and narcissism perfectly. As a non-racist conservative, married with 4 children, his childish behavior is exhausting. But narcissism is a psychosis. I do, however, think you guys are over the top on the "stupid" talk…about both Trump and Bush. That doesn't get us anywhere. He isn't stupid…hardly an intellectual, but not stupid. He is, however, an extreme narcissist where he always needs to be right and he feels that admitting even the smallest mistake is a sign of weakness. He isn't a racist either, just ignorant and very buffoonish. The combination of ignorance and narcissism is dangerous because not only does he need to be right at all costs his lack of self-awareness and humility don't allow him to seek a better understanding of things.

    Your base audience, I'm sure, loves the "Trump is an idiot" stuff but that really isn't helpful. I know, I know…he brings it on himself and I would never suggest that we feel sorry for him. But you guys have a job to do, you have an audience to entertain, and you have a progressive agenda to promote. I just don't think the "stupid" talk benefits anyone. I also don't think that Trump's language is helpful either. So, I guess we'll just see what happens in 2020.

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  19. If you paid close attention to the words and tweets of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, you would get the distinct impression that Alabama residents should be preparing for a devastating hurricane to hit their state. Just stop and think about that for a minute.

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    For some occult reason the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussauds in London closed (permanently?) in April 2016, but there should now be a petition to have the USA’s self-appointed new meteorologist-in-chief installed in his ideal context—a specially reopened Chamber of Horrors. He would, as far as I remember, be its first more-or-less living exhibit. Visitors from all over the world would be able to gaze at him making his inane arpeggios on a mobile phone, snarling at a television set, or careering round a mini golf course in his big-baby motorised perambulator.

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  22. Camille 1969 and Andrew 1992 and there was one in the 30's before names were given. I Believe climate change is bad but to insist cat 5 storms is a new phenooma is propaganda. Now that being said the storm surge is worse due to rising ocean levels so coastal areas flood faster maybe.

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  30. Trump has too many people telling him where DORIAN is supposedly headed. ALABAMA? It only proves his total lack of awareness & WILLINGNESS to listen to weather service experts who might contradict his own fantasy about what IS REALLY going on with the weather, most importantly, the climate itself. Trump simply decided to avoid his current international political commitments (Iceland, Ireland, & Poland among others) just so he could stay in the states & play golf. None of his fans could care less about his job responsibilities. They would just complain that he got bad info regardIng DORIAN’S trajectory. IF HE LISTENED TO INFORMED EXPERTS, in the first place, maybe his own lack of awareness might allow him to respond with some degree of understanding of the climate anomalies which are increasing day by day & will eventually not be anomalies much longer. With Trump’s golf swings being the priority then pigs may fly.

  31. He actually said, in one breath, "I'd never heard of a category 5, I knew they existed, but I've never heard of 'em."

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    Trump has already golfed 329 times
    Eisenhower golfed ~850 times
    Woodrow Wilson holds the record at an astounding 1229 rounds of golf while in office.

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  36. I find the phrase that a hurricane touched down odd. Tornadoes do spin down out of clouds up in the sky, but a hurricane is a massive storm that doesn't 'touch down'. They make landfall, but the phrase touch down is not used for hurricanes.

  37. The parent agency of the National Weather Service said late Friday that President Trump was correct when he claimed earlier this week that Hurricane Dorian had threatened the state of Alabama.

    The surprise announcement in an unsigned statement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) essentially endorsed Trump's Sunday tweet saying that Alabama will "most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated."

  38. Trump is the most foolish cheater ever. They don't call Trump the "Great Deceiver" for nothing. He seduced countless others but some managed to see through his lies. He cries wolf all the time but when he encounters the big bad wolf he won't be getting any of the help he is going to needs because that is why crying wolf is the worst idea ever.

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