UFC 245 Countdown: Usman vs Covington

>>Narrator: 2019 was yet
another breakthrough year for the worldwide MMA leader, with new partnerships that
drew unprecedented growth…>>Dana: ESPN takes this whole
thing to a different level.>>Narrator: …stadiums
erected on distant grounds…>>Jon: Dateline Abu Dhabi!>>Narrator: …and
attendance records broken.>>Bruce: It’s… time!>>Narrator: Champions
emerged from new markets…>>Brendan: The first
fighter from China to win a UFC championship.>>Narrator: …while all-time
greats extended their legacies.>>Jon: Give him a second belt!>>Narrator: So to cap
off a year of milestones, the UFC presents a stacked
card in the fight capital, with three title bouts that feature athletes
from across the globe. [dramatic theme music] Brazilian bantamweight and featherweight
champion Amanda Nunes…>>Joe: Unbelievable!>>Narrator:
…the greatest female fighter
the world has ever known…>>Joe: First double
division women’s champion.>>Narrator: …puts her
135 pound belt on the line in a rematch with
Dutch kickboxing champion Germaine de Randamie.>>If I wanna beat Amanda,
I have to take that belt.>>Jon: Oh!
That one dropped her!>>Germaine: That’s
what I’m going to do. Watch me.>>Jimmy: Just like that,
Germaine de Randamie!>>Amanda: I beat her at
135 and I will win again.>>Jon: Oh! Amanda Nunes, the
queen of the jungle. ♪♪>>Narrator: In
the co-main event, a Hawaiian legend
takes center stage, as 145-pound
champ Max Holloway…>>Jon: He has been
too much for everyone.>>Narrator: …welcomes
a number one contender riding 17 consecutive wins…>>Joe:
Volkanovski’s teeing off on him.>>Narrator:
…Australian powerhouse
Alexander Volkanovski.>>Joe: He is a finisher.>>He’s a great champion but I am the best
featherweight in the world.>>”The Great” Volkanovski!>>Max: I’m trying to be the
greatest fighter of all time.>>Brian: When this
man gets into a rhythm, it is difficult to stop.>>He’s gonna find out
just like everybody else did.>>Narrator: The night’s
headliner will showcase Africa’s first UFC champion, as Nigerian-born welterweight
king Kamaru Usman…>>Jon: Africa unite!>>Narrator: …squares off
with his most hated rival, cold-blooded American
Colby Covington.>>Colby: His career comes
to an end December 14th. Nobody’s gonna care about him
anymore after I destroy him. This belt number two
in the world! He’s just the next guy in
the way of the Colby train. Now you’re getting
ran over, [bleep].>>Joe: All the trash talk
aside, he can fight.>>Bruce: Covington!>>Kamaru: This isn’t fake beef.>>Jon: This guy’s
taking personal shots.>>This is real.>>You ain’t ready for
prime time yet, son.>>Kamaru: He wants to
continue to cross those lines, I will beat on him
for five rounds.>>Colby: Did you get a call
from the president? That’s right, you’re a loser. [cross talk]>>Colby: That’s right,
America’s champion, baby.>>Narrator: Before the UFC
closes a landmark year on December 14th, behold the lives
and training camps of world class fighters
in their primes. This is UFC 245 Countdown. [lowkey music] The mixed martial arts scene
is booming in south Florida due in large part to
American Top Team, an organization which has
collected more UFC world titles than any other on the planet. One such belt was captured by former interim welterweight
champ Colby Covington, who attributes great success
to nearly a decade of guidance under ATT, where he is now a team leader.>>Colby: I am the team captain
of American Top Team, and that means
everything to me. ♪♪ This is the first and only gym
I’ve ever trained at and it’s all I know.>>Can’t stop the champ! All day, baby! [bleep] Colby “Chaos”
Covington, baby. TKOs, KOs,
submissions, he got it. [grunting] ♪♪>>Colby: I have big
responsibilities on my shoulders and I have to go out there
and be a winner, you know, and do what we do best,
and that’s win for the team. ♪♪>>Brendan: Covington
going right to work!>>Narrator: Covington’s
first three years in the UFC saw him quietly wipe
out the opposition…>>Paul: He’s relentless
here with the ground and pound.>>Narrator: …with
superior wrestling…>>Paul: That
pressure of Covington.>>Narrator: …that
exposed inferior wills.>>Jon: And there it is,
another finish!>>Colby “Chaos” Covington!>>Jon: His bread
and butter is this: taking guys down, punishing
them with ground and pound.>>Joe: He’s taken down every
single one of his UFC opponents.>>Narrator: But after
seven wins in eight fights, Covington would
break that silence…>>I want bigger names now! I want my title shot!>>Narrator:
…to loudly fast track his
welterweight title shot against champion Tyron Woodley.>>Dana, I’m size 32 waist! Get that belt ready for me. I own this division now, so
I’m ready to take my throne. Woodley’s the prime man
in my scope right now. So, I go out there and impress
and finish Demian Maia and Tyron Woodley’s next.>>Daniel: He comes out
carrying the American flag, knowing that he’s walking
into hostile environment.>>John: Nice one-two,
then uppercuts. Covington’s just
trying to bully him now.>>Daniel: The pace and pressure
has truly worn down Demian Maia.>>Colby: I got
one thing to say! Tyron Woodley,
I’m coming for you! If you don’t
answer the front door, I’m gonna knock it in and
I’m gonna take what’s mine! That welterweight belt!>>Narrator: The spring of
2018 would see Covington booked against former lightweight
champ Rafael Dos Anjos in a fight for the
interim welterweight title and the right to next face
reigning king Tyron Woodley.>>Colby: I’m the king
of Brazil, you know. I owe it to the Brazilian fans
to go back there and put on a show
for them, you know.>>Kamaru: Shut
your bitch-ass up. You wasn’t tough backstage.>>No one cares about you.>>Oh, you wanna– [cross talk]>>That’s what I thought,
you Twitter thug.>>Sit your ass down, junior.>>We live 20 miles apart. We live 20 miles apart
and we have mutual friends. If there’s beef, we can do it. [dramatic music]>>Narrator: Just a ten-mile
jaunt from the ATT facility in Coconut Creek resides the Hard Knocks 365
Training Center in Fort Lauderdale, home to some of the best
fighters the UFC has ever seen including Colby Covington’s
greatest rival, Kamaru Usman.>>Henri: Warm up, get ready! Don’t just sit there.>>Narrator: Usman
arrived in Florida a collegiate wrestling
national champion, but under the guidance of
kickboxing visionary Henri Hooft, became a world class
mixed martial artist…>>Nice left hook. Very nice.>>Jon: Oh, huge
right hand for Usman.>>Joe: It’s not just the
wrestling skill and technique, which he most certainly has.>>Narrator:
…and Usman’s own pursuit
of the welterweight belt…>>Joe: It’s that combined
with his sheer strength.>>Paul: He’s relentless. You get up, he’s
gonna put you back down.>>Narrator: …put Colby
Covington in his crosshairs.>>Kamaru: Ran into him
one time at the airport, coming back from a UFC fight. He had been
saying some comments. He had been saying
certain things online. [laughing] There he is. So, I walk up to him, I’m gonna
find out what his problem is. He’s like, “No, nothing man. No, nothing.
Everything’s good. What’s going on, man? You got something coming up? You got a fight coming up?” He was straight up everybody. [grunting]>>Perfect.>>Kamaru: And that was it. Then he starts
running his mouth again.>>Keep using your
time to promote me. That’s why you’re
a mark, bitch.>>Yo, you wanna talk–
you talk trash on Twitter.>>You ain’t ready for
prime time yet, son. [crowd chanting]>>Jon: Well,
that American flag is not gonna bring
cheers here tonight. Without asking Colby Covington, I can tell you this
man does not care. Tonight, his first
crack at a UFC title.>>Narrator: With
Usman on his heels, Covington continued his
relentless pursuit of UFC gold.>>Jon: Former champion
Rafael dos Anjos trying to enter that rarified air as
a two-division UFC champ.>>Joe: Colby is for real,
all the trash talk aside. All the theatrics. He can fight. No one’s been able to
do this to dos Anjos.>>Jon: Covington with
a nice combination there.>>Joe: dos Anjos is
kinda looking for a breath. Like, when will this
guy let up for a second. And Colby Covington
not doing it.>>Colby:
You can’t run, you can’t hide
no more, Tyron Woodley. If you got something to say,
come see me, bitch. ♪♪>>Narrator: The
interim welterweight belt was Covington’s ticket to the
unification bout with Woodley, and the certainty of
upcoming immortality revealed MMA’s newest antihero as Covington put Woodley
and the masses on notice.>>Colby: It’s been a
long road to the top. I had Tyquil Woodley
ducking me for so many years. He didn’t wanna fight me and I’m not afraid to
put it all on the line. You know, the bigger the risk,
the bigger the reward. [A$AP Ferg, “New Level”]
♪ I’m on a new level ♪ ♪ I’m on a new level ♪ ♪ I’m on a new level ♪ ♪ I’m on a new level ♪>>Perhaps the most hated man in
mixed martial arts right now, the one and only
Colby Covington.>>Colby: I’m chaos. I’m unpredictable. You don’t know what
I’m gonna do next, so you know, you
just gotta stay tuned. This is only the
beginning, I promise you that. [A$AP Ferg]
♪ Used to be
sleeping on itchy beds ♪ ♪ Bedbugs in the motel ♪ ♪ Now your– give me,
give me, give me ♪ ♪ 20 in the hotel ♪>>Colby: I’m here to
resurrect this division. Tyquil, I’m coming for you. No more ass-kissing Hollywood. I’m taking that belt and sending your ass to
TMZ for good, [bleep]. [A$AP Ferg]
♪ Squint when they watch now ♪ ♪ Leveling up to the top now ♪ ♪ I’m on a new level ♪>>Colby: I don’t really care. This isn’t the feeling business. This is the fight business. I’m all about Trump. I wanna go bring the
belt to the Oval Office and put it on his desk. Team Trump! Team Chaos! Coming for you. [A$AP Ferg]
♪ I ain’t gonna stop now ♪ ♪ Motha– this is my town ♪ ♪ Take the block,
make it hot now ♪ ♪ 143rd with the drop down ♪>>Colby: I don’t care
what people think of me. I don’t care if people hate me. But you will
continue to watch me because I’m gonna keep winning. No one’s gonna stop me. [dramatic music]>>Narrator: Historically,
the UFC’s interim title holder is bestowed a shot at
the reigning king…>>Jon: What an atmosphere
inside American Airlines Center here in Dallas.>>Narrator: …but in a sport
where there are no guarantees, the welterweight title picture
would take an unexpected turn.>>Jon: And we have
a big one this weekend. Tyron Woodley, Darren Till for
the UFC’s welterweight title.>>Dana:
Till got the opportunity
because Covington is hurt.>>Michael: Soon as the guys
walk into the octagon, Colby is officially stripped
of the belt that he holds.>>Jon: Oh!
Knockdown for Woodley!>>Daniel: He got him!>>Jon: Tyron Woodley
remains the welterweight champ.>>Tyron: What I’m gonna do
is just continue to fight. Whoever they put in front of me,
I’m gonna beat them up. I’m the best
welterweight of all time.>>Narrator: Covington’s
medical inability to compete saw him not only
lose the interim title, but also enter
contract disputes that would keep him on
the shelf indefinitely. So the UFC sought new
challengers for Tyron Woodley, and Kamaru Usman
entered the fray.>>Brendan: He wants
to make a statement. He wants to really
pronounce him as, “I am the next in
line for the title shot.” Now Rafael dos Anjos.>>Jimmy: Perhaps the
biggest factor in this fight, he fought Colby Covington in his
last time out and fell short. He’s facing another guy who has spent his
whole life wrestling. What has he learned
between his last fight and now.>>Brendan: Impressive
performance for the lower ranked but favored fighter here,
Kamaru Usman.>>Jimmy: Usman showing a lot
of confidence in his striking. Man, he’s throwing big bombs.>>Brendan: And
another takedown.>>Jimmy: That was a wipeout. An absolute wipeout.>>Kamaru:
Not only can I go five rounds,
but I can dominate, and I’m next in line for
that welterweight strap.>>Narrator:
The Nigerian Nightmare
would earn the title shot that Covington so
desperately desired, and in the days leading up to Usman’s marquee
bout with Woodley…>>You and a rock.>>Narrator: …the
former interim champ would make his presence known.>>The UFC didn’t
fly me out here. I got on my private jet. I came myself. I got my own hotel. I’m unpredictable. That’s why my nickname’s chaos. I’m America’s champion. I’m the real world champ. There’s no interim about it. There’s only one champ in
the building and that’s me. That’s why I’m the
people’s champion. You know, I came to Vegas
to get into some trouble. Why do I get robbed
out of a title shot? I’m number one in the world. I’ve got a world title. No one beat me for
this world title. Stay tuned, everybody. You guys are
gonna enjoy the show.>>Announcer:
Champion Kamaru Usman! [cheering]>>Colby: The real champion! The real champion! Hey, you were supposed to
put the opponents to sleep, not the fans to sleep! Try getting knocked out
Saturday night, scrub. You’re still number
two in the world!>>Jon: So, with 13 consecutive
wins, here is Kamaru Usman. At long last, he will compete for the UFC welterweight
championship of the world. A man who is hoping
to one day lay claim to the title of greatest
welterweight of all time. Here is “The Chosen One”. Tyron Woodley making
the fifth defense of his undisputed title.>>Joe:
This is the best welterweight
on the planet earth. This is the top level
of the video game.>>Jon: Well, one of the more
interested observers tonight, the former UFC interim
welterweight champion Colby Covington.>>Kamaru: Colby Covington’s
problem with me is just–>>Joe: Oh!
>>Kamaru: … jealousy.>>Joe: Good
right hand by Usman. Oh! Oh, he hit Tyron
with a big elbow.>>Kamaru: He’s a wrestler. He’s been wrestling
since he was 4. I started wrestling
in high school. I got as good, if
not better, than him.>>Jon: Ooh!>>That ain’t [bleep]. That ain’t [bleep].>>Joe: This is the most
dominant we have ever seen anyone against Tyron in
a fight for the title. Oh, he’s getting beat up.>>Kamaru: This is someone
who started competing in mixed martial arts
before I did. He’s never achieved
what I achieved.>>Joe: Look at that, constantly
digging, digging, digging. That is nasty stuff, folks.>>Kamaru: He feels entitled, that he should be getting all
the accolades that I achieved.>>Colby: It’s a joke, man. It’s a number-one
contenders fight. They’re putting the
fans to sleep tonight. It’s a bore fest
before the fight. It’s a bore fest
during the fight.>>Joe: Oh, big uppercut!>>Jon: That got
Woodley’s attention! Now two more! Woodley’s in trouble here. Big uppercuts! The end could be coming!>>Joe: Oh! He’s hurt bad! He’s trying to finish the show! More shots by Usman.>>He wants to be the man,
he has to come fight the man.>>Jon: Trying to dump
Woodley here and does!>>Stop!
>>Joe: That’s it. We got a new champ, folk.>>Jon: Africa, unite. Kamaru Usman has done it. He has dominated
Tyron Woodley tonight.>>Joe:
That is one of the most
impressive title-winning efforts I have ever seen
in my entire career. ♪♪ Big question was
how he would do against the best in the world and it turns out he is
the best in the world.>>Narrator: As another
day in sunny South Florida comes to a close, welterweight title
challenger Colby Covington rewards a work day in the gym
with routine leisure. ♪♪>>Colby: When I’m not in the
octagon and training, you know, I’m usually hanging out here
at Dan Lambert’s house with all my different chicks and just enjoying
the life, you know. I earned this the hard way. No one gave me anything and that’s what the
American Dream is all about. You know, I’m a product
of the American Dream and I live it every single day.>>Narrator:
From high school wrestling
state championships…>>”Chaos” Covington–>>Narrator: …to the UFC
interim 170-pound title…>>Joe:
The new interim welterweight
champion Colby Covington!>>Narrator: …Covington has
always paved his own path…>>I’m gonna do what
a real American should do! I’m bringing this belt
to the White House and I’m putting it on
Donald Trump’s desk!>>Narrator: …and his
lofty goals haven’t changed since the first day he met American Top Team
owner Dan Lambert.>>Dan: When Colby said,
“I’m gonna win that title. I’m gonna go to the
White House,” you know, it’s like, alright,
one step at a time. But to do that and then
come through on his promise and get the invitations
to the White House and go there and see President
Trump, it was pretty amazing. ♪♪ You know, he’s come a long way. Had some ups and downs
in this sport, and some bridges that
may have been burned, but, at the end of the day,
you know, you win your fights, you’re gonna get where
you wanna get in the sport. Colby wins fights. ♪♪>>Narrator: After more
than a year on the sidelines, Covington would return to face former welterweight
champion Robbie Lawler… [Alex Corsi – “Django”]
♪ Raised in
the belly of the beast ♪ ♪ There were days when
I barely had sleep ♪ ♪ But I had to work
more than competition ♪ ♪ I can’t live
like an opposition ♪>>Narrator: …with the
world watching on ESPN, and the first family
viewing in attendance.>>Colby:
Doesn’t matter if Superman
was in the octagon with me. Nobody was gonna beat me in front of the
first family that night. The Trump train and the Colby
train will not be stopped. Yeah, let’s go!>>Sir, are you ready? Sir, are you ready? Fight!>>Dominick:
Don’t blink, people. Colby straight for the shot. [Alex Corsi – “Django”]
♪ I can’t live like
the opposition ♪>>Dominick: This
is what he does. Covington with some
heavy control here.>>Jon: Covington at his
suffocating best here early on. Drags Lawler down.>>Good work, Colby.
Good work.>>You know, he’s allowing
him up, putting him back down. Allowing him up,
putting him back down. This has gotta be brutal
facing a guy like this.>>Dominick: This pace is
ridiculous, by the way, that Covington is keeping. It really is.>>Jon: And when this
is all said and done, Colby Covington is gonna have
thrown north of 500 strikes. Coming up on 20
takedown attempts.>>Dominick: He’s
never sitting still. He’s always working.>>Jon: Oh! Covington with a little
trickery down the stretch. A spinning backfist to open
a cut and close the show. [cheering]>>Bruce: For the winner
by unanimous decision: Colby Covington!>>Jon: You threw
nearly 600 strikes tonight. You attempted 18 takedowns. Took him down 10 times.>>Colby: Yeah, I
was truly inspired when the first family
came to the building. Came to see me backstage. Let’s give it up to the Trumps
in the building tonight. They’re keeping America great! Yeah! It was amazing to have the
first family at my last fight. I’m doing things
never done before, and then to get the
President of the United States to call me right
after the fight?>>Great job.>>Dad, I have Colby here. Here he is.>>Mr. President. “Hey, America’s champ! How you doing? When are you coming back to
the White House,” you know. So I got the open
invite to the White House, and once I finish my
business with Lawler and set the strikes record and
just completely decimated him, it was on to Marty Fakenewsman.>>That was probably
the best performance we’ve ever seen from you. Would you agree with that?>>This isn’t the
best Colby you’ve seen. I’m only saving it until I face
this dude, Marty Fake Newsman over here.>>When did your
balls drop because–>>The only things you’re
losing faster than your hair>>When did your balls drop.>>Power Ranger belt. Did you get a call
from the president today? Did you get a call
from the president? That’s right, you’re a loser. This is the real
world championship. The people’s championship.>>Really?>>Donald Trump’s
favorite fighter.>>Is that even the UFC belt?>>America’s championship, baby.
>>That’s not the UFC.>>Narrator: And so it was,
the UFC set the date for December 14th
in Las Vegas, where the former
interim champ Colby Covington will face reigning king
Kamaru Usman to determine who is truly
the best at 170 pounds.>>Kamaru: Alexa, who’s the
welterweight world champion?>>Alexa: The UFC welterweight
champion is Kamaru Usman.>>Thank you. Alexa, is Kamaru Usman
good looking?>>Alexa: Hm, I’m not sure.>>Damn, I though I
was gonna win with her. Never mind. Alright.>>Narrator: Usman’s
heated rivalry with Covington has played out in
the public eye, revealing a side of Usman rarely
seen by those closest to him.>>Yeah.>>Portia: I watch YouTube. It had they say something,
like whatever, the interview. I’m like, “Oooh, Kamaru. Ooh, my son, why this? Why?”>>Kamaru: She
watches YouTube all day. I let my mom watch the
interviews and things like that and she doesn’t
necessarily love it. You know, but she understands
whoever’s talking about me will be dealt with. So she knows exactly what
her son’s capable of.>>Portia: All my
sisters back home, sometimes they
wake me up, 2:00 AM and say, “Ooh, we just saw him. Nigeria television show him.” So, they are up waiting for him.>>Kamaru: Who’s turn is it? Samirah? Go Samirah, go!>>Narrator: Usman’s family
hails from Auchi, Nigeria…>>Kamaru: Good job, baby!>>Narrator: …and the
proud father feels obligated to represent them as the first African-born
champion in UFC history.>>Kamaru: I just bowled!>>Narrator: Even when
faced with an adversary as contentious as
Colby Covington, Usman remains poised.>>As soon as you get
back, get three more steps. Come forward
three, one, two, three. Pivot, one, two, three. Go.>>Kamaru: Colby’s a
young man that just…>>Chin down, a little wider.>>Kamaru:
…chose the wrong path. For some reason, his family
let him get away with it. I can trust in my family, that
if I was doing something wrong, if I was going down the wrong
path, for them to check me and say, “Hey, that’s not
the way it should be done.”>>Right two, left.>>Colby: All you
ladies wanna be with me. All your men wanna be me. But there’s only one me. Colby “Chaos” Covington.>>Oh! But unfortunately his
family has allowed him to go down this path. So on December 14th, I have to
be the one to discipline him.>>Colby: Marty Fakenews
problem with me is he’s a jealous little scrub. He wishes he was making
the paychecks I was making.>>Friction down, friction up.
Boom.>>Colby: And there’s a reason
they call Marty Fakenews, man. He’s full of hype.>>Hips move, get up. Perfect, keep them there.>>Colby: He acts so nice. “Oh, I’m a father. I’m a good guy,” this and that, and then comes and attacks me
at the Palms with my family, trying to act
like a street thug. [yelling]>>Colby: He’s not a man
of his word like myself.>>Dip the hips, drive,
hold it up there a second.>>Colby: I’m honorable
and I hold my word true, and I promise you
on December 14th, I will have my hand raised.>>Good, drive it up. There you go.>>Narrator:
The long and winding saga
that lead Kamaru Usman…>>Lock it in, nice and tight. Big chest, big hips.>>Narrator:
…and Colby Covington
to this world title bout on December 14th came not just from
years of verbal sparring…>>Jon: This guy’s
denigrated his entire country, taken personal shots.>>Narrator:
…but from unheralded dominance
in the Octagon…>>Joe: Incredible
performance by Usman. I’m blown away.>>Narrator: …and at UFC 245, two of the best
welterweights on the planet put words into action.>>Jon: Colby just
in perpetual motion.>>Joe: More pressure, bam.>>Jon:
Just not a lot of breathing room
for the opposition.>>Joe: Thing about Usman
is he can do this all day.>>Kamaru: I’m one of the
most calculated people he’s ever come across and I’m
gonna systematically go in there and I’m gonna break him down.>>Get the last five.>>Colby: Fans can expect
an ass beating at UFC 245.>>Up!>>Colby: The Colby
train’s coming to town. I know early in my career, you
stayed off the Colby tracks. I’m the tracks. Now you’re getting
run over, [bleep]. No one gives a
[bleep] about you. Everyone’s showing up to see me. What’s up, baby. What?>>Get it up there!
Get it up there! Get it up there!
Finish those! Finish it! Finish it!
Finish it! Finish it!>>Kamaru: December 14th,
I will knock him out. [crowd chanting “Colby sucks”]

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    redicule for their efforts and falling short , i mean his stuttering , anxiety , being attacked by other fighters etc and all the hate he gets , he still dont give a fuck , the still goes out and risks it all and you know what that self bliefe makes him win because he has more on the line , i love ppl who risk , not the ones who play safe , idgaf if they win or lose , the fact that they dont give a fuck about what other think , the fact that they try is enough for me to appreciate them and push the boundry , you gotta take life and make it what you want regardless of what anyone thinks about it

  9. Love or hate him, Colby is a MOFO and good athlete… how he handled that failed spinning kick reading Lawler's attack and hitting him with that back fist

  10. The noisy music in the background ruins this. These had that great informative feel, and a nice pace as they walked through. Whatever suit gave the order to turn the "exciting" volume up on this has ruined it.

  11. Both guys have a lot of heart. I know the one that loses will be crying for sure. They don’t know defeat after reaching this level of skill. It’s gonna happen. Gonna be devastating for the loser. No one is invincible.

  12. I enjoy watching Colby, not cuz I like him but because of his moronic theatrics. I want to see how long he will keep up the facade before realizing how stupid he truly is lol. Looks like Trump has taken a liking to him though, pricks recognize real pricks.

  13. TBH I feel like Colby is in Kamaru's head. Kamaru hates colby, probably thinks about beating him up all the time, and is definitely probably feeling an insane amount of pressure to perform against colby. Colbys whole act is working

  14. Tony "El Cucuy 👹" Ferguson🇺🇲🇲🇽
    Professional MMA Record: 28 fights, 25 wins, 3 losses.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:
    Blackbelt under Eddie Bravo, Tenth Planet Jiu-Jitsu
    Amateur wrestling:
    National Collegiate Wrestling Association-
    NCWA National Champion (2006)
    NCWA All-American (2006, 2007)
    North Central Conference Champion (2006, 2007)
    Michigan High School Athletic Association-
    MHSAA Division IV State Champion (2002)
    MHSAA Division IV All-State (2000-2002)
    Mixed martial arts:
    Ultimate Fighting Championship-
    Interim UFC Lightweight Championship (One time)
    The Ultimate Fighter 13 winner
    Fight of the Night (Five times)
    Fight of the Night vs. Edson Barboza
    Fight of the Night vs Lando Vannata,
    Fight of the Night vs Rafael dos Anjos
    Fight of the Night vs Anthony Pettis
    Fight of the Night vs Donald Cerrone
    Knockout of the Night (One time) vs. Ramsey Nijem
    Submission of the Night (One time) vs. Mike Rio
    Performance of the Night (Three times)
    Performance of the Night vs Edson Barboza
    Performance of the Night vs Josh Thomson
    Performance of the Night vs Gleison Tibau
    Longest winning streak in UFC lightweight history (12)
    PureCombat Welterweight Championship (One time)
    World MMA Awards-
    2018 Fight of the Year vs. Anthony Pettis

  15. after seeing what Usman did to Tyrone woodley im 100 percent convinced he has way 2 much heart and determination for covington, besides.. hes black lol

  16. Usman's secret is to skip leg day every time and build his torso like a heavyweight. This is why he is so strong against his opponents but has constant knee pain/issues.

  17. Usman is suppose to be boring yet you claim you are all mixed martial art fan ..a lot of people built their idea of what Kombat sport should be by watching WWE & Hollywood movies

    Love both fighters (Colby and Kamaru) for the passion they put in the sport
    ..for those who fan-love certain fighters just because their brains have been hot-wired by today's culture of celebrity worship (talk the talk but cant work the work) the UFC will not be embracing MEDIOCRITY anytime soon ..if anyone wants to be champ he will have to put in the work & Colby and Kamaru have done just that.

  18. Funny this fight coulda been on the tuf blackzillians vs ATT is Colby was on it most stacked card since that dc vs Stipe 2 maybe better line up three title fights it bout equal to one super fight a Romero and a Diaz fight! Those top three fights on that card live up to it though. Funny the best card of the year still was probably the Gastelman vs style bender because that fight and Poirier vs Max were the fights of the year in same card right after each other which I don’t thinks ever happened both amazing wars!

  19. Seeing Colby defeated will only be topped by trump being voted out next year.

    Both are absolute clowns. 5 days for the first clown, 10+ months for the second ⏰

  20. Usman's retarded ass tries to pick a fight in an airport… he pretends he's so chill but he's unable to control his emotions. Colby knew the outcome of escalating things there and Kamaru was ready to accept the outcome just for pride. colby been in the boys head for a minute.

  21. Colby hasn't got a chance of winning and he knows it which is why i think we will see some dirty foul play from him in the fight. I expect low blows, eye pokes and him faking eye pokes so he can get a win by DQ.

  22. Colby's work rate gonna be too much for the mans. The only thing i cant stand is how he only get average lookin hoes, he should be hiring 9s and 10s, not 5s and 7s lmao

  23. Funny how Usmans acting surprised that Colby didn't wanna fight in an airport. You dumbass, he fights for money! He talks shit for money! He can control himself and at heart is a good respectable guy. The UFC was gonna cut him unless he did something big, despite his great record! Of course it's an act, but you can't stop the chaos train!

  24. Did you get a call from the president….no….thats right cos your a loooser 😂😂😂😂😂 colby will conquer africa

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