Twerking Einstein — LÜT #35 (Christmas Edition)

Vsauce! Kevin here. Put on your Ho Ho Holmium T-shirt. And get warm in your sweater of santa dropping
toilet presents. Because this is a special Christmas edition
of LÜT. Prepare for the holidays and make yourself
some festive toast with this Christmas print toaster. And then have some tea with a candy cane….
tea infuser. If you’re more of a coffee drinker check out
this cool project recently funded on Kickstarter. The new machine is able to roast, grind, and
brew your coffee so you can buy coffee beans direct from the growers, giving you the freshest
cup of joe possible. For something equally as hot suck on one of
these Sriracha candy canes. Then cool yourself down with some leg lamp
ice cubes from A Christmas Story. And now that you’re awake and cool, let’s
do some cool decorating by growing snow. This kit lets you add the grow snow packet to water
and watch the magic happen. Make your tree come alive with these googly
eye ornaments. That can go right next to your Sigmund Freud
ornament to analyze all the gifts you get. Like this tweaking Einstein. Now let’s get back twerk and pick out some
presents. First download the browser extension Tab for
a Cause that will earn money for a charity of your choice with every tab you open, so
you can give to those in need while you do your shopping. Then arm yourself with this beef jerky gun
that finally allows you to pull a trigger to make meat. Meet up with your friends on this cool electric
scooter called Kubo that was designed to finally give riders ample amounts of storage space
on a scooter to haul things around. This bike exhaust system will turn an ordinary
bike into a motorbike…. or at least make it sound like one. And you can add these bike mittens to keep
your hands toasty while riding around on those wintery days Stay warm with Harry potter and Game of Thrones
inspired winter wear sent to me by Vsauce fan Jackie. She made a line of knitted accessories
that turn you into your favorite characters. Visualize sounds in your car with these cool
sound activated car stickers. For the scientist in the family you can order
an Heirloom Chemistry set reminiscent of the Gilbert Chemistry set from the 50’s that comes
with real chemicals and equipment. Start everyone learning early with Primo,
a playful physical programming interface that teaches kids the logic of programming without
requiring the ability to read. For your four-legged friend pick up this dog
treat pez dispenser. And for everyone you don’t like just give
them the gift of nothing…. literally But then you might need to get yourself this
bah humbug blank candy cane. After all that shopping you’ll need to unwind
in this Dutchtub. It’s a wood burning hot tub that uses the heat from the fire and natural
circulation to allow you to relax anywhere. Or just relax with a beer in the shower….
that you can conveniently hold in your shower koozie. But if you’re not in your own bathroom you
might want to invest in this public toilet survival kit. Store all the awesome gifts you get in this
storage bed. Or use it to do a santa stakeout with this
handy kit that has everything you need to sneak up on Old St. Nick himself. Which of course will go great with your tactical
stocking. Don’t worry about spilling gravy on yourself
with these gravy flavored candy canes But if you do spill something just wear Silic,
a shirt that cleans itself because the hydrophobic nanotechnology creates a microscopic layer
of air that forms between the liquid and the fabric. So finally drink your egg nog out cups that
let you pick your nose. And grumpy cat wants you to know your gift
is in the letterbox. And I’m gonna leave you with the gift of Game
LÜT with Jake over on Vsauce3. And as always – thanks for watching.

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99 thoughts on “Twerking Einstein — LÜT #35 (Christmas Edition)

  1. Which LUT episode has the plastic jar that has a timer lock on it so you can program it to lock and then unlock in however many minutes or hours you want.

  2. i get it your in the tiolet you have under wear that cleanes

     thems self of your weirdness gets your come stains out  out


  4. ah that dutchtub…we have had that in finland for…i dont know…for ever.

  5. i gave my teachers ugly sweater can koozies for christmas. they loved it! (btw you can only find them in a store downtown where i live)

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