ILOVEROBLOX ILOVEROBLOX Better Roger that light tempo being into the hands that simple gang gang Cool kids it show, but see they’re pulling on back again with another video. Hey guys You know what time it is man box open the time got it guys Don’t laugh at me all I found was this toenail clipper ride Was the only thing that was found around that was actually sharp enough to do this don’t let guys This is actually my first pickup of the year, so it’s 2018 you know I’m saying we gotta get it lit right now, but wait a minute Why is my box always wrinkled out man flight club? I swear to goodness when I have am each other in person Brownlow has a wife Either way guys without further ado I bring to you not only my first shoe of the year But the first release of the year, this is a 2018 released That’s why I’m kind of confused as to why the box is old bragging what I’m saying. Anyway. Let’s see if the shoes record Oh For some reason they look 30 times better in person I wasn’t expecting a fire to be that flame you don’t know saying I don’t know if you guys copies, or if you actually passed or not I need to know in the comment section who rockin with these in the year 2018 right now, man Or should they have these in 2017 and was this Doodle stuff on it, man Hey fight clubs slacking in the year 2018 imma have to stop using flight club imma have to go to those different apps like gold and The other one. I don’t know what it’s call right now, but I’m have to start using those Guys this is what we meant in our song We always see this, but this time royalty said maybe you should vote so they can see this is literally clouds at our house Right now some of you will call this fog, but these are the clouds, bro. This is crazy They love this man to edit on point Knowsley huh, it’s not done key looking askew looking good swag oh? We’re like 96 you win in the day My man, you got a girlfriend yet Okay What the heck are you coming out with that on hold man? You wearing it to school. I like the shoes, but I don’t know what’s going on what you hey. What’s up? Take it off? What the… Boy look like seelye what happened to yo Hager ceiling so easy Oh Mitch Tim would you left your doll on the floor as usual Mm-hmm you left yo doll Your doll on the floor You let the doll on the floor Here put your piece up Yeah, whip Celia real deal to fix I’ll see you looking real messed up today. What’s going on back here school meeting? What’s right on doing back here? Huh, huh? Julie I heard in the conversation yo new hairstyle is late turn around. See you back. You don’t have some grown-up stuff right here Get out right now you jump my man We are back man royalty got it Yeah, tattoo removed you guys know the drill man a lot of you that our new don’t know though I’m gonna explain it to you guys. All right. This is what’s going down Royalty has to get several procedures done or it’s had to removal This isn’t a one day two day three day process this takes years sometimes So we’re just bearing with it, and we’re trusting the process man homie take some really light on her he doesn’t put the pressure if it wasn’t me I Would be melting that’s had to walk. I have it all man I know, but I would I would melt your skin away no Put her skiing come back It would heal back if you were to melt it off right now. You can see it. Those are the old Tatas. These are the You can see how thin it is guys is going away that is high how many procedures have she had so far Three what’s one you can’t say three or four come on the people want to know I look at this chart my Forest procedures in that is a lot. That’s got a lot of his nose be delicate with her students. She doesn’t want to get burned Yeah does I am determinated. How you do a Nice tart you never got out Anayia pie wondering the roti burner nips off that is actually like some type of bomb cover she uses in this weirdo It looks like some hyper skin problem I know it looks like somebody wiped off her Nick nips I’m also gonna grow my hair. I decided to grow my hair Just to be like Leonidas so since he was crying when he got his hair braided y’all thought I made fun of him which I didn’t i’ma grow my hair get it braided by the same girl Just to show y’all. I know how it feels all right. Dude turn it up. Oh Is she faking she’s fake, no he didn’t even move Loyalty Yugi, I thought she was gonna take medicine hey medicine and here crying Well if you told me last time I didn’t come cheating me in a field and stuff she did crying I got a camera For those of you want them if you need these shades to watch at home You don’t trust me nothing will have to be eyesight the camera will take all that stuff away for you I know some of you guys was in the last time the section saying hope I’m going blind I’m looking at this you won’t all right and continue to look So this is the worst but Why did me Fire in real life, but the camera’s not catching you When I hit soap in the color because oh my god, yeah So let me see that coming down He’s about to do my hand guys, it’s the first time I haven’t felt people I got the camera in my right hand so if it really hurt someone be like oh wait you can make my whole body like ski photo how much because I want to be that light, but I feel it’ll be a little bit lighter. You know. I’m saying maybe what did Drake? When you gonna do it you I did it, man Better But if you do what color my hand II mean to turn different colors, I thought she was gonna make me last year Alright this supposed to be painful Hit me When you go make the sound off you hit that it’ll make the sound This is what he brought me when I told her I was hungry I Can’t complain. No the next day push on the wolf pack and cool kids. It’s Joe, but see this record I’m still here saying video, but this time guys royalty is gone She taking the kids to school, so guess what I’m gonna. Go ahead to the casino one gamble a little bit You know I’m saying she don’t want me gambling But I keep winning so it’s hard not for me to do it if that even makes sense, but anyway I’m out before she get back a few moments later. What up Wolfpack what up cool kids It’s near oil tea on by myself the kids are at school CJ is not here, thank God, I’d get a chance to prank him back for calling me Regina You said that yesterday Yes you did Regina You said that yesterday, what’d you say just gonna go to the store yesterday remember hey? What Who You wiling ma’am I didn’t I? Bacon Okay, since you’re recording you would know if you sent us to stop the video and play it back. Why would I stop a blog? Regina what I didn’t know man, give me the fork by Didion’s Paint flooring I did it I would never call you out your name, Regina Bertie Bertie those actually right there royalty here So you got attitude You were Tommy Why you doing there was a break oh It was a break. I swear whoever Regina really is anyways, but uh CJ is at the casino right now I believe he’s placing kids daily bits that he’s been doing for the last past couple of days all right guys I’m here at the casino, and I realized that gambling isn’t a good thing it really isn’t a good thing I’ve seen the comment section a lot of you guys were mad at me for promoting gambling it’s not as bad as violence, but I will agree I Probably shouldn’t have invited you guys to start gambling But I did specifically say that you had to be 21 anyway so a lot of you shouldn’t have been offended But with that being said guys, I probably won’t ever talk about gambling again This is probably my last time talking about gambling, but I’m having fun. So yeah, we’re here I don’t know how much time I have I don’t know When he left because when I got back and dropping the kids off at school He wasn’t here, so I’m gonna take this opportunity to prank CJ I’ve been thinking about this, so let me just get started cuz I don’t even know when he’s gonna come back And I don’t want to get distracted. I want to get interrupted, so let’s go guys I am going to be doing the cheap prank on CJ for him calling me Regina about to get him back with Jordan right guys I’m about to make Jordan look realistic right now And I’m about to bring him to life to make it look like somebody else is here you guys so Let’s get started guys I’m in the casino making some you know what bets and stuff and then my homie gunner and gage came out to me They’re like. Oh see this all goes in here. I don’t know why you guys in here you gambling no oh Football game you play football. Hey man. Good luck when you came all right. I know you’re gonna. Win you play too? You’re just supporting? You know oh no oh man you old enough in my book you can play football on my house all right Let’s get started so what I’m gonna be doing is basically stuffing CJ’s Sweats with towels to make it look like puffy make it look realistic This is kind of what I did when I did the Halloween prank on CJ when I made like a fake Person that kind of like looked like me oh that’s what I’m gonna be doing here Guys as you just saw man little kids were in the casino, man I hope they weren’t gambling they say they was there for football turned him into something like that But it’s just crazy because I was just talking about how I don’t think I should have been talking about gambling Nor that I have kids watching me, but the crazy thing is they was in the casino and anyone in there for me But they did know me man, so hey kids you can walk in the casino out here But you cannot gamble re P you better not gamble Whoo workout guys so we have Winter on him guided by the way this person’s name is Jordan CJ ass shut up – Jordan And imagine me on top of this person with the covers over this I might be able to pull this off guys I Just might be able to pull this off. I’m gonna lay one of these open with nothing in it on the floor I’m gonna throw what’s inside of it in the garbage you guys But I’m going to be using one of these I’m gonna leave the wrapper like open right there on the floor Right there, and I’m also going to be playing one of CJ’s favorite songs While I’m trying to prank him so stay tuned guys though guys, I’m gonna be leaving some evidence here on the ground Archibeque put your hands on All right wolf pecking cool kids. I’m sitting here waiting for CJ right now. I have everything in place. I have everything in order I’m so ready to do this prank right now since he called me Regina I don’t know where he got that name from has nowhere near royalty But everybody please spam up royalty in the comment section if you are rooting for me if you’re going for me Just pray from you guys because you guys know that I am doing a cheap prank on CJ even though I would never ever Do anything to hurt CJ or even cheat on CJ or even think about cheating on CJ because he’s such a perfect husband Boyfriend father figure that I do have in my life And I appreciate everything that he does for me and my children so I would never ever do anything Intentionally to hurt CJ, so just know guys. This is a prank and just know CJ I do love you, baby, but uh two hours later This is dumb Frank I’ve ever seen in my life what you wanna do You got my shoe my favorite Jordans Wow look it is man. This girl is crazy I can’t believe I actually fell for it man Timothy the screen on my camera is broke, bro Have you following me on Instagram and snapchat? I’m gonna post some pictures on my camera is broke right now I never be able to use this camera again man as crazy. I was just at the casino You can still see us, but look at the screen man. It’s all bust it down Soon, I didn’t mean for you to break your camera and to the kids that I just seen at the casino, man I’m sorry that you guys have to go on the video so weird and to your parents. That’s probably watching this to Apologize for royalties obscenity I don’t even know what that word even makes it world. He is so crazy right now I don’t even know why did she kiss her? I look like she just got some kisses some dude I Didn’t kid. I’ll owe you though, but I don’t have to do that again I’m gonna be grabbing for something else and then happy you it’s gonna be something that sounds like My favorite camera is demoralized. It’s morning. It’s been outcomes Thanks to world Tina stupid friend so if you drop a like on this video Just know CJ. So cool is coming back 30 times harder

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