Trump UNINTELLIGIBLE on Adding Russia to G7

I have some really strange video for you today.
It has been just embarrassing anecdote after embarrassing anecdote from the g seven in
France for Donald Trump over the last few days, and I really want to do this thoroughly
and that’s why the entire show so far has been [inaudible] related stuff. Uh, Donald
Trump’s only notable contribution to the [inaudible], as I mentioned before, has been ruining a
dinner with world leaders by insisting that Russia be added back into the [inaudible]
to once again, make it the g eight, which it used to be until 2014 he’s contributed
no ideas to better the planet. He skipped the climate change meeting. He’s
made no sense in almost everything he said, but the sort of height or the bottom of this
embarrassing fiasco was Donald Trump’s explanation of why he wants to add Russia to the [inaudible].
Now, I’m going to play the clip for you. It’s under 90 seconds in duration, but in the clip,
Trump attacks Obama on foreign soil a bad look for presidents says things that are just
straight up wrong, which is not probably a shock to you and seems to suggest that Russia
should be back in the g seven, because Putin took Crimea from Ukraine while Obama was president.
I know that that doesn’t seem to make any logical sense because it doesn’t make any
logical sense, but it seems to be what Donald Trump is saying. Let’s take a look. Uh, they were really, it was a president Obama,
I’m not blaming him, but a lot of bad things happened with President Putin and President
Obama. One of the things that happened was, as you know, what happened in with a very
big area, a very, very big and important area in the Middle East where the red line was
drawn and then president Obama decided that he was not going to do anything about it.
You can’t draw a red lines in the sand, you just can’t do it. And the other was in Ukraine
having to do with a certain section of Ukraine that you know very well where it was sort
of taken away from President Obama, not taken away from president Trump, taken away from
President Obama. President Obama was not happy that this happened cause it was embarrassing
to him. Right. It was very embarrassing to him. And he wanted Russia to be out of the,
what was called the Ga and that was his determination. He was out smarted by Pluton. He was that
smarter President pooter at smarted, President Obama women. And I can understand how President
Obama would feel. He wasn’t happy and they’re not in for that reason. Now I’m only thinking
about the world and I’m thinking about this country in terms of the [inaudible], whether
it’s you seven Ga, I think it would be better to have Russia inside the tent than outside
the tent. Why doesn’t Trump name anything an important area
with a red line, Syria, a certain section of Ukraine that you know. Well, Crimea. Putin
took Crimea, not from Trump, but from Obama. Therefore Trump wants Putin back in the g
seven so I’m trying to read between the lines here. I think maybe what Donald Trump is saying
is that Obama screwed up with Russia. Russia took Crimea from Ukraine under Obama’s watch,
this embarrassed Obama or it angered Obama. So Obama retaliated by unfairly kicking Russia
out of the then g eight and that, that’s a silly reason to have Russia out. So Trump
wants them back in. Basically what Trump seems to be trying to articulate in a completely
failing way is Obama wanted Russia out and I do the opposite of Obama, so bring Russia
back in. Now there are so many logical, a contortions or pretzels here. One is not everything
that happens while someone is president is their fault. Like is it Donald Trump’s fault or responsibility
that Argentina’s economy is crashing even more right now it’s not. It’s happening while
Trump is president but not because Donald Trump is president. So that’s problem number
one. Problem number two is that Trump sort of seems to be saying since Putin outsmarted
Obama and took Crimea from Ukraine under Obama’s watch, he doesn’t deserve any punishment for
it and getting kicked out of the Ga was Obama’s way of punishing him for it or something like
that, which is bizarre. And then also remember that Russia was suspended from the g eight
after annex in Crimea on the vote of all of the other GA members period. There are many
criticisms that we can make of the geator or the g seven which are valid. Number one,
they’re not doing nearly enough to fight climate change. That’s a very significant and prescient
criticism of the g seven they are perpetuating the status quo of damaging neoliberal globalization
rather than limiting it. That is a fair and accurate critique of the
g seven. They are lacking buy in from some major industrialized countries. More like
what you see in the [inaudible], but this is not only childish nonsense that Donald
Trump is adding as, I mean I’m calling it a critique, although to call it that stretches
credulity significantly. Uh, it also is not even really adding to the serious critiques
that there are of the g seven and of the ways in which these seven or the broader g 20 nations
control so many aspects of the everyday lives of so many people on this planet. And it’s
just, it’s a waste of time. It’s a diplomatic embarrassment and it’s a geopolitical embarrassment,
quite frankly for Americans who have too, if they understand what’s going on. I know
the Trump is defend everything that the guy does, but if you understand what’s going on,
you see the u s embarrassed day after day press conference after press conference by
Donald Trump. And the sort of height of this is what I want
to talk about next, which is that Donald Trump wants the next g seven at one of his golf

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