Tunnels & Trolls live rpg Isle of dread 62 back to Gull The city of terror

all right she’s allergic to like a good
amount of things and so like having to be careful I mean all wasted on my
camera always I’m gonna suck at a soul do it on your camera well that’s that’s
what you should do soon as we start to show you’re gonna say something that’s
gonna like offend some one of the two people watching so you got a 50-50
chance yeah welcome back to total controls I believe
we’re episode 62 getting close to that magic number 90 no
no 69 no I was talking about the one when when you probably give birth I
don’t care about that the number 69 are you when we’re old for your fatality
yeah I could die well that’s what happens then they get everybody on a
demon child who said you can’t repeat your dead mom can’t take over the body
of the child that’s just sick you like that one possessed macho just like mom
Thanks I’m always with you now brush your teeth
no like control brother Jarrett mom son multiple issue multiple personality
they’re just an hour yeah they’re there okay first of all we’ll start with well
you’re on her boat you’re off and CJ they’re Italians kind of like those
right there boot Morris shipped I guess you guys have three of them she has two
and one you were informed when you guys entered
into Bay to post the princess sign so you could get preferential treatment at
the docks otherwise you couldn’t have waited sometimes days what do you do
but then once you do it she’ll no no no bill no okay pull up the fly
you just got to stay close this one well with them what’s the princess flag okay
if there’s only one not the pirate flags even if you want I’m a terrified
yeah those are just like I swear to Christ like I don’t know them
make them wait yep I don’t know they don’t have a flag are we skipping the
whole sea voyage we already got back oh nice thank God we
lost them all and see how many encounters run the way and the few that
were were friendly good we still have a bigger one maybe coming later that way
this is the start that was a long episode of just all traveling you know I
think it was – absolutely it was – it was like an episode and a half yeah hey
nice one I thought we got the idea of the ocean travel and you know terrible
you all decided to just forego the experience points of the trip just to
have it be done with yes so bad now having sixes all the time lumbers
felt the same way kept running a 100 came the damn thing where’s what is it
it’s not there it’s not see he kept rolling get me in a way he went into
weird for like in this gangster you like go through the fog zone in games yeah
and the darkness of the world appears you’re moving forward what if it
happened when he was coming and that’s why he kept getting this weird – chunk he came to the closest point he almost
get across she just like okay you vote
she pulls up the princess flag what are you guys doing I guess like – you don’t
have one we have the princess flag no there’s a French flag left with one
blowing up the symbol for the poor artist formerly known as Prince what’s up a flag with an arrow that’s
what’s here boy but you gotta hope the wind doesn’t change direction your son
here you’re set with the other group like this happens that that’s been a
cracking up here is an attached to town it’s like they’re like pushing me that
direction because you keep pointing that way they’re always there all cheering
you should go out okay um navigators make a navigation role that
means you enroll twice oh and you have to have a navigation one that’s 21 and I
don’t know what your captive on the other one is um that’s why you have
different sheets yeah you like to come okay you just have one yeah here’s one
person watching this crazy person from another up either so you’ve never even
seen this new you’re from like a tribe like it you know where Indian most way
to do yep where Indian being American emo kind of like that time you guys
don’t have horses so what you just see that in the corner
in the ship going I didn’t do bad so I got a second level at a first light you
do that cheap cheese at X all what I got a second level for my ship in the first
level for the woman okay man you guys got 1919 okay you bump into a ship take
a whole point damage Oh putting holes in the ship
sorry fix the hole okay mark off though he would then we’re not screaming
huzzah well he’s down there fish again who’s driving
I guess I am I could even worse you know I don’t scream okay but to your ship comes flying a man wait wait how so
like how so flying like shot out of a catapult okay okay
using slimy he’s from the a cult that believes in the that works with the
power of trips travel magic he’s a God can I get Titan he’s the god of the sea
so that’s his he’s like this second biggest God in the all of the prince is
an atheist so he doesn’t support that’s why they’re all called cults you know
there’s no religion yeah that’s not a thing
as far as she cares and you guys are in the king he’s not King he’s a prince
prince we don’t have a king we can’t have a king we had it very clean no then
why isn’t the prince the king because if there was a king we would be attacked by
dragons from other islands the larger continents would start war against a
smaller Island huh okay otherwise how else did a like if they can’t oppose a
threat yeah they’re mostly mostly mostly well basically that’s real word now I’m
like Trump I can make my own name words now oh you’re kin safe a what
what’s the convey they couldn’t bake days only five you feel the Pasadena
tha’s a real word I’d say that much but it was text so you know how like did you
change it once you write it send it out maybe good
okay so now you mr. dwarves yes do you have a name yet
giant horn giant on your little foot got it on your first name first day out of
the military you’ve done your service deciding what are you gonna do what
horrible thing you’re gonna lead to when a guy comes walking by with like face
paint on and he stops and looks make your crew for roll roll – nice six and
add the number you roll – nice six not three you failed you failed your
dexterity give me your most valuable player sticker that’s that’s that’s what
happens when you roll a three on dexterity when you’re trying to do that
you’re just like gosh patrol 19 total yeah okay well he looks yeah yeah yeah
carry this for me hand you this bag it’s kinda heavy
and it feels like coins you’re not even there shake it I’m gonna
take off he says come with me and all of them cautious okay he’s
headed to the ports case you think he just bought you he’s taking you home so
you guys get you could be on my boat to the dock and he says uh they should be
landing soon he sends out the other doctor okay you get another roll can you
actually Oh first of all the guy lands as is off you order to take the princess
port over there it should be clear and you’re being followed
yes unfortunately they’re with me how many boats do you guys have this one
plus the one hi well you help on bikes yeah
both those two supposed to be following you yes that one seems to be leaving one’s leaving it’s tied to loose my boat
how is it leaving I cut the line set they’re heading out with the boat who is
your doppelganger and your old captain I knew that weasel midst him that she is
Chris D’Elia that was pretty obviously gonna happen
you guys just gave him the boat yes it’s hard to keep track of two boats damn it
yeah you know I was gonna sell it anyways but they seemed like they could
be happy together so think your you plus backup character she’s gonna follow you
guys around every time one of your characters dies she’s gonna show up and
resurrect it with that like I call this undead so you like you’ll all end up in
the same team but dead yeah thanks yeah she’s I’m still the best-looking thank
you wrong yes land this boat hopefully they’ll be
nice to the doors these guys 1818 there’s 13 total I have Dwarfs that I
bought they were slaves said I think them Helms made 19 again yeah
the cultists of the seeker will ask um could I steer yes please do every week
two points total so now you go fix those points now that you are not needed on
the land on the top ship maybe you should raise that next time you go below
yeah by the way you didn’t know his job in the Marines but been in the Navy
before this was he he was the gofer he’s still trench stuff around now you
telling him to drive the boat he’s like okay yeah what are coming all the
negative going to get it all done with the Rhino right you
know I got Spiro gay Macau Oh everybody that was sick he wrote that was right
that’s not thank you but yeah you were also German to account yeah why is it
always you I don’t know because she’s usually a you seriously Holliston that
protects against polymorph he’s usually like to say that makes you a true D&D
nerd what you can say that but I can say that talisman of poly more about this
public Alvin the Paladins talisman the Paladins
talisman of resist the paladin just threw down one man you can have that
power then I well I hate paladin okay so I didn’t find that either okay
no I did not yeah okay you’re pulling up sweet and check out my eyes you’re
coming with you oh I did oh yeah I probably should have been feeding all
this baby okay people are starving but they well they’re ever eat – yeah
there’s probably a good amount of rats left they soon as you got this short
they jump off the boat and ran for it into town then tap probably my house
probably you’re hoping okay I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re gonna go but
they’re tired of the damn ocean how I’ve asked me to they’re only like what nine
and ten-year-old I have these pets and they’re kind of more children because
they are animals with the brains of children surgically put into them
they take responsibility no no that was not me IRA did you do it would you put
it past me – boy I already he understands chillin ater understand you so people chillin Tintin I like chillin
ater better let’s go with that though you tell everyone your name is
pronounced in this country my phone stolen and that name could be like many
names you ran into a last name because of the translation it could be she linen
Nader you know chill eatin it could be cheap
the sound getting at you didn’t you know like you’ve read too remember fat rhino
whatever it was there’s some rather weird name Chiefs and stuff on that but
it also means your husband helped you kill a bunch of cannibals that’s true
it’s a family thing we like killing cannibals well they were gonna eat you
yeah I like plate they were yes oh that’s why they had her in a boat and
the two of monkeys they just jumped off the island and glided back to them
handle the island on the island I should stay in the middle of the volcano oh you
can’t keep it boy you have to go this way yeah because this one can’t partake either
that’s all right I have to because my neuropathy and well she feels better
when she does so you know and she’s either deal with me yes you give me high
enough I dislike and then you’ll have to be like Lexie with your all to be like
oh no we swore never to speak of those and there’s someone on the dock waiting
for you I shoot him do you have a spyglass yes I do
anyone with a spyglass can make a role on your intelligence see what you see
I’m smart ah no your bail
make it look roll okay thank God 28 we found a way to make math
fun well you see we were deciding if your fumble meant you just left dropped
your eyeglass into the ocean does that happen every so much that gun see she
give her a spyglass and you like see men working out on the shore like I guess I
should have been using just one hand um you guys pull the short and it is
marek oh I did it always always dressed in the finest
soaps but you can’t help notice he has a little bit of a jester look to his
clothing so what’s your name now hardly no I’ll get the whole title oh that’s my
grandfather’s okay Mary anyway never you want really can’t argue
with the princesses favorite pets so no Kris talking oh I know my position yes now you tell jokes yes I can I was good
for help now I know like I plan that next year okay um so so I’ll take you to
the Prince Jenson’s exchange here we’ll go through the goods
basically I need for you to write down and you to write down on piece of paper
what is being reported I blacked out for a play I remember swears on your oh so
then all of a sudden I smoke and then it’s gone perv it and then I come back
and I’m on a boat and we’re almost home we’re statue no you see basically I just
need to told him how I’m keeping the statue mmm right give me this whole
amount and you will lose 10% of that that’s the Texas how much are you
reporting of your treasure did I get treasure did you you also need to pay
your people I have cat coins oh yeah I gotta go any Donzi gold from
Maine for him I didn’t really get better you turn it all over yeah you guys just
saw it I got what I needed but I didn’t get what I well you need to know what
you got because I forgot I got five joints nice hey I need to know the total
because whatever you have is divided in equal shares amongst your entire crew ya have three full sets of baboon teeth
don’t ask a meat cleaver 1022 twenty-two silver cat coins a large piece of
obsidian two small pieces of obsidian oh well what do you I don’t know how much
that word you want oh just write it all down yep you want card yeah well I need
to know cuz everyone needs to be paid I’m gonna sign from it if they’re happy
or not I got these ones and you’ve cost these people two months of their life
how much was it worth to them all you some of you have less people who you
started with it just increases their shine he belongs out building off the
ship now the rest of you are I’m not preparing now the things that you just
don’t know a price on ya I want you to assign a price that you think they’re
worth I don’t the gold the gold chunk it has
an exact price sanwei town school ten pounds ten pieces of gold come out of
one pound would I get more for these cat coins is here because they’re unique
clients truly effective oh yeah kind of like hey
how much do you think you’d give him a bonus like even if it was like to eat
are you got it I was trying to think about myself I’m not telling you they’re
gonna accept your well yes just report it and they may look at it they may not
oh this is how much I want for the stuff that I gathered you got shit it’s a
requisition yes okay that was that that you got this I got this
do I have to do my armor are you reporting it well I’m not really wearing
anything under it you just have to tell them oh yeah it sure you’d have taken
all I’m not wearing anything under happy wear yeah because everything’s they get
all this I change so no they don’t I bought that with my money they don’t get
shit from my armor okay there’s your answer okay you don’t have I tell
personals I don’t literally kill the 100 plus
cannon him up and how many people do you have on your ship well now 3333 yeah we lost a couple men okay everyone gets 19 gold yeah now
you’re like walk back on the boat I don’t know yeah they may not stay oh yeah they can dance if they want to you
guys once this is done actually the rest of you can follow Marik or Harlequin his
personal gesture because he finds him entertaining his mechanisms and what he
does just is funny merry check she mentioned in tariffs
erotic oh yes sorry I don’t say I never bring you anything it’s a friend no I
always look for the underdog let’s go oh that’s yours roll the dice well if you still live you and they care
it’s like okay but I’m doing you a job possibly three three three hundred gold
is in that bag Regis you’d have Beaufort no you can race what he has he spent
that to his armor and his weapon so he got three hundred now bonus because he
stayed and didn’t run on how are you Grayson we share character she sometimes
her arm bugs are so much from writing or from doing stuff there carpal tunnel you
see her promise you can write even her own stuff really that’s yours now
they say Intel and you guys go walking up to the princess Palace which sounds
right to you you should have been wondering of why
you weren’t brought there earlier can I go check out my pets foot home for sure
kind of kind of worried if you want to split off from the party I need to well
we’ll be at the you know plus main break in we can change that are we gonna change the character no it
feels we chop it off it feels weird to me mage not gonna say my darling chillin
tonight sounds stupid fuck Chilly Willy I mean these are natives
were kind of creating a mother from the other trade but you they could have had
a different name for what they are you’ve been pink tutu I don’t know we
are pink tutu no oh I gotta break it now you take it over to that princess’s
palace those you the wet some of you went somewhere else you would yeah well
I have to check on my animal yeah I don’t want to leave my pet kids like she
wants to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing okay well I’m pretty sure
Henry won I’ve heard that so so you a brief front before tea with your
list of Fighting’s Oh a gold fame though
yep any idea of the size or and I know it’s a guess because you can’t see
what’s underground no huh
that’s funny but it’s still nice I still like it
and let me see what I wanted to see from you you hear like they got nobility
around the edges of the building the room are talking amongst each other
I got louder when you guys came in they’re all in fine clothes you know
born nobility and you guys are a bunch of people brought up from the ghetto oh
you’re not there leave from over know about anymore the capitated back okay
the Badgers still running around oh I’m gonna ask the cat where’s your brother goes over to the door he’s coming back I
don’t think he was a danger she would probably carry that would be more
worried yeah have you seen to be out too late Beach animals this is what you I don’t
have a clue what is it 1-bedroom hoping however and only behind
a ritual stations spells so it kind of looks like someone’s been in here just
leaving out like a dabble in summoning demons there’s a circle on the floor by
the way I have an ex-boyfriend that’s a demon you can yeah yeah so huge barb be
back to you guys how was your experience I love you don’t make a bet well she
ovals that make a bag you how many times have set up people and they’ve
disappeared yeah I heard it’s kind of a religious
thing there there’s no house are they evil zombies no I mean the people that
make them I’m so there ignorance of understanding what they’re
used they’re kind of like pack mules there’s dinosaurs on there uncle that
could be a good food source there’s monkeys we can easily see much these
rich people here they’ll eat anything unusual talking monkeys interesting did
you bring one of those back no because couldn’t resist his sexual urges if you
know what I mean torture em wink wink make sure that’s it and other situations
you’re not there again you with another direction head over the walkie talkies
yelling and then she comes right here he goes pama Brunswick I like in that one
uh yellow beard so the guy was like the same guy sticking up said yeah okay so I
invented walkie talkie impressive main reason I had you guys do this little
challenge and I’ll tell you what the normals around you’re saying basically
you’re raised from the ghetto by to act like some fake nobility with dreams of
getting a whirl over time yeah I’m not saying it’s all false but
it’s just the same that most of them are doing and I don’t care I see no
difference between them or you so that’s why I talk to drama boy he
keeps an eye on them too but we’ve got certain issues to deal with first of all
a little bit of personal business for you steel gazelle the daughter of war
Lord Luther and sister of demacia and de basis has been murdered and her funeral
will be coming up soon her change status will be putting her in
the graveyard near where you guys used to live because she was seen to bed but I will say there’s some question up so let you guys kind of hang around see
the city I’d like you to appreciate it so that
you’ll want to come back again after we get your text mission which is simple
um I can’t truly say which or if any of you are really ready but as a group I
think you do well so you will be pronounced as a group I’ll need a name
and a heraldry assign a flag and this will be your Zeke I will give you the
ability to recruit are we certainly skilled no you’re serving me I’m not
there so yeah some someone else stalking again well I was asking you as
the D yes so we should accept this or do you just wish to disappear back into the
city I mean some of people have come back and have taken that choice you guys could do what you want I’m
standing right here I’ll go on whatever
our mission he sat down this is unheard of
an elf will take any random mission in a dwarf fold I’m staying he kind of got thrown into
this I was just delivering the doughnuts thought it would be funny you could tuck
your tails between your legs in front of ways like or you can stand your ground
okay well just get this worked out over here well you the cat didn’t come back
were you going to meet them all there afterwards the cat came back no the cat
came back but not the Badger but the Badgers coming back from yeah okay I
shouldn’t worry about it that doesn’t seem that way okay what am i doing
basically bad yourself supposed to be marking territory okay he’s a male
animal makes sense the Kappa P be away a lot boys it’s gotta go rub his penis
against things mine mine comic humans oh yeah okay
you walk in about this point just cuz it’s getting hard to afford discussion
if you guys wish to take this basically you guys need to came up with a name for
your company you’re like a military unit you’ll start
with just you you will be able to recruit but marriage speaks up he says
but keep in mind never tell them at first who you are until they told you
who they are and the prince kind of looks at him kind
of like you know shakes his head a little bit he says I guess I should tell
you before you go and kind of hinted at the danger I have an airing of my island
well it used to be an empire come into actually my daughter most commonly known
as the sole princess because they had a sewer mine out there well one day a few
centuries ago we quit hearing anything from them we don’t know what’s going on
out there no one has agreed to go there because
it’s in the mountains what company you said that I’m looking awaiting to
see who’s gonna say your name of that no way
nobody’s going for a name Oh master yeah black company much racist HP lovecraft
black company read the fucking books like Ashley when creating a spot that’s
what I’m going for you all go with that yes that’s how
they’re bigger Russia they’ve conventions they have all the
best coincidence out there I I look at KU Bell we are okay I’ll wait for them
for a movie to come out about all that and they can try a failed reviews of the
movies because the reviews will say all the things they got wrong and therefore
I will learn what is right about I do that a lot so any idea first line I got
one not a chicken a black chicken on a red background okay I like it goddammit hey we have to compromise him
you may not want to start with the banner hi no you first and then go this
is ours oh okay why no turn you to stone does
that Medusa no Patricia do it – I love it yes a cockatrice okay so that will be
all set up you guys will I will give you enough
supplies for six months yeah that’s what I mean
anything besides food and water you need to pick up especially you what six
months from now I’m really gonna start working on my whorehouse again well I
mean it’s a good job and just being a mistress I wouldn’t have to worry
what’s better on her boat to be floating I was thinking about it yeah I’m just
going along the coastline my family was a tribe of merchants that went around
the outside of a desert selling selling things so she’s gonna do the a version
of that yeah make her family proud which makes you worried I’m gonna get me
a shirt well I guess we’ve all decided we’re taking this job well first things
to deal with you guys oh I love you want to go but some need the chance to go to
attend the funeral of the steal Giselle right now she was the cultist of the
black spider culture into the leader but you know she also hung around the Black
Dragon tavern and the Longtooth lounge – what who what ople black or Stukas oh
yeah she got killed it wasn’t me
when you knew when you worked your first job with yeah yeah ones like pull up your pants
get ready just tell he’s like I didn’t bring it check your bag hit his oh yeah this super pin forgot no
it’s no one you pump no no she is from a few hundred years
ago who was this killed oval that’s lady
from the black that’s who I’m asking him about yeah who
did it who did it I don’t know at this time i doing
information on that I don’t have that’s fine okay who’s going to the cops
I guess the dwarves are going to talk to okay um
die six for both a toe and mountain three
Broll again it’s not real the same number three one okay
you go talk to gromp these are this area you know in his way we call the office and he wants to know what your back made
it that’s we man it was fun it was interesting a whole lot of dwarf
throwing creatures you find him there no he was actually here waiting for us
that’s nice to do um interesting the lawyer the lone dwarf in my career
well that’s true they didn’t want to watch hanging around with those long
years all the time anyway I’m here to ask about oh oh oh I need information
for that because a doe knows quite well and I got a idea for you what’s that
okay should kind of mounted really under my service so true I will give you all
you need to know if you will find me in statue that has disappeared from a local
home that looks exactly like image super-dense carved out of jail we
could do that now I give you a phrase you need he killed her the first person let me talk to after
cutting out obviously that was always okay I’m gonna fuel everyone the wet
making chrismal roll tonight six know what’s your first level yeah you’re here
with me actually you make a wish RORO do that six pleasure wizardry and not often
that a duel can do good at best but we’ll just give it a chance he rolled
doubles get to a tree roll seven plus is that okay forty 16 no he don’t do too
good expected to have to check it anyway that’s a girl
yes you’re a rather dressy funeral although are they you were at the palace
of peaceful repose O’Malley alejandro wait and laid out all the best look good
it’s gotta be looking nice looking almost live again he’s gonna hit me and
uh you guys still and just bunch of other people but you do not see her
father but her son his sons are they’re the one that control which you’re red
row priest shows up with him mitigator yeah it’s his sister that got killed
so he’s your other lever no you have it actually see you behind a noticing he’s
been more concerned with your child that’s crazy
and he sent a special mage just to keep an eye on you that’s true and he’s been
like doing daily checks on you make sure everything’s good
he’s actually got numbers to compare these two okay who else did this where’s
he been oh my spider Dee was there are about I’m
starting to wonder we can barely communicate with each other you’ll get
better um Mike join us becoming no you speak a version of it um wait don’t you
speak you’re done yes don’t you know I don’t think I do
all right take your stuff my team read that dirty language ever get oh hi I
think you do speak drift you once pen the points do you want to learn language
they’re one way we’re excited well did you want to spend 300 yes and
you can also train him on his next level learn common goal language of the common
men and gold was white yeah okay 300 points the first time around if he’s if
gents are Krista has been hanging around with him I’m sure they started picking
up the link but yeah yeah and if she didn’t want whatever they’re trying to
tow great oh okay it’s a native language of the eyelid red language active each
other as long as sleep as long as she doesn’t use the wrong words you do what
time slaps you what okay who made their Christmas rolls and
what level eighty okay forty he said yes no sixteen least the
same as he did when he got off the boat Oh which is a loincloth a shield with a
throwing blade spear so this is my apparently husband’s yeah I’ll try to
explain why you brought your own native I’ve always been one for souvenirs and
they look at you and your belly and him just give away kind of confused well it
all wait all right although you seem to be upset you kept
looking for Luther warlord who did not make it but his sons did but alone they
didn’t you get to show up maybe you get to show up with guards they had to show
up this part of town with no guards they are pretty tough though but yes being
wouldn’t Lee he wouldn’t let them take anything the family I’m gonna go talk to
the brothers ok which one you want to talk to first
Timoteo yes why is it where is it Luthor here he can’t show up
why because she’s fallen where is it he’s at Halton mourning is
one way he has some concerns he says he might even try to find a way to clear
her name and then he could bring her to his own the to because he’s worried what
will happen with her then here if he needs help
clearly clearing her to him let me know why I’m willing to help what is your connection I worked with her on my very first
mission Oh and what was that stealing an idol what’s this related to her cult
activities yes then I will step out of it and have no judgment one will do what
they have to do for their graves but
my father Bret she cannot be seen here the others the other no hole would judge
him for an attack with their child and chance a good is there a way to arrange a meeting
between me and them yes yes definitely I think your current statuses
high enough but wild enough he was get away with it and it would look like the
action should expect to be breathing so drop by tomorrow at noon I’ll let him
know I want my group of me oh of course of
course we’ve heard was it official have you
become a company yes interesting just and you will be going with that what yes
she’ll become she’ll become long will you need elevated there would you need
medical assistance probably turning in stuff would you mind keeping my priest
with you is it is he like cool he will do as I tell him yes okay he’s done so
far have you been comfortable with him oh yeah that guy
oh yeah he’s cool okay I can’t you know he bends rules a little bit he like
taught some people spells all the way supposed to charge for
everybody couldn’t he didn’t know no he learned he taught too bad toxin – who –
the showman so I show guys brought a disease to the island oh it wasn’t you island
you brought her bees to the island you remember when they went down to the
store with me no I forgot a sibling member when they went down to the sewers
for a while and they broke it open for a lady with the candles and they were
digging for the sewers they caught the diseases but that huge community to it
and his barb and he carried it but he didn’t get it
oh no when he went to the island with me so they had Lewis started tear and
everything and everybody is going no that’s why your priest freely taught to
bet toxin to the shaman okay to spread the knowledge to other salman’s okay so
if you want to spend another 300 you can take two bad toxin that’s a lot of it
okay that’s what you thought at the time –
you’re like I don’t want to take the time to listen 300 experience points
that’s a two days work maybe oh gosh work I just walk in and seduce the first
thing I see okay you yeah tell you the item of great value was
stolen next things we assumed by thieves within the city without prior knowledge
claimed the Thieves Guild so was stolen upon by a free agency this is where
ground acceleration and the hasty estate the item J claim was dropped Mike okay okay so the claim that it was dropped
they said that they it was reported to them so one of their guilds saw that
they were running with it you know what struck off into a building fell doubt
about 20 feet into the garden us and we haven’t seen it since then in okay you
know dear the rich houses that were being built the gardens that were in
front of them where you guys also tell with the warlord the old one has okay
that’s the area that they dropped it into that garden off the edge of those
top areas while they’re stealing it doing a second-story job and they
dropped it off into the park when they went back when we search forms we have
not located it okay we we would like to have it recovered because he
he shouldn’t have had it to begin with take a look don’t be too loud about it
right because when you have it in this image and there’s the funeral going on
today yeah some people may even respond because
they feel they have to not even that they want to yeah so we’ll try to be as
quiet as possible totally have three other points you could totally live in
common well that’s what just she goes up level three you heard me
oh wait what do you have three hundred and $1.99 do this one oh no you’re fine
we first ask questions later okay adds to that number 7,000 yes
that’s your actual experience points we didn’t get more points for fourth level
that’s what you got okay what do you wish to do stolen okay do an
investigation roll twenty-eight okay second level so you’re
sure that everyone was honest about what they said and that you feel is make a
reasonable reason or you can use your investigation again make another one of
those this time you’re thinking about the people you have to decide you trust
them around 32 okay that’s good you made it
did you now what we’re doing with what we’re just did there so you know and
people who even viewing maybe want to know is you take the stat plus the dice
roll and if you get a twenty you break a first level saving throw if you get a
twenty five you get a second level and he keeps going up per level for five
points you got if you roll doubles with the two dice you can have and roll them
again so that’s how we get the numbers we do now if everyone was honest and
with that roll you think it sounds like everyone here was honest because the
house that it comes from is not the same one the item was stolen from it was
thrown from next door they were going along the outside edge when they were
seen grabbed and it dropped now you look down there no it’s in the
garden and there’s actually quite a bit of foliage down there and it’s Jade
which is pretty heavy but it is breakable but even parts you should be able to
find so it’s probably it probably fell hopefully cushion it’s all a little bit
filled with a little foliage and it’s probably buried underneath all that so
what do I do I’m gonna go check that out what do you you want to say here we were
round here for a little bit so you can find anything what do you want to do oh
you want to follow him down there and dig through the thing okay
what’s your reason and all your intelligence so you have a good chance
on this won’t you guys six plus 18 from here okay
yes I ain’t doing that but I like asking people what their reason is this like
for 24 you got first level it’s good enough I’m looking around
what is your existence you notice mess with you okay the person who owns this
house it seems a little more nervous than they should be they like look
worried about something and it’s not their place it’s not I mean this thing
wasn’t stolen from their place so they’re not like worrying about
something being stolen from them or something but they’re still looking like
they’re guilty of something so what do you do
I will deal with first horn what are you doing on the top it take for him a while
to get down there he’s actually got a rolled i-64 encounter when he gets down
there move traps for trap sir do you all look to see cuz they’re like he said
they’re looking guilty the one guys kind of like I’m gonna talk to him you’re
chosen or you want to or you could just like leave the room cuz you’re
uncomfortable to then if he’s looking uncomfortable maybe there is something
playing you want to be out of the roots of where your safety like a few seconds
five ten seconds okay what do you want to ask well the situation we’re trying
not to mention is that our neighbor’s home is a mistress home don’t look at me
it’s not my house it’s not really she was staying there but it’s not to be known that he had
anything to do with it but he owns the place we know we’ve met
him before and that would be warlord crag one of
the high-level adventurer retired people he was seeing her he was her rich oh so
I don’t know if you knew she was oh yeah I really do rules in the sewers the
cultists yeah yes um you find out something
interesting about at the at the funeral the spider cultist have lost their
temple when she was no longer the High Priestess
they basically means magically they can gain new no legal spells anymore or any
new ones they used to get it from that angle their cult No okay what time it yeah 8:30 I don’t want to
take a quick break now and then we’ll oh yeah we can do that my butt’s falling
asleep we’re gonna take a quick break get our snacks now I like this time I
got the Manics my second rolling joints and that would be really helpful
oh we just look at the size of that joint we talking about on TV it’s legal
here we live in Washington having joints as little buggers makes our firearms
yeah the size of your joints Oh God I was just like no I got 50 chances no
one we know about man bitch Jerry calling like about you
I don’t think I’m easy yeah let me eat chili Oh God we put the tracking chili
in the system we should be able to smell them from anywhere in its tri-state area
we make 24-hour but no like that goes through the town there’s like back there
yes he’s Northey Richland he’s going down south good I love chili it’s just not good you
have chili bum around anybody might be a multi memory wrong crows don’t last long jahmai with it yeah spell scrolls you’re like me you saw the picture first
like whoa no good is not class I don’t have five that’s like like I
mean I would go I mean you’re gonna take the bad with the good I want to do more than that to it you know what I you say the sweetest like that it was even more like the
messenger yeah no it’s just kind of like a it might
happen like my first boyfriend got shot in the
fucking face with a crossbow the size of a cricket telephone pole I heard I think the weirdest thing ever that
actually put these then you got shopping if I want to
that was an embarrassing that was embarrassing miss Payne fast we’re between I felt the only what about
that I said I felt
like but I looked around 6 o’clock you’ve
gotta be kidding it’s damned up Turner no no you shooting
somebody with this 45 meet me thank you next I’m definitely
ain’t a mama that’s for sure thank guys you’re not
that is scary that’s a scary where it’s Patrick you’re right I was a
mom this being a horrible sight just told me Danny I can see you at the wig
on oh my god no I felt people in you’re scaring me now us that needs a mother well I can tell you this deals really
comfortable already he’s already doing his one-liners those are good he’s
already started wait so the nor friends back into hate
oh look bastard hey where’s this kid’s mother hey are you lost little boy he’s
swearing we need to spank him yeah you could say that those lead you to go hey
silver fox your kid Kyle is gonna have to take advanced elements in him well
yeah a giant horn got loose he’s known as giant horn all of that could be us so
many ways so many ways well he did he sat out there I was like sit down he’s
like well I never man work he’s very proud his last name is horn yeah he just
doesn’t tell you this person big we I take my jacket I worry big flame
his parents Wow well there he said oh the last name
art would be a good good funny first dude his brothers are big huge and humongous alright alright
any words for you outside yeah so if I can’t hardly does anybody
met her and for her to let you pet her for a
good yeah that you like you thanks Evan the game Vegas I gotta get her some treats when she
ever – yes get around 5:30 okay that’s all start moving over there yes let’s this way as you can be first in your area no oh
exactly no because you need to take another tree you’re starting to get a headache oh how
would I walk worth in my pocket I’m missing a nice what the heck then you two over there
I will hit this I was just checking to make sure Basra is attacking here comes
Papa this way with my glasses I can be surprised by what I was doing every time
I’ve gotta go Wow first time the place I just slaughter the entire team yeah
there’s a crazy monster no creature just a moth it’s terrifying
you thought it was Jesus it’s Jesus that’s scary oh thank god you’re back
that guy was a horrible necromancer he would raise the dead no show chase it you make an investigation roll on the
ground characters basically just be able you have efficient make a route
intelligence check okay I have thank you making each other’s check to be sure
there would you I got 26 okay second level and and you 38 your fancy guess what he you
actually found the spot on the ground where the moss was impacted by like the
head of it so you actually see the shape it made is a hit soft mark but it is not
there I looked around the area see if there’s anything footprints tell me yeah
tracking anything you have tracking tracking no okay track track the tracks
we don’t stop it he kept putting me close you know like no why would I marry
him if I had to dress him 32 just just biggest at around all sexy like like
like the fucking letter K the fake-boob yeah 32 okay the only thing you see is the tracks of
animals and the guards guards have a very you know cuz they have the garden
giving armor yeah cheesepuff functional right look like very a very short please
what kind of in okay I’m oh yeah you see a few different animals a crack crack
the most common crap is a cross between a rat and a cat yeah yeah kinda looks
like a small hairless cat I don’t think that thing would be able to take that
away there is more at
I love more at that’s a great movie no there is a Moretz wrong game there is a
type of uh it looks like it’s closet like really big like you almost human
size but this is the dirt garden so whatever this one is definitely a
bigger creature let’s check it and otherwise I’m a badger
oh the by badger wasn’t my okay he’s been wandering around for a bit
in which case good badger is probably bringing it to me what do you do you I
roll get her double head okay you are sitting at home for you and the Badger
comes home okay and it’s dragging in statute I should have taught you – high
five why haven’t I taught you that yet Jesus and come over – now to you is
wrong again sleeps on top of it AB 629 does he love me
partially what’s your name let him go home I did to badger on us Vincent
that’s been since the badger good job Vincent actually name of the child she
didn’t have to name it I was in the brain of the original child the cat’s
name is baubau think Franklin’s right your crease so then I’m going to
cristela’s place first of all what do you get – how would you know is there
there’s like a side marks on the street is an app tracking no he doesn’t know
shit nobody loves a juror morning of course you go hey make a charisma roll
mr. Sylver funds do they say anal 33 okay so when the bars looking at you and come
in a can this iron well is a very huge looking a mug and like shaking your
direction and nods his head respective direction
watching it okay it’s a leprechaun so you get a drink with the Leprechaun
of you and drink of the group cake with the leprechaun yeah my little sandal
gone sake okay I’m just texting how can I get you if
you’re not here okay make a look girl no but you are you the other dwarf you
go and talk to the America 25 leprechaun says having a drink and we will we will
listen to the words of the goddess she speaks to the drink drinking it well
more the bar wench that serves the okay Silver Fox you tricky with remember um
he’s not drinking with me anymore he asks you what is it you desire for
alcohol more alcohol and boobs what is your character doing is he’s like now in
defend South ago fought are the first leprechaun he sits down next to dragon
okay make a straight no he’s worried about Reina she making her comes to with
yet still feels over a bar I am going to walk her out the Bell
no you’re not doing work on this road down yeah you want to run the risk of
running into him I could totally sleep with your patron hey Mego is check no you’re inside the
same are you did you say you want to go to the bar so at the street with a churn
leave she’s like I’m not going to the bar yes you want I said no not for a one
a seven-second you can’t even kill a damn fly there is no magic coming from
muffin with popcorn latinas are you know what kind of that spell you just the
magic thing yeah that’s all you got it bro okay so I just knowing this magic
yeah that’s it it doesn’t seem intently evil okay you
don’t feel that from it doesn’t like blood magic anything like that okay just area touches the bud you two
are arguing over you ever get physical yeah go on I think rubber makers stay
with me can I run away okay um you’re gonna try to get away it yo that skill
of her should be the one extra index for all both he get decks rolls that running
the bill at speed ability of hurts no Hershey’s guys
approve being grabbed then she go to speed better by their
pointy ears it’s going around town nicotine for dwarves long years you get
60 Casey grabbed her do you want to fight to the point of pain or you just
go you wait that’s a go further no stomach now go through the nose it’s
already broken okay I will say people I promise on your door
strength roll yeah oh yeah Mauro’s ones the same as you or grateful
well you’re not human who knows oh you so got lucky okay um 25 30 35 40 45 take six points damage she punches here
for six points damage my sister you can be my sister I’m gonna go find
your betrothed and give him two and give you to them oh the killer first see you
to walk away from it hate Sienna Raina Reyes not even coming
on the trip no she’s not first up we’ll be sitting outside NATO’s
house it’s something where to go she’ll be on the ship she’s like I’ll
take my chances Creegan me no no no you put her stuff on the ship no no throw
her down to the ground header grabs so straight 400 punch me in the stomach
I’ll throw you on the ground can you get a con roll see if you live through it
she tied bite of it this is gonna hurt 23 but yet okay so on the ground in her room the
windows what are you guys doing okay do you have oh yeah okay with me I mean
it goes with my now being a native could decide that maybe the item is haunted
I feel these long years here being bastard I’m
gonna go find a dough to like see what I think that’s the best idea is to let a
donor grumbling in the closet or the red room to shoot wakes up oh hey will you
wake up hey hey I ever get out of my bedroom if I run into a troll I’m gonna
kill a man I’m gonna come to you hey make a rotary rule we do one thing at a
time okay second level you do remember that Chris D’Elia has a badger I do I
was just gonna tell everybody like hey brother smart so I go to your house yeah
I was already gonna go to say so you come out him too so as he’s coming that
way all right let’s go get it on everybody my god hold on I got a
question what your badger bring something home I’d have just said it
that something green holds it up do you mean this yeah yes please open the trash
can dropping close the lid ate garbage no hobbits drown the garbage down you
want to break the law mr. policeman no I just like throw it in the sewer
thank you just so you guys have it is it worth money she rolled a 17 on her
rosary I bet it Hey no turn they have learned well enough
here your brother I’d touch everybody here to grab what wears you kill your
brother did you kill your bitch oh no you kill the boy my main goal is to kill
my betrothed that is my memorable are they have to
say I will give you the thing what are you doing it I take its crop crumb I’m
kind of curious already sir okay I’ll do how about the other people I get Oh
everyone else go Bucky no tsuki founder what what’s going on
well you’re with them just you three had we’re good you three do luck roll that’s
why to see if you saw what was going on here no she’s in her room with no
windows she can’t see shit okay I’ll punch holes
in your wall then you would have to pay for the damages to 8us house it’s like
I’ve never paid for a thing in my life yeah hey what a dirty hair let her learn if
you want to get a nasty stuff nevermind what 57 while I lick those the consequence for
you guys for you the waitresses over and see guys so what would you guys like the
table eat somewhere else and all the rest to you would you like to try one of
our regular arrows so one of our more exotic ales okay
Comfort those so Thanks drink the dirty liquors Oh God so
she hits off huh says well were you listening to her now you know what to do don’t understand what you’re talking you
haven’t drank enough then haven’t drink yet that’s the problem
oh well then bring the drinks we search bringing in one of everything that place
says roll two dice six he has a drinking staff role mix 6 different 16-ounce for
20 ounce glass worth there’s bride of different kinds all different colors
some thicker than others some steaming may I bring him to your table my dreams
gonna be pretty good cuz I’m up to a 64 on that so okay roll tonight six plus
that so I still roll in three oh I know but body rolls their first interstate
he’s got 69-62 I wake up in a strange way what’s the face both sides when he
wakes up in his butchery and you have a headache bill the King no um you sit
there drink and you do well you’re actually awake after all although you
know things look further away than they were when you stir you ever get so drunk
you don’t realize how you got home in there yes you have you know what that is
hmm that’s the secrets of Durham NC being so drunk you’re touching that
other side you’re in tune with your true self that’s why you listen and what you
wanted to know the consequences even your own answer was just the same just
the regular that’s the consequences always looking to what the barmaid tells
you yeah sometimes you have to make sure you breaking up first so that’s how your
evenings going now you guys have the statue you’re carrying it yeah
Hado says hey come back here cuz you’re walking down the street with it what do
you mean you spit okay so I already touched the button
like the boobs of the statue that yes okay he chase you oh wait
song ends let me see it again I totally crumb once again so you get
there right these are my friend buddy awesome I regret the uh not having more
of you around I tell people to go do things and they do it um okay this
should tell us a lot who is it who is it oh let me bring him in I’m gonna bring
the Wiggles Hill out he can speak with it see it records everything happens
around it it was an inner listening device licked it yes then I will you can
hear it twice I don’t need this is not a preview section I’m not going to the
plays we’ll skip that but oh well it’s a good looking statue um
we’ll find out possibly what could have happened because this is the item she
was killed with I think you’ve been sitting and looking at how does that make you feel I know what
all DNA except for yours you licked all the DNA of it quick get a swab of that
now that residual DNA if you know what I mean oh my god that’s not just blood Wiggles comes in he comes they wanted to
Grom caused him crumbs like a big burly dwarf guys know he was a half a pork no
that was the old guy that what he was your boss go bro
no that was mouth oh it sounds like we have someone who is apparently the head God for
warlord track because people oh no ok they killed her we know why he killed her
apparently from the sense it just kind of records the noises best we can tell
is because she thinks he was sent to she thinks he was sent to kill her he well
all this is telepathic all right thank you what are your things okay we know you
said what were you thinking about no no really just make up something okay we’re tourists good you can make it through this you’re
stronger than that cookie I just drive be swing straight down it so huge but it
wasn’t once it’s in your mouth annoys Sue’s finger okay Reina look you’re not there you’re wandering
town no she’s not oh she’s tied up in a room yes okay you’re thinking clearly
doesn’t matter yeah yeah this has been my life it’s only for your safety
that’s what mom said just kick the door down you
I’m just the wildered okay all that basically comes through is one second as
everyone’s thoughts are equally heard as he disengages from your minds place that
used to be here I got I missed that plays that was so good but half sleeping
soup no remember that soup the guy I liked when I was first pregnant another voice comes in you
subconsciously she doesn’t notice the soup vendor you guys I don’t remember
yes you did of course you did no yeah but I got a lot of free soup and I was
hungry and it was real good you know how like when you’re pregnant
and you get cravings okay what do you go watch Danny the night it was nighttime
hush you wake up of course in the booth alone by the way I have a bad habit for
two hours so like you he’s gone but he paid the bill traced image of penis it
was trace which meant there was one there that’s a laugh let’s loop it
around his head next morning do you want to let her out of her room
untie her there at breakfast she left she went around our entire island goes
back to be tied up and left in her room yeah I’m gonna let her entire throw
water on her it’s work well just take it back Kitty
and you realize that there are no windows in your house your room now you
know why she can’t he gave you this room she never said she wanted windows well
like they cost extra you’re right she’s just he’s just like dad just like dad just told me that it what no you didn’t
hear him over here Hado a note that’s a door a messenger at the door one of
their cries yes yeah cuz I just deliver it
oh yeah let everyone before you wait come back here yes
was it oh thanks put these love have your own fishing Marco to go so um
nothing he said it make sure you mark that off your boots never regret at the
end another month Oh everyone do it intelligence check oh Jesus 26
you didn’t see this place before so subtly related to you anyway you did bet
you could no 2125 amazing our buildings are fascinating to you okay
and you summer fox oh you’re not even there but you might noticed issues like
we’re walking a stumbling home who’s on first 32 okay you got back there you’re
wandering stumbling down the street roll died six drunken encounter one I say
it’s a bear no no he took the milk man big hairy game in there okay now I make
you you all kind of noticed this morning there’s a wall around all your guys’s
houses like one wall around all you guys and one more house all four houses now a
ten-foot wall around and at the street there’s a gate it’s like the whole place
became a gated home area one block is there somebody standing over there hmm
somebody standing over the gate no the gates just two gate was never there
originally yeah so one wall take your place so I’m asking now that doesn’t
give you somebody standing of this we’re gonna ask questions
no at least get to my house yeah the chain of the lock was sitting there but
it was undone all your guys’s house is all like here’s the wall there’s your
houses and actually this is one that’s not yours but they walled it in any way well hey I’m s I’m gonna go speak to the
French find out why our house well first line in your letter it ends
up that dr. Qasim would like to employ your services if you have the time since
the letter price is at least better than what you got back from your poetry now
what else do you want to I can’t do that or I shouldn’t do that that would have
been the owner of that lamp the Eldon the old man that owned some land he says
oh I had two people know who you guys are and children were sneaking over the
walls and going into some tunnel underneath your home and some of the
others so we walled it in for the public safety so we’re just gave the community
now awesome well no breaking in our houses anymore
we had him locked but when we heard your boat came in we unlocked over and he
gives you the keys awesome says you paid for Lana weld that one but
you know it cause the land around to go up so much I don’t care yeah although
people kind of think you’re lost Amish now but you know what’s wrong with that you do live behind a wall you don’t live
here much at all anymore you guys just came back after two months and there’s a
law that’s like coming home and finding a wall around my trailer be gone for two
months and there’s a wall around my trailer
you guys just I woke up one morning noticeable once the gates were open you
guys are paying attention like wait I ain’t been here for a while and that
cave was little catered and I don’t know why this guy walk into somebody else’s
house squeeze me there’s one house that you guys kind of gained for no reason it
looks like it’s been uh unfinished let’s say it needs to be fixed before anyone
can live in it we look it’s the housing who was here first you were here before
him he had the house and you moved in somehow you were there first I believe I
was this is like this is out of a homeowner’s association starts by the
way I watched your house as long as it’s not winter away empty pleasures close to
my neighbors you don’t have like walls that are
complete well there’s just like I said I can’t really hear anything it’s been
damaged and unfinished in this stuff and there’s an explosion once so it’s kind
of condemned so they give you a condemned Tolman don’t worry you became
a homeowner you’re you competing with your stallion now but okay I think now
do you want chicken liver very good thank you
okay um we have a delicate situation Saturday and I’m not sure that without
it suply and it seems to you were hanging around with threatened people
lately that maybe you could find an easy way to do it
um we have a small problem are you still working around with your other friends
they’re working with me is so like you’re the captors yes see so it did
happen yes that’s nice then you might have a good chance and know so many
people involved in this the problem is this steel yourself yeah okay as she was
known up by the street people um that’s not her body I think it’s a doppelganger
those are illegal in the city well I don’t think you loose I don’t know it
seems but if we think about a doppelganger someone has to make hey
what I do hi helpful finger what about it
that’s not opal oh it’s a possibility okay we need to find a way to dig it up
and it’s got to be secret because there’s already a lot of bad press on
this family anyways but we can’t let this stay that I’m alive we should let
people know what we have a connection to the gravedigger we do that I mean yes
yeah that’s the thing let’s see what we’ve dealt with all of them actually
where are you talking with the help of stumpy I mean yeah something stumpy
Hatfield yeah that guy okay yeah he’s the guy who you know really pretty wife
right no no no you’re thinking that one then the girl you say remember the girl
you saved from the vampire cult oh yeah yeah
dr. Qasim okay and Jessica okay dr. Qasim is the one that they’re kind of
concerned about okay okay oh that’s concerned he’s what talking to
you his wife is the attractive one Joe owns the peaceful repose stumpy Hatfield
works he makes the carvings he takes care of a lot of the work also there’s a
couple people that live with kösem but he really doesn’t care for the guard
rail yard it’s just something he has to take care of the guy died he took it
over he’s mostly doing his research but this is something that could bring down
someone important I mean what if what if it’s true
and she has proven that she wasn’t a fallen one
what if there was something else she was doing and then they come back to get her
and she’s gone that would close in my place so we need to dig her up without
them knowing really use a ferry right about now that
sucks amber wish is feeling it right now some
like tools really having to actually do the work you got a man
let man bitch do it no that means one person in your language yeah yeah yeah
when you’re learning from this person and you said no you didn’t want him look she could get he could get better please
so do you want clothes you can have that board right now we have one that’s only
partner the brothers put a curse on the degrade but I think I might be able to
help you guys get through it if he was to do this and this is the curse
people’s Ishita says dig for me and beware black Mars curse will take care
of those who will tempt my wrath they’ll drown in a bloody bath jokes on them I don’t take bats that’s
was put on it by the two brothers themselves we’re not sure what it does
but through my knowledge of cosmic forces and my study magics I could
guarantee your protection versus any one elephant I can view the protection for it but
we’ll only work on one element so you guys would have to know yeah what talk to your buddy Dimity em
find out what’s going on okay I have to make it personal check all related skill
if he was choose it instead 32 okay he will see you you do have his doctor
with you this witch doctor yeah his priest
yes well he was T top witch doctors uh nothing you would attend the classes to
too much time so apparently there’s like a curse on the grave of the chick that
decide yeah yes I smoke a lot of weed apparently yeah really it gets me every
time yeah I’ve been informed by your doctor
yes it’s for pain oh I have as I assume there there could be all kinds of pain
I’m human the baby actually craves it now so that’s gonna be awkward when it
comes out but with whip anyways I came all the way up here I forgot I
wasn’t gonna say curse oh so yeah so like there’s a curse on your sister’s
grave and like we have a feeling there’s like a doppelganger apparently would Christmas it was 30
something 32 it’s been rather a slow day and no one’s gone that’s um not likely we had the body identified
beforehand just to be sure our BA our family has gone through lots of twins
and problems this and that first I did birth luckily believe me mine lived its
lucky her but that was her first we had our Peron cultists identified her because if they
could prove it wasn’t they wouldn’t have lost their position
in their temple Safeway place yes the old salute oh
please hope it’s not me it’s you okay okay Shh they do mate shirt
makers Muro Muro again today the ability to talk to people who that was a 33 okay
I got all more than last time there really sure Oh sir they checked
using uh oh there it is and other magical means used an omnipotent eye on
it to make sure so we’re pretty sure plate does that stone have like a her soul in
it then what’s doom well the statutes that
you know it was he does know anything about the statue it was lost to the
murder it was used to kill her and then they got lost left over the ledge that
hasn’t been reported back did but this is also one of those we get better quiet
grom didn’t tell anyone that he’d found it it was his plant he was spying on
there let’s say someone were to have found it perhaps a badger or to have
brought it to them randomly and it was glowing green would that mean anything
to you and looked exactly like her I guess well the fact that it did he’s
dreadful that he got used on her as a weapon to kill her because it looks like
her yeah it’s crazy but we hadn’t heard anything much about it it was just
something that she from her lover one of her many lovers she was a good woman so every once in a while a giant cat
invades the town that’s okay don’t worry we all act like it’s normal
swings around one yeah she’s like dad I’m sure it’s my timeout
so do you think oh well basically you’ve looked at
everyone says they’re sure it is cool so you’ve heard and you’re pretty sure that
they’re from what they thought it was they magically used some new dough to
check out that you don’t fully know okay go back where these good thing now
that’s hanging out of the bar only well I’ll send them silver fox is waiting for
the Leprechaun to come back and see him yep it’s like don’t sit there that’s for
the Leprechaun said right okay says well if he comes we want you to make space
for him okay so everyone meets with Christie Leah and she says apparently
the right person it was buried that was Barry Coulson says no one will believe
him until we dig it up well I got my Ruger you guys plan that
digging parade so once again go there oh I know that without I will be the guard
will be on guard that was the other guard way that guard he’s a dwarf yep
good mate gonna watch them in the make sure no one walks into the graveyard
wall a doe is digging with four people watching I guess motivating yeah he got
the ring at me you’ve got this I was not talking he was looking at your beautiful
nose you mean my beautiful busted nose as
Reina said my brother used to be beautiful but now she’s just a broken
nose reflection of my father okay see you guys you know to go you’re
gonna say yes one of these we’re gonna do what what are you doing as a toe
starts digging oh hey you know a big strength role since you’re digging I’m
gonna walk up to em like you know you use your use your knees to lift not your
back Santi her husband watches you okay what do you
two do what’s going on why are we doing no I say left where you’re gonna stay
with them or where you gonna just stand the bar without him I can’t miss the
Leprechaun again there’s real guys and Rayna okay she’s close the one thing we
should do um would you know a new one okay what’s in 47 okay
yeah he’ll find you when he wants to find you
he’s a leprechaun what you wanted to look for what
everyone should have before we got too much for the cause I keep forgetting and
it’s been mentioned by a couple people who wants to shop for what who needs
what I need repairs in my Armour to us some pants that will buy just pants
we don’t have mine take whatever that was my hands but they’re gonna be like
really not quality pants please so how much it cost you one yeah but she wants
a fit and you already have her armor as per armor does that count
I knew you were hurry well then I morning fer shells and leather straps
yeah but if you spend 15 gold would you give you is there are the leather jerkin
version of pants for a widow give you one point armor which for unity two
points is you’re actually a warrior so put leather pants plus 1/2 tight
tight in what region uh-huh button groin okay
who else in any way else diggin is ready to helping or is it rain it just like oh
I wouldn’t put my arms or child inside that’s right everyone ok how it does
anything you want to shop for with you 300 gold horn yep trader gold ok oh yeah already heavy
mace did you want something else like sword sword for how much he’s happy huh
nerd what’s the strength 31 what’s his dicks 13 ok he could hand a hand and a
half sword if I +0 490 else boys the strength you 31 of us sure we
go down here foul chimp which is like a corporate curved blade four plus four
already gave you the biggest yeah I don’t think honestly I don’t think five
bigger one he’s done it yeah oh yeah five something yeah five plus one
yeah no I think how much she’ll the other shield shield in the helmet looks
just she yeah she said scale what size is these are decent I’m Shirley what
like 100 300 yeah yes 300 300 will buy you a target she talks about how much
experience points we get for that for you 300 well he ate our show for the
statute um it’s like you choosing security we’re doing the shopping right
now and then read month yes please remember that we write that down if I
have to wait well let’s see how many encounters do you go there’s a terrible
idea wait a bit – hey you’re on four so at
least give you 200 yeah so 200 – everyone is going down I’ll get
mine in a moment do you want a tower shield thing that’s saw huge stuff 200
gold left so yeah that will give you a plus 6 with a tower shield so I put it
with it what these are yeah because this does not include a
shield or helmet okay so otherwise it would be available here so that’s that’s
just armor because if you get something like this armor
and a shield you have to add it to its way okay so then what else and a helmet
if he wants to go with a full if you have his cost 20 gives three points all
right but also remember all armors times 2 cuz he’s a warrior
so he’s got 200 and now he’s got – how much did you say that was 20 okay the
unit ID day okay Silver Fox okay Raina since you want to shop around or
walk around did you want to actually pick up anything do you want a rose yeah
yeah she’s in for a fight we don’t see her how about you – besides pants is
that all you guys would spent the entire day shopping for pants decent pair
really really like like oh yeah you know bows bows in your land okay the guns are
not to be trusted no I actually found and then Charlotte and her I’m a it time
use it looks like something for Naturals for photos which goes to different
things so I look at it it does include blowing up you know for full damage yeah
it does have misfires as possible what’s your strength
excuse me work team okay what’s your boss
that sounded wrong well there’s post which you’ve never even seen the
president’s press your you students the most part is yes considering I see that
which you can throw things that it’s a nice that has three plates on it yeah
huh oh no it’s a Pucci is a wooden sword with shark teeth oh yeah that’s her
weapon cuz she couldn’t get better um are or his weapon even get also so
Spears yes we on there another one yeah a lot of spare you want spear your car
trouble what you say a 12-8 you get a museum a five foot or six foot five plus
zero spear give me thrown for twenty yards it’s pretty big it’s like a
military like with the Romans news it’s very fancy compared to the stuff that
you you’re use five plus zero yeah it’s about at least twice the size it’s
a big version for what way – let’s see what you want to know huh how much that
was I think well look actually should give you a warning remind me of that transfer for they could be any hider he
could be a ring know that were define weird 94 years apart in age I always saw
you here the number yeah that when he gets your age
yeah so maybe a problem there’s gonna be a problem
are we still working out hey ready you did you two were digging yeah they were
okay I asked for your help you are digging you two are on guard duty
yeah you three there’s something I thought was a weird time to go shopping you know randomly shop are you guarding
she’s just taking longer the rescue she’s just wandering on town feeling
solid ground in her feet it nothing do you take her do everything that’s Steve
yeah I’ll do you wanna do it yeah and make it Rachel then Ricky
she’s 17 18 and roll again 25-second I dig it all right giving you
guys a little break – well you gotta say I like your new one
right this is good okay are his tights like leather pants I
don’t you love your the bulges watches he’s shoveling at him you and you get to
make a luck roll I have one of those there’s an explosion of fire tonight
from the grave mm-hmm there was a curse you take really three points damage how
is it a level one spell well there’s a problem you see because if it had blown
up without your own action but since it was triggered by your own actions you
hurt or like it was three mature I mean I’m not complaining about okay you took
ten points for lamb once again looking naked the dust settles your shirts been
blasted off somehow about your pants are still on perfume that’s why but the fire
burns off all the hair oh no oh okay there was a big explosion in the
hall where the grave was what he gets to you two were not hurt you’re a back
player they it wasn’t your turn to dig yet or at that time you’d already dug
earlier I’m gonna go was it loud no everyone that’s looking the grave make
it loud enough for hunger sorry you may control DJ I’m sorry your big boy get up
on here Oh your intelligence is fucking 23 26 26 that’s very fair did you not
hear him what else is new that’s right you watch this what are you guys doing
54 okay you’re jumping on a ball shit the higher you look first and see
that it’s empty there’s nobody in there no body there’s
nothing in there you’re not a curves you’re okay we have years go back to dr.
Qasim what are you talking there’s no body in
there literally no I’m gonna take I’m gonna take um chillin tend to the
hospital there should be what was in there was
there anything he left behind no that’s just big stuff sense okay what do you
want for your services Hey I just came over to help those metal testicles you hang from
trunks beer truck nuts what can you afford a
whole box of looks into a dryer and his next to his destiny standing and he
opens up is this I gotta forward 100 right now but I don’t feel that’s quite know
whether gold hey I don’t I think it’s worth more than
that that just happens to be what I have in my desk right now I could easily pay
you tomorrow you come by I mean maybe something will change and
I’ll actually have some information to point us how much are we talking about
I’d give you at least five hundred so you guys head back to your places that
evening everyone rolodex do with either illness three hours how many twitch
damage oh you were down 10 yeah so honor gold that fell on the honor roll the one
okay I rule it – hey you two didn’t roll dice exit shit oh we have it do it I’ll
do it now Oh another one okay no one rolled a six all is good you had Homer man usually this shit
everywhere close the gates it’s for the protection of the area you are no longer
allowed to roam the streets at night I put a sign over there you see the
pregnant woman trying to climb the 10-foot concrete fence with 10 feet of
rope right now she’s attempting to climb up to tie the rope off so she can use it
to climb just to spite you I guess fly me and I fucks last word leg
pulled out of my pants and dive-bomb you Oh Vicki you know now it’s not open she
has up a naked again becomes a regular event I was distracted
you fly around and they carry four or five kids flying on top of roofs they’ve
been waiting ever since it happened the puberty so what’s your plans about the
situation so far you have other situations too like there’s there blanket she ended up dead to begin with it was her at the funeral
bugger but you also remember to Stella’s doppelganger looked alike like her too but there’s a body in the grave whoa oh I hope they kept all my crew would
suck of they killed them your group no I think I pulled the one that now they
left oh I just thought about that oh boy I think I just fucking blurt it out what
a hooker they were mostly player she’s not dead
no they’re dead they all think you’re casaya I know but like I hope they don’t
doppelgangers run allowed in the town so she had make a break for it you just
said I thought crystal is doppelganger look like opal no I’m saying wait she
wasn’t my long-lost sister no he said that you thought you saw opal when you
saw it looked like her was my doppelganger or a doppelganger but you
can’t be a hundred percent because my heart is you don’t you know we had a
because remember we found Chris Delia’s looked a lot like her I’m gonna go cry
just found out that my sister second sister and that was so nice
I said well girl like oh man she would investigation usually tell did she do
investigation good thing to have a dwarf around oh shit oh well well Aaron’s
character was still on that boat yeah yeah she’s with him well seventy I could
have a backup game with who she showed up at you and she’s never gonna show up
again so they’re gone pretty sick yes 30 and 31 yeah she’s not coming back
um what’d you find oh you guys look brave ah what you find
is there’s nothing about it that seems odd you don’t seem any proof before you
dug it up since you started the digging a toe that shows it had been previously
dug up from the time it was very you shine some light into this place yeah
well because think about it there was a body at the funeral right so logically
there should be a body in the grave well there’s nobody what would you expect out
of this whole scenario maybe she was just sleeping
I’m gonna look around for a trapdoor around the grave yes
okay roll the dice 6 Omega 2 1 3 that there right but you’re looking through
that um where were you guys you guys still here we went to the hospital
that’s right friend of you healed yeah all right you’re still there
hanging around stuff yeah take a look to the letter come home
no then you – yeah yeah follow me around that’s all right mom with a hefty but I
should we get everyone make a luck well except for YouTube here’s your
water Iran town still you do luck if you want to check to see if anything’s going
on okay 465 okay there’s rice and you’re all there you all
u2’s first so the dwarfs is different I get there they’re hi them there sounds
that only heard it five feet over above first in here at this time actually I
could use keen hear you well you can try that that instead sharply there’s 26 second oh okay
well view here nothing some people arguing over towards the palace of peaceful repose here with me
both you guys make charisma roles as you get there to look like you belong there
impressive like cards or something 21 okay you get there and kasam dr. costume is
arguing with alejandro but land rose guy that runs the palace
he’s won they performed the theorem he’s one that runs this building while it’s
owned by the doctor the doctor who possibly no no no my investigation I
look at both of them okay what’s going on simple he’s got her where
somewhere here and these guys watch out though
which person guy looks like some kind of like why did he vampire cat to make sure around the grape it’s
it’s simple this is dr. Costa he’s never buried her he just prepped the body for a sick
little fantasy is what he’s saying Jerry we’re gonna stop because then we’ll get
to go on because he’s also got the reason Qasim is upset with him his
custom also makes golems so he’s trying to animate her doing that
little toy but that’s too much to open and have you guys kissed through him one
night so but that he’s accusing him of it and the guy is like looking at like
dude he’s crazy man I don’t talk about question here if we get a red rope for
resear is there anything like him lie detector test we can use the grid
repeats for once it’s good or truth serum
oh I have truth serum oh god she does I do
then can we please use this holy shit my friend and collector habit is a good
thing and she is home she can we’d throw video this to get the yeah three
interrogation serum potions with syringe they were used on them actually yes to
properly 24 okay that’s what he says what I don’t know we’re supposed to be a
body I was facing off until I hear a truth here I was like what downstairs
we’re downstairs down in the bedroom what bedroom there’s gonna be combats I
guess we just yes please you want to a combat yes well let’s ask
it wait wait so do we have a zoo yeah are we gonna have to fight something
down there oh yes yes what exactly are we dealing
with I’ve got some flesh go huh before we go down there wait don’t interrupt
amis telling us when he’s got it down I know I’m just saying it I believe I made
a few cloth columns okay way to state this now who’s got rope I’ve got rope
tie him up I thought he already was no tie him up he ain’t going nowhere I
could kill I’m tying both of them up okay doctor first
I’m checking through his house looking for magical items you want to come with
me yeah she’s got some phasers around here I’ll go with you okay actually no
marina don’t the doctor okay okay and she goes complaining attacks he
seems to be coming about this guy it’s like living on his property and like he
thinks there’s proof that this guy’s been like robbing other graves he
doesn’t just start with this one we got fine stuff around here that
belongs to other people they were buried and they prove he’s been doing this all
along and clear about this crap out of my graveyard before I lose all my
business oh I’m gonna fuck him where do you keep all the stuff you find on the
dead bodies yeah because he is still under that truth sir yeah mine is what
I’m gonna use that don’t make me stab you again
this time it won’t be a needle losses well most who go to the pawnshop okay
any from this recent one yeah but it’s with her everything she
had on her I left on her statue statue is not her
yes it was no put this tall get hit her head
yeah it was with her right there that part that juicy the room it was the
weapon of the murder they heard like it you could hear it bump into her head
question is who is he the one who killed her
why don’t oh we always do I would never have done that or do on she’s she can
never be allowed remodel going through these rooms oh yeah I have an idea of
who killed her we just gotta get this first no waiting my head guard he
doesn’t remember that head guard that he had spoke of that’s a possibility if we
get killed and he was ordered to kill her we haven’t talked to him yet so he’s
probably on you home yeah we have to get him to figure out if he’s the one who
did it or not Devin with his weapon bonus be four five
six because 3:10 shakes you don’t gain one first level oh that’s right that’s
right okay so yeah you’ll take that okay how do we want you to just have this as
one is a mess so everyone roll your combats you’re usually do more of this but this
is like the first time back to the city for these people that’s why they’re left
the city everyone just plots to kill each other and then they talk about it
forever dungeon man it’s honest they must always do this do we get a surprise
attack on it since we know about it first like we get busted well no cuz I’m
gonna I pretty much assume there’s been a yelling and screaming going so yeah
that’s leaking down to a valid point first thing you’re fighting is to
straight-up flesh column so we’ll meet you right at the bottom of the stairs 1902 oh okay we’re old that savory
Rollo’s and have it to it as well six remember open-ended so that we like
anything kinetics yeah it’s boring to know +4 roll those plus two that’s much better
that makes wait ahead essentially due to get I got 72 and she got 40 44 done
hundred won no doctor well you’re all okay so you’re staying upstairs the
doctor yeah okay that’s my job that’s this role very very firm ass my
red book no he’s wife’s nose yeah she’s all Moses razor empowering
oh she’s miss possum not oh the guy who did it yeah yeah she’s almost as written
what are you doing how much what’s your total number 779
Wow see how your extra hands today dead flesh columns most experienced
punch twenty divided by how many 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 20 points piece but now
rising up from the ground and part of the wall and out of the corners are
these things that are much bigger and these are the two cloth columns vital
again all three times the sizes us to flesh ones are first almost human size
they made it brother yes can I do that I’m gonna gear you up first you’re gonna
get decks roll first first is mage attacked then ranged
attack then roll all was good I was gonna do it’s elementary but should I
wait tell you get close to do it cuz it’s not like I’d still make first oh so
do that first some enough fire about the size of the
lighter it’s sort of the palm in my hand and I thrust it deep into its floppy
face okay for the side but does it catch Carly some action towards the end of the
game yeah I know wait to hold that back home
with me to hope he wants back into the dungeon man put me back underground
where I understand it’s too bright oh how bright it isn’t I didn’t either physically attack 343 he got 70 I
haven’t done money that actually is oh yeah you are you’re kicking the butts
and alone I’m helping it I’m just trying to attack it with fire yeah that’s what
you want to do is roll all sorry my friends are so weird
okay 720 42 meaning a land that is slowly burning but no the for you swish
you guys it’s winning actually we’ll next round so one two
four five six seven three six no and you this really doesn’t like you he like
with two hands but the promise he’s also burning oh so he wants to wrap itself
around you like cloth gold I’m gonna cut it with my bone sword
hey seventeen con damage wait what’s your on what laning and this what is
your oh I was my edits arm off so that I didn’t make a luck role because it is
the first round it’s been tough but right here basically it’s if you get hit
after it I spent it on fire it does equal to one torch which is 46 so I put
Ain yes okay no simcha so but I have 17 what your
armor shield buckler six warriors oh that’s why there’s two numbers oh yeah
oh here total six and then you just bought anything we have another armor
and so that’s to actually write down plus two with a pencil we’re okay so you
have 12 13 14 rule that 14 equals three three takes requests
that’s way better roll that one I am going to try and cut the things arm box
if you can get it free okay well okay this next hole that you’re a special
attack yeah and yet to free everyone that will
take care of that further everyone else roll for your attack
I’m roll for your attacks that you’re attacking but I need also a rolling your
decks to aim it oh my decks yes they’re trying to aim a
special attack goal for your attack should we’re gonna do anything up sir um
you guys finally find some stairs other sets of stairs going down
we had a bookcase but all the bookcase was other strange items they’re really
doing oh my don’t make sense to him with double rolling power like stuff that he
didn’t see why this guy keeping this kind of like you know girls objects hair
brushes weird stuff okay number my special attack okay
that’s 73 okay I think I need to switch to the sword full-time I don’t remember
where I got this sword yep you’re free it actually just recreates the new arms
anyways but you’re still free yeah okay but it’s on fire now and it’s
now your guys 820 Jesus okay yeah I landed on fire it seems to work
don’t let it hug you afterwards it’s a dog fires the hot bodies oh it’s only
one king yeah no just one we’ll see turn light yours
on fireworks look at this one so I’m crazy look at the dance that’s a crack that goes like zero swim
is cracked goes here everything else it goes all the way up and it length across
here now I have a crack out like my camera do that again take into Reno we rule the other one
is oh I mean that’s combat remember no no
does Kevin comment oh yeah you got 93 he comes into the game and he starts to
stomping the crap out of everything I have a chance 20 if you double like
crazy now you’re bitching at it Yammy Yammy
need Jesus man maybe this was the game you need to be in okay your writings perfectly readable
but like the word pants did not come out no oh okay anyone no one catches on fire
because you did more damage to it 260 I’ll need to roll again
you should G 27 oh yeah go ahead these things are putting up a fight yeah of course I’ve seen this egg three men
would only run again should a heart you guys want me to set yours on fire you just want some whatever is one role
I mean it helps get hard to breathe down here all breathing us for news all right
you guys rolling your rolls no we’re just chillin yes that’s really jammed ice these
things have 300 M R which is 31 dice plus 150 oh my god I got 79
this big-ass sword is wonderful these shirts are so studious all right let’s
just made of bones seven do you are it’s a little bit crappy meeting this one
almost on and well we got 979 yeah okay what time we got 10:26 cake well
actually I’m down to about half and there strain to uh cuz they lose dice or
not Undead they don’t keep fighting it the same strength to get weaker to get
hurt so you guys would be over one more round on them so they go down so we’ll
say three one hundred points a piece of piece of damage you running around dr.
Qasim he finally found of the secret passage that went to the bedroom she’s
lying on the bed done up nicely and beautifully with rose and petals he
walks up make sure check make sure the turk checking the eyes and all that make
sure they’re real things like that and he’s pretty sure this is her we’ve got
to get it properly buried now let’s hit her with the thing against see if she
goes back into her body more damage never mind me next door know how I got
out of her get it back in her the same way it’s a roll but yes you have found
her body now role in children’s role for you as we this evening fun okay my she or he
that she he takes something from the body and says and this is not even hers
just give his new toys whatever he wants up it takes it from her it is the
ambulance of wooju Madhu and it belongs to the family entirely yeah make sure
this get back in their grave well you guys make sure she gets returned there
I’ll pay you all for this she hits 50 for that for finishing that mission and
catching that he pocketed something in trade that plate was dude has a story
he’s still trying to cover up can I kill him now well you’re thinking about it
until he meets with Jessica Jessica Jessica was the woman you guys saved
from the anarchist cults down the vampire guy that that came after make a
wizard check 30/30
okay as Jessica comes up to dr. Kostin and they head off back to their place
and he has to explain well what’s going on because she’s like honey why’d you
leave us and leave the house she usually creeps a little bit my
sister has a double gainer this isn’t marina today killers I need yeah I need
you guys to say two different colored guys sixes and roll them like a whip
percentage dice these are inheritances from opal parents well except for my
dingo you didn’t go oh so roll is like percentage ice yes
25:11 to 66 65 I just wrote the gyro anything no because it won’t work the
chart starts at 11 you know and ends at 66 65 you gained a magic item we were all for
next time uh-huh wait you came to match glide over
me you’re an area for local i got 66 there
handed out like treats 66 you gave a dice 6 on your luck yeah very magical
family 10 magic kidding I got 42 for good yet
61 yeah Anna died 6 to charisma roll dice AI 42 better luck than this five actually he isn’t real you know you you you were listed as a sister oh shit
you now have them as a contact Wow lucky that’s why I got my inheritance
yeah who all overalls once what’s that mean awesome huh oh so we don’t that’s
right you two don’t um we do you go to the few yeah yeah wait I don’t know
what’s your skills tracking you said you’re at the bar No
what’s a bar after that you guys came back from the place for Linda funeral
and what’s the bar to talk about things and he peeled off at that moment and that’s what I tell you have yep okay
well it’s pretty some kind of master tool so stratified actual that would be
relevant to magnifying glass a divining rod yeah a divining rod okay
write it down basically roll wizard rule to see also if you need to take some of
your tracking doesn’t work you try that okay sundae for toast rose Friday for
barbel superheroes

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