Trump Self-Dealing On G7 Summit Would Boost Failing Doral Resort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump Self-Dealing On G7 Summit Would Boost Failing Doral Resort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  2. Reading the comments- I can't believe how many trumpsters think Rachel cares. I find it frickin hilarious. Anyway I suppose I'd better give them something to cry about….. I'm glad the entitled, celebrity, elitist isn't getting a handout as NOW the summit won't be there. I image trumpsters would be just as passive had it been a Democrat.🙄 I'm actually surprised the bed bugs would stay at his resort. I'm sure they will eventually have the smarts to wise up and move on lol

  3. The G7 back down is a pure distraction and was planned to deter the news Sunday morning away from the impeachment. It is Trumps Greenland ploy.

  4. I dont care where they meet. Im more interested in what they talk about, but we wont hear about that, because the news puppets will stick to nonsense like this.

  5. Ok folks, so for this exercise all you need is a picture of a cow (don't worry, any magazine  picture will do).. Now simply replace the cows face and neck with Rachel's. TA–DAAA!……and now you  have your very own Rachel Man-cow.

  6. they scream nothing to see here when biden pelosie and kerry get caught with their kids getting millions in kickbacks in ukraine .but oh how the hypocrites howl at the mere suggestion that G7 being held at Trumps Doral resort! YOU JUST GOT TROLLED SOCIALISTS !!!

  7. So you have no actual news so you talk about bed bugs in a trump hotel because of some bad management. Fake news

  8. Lol. God help you people, if he gets re-elected 🤦 You think you've had such a hard time, the next 4 years will be the Trump Train's North America Salt tour, with a whistlestop at every Leftist venue, on the map.

  9. The funniest thing is his resort is slow in the summer….you know when everything in south florida is also slow. Funny how you use this as if its something that just affects Trump Doral. Keep "reporting" on things that dont exist LOL

  10. Bed bugs
    Crotch Crickets
    tax cuts for the rich that add $1 trillion a year to the deficit

  11. You are a liar Rachel. We havent forgotten what you said during the 2016 Election. I will never believe you again.

  12. What about all those book deal kick backs?!?!?!
    Rachael madcow really believes the elaborate propaganda machine is speaking facts!?!?!


    I bet most news companies will be out of business by 2024 😎😎😎

  13. He was selling the idea during this years G-7 Summit.. There is audio of him talking about the resort and how great the villa's are and that they should have next years Summit there… It's deplorable on every level.

  14. Donald Trump exposed these corrupt madia. Like her she is a Democrat propaganda.. without the corrupt madia, the Democrats will never win a single election.. too bad we have a lot of low IQ brainwashed Democrats supporters watching..

  15. Trumpy is very much like a bedbug himself. Some disagree, but they simply do not have ears to hear and eyes to see. Nude dancers sometimes do get rid of the bedbugs, but that remedy usually does not work.

  16. Have you ever seen a better troll than Trump? It's like he knows where all the snowflake buttons are! Hahahahahah. Next he'll be announcing that he's thinking about inviting Vladimir Putin to the summit so he can call it the G8 again…….Hahahahahaha

  17. This woman/man is a liar! I rarely watch anything antiTrump. Just to give it a thumbs down! But this news channel is nothing but liars!! Get your story straight! Trump’s is investigating the crimes Biden was involved in. And there are many! Biden wasn’t even a candidate then! Biden was a potential candidate! Big difference. Trump isn’t threatened by Biden in the up coming election! Trump will win again, easily! Then lying news channels will cease! Yay!

  18. I work, I pay taxes, our money goes into trump's business, out the back door into his &others bank accounts, clear as day!

  19. Who could forget actual destruction of National security, with no prosecution. Clinton sweet donor money for Chinese technology transfer…

  20. No wonder the resort lost 69% of its revenues in the past 2 years! Probably another reason trump backed out after this went viral…🤣🤣🤣

  21. Wow!
    The news is REALLY grasping now!
    I wonder if there crew at MSNBC us as fed up with having to cover all things Trump, like CNN.
    Check out project getting Veritas is you don't know what I'm talking about.

  22. Oh no not a new scandal!! Mad cow you’re ridiculous!!! Once upon a time I used to be relevant never honest but relevant now I’m just an actor puppet and will say anything you’d like me too as long as it has do with Trump and a “source” what a joke!!!!

  23. Rachael Maddow professional complainer. Political hack and sleaze is now a hotel critic ? Really ? I bet the bathroom stinks after you get out of there. Smells like fish.

  24. Reminds me of the song “Party Out of Bounds” by the B52’s. “… Who’s to blame when situations degenerate? DISGUSTING things you’d never anticipate…”  

    $339 a night for BED BUGS?! You can literally spend 1/10th of that to stay at the Airport Inn SANS BEDBUGS!!!

  25. Should be held in L.A. or S.F. Show the world what a well run city looks like run by the liberal progressives Democrats and if Democrats Presidential candidate win; what the U.S. is in story – true prosperity, no borders, Socialist type of country like Canada, France and Germany.

  26. Family income has increased by $5,345 a year since this president took office.Now let's hear the liberals belittle that in 3… 2….1….go

  27. So the man who talks about vermin-infested cities doesn’t even take care of the bedbug infestation in his own resort. Time to check Barron for head lice.

  28. This is like MSNBC is taking a serious look at a report from the Onion. Lets take a real look Rachel Maddow. The city never heard of it, world leaders never heard of it, trump tweeted it, the white house announced it, and it was canceled by our president all within 24 hours, and now you going bananas over it. LOL it sounds exactly like what Howard Stern and his crew did too MSNBC and its affiliates over the last 30 years. call in with a fake story and you allow it on air, only to find its a hoax LOL bababoie bababoie bababoie bababoie the only thing different is now you just don't get it LOL

  29. Trump has been a businessman for 50 years, the only two years he was profitable without taking loans from his dad were when he was President.

  30. America is ashamed to be in such a sordid state
    President has scout the whole country for a G7 venue
    He could only find a bug infested and dilapidated sick DORAL resort
    I would rather out source it to China
    They have grand venues to accommodate hundreds of countries let alone 7

  31. #StopTheCoup
    Trump's Doral for G7
    Trump awarded his own resort to host the G7 summit
    Using his position as potus to cash in by his bug infested
    dilapidated sick resort
    Trump claimed this dilapidated sick resort is the only suitable site in the whole of USA

  32. Before Trump cancelled this plan, this would have been a very simple and straightforward addition to the Articles of Impeachment. That's OK, there is plenty "there" there already.

  33. I'll take his word for it, he tweeted that it would be NO PROFIT to him, ZERO COST to USA. What's gonna happen now is that it will cost millions of dollars to find another venue and he'll get blasted for it. Damned if u do, damned if u don't

  34. Why isn't Rachel Maddow connecting the dots on Tulsi Gabbards collusion with the Russians? Maddow, and Clinton should be institutionalized for our protection.

  35. What great news you all will never hear..only on U.K. daily mail…is that the DEMS gang of 8 won and started asap to make billions…on TOXIC HIV MEDICATION Manufacturers in INDIA AND CHINA! As planned by the CARTEL CABAL and carried out by corrupted bought politicians! This drug will rip right through your gut, a painful long death. BUT VERY PROFITABLE! Then again…Trumps hotel bed bugs are a much more easy pill to take! Thanks million dollar Rachel that knows the know…and goes home tuning off the HORRID lies on behalf of THEM. THE CABAL…that hate all humans … as they have A.I. and there blood flow is still operating! Wake up or face a early death like the 90s AID PLAQUE caused by THEM.

  36. What? No mention of the State Dept. announcing they found 588 violations in the Hillary email scandal????

    Gee, how surprising your commie network won't mention a single word about it.

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA! 👅

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