Trump Tweets Classified Image of Iranian Site

>>Donald Trump shared classified information
via Twitter. Which is interesting because he has been going
after James Comey hard, for sharing classified information in the form of a memo to one of
his confidants. Now in the latest case, Trump was talking
about a mishap in Iran and Iranian Safir SLV set to launch a satellite into orbit. But it exploded on the ground at the Semnan
Site One facility in northern Iran prior to liftoff. So there was nothing shady going on with Iran,
they were just trying to launch this satellite. But there was some sort of technological issue,
and as a result, there was an explosion. And so Donald Trump tweets about it using
an image that he received from an intelligence briefing. So let’s go to graphic three, here it is. The United States of America was not involved
in the catastrophic accident during launch preparations for the Safir SLV launch in Semnan
Launch Site One in Iran. I wish Iran best wishes and good luck in determining
what happened at Site One. Now what’s interesting about this tweet is
not only the image, which we’ll get to in just a second. But Trump’s tweet was puzzling because Iran
had, one day earlier, confirmed a rocket explosion at the site, which it said was due to some
technical issues. So why would Trump put himself into this conversation
and try to clear up the United States and their involvement or non-involvement, when
Iran already put out a statement saying, this is what happened, it was a tech issue and
that’s it.>>So there’s two possible explanations, one
which is definite and one which is speculative. So one is, he’s a child, that’s definite. So he’s like, your rocket blew up. Well, they already said their rocket blew
up. Yeah, we have the pictures of your rocket
blowing up. Goddammit, we have a child for a president.>>We do.>>Okay, and the second possible reason which
is more speculative is that it wasn’t a technical difficulty, it was either us or Israel. And so that’s Trump then being a double child
and rubbing it in like, you’re having technical difficulties with your satellite, right? And I mean, who does diplomacy like this,
a total, utter buffoon. And so by the way, James Comey, the Inspector
General, chastised him and clarified what he released was not classified. Hilary Clinton, lock her up, lock her up,
because of emails that might have had classified information. Well, this is definitely classified.>>This is 100% classified, and I just wanna
note that the Inspector General’s investigation into what Comey did indicated that the memo
had confidential information in it, but it was not deemed classified. Right, so there’s a difference in terms of
the classifications there. But I wanna go back to the image that Donald
Trump shared in that tweet. Because that image is most definitely from
an intelligence briefing that he had right before he put this tweet out. Now, I do wanna go to a tweet kind of comparing
what commercial satellites can show us in terms of imagery, and how it differs from
what Trump gets in intelligence briefings. Right, so right there on the right-hand side
is what commercial satellites will show you. And then on the left-hand side, you have what
our intelligence has access to. Now the reason why it’s problematic to share
something like this is because it allows other countries, in this case, Iran, to know what
type of spying methods our intelligence community has. Right, so intelligence experts have been kinda
weighing in on this, and that’s what they’ve been saying. But Donald Trump is defending his decision
to put this image out there, take a look.>>I just wish Iran well, they had a big problem,
and we had a photo and I released it, which I have the absolute right to do. And we’ll see what happens, you have to figure
that one out yourself. But we’ll see what happens, they had a big
mishap, it’s unfortunate. And so Iran, as you probably know, they wanted
to set off a big missile, and it didn’t work out too well, had nothing to do with us.>>Okay, so in a best case scenario, he just
told all of our enemies how detailed we can see what they’re doing on the ground. By the way, Iran has a lot of bunkers, why
do they have bunkers? Cuz they’re worried about what we can see
if they’re working on something above ground. And we just showed them, and the whole world,
the level of detail that we can have. Now, that’s the less problematic scenario. The more problematic scenario is, somehow
it has to do with a source on the ground that might have helped facilitate a clearer picture. Okay, I don’t know the technical details of
how that would work, but I read in articles that people are concerned about that. And if it turns out there is someone on the
ground who’s helping us, Trump probably just got him killed.>>Yeah, and also, let me just remind you
that one of the issues that has increased tensions between the United States and Iran
is our behavior in their airspace. Remember, they shot down a US drone, the United
States claims that that drone was flying in international airspace. I don’t believe the US, I’m just keeping it
real. Iran shot down that drone, and that almost
led to a full-blown war. Remember, Trump had ordered an airstrike,
and then in the last second, he called that airstrike off. I bring that up because, in the context of
this latest story, he’s really stoking the tensions that Iran and the United States are
already dealing with. It’s a disaster, he’s a child, I don’t know
what his motivation was here. But oftentimes when a president decides to
declassify information and share it with the public, you know what he does? He talks to members of the intelligence community
to figure out what the proper protocol is. So he’s not sharing government secrets or
secrets from our intelligence community with the public, because that could lose lives.>>So people sometimes are incorrectly saying
in articles that the president did nothing wrong. That’s not true, what is true is, he didn’t
do anything illegal. We care about facts here, and the fact is,
the president can declassify anything he wants, so I’m kidding about locking him up. Although those were the absurd chants when
the Republicans claimed that they cared so much about classified material potentially
getting out that people should be in prison for it, right? Now the president can’t go to prison for that
cuz he can automatically declassify things. But you should be equally concerned when the
president does it. And is it something that is wrong, well, we
just explained to you several different reasons why it is deeply problematic. Now that leads me to the ICE raid in Mississippi,
why? You know that when ICE did that raid, they
refused to tell anyone, including Child Protective Services, even though they knew there’d be
children left behind after they grabbed their parents from the factory. Because they mainly didn’t want Trump to find
out, cuz they thought the child would tweet about it. Now ICE is, nobody’s liberal, right, I think
that raid was abominable. I think that they’ve done some terrible things
over there. So this isn’t about politics or policy, this
is just, everyone in the government knows the president is an idiot and can’t be trusted. So they must have been having an intelligence
briefing, he was like, I like that picture, I’m gonna tweet it. Everybody in the room must have been like,
no, don’t tweet that. Goddammit, he tweeted it, I can’t believe
he tweeted it.>>Yeah, and if you look closely at the image,
it appears, and this is speculation, but other people have noticed this. It appears that he took a photo using his
phone from the intelligence briefing.>>God, what an imbecile. So when they were redoing Air Force One, he’s
like, I wanna get involved, I wanna get involved. You know what they had him do? They had him pick out the colors of the next
plane. And then he bragged about it, he doesn’t realize. They’re like, good boy, you pick the colors,
Donny, you pick the colors. He’s like, okay, I pick the colors, I pick
the colors. And then he came out on TV to say, I was very
much involved in Air Force One. I picked the colors, they only had blue and
white, I thought of red, now it’s red, white, blue.>>Look, to be fair, I am a lover of interior
design, so I get it. But you gotta get your work done, all right,
before you get into picking the colors. Does he even know the color theory, does he?>>No one knew color theory until Anna just
mentioned it.

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69 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Classified Image of Iranian Site

  1. We do have a rediculously, incompetent, embarrassing, bratty child for a president and I will be so glad when he's outta there! God I can't wait!

  2. And absolutely no one reprimanded trump for that did they! He can get us all annihilated! Hell! I don't want to die because of his stupidity! And you're so right… Nah nah nah nah…ugh, I had the right to tweet it! That's all he wants to try and throw his presidential authority around, not paying attention to or caring about the detrimental harm it could cause us! Dumbass!

  3. Picture WWII. [trump voice:] "We are preventing hundreds of sunken liberty ships …heading to our brave allies… now that we can decode the German enigma machine".

  4. A significant detail, it seems everyone is completely disregarding concerning this story, is the simple fact that Iranian technology has progressed to the point that the regime is attempting to reach earth orbit. No one covering this story acknowledges that every failure of this nature provides a multitude of valuable data. Don’t think for a second that Iran won’t attempt another space launch, and given enough attempts they will eventually succeed. It was just a decade, or so, ago that the mainstream media seemed to ridicule North Korea’s failed attempts to achieve intercontinental missilery. Now that nation hosts a nuclear arsenal, and the ability to deploy it. I’m just very tired of dialogues, media, or political propaganda, that tout these failures as proof of incompetence. If ya really want a laugh, watch our early rocket technology tests, those are a hoot!

  5. The image / tweet is not classified. It was declassified the moment Trump made it public. He's the President, he decides what's classified and what isn't.

  6. Maybe the point is to be intimidating. He may be posting that image to screw with their minds and demonstrate the level of US surveillance on them.

  7. What a total idiot… if Iran thought it was "technical difficulties" before they are certainly suspecting something now…. At the very least they are suspecting that the US is up to something.

  8. In any Intelligent Briefing I've been to when I was in the service, no cameras, phones, or anything that could communicate outside the room was allowed. Sharing anything from that brief that the Intelligence Officer did not clear could not be shared unless routed through them first.

    Granted the President can declassify things on a whim, but, there is a process even he has to go through to ensure the information isn't putting troops and lives in danger. Sure the picture he shared may seem trivial and harmless, but any foreign intelligent operative can acquire data and intel on seeming-less "trivial" pictures. This is why any such information is routed through the Intelligence community first before "declassification".

    Remember that Loose Lips (or in this case photos) can Sink Ships.

    I only hope his blathering about this incident (especially on how the US was "not involved") and photo doesn't make Iran take a second look at the incident and suspect sabotage.

  9. Hey Einstein, The President can declassify anything for any reason at any time. It's not like he SOLD military secrets to a foreign nation like Hillary did. By the way, do you notice how the explosion and surrounding structures are eerily reminiscent of the letter Q? Coincidence…? I THINK NOT.

  10. Irans bashar alassad has killed a million Syrian and caused the greatest number of refugees… And tyt is siding with Iran ???

  11. TYT is so intellectual shallow, uninformed, and dishonest. As for that commerical satillete pictures, have you ever seen the pictures google maps provides when somebody searches for an address when one goes to "earth mode"? I did and I could see my neighhor's chimmey. It is obvious some research intern got some bullshit picture. Commerical satellite imagery is very clear and precise, if one if is willing to pay the price. This argument TYT puts forward over national security is no different than Cheney might argue for.

  12. According to NPR, USA 224 is one of America's Multibillion-dollar KH-11 Reconnaissance Satellites. It's basically a giant Telescope aimed at the Earth. Now Our enemies can Reverse-Engineer it!!

  13. Trump did consult with the intelligence community before he tweeted that picture… He found every person with the same intelligence as him and then agreed with himself that he should tweet that picture.

  14. What about Reality Leigh Winner spending five years in prison for divulging classified information regarding Russian hacking of US election software?i

  15. Hopefully, the anti-human rights Theocratic sharia law religious police state dictatorship of Iran run by the retarded Ayatollah and his cronies can soon be dismantled from the inside by the Iranian people freeing themselves from oppression, suppression, and repressive social, racial, religious, patriarchal, and political tyranny, and not by outside military force.

  16. The comercial satellite thing anna brought up is BS i can zoom in on my house from satellite pics and see my house closer up than a whole damn rocket lauch pad

  17. You left out one serious problem:

    Using this image, you can track exactly where this specific American Spy Satellite is. Now it has to be moved to a new pathway in Low Earth Orbit & with something like 25,000 other satellites up there, that's way trickier than you'd think. (Not to mention expensive in fuel, as any satellite has only a limited supply.)

    It's also remotely possible (as India demonstrated not long ago) to shoot satellites down. It's extremely unlikely that Iran has the technology to do this, but you can be damn sure that both Russia & China do. And now they know where a great big, extremely expensive ( 100 $Million+ ) American target is.

  18. Why not report news like the NIST coming out and saying their report on tower 7 was wrong and couldnt be caused by fire or why the government felt it would be a threat to public safety?

  19. So when Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning puke out reams of data that put our soldiers at risk that's ok? But one irrelevant picture from Trump? mmmhmm. Ok.


  21. What, foreigners are surprised that our spy satellites can produce such photos? If our satellites cannot read license plates, we need to sue the manufacturers.

  22. If Congress is doing nothing than this is what Congress wants Ttump is not the only moron Fancy Nancy is no better than Moscow Mitch

  23. Bitch. If trump tweets a picture of a friggin chihuahua you sellouts will be screaming about impeachment. Anna, you can impeach these nuts.

  24. What else he said to Putin in their private tête-à-tête ? What classified messages he related to Putin & king junk ummmmmm, the little 🥟dumpling .

  25. He is simply an insecure little prick, desperate to have people listen to him talk. Look how important I am. Fuckin Trumpet.

  26. If Obama or Hillary put classified thing on social media,Greedy Old Pricks like Bitch McConman would call for impeachment,indictment and even death penalty.

  27. omg people you know this means there is no aliens in area 54 if there was 10 mins later he would tweet it. Oh space Force!!!!!!

  28. the constant and retardet clowning round from cenk – can you be serious for a second ? video after video is him doing noises and stupid faces

  29. All these conspiracy theories ! Come on ! Trump was shown a document with pictures instead of words that he could understand and just wanted his base to know how smart he is that’s all .

  30. This guys shouldn't be allowed to decide whether he wants to, I truly believe he is not mentally stable. The senators have their hands tied behind their backs within Moscow Mitch killing all the bills. See an example on how parliament works as what's going on now with the brexit. These MPs are working for the well-being of the the citizens, not for the well-being of a single leader like here in the WH.

  31. To be fair there is a black rectangle on the top right of the image, hiding some stuff, showing that Trump didn't just take a photo & tweet. Also other countries know that the US has spy satellites capable of taking those kinds of pics.

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