TWC9: .NET Core 3.0 Preview 7, Visual Studio 2019 Updates, TypeScript 3.6 Beta and more

>>Welcome back to another episode
of this week on Channel Nine. I’m your host, Christina Warren,
Senior Cloud Advocate, and my show this week is to celebrate Microsoft’s annual
employee Hackathon, that takes place during
what we call One Week, and one week is really terrific
because it lets employees work on projects and causes the matter to them and so I had a great
time at the Hack, and also just a heads up that
my show next week is super awesome. It was actually a viewer request, and if I look distracted
in this video is because a guy named Pierre
is making faces at me. Okay. Let’s get into
this week’s latest dev news. So first up,. Net core 3.0 preview
seven is now available, and we’ve talked a ton about. Net core 3.0 over the last year
or so because this is the release that will
set the stage for unifying all the variations of. Net together and so
with this preview, the team is transitioning from adding new features to polishing
the release instead and in fact, you can even use this version of. Net core 3.0 in production.
So great, right? So in his blog posts
announcing the release which Lander says this and I’m
just going to quote him directly. “We strongly recommend that you test your app running
on previous seven before deploying preview seven into production and if you
find initiatives. Net core 3.0, please file a GitHub issue and or
contact Microsoft support. ” He also adds that we intend to make very few changes after
Preview seven for most APIs. Notable exceptions are WPF,
Windows Forms, Blazer, and Entity Frameworks
and he also says that any breaking changes after
preview seven will be documented, and the team is working to ensure high degrees of
compatibility with. NET Core one. X and she point x apps making it really straightforward
to upgrade existing apps to. Net Core 3.0, and so I’ve got more details about.NET
Core 3.0 preview seven, the GitHub repo and download links in the description
and show notes down below. In some sweeter related news, if you want to use.NET
Core 3.0 Preview seven, you’re going to need to use
Visual Studio 2019,16.3 Preview one. That’s a mouthful. But
anyway that is out now alongside the release
of Visual Studio 2019,16.2 and there are a bunch
of new features in Visual Studio 2019 16.2 including a Test Explorer, the ability to debug JavaScript and the new Microsoft Edge browser, and playing LLVM compiler support
for MSBuild projects, and over on the Mac side, Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.2 is available now and also
the first preview of version 8.3 and the big news for Visual Studio 2019 for Mac
is that version 8.2 brings. NET core 3.0 support and even better support is
planned for the next version, and so links the release notes
and details on both versions of Visual Studio as well as download links are in the show notes
and description down below. Just a note on Visual Studio 2019, there is now a brand new set of
courses available in Pluralsite, covering all the latest features and what you can do to
get the most out of this IDE and Visual
Studio subscribers actually get six months of
access to Pluralsite for free, and so I’ve got a link to
the announcement blog and the Visual Studio 2019 path on plural site in the
description down below. Some typescript news, TypeScript
3.6 Beta is available now and this beta is intended to be feature complete and
in the next coming weeks, the team will be working on improving performance and stability
as it progresses, getting 3.6 towards
the Release Candidate in general release and also
shot in TypeScript which was just named as one of the top 10 most popular
programming languages according to wedlock, go Typescripts. So links to the TypeScript
blog are down below. Oberon dev.two, my awesome colleague, Cassie has a great blog about
demystifying ML and NLP, and so that’s machine learning and
natural language processing and as she does this using a really thoughtful demo that’s
easy for anybody to follow. It’s really great. Also on dev.two, my pal Jake Wharton has a really great beginner’s guide
to Azure Kubernetes service. So if you’ve been confused
about that one and get started, check that out, and links to both of those posts are down
below in the description. On Channel nine this week we’ve
got lots of great content. First, if you weren’t able to make the Xamarin developer summit a
couple of weeks ago,never fear. We’ve got all the videos
available including a really great talk on
the future of Xamarin. Over on the IoT show, Olivier explores modeling
and querying data at scale using Azure Time Series Insights
and that finally on via toolbox, Robert is joined by
Leslie to show off several ways you can get the most out of Visual Studio debugging tools, and so links to all these shows
are in the description down below. Be sure to check them out,
they’re really great. We’ve got lots of other
really good contents as well. Now it’s time for
my pick of the week. So a couple of weeks back, I talked about
my friend Aaron Powells new VS Code extension
called Profiles, and this is a really great
extension that lets you create different
profiles within VS Code, with you can have a profile with a different theme or type
settings or whatever and Aaron has released an update
to this extension with its most requested feature,
extension support. So now you can create
profiles that will load or don’t load a particular extension
depending on what you’re doing, and I’ve got a link to Aaron’s
blog post explaining how this works as well as the extension itself which is in
the VS Code marketplace, and this is immediately
made me so happy and in theoretical world
more productive. We’ll see if that actually happens but it’s made me
really, really happy. What’s your favorite
VS Code extension? I want to know because
I want to be able to feature some of
them in the future. So let me know or share
your thoughts about anything else that we covered in
the comments down below. If you like this video, please go ahead and give it a like on YouTube as that
really helps us out, and go ahead and subscribe to Microsoft developer for
all of your nerd news. See you next week. [MUSIC]

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