Tupik BED AC Part 1 – Product feature

Can you run your AC in ₹ 400 a month? Can you carry your AC with you? Does your AC give you natural Air Inside the room? Does it protect you from mosquitoes? Is it equipped with True Climate
& Deep Sleep Technology? Can you run your AC on Battery Inverter? If the Answers are “NO” then we brings to you The World’s first compact smart Personal Bed Air Conditioner called “Tupik” Let’s know about Tupik’s features now Tupik is the consolidation of three Parts 1. Tupik Structure 2. Tupik Tent & 3. Tupik AC Equipped with Twist & Lock technology, Tupik’s structure is made from high grade aluminum is Lightweight & Rugged It can be adjusted according to your bed sizes. The same can be installed on the Ground as well. Tupik tent fabric is specially developed by
a team of German scientists and professors. The fabric is odourless, moisture resistant, breathable, filters the air, fire retardant, washable yet insulated. Tupik AC is compact, Lightweight and silent in running. It consumes a meagre 350watts so you can plug it to any 5 Ampere plug It has Dual blower technology, 3D Swing, USB mobile charging port, LED night lamp, Smooth touch panel, Remote control, temperature setting, timer function, 100% copper coil zero maintenance, easy washable filter and Eco-friendly Tupik not just saving ₹15,000 in your yearly Electric bills but also gives you natural air ventilation. With True climate control and deep sleep technology, it supports Sound sleep and good health. Tupik is the next generation’s smart comfort solution.

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18 thoughts on “Tupik BED AC Part 1 – Product feature

  1. Is there no other product of your company…..only you show this ac several times in several vedios

  2. It seems like a great product, I really want to buy it, the only issue that I can see is that there is only one side of the bed where you can fit the "AC unit". In my room where I have my bed, the AC unit would only fit on the side of the bed, not on the 'back end', if you understand me. If you could fit the AC to all sides of the bed I would buy this immediately and I would recommend this to all my friends. Another question, will this work in european outlets/sockets?

  3. Sir, I can enhance your products more.
    I find 5 update that can be useful for customer and as well as for the company.

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