Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have 2 very special guests, Dan
and Phil! Phil: Hi! Dan: What up Num-sters! Ro: Yeah,
you guys know these guys… Phil: Is that a thing? That’s not the thing! Ro: You guys have no idea how many requests
I got for you guys to come bake, Ro: so I am so excited. Dan: It’s because
we make baking videos that are really terrible… Phil: Yeah. Dan: So I think all our audience
is just so desperate to see us Dan: do a successful bake. Phil: See how it’s
actually done! Ro: We’re gonna do it today. If you guys
aren’t familiar them, they are amazing, Ro: I’m gonna put their links down below
so you should go check ‘em out. Ro: Dan and Phil both have separate channels
and then they do a combined gaming Ro: channel, Dan and Phil Games, so go check it out, I love it! And we are gonna be making a recipe from Ro: the indie game… All: UNDERTALE! Ro: That was really good! Dan: Boom! There
you go! Phil: We are playing this right now on our
gaming channel and I love it so much! Ro: This is perfect! Dan: I know, it’s,
it’s ruining our lives in the best way ever! Ro: Today we are gonna be making the donuts
form the game called Spider Donuts. Phil: Ooooh! Dan: Bah-bah-bah! Ro: But the
recipe is going to be dairy free. All: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need to make these
Spider Donuts will be: Dan: 1-1/2 cups of all purpose flour, 3 tablespoons
of oil, 1 teaspoon of apple Dan: cider vinegar, 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking
soda, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Phil: 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/4 of
a teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of Phil: lemon zest. Dan: Please don’t touch
the lemon like that Phil… Phil: Sorry! I’m sorry. Dan: Phil has defiled
a lemon everybody. Phil: A 1/2 a cup of sugar, 3/4 cup plus 2
tablespoons of almond milk. Ro: 3 cups of sifted powdered sugar, 1/3 cup
of blueberry juice, a few drops of Ro: purple food coloring and a donut pan. All: Now let’s put it all together! Phil: Ohp! Ow! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
is sift together our dry ingredients. Ro: So I’m gonna have Phil, you’re gonna
hold down the bowl. Dan: Oh no! Phil: OK, I’m warning you, I’m the clumsiest
person on Earth, so… Ro: OK. Dan: You gave Phil the job that creates mess.
Ro: Uh-oh! Phil: I’m gonna try my best! Ro: Pour it right in here. Phil: Do I shake
it? Do I vibrate it? Ro: Shake it, just a little, controlled. Controlled shake.
Phil: Controlled shaking. Dan: Controlled shaking Phil! Phil: OK, just
do it, I’m doing it! Phil: Whew! Dan: You annihilated that flour.
Ro: That’s amazing! Phil: Alright. Ro: And these chunks, we don’t need ‘em,
get ‘em out of here! Dan: Sift that. Ro: Now our sugar, salty-salty!
Phil: Like a bit of salt, there we go! Dan: What is happening? Get out! Ro: That’s
it, jump it around. Phil: Oh there we go, there we go! It’s
coming out. Dan: Whoa is that a whisk? Whoa, OK didn’t
tell me there’d be whisks involved today! Ro: Baking soda and baking powder, you can
put them in at the same time, Ro: that’s OK. Phil: Let’s do it! Ro: Whisk together until well combined. You
can do it slow. Phil: That’s slow! Ro: Or fast to create a lot of dust if you
want. Phil: I am creating a lot of dust… Dan: It’s just like, ‘We’re walking
in the earth!’ Phil: I am sorry everyone! Dan: OK, let’s just put down this whisk
right here, what’s happening with the lemon Ro? Ro: Alright, so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna need to zest it. Phil: Yes. Ro: So if you’re not familiar with zesting…
Phil: That looks dangerous! Ro: It’s very easy! Dan: Get that away from
us! Oh my gosh! Phil: What is this? Ro: I’m gonna teach
you. Dan: This isn’t a Phil job! Ro: It’s a very fine micro blade, kind of
like a cheese grater. Phil: Mmmmm. Dan: Oooh, micro blade! Ro: But you’re just
gonna hold this down, like that. Dan: Nice! Dan: Oh, drag that lemon. Ro: Here, you got
it! Dan: OK, I like this… Phil: You could be
a professional zester Dan! Ro: Zesting! Dan: Finally a viable career!
Bye YouTube! Ro: You can zest lemons… Dan: Your enemies.
Phil: Spiders. Ro: Those are popular baking zests. Dan: What
would happen if you tried to zest a plum? Ro: They don’t really have that kind of
skin for that. Phil: No… Ro: No…. Dan: I’m gonna do it! Ro: Now we’re gonna add all of our zest
into our dry ingredients. Phil: So as the dry ingredients went so well,
what happens now? Ro: Now we are gonna make non-dairy buttermilk,
this is a very very easy thing to do. Dan and Phil: Oooh! Ro: Who wants to pour the apple cider vinegar
into our almond milk? Phil: I feel like my entire life has been
leading up to this moment. Dan: Phil, you are the no lactose guy, you
need to make this not-buttermilk. Ro: Yeah! Phil: Here we go. Ro: Just slowly pour it
in, then using a spoon you’re just going Ro: to slowly stir it together. You want to
stir until it starts to curdle, and Ro: this is basically making a buttermilk
replacement. Dan: So this is cow-free witchcraft right
now, look at this! Phil: Mmmm, here we go! Dan: Now we can add in the vanilla extract
and oil. Oh yeah! Phil: That was satisfying. Dan: Oh my gosh look at this. Ro: Then give
it 1 more stir. Ro: We’ve got our wet ingredients, our dry
ingredients. Phil: Yeah? Ro: I’m gonna have both of you work together,
this is teamwork. Phil: Uh…. Dan: Oh no! Phil: I’m pouring, slower? Ro: Be the turtle! Dan: You’re pouring on my finger, don’t
pour it on my finger! Ro: The only thing to remember is not to over-mix
because you don’t want your batter Ro: to be too tough! Dan: So we didn’t make a gigantic mess,
we have scooped our donut mixture into these Dan: piping bags, look at this! Phil: They
look like alien carrots. Dan: And now it’s time to whack out the
scissors. Phil: Oh no. Ro: Yes. Dan: Carefully! Ro: You want to make sure to spray your pan
so that it won’t stick while it’s baking. Dan: Your spray is a lot more controlled than
Markiplier’s was… Phil: That was a heavy flow… Markiplier: I was told heavy! Ro: Yep, heavy.
Markiplier: They didn’t say how heavy! Ro: So start at the bottom. Phil: Yeah? Ro:
And you’re just gonna fill it about 2/3 full. Dan: So how much mixture do we have? Phil:
Oh no, wait! I’m sorry! Dan: Phil what the heck? Ro: Oh whoa! Phil:
I’m sorry! Phil: It’s falling back in, it’s fine! Ro: It’s OK. Dan: You destroy everything
you touch! Phil: Stop making me laugh! Dan: What is wrong
with you, control yourself! Phil: Stop making me laugh! Dan: You have
destroyed this video, and our futures! Ro: I’m gonna pop these in the oven, you’re
gonna heat your oven to 375 Ro: degrees and bake these for about 10-12
minutes. Dan: Not 13! Phil: No! Ro: No! Phil: Then it’s set afire!
Ro: You’ve gone to far! Dan: I’m watching you! Dan: So whilst that’s baking, what is this
that has appeared before us? Phil: Dun-da-da-daaaa! Ro: Donut glaze! Phil:
My favorite kind of glaze! Dan: You’ve got to glaze it! Ro: Glaze is very easy to make you guys, you
just need powdered sugar, and here Ro: I’ve got my blueberry juice, so Phil
I’m gonna have you pour this in here and Ro: Dan, whisk together. Phil: OK. Dan: It’s
literally just sugar and a color, Dan: you can’t mess this up. Phil: Am I
doing this the right way? Ro: Yeah! Phil: Wooop! Dan: He’s doing it in a smiley
face. Phil: There we go! Ro: You could just leave it here, but I’m
gonna bring a little bit more Ro: vibrance, I’m just gonna add 1 little
drop of food coloring. Dan: Oh man, I just want that all over me! Ro: Now, our donuts have baked, they’ve
had plenty of time to cool. Dan: Da-da-da-da! Ro: I’ve put them on top
of a drying rack. Phil: Ba-ba-ba-ba! Dan: Mmmmhmmm. Ro: And
then, placed it on top of a cookie sheet Ro: lined with a piece of parchment paper,
so that it will catch the excess glaze that Ro: drips off. Phil: OK. Dan: So no matter
how much mess we are definitely gonna Dan: make… Ro: Mmmhmmm. Dan: It will just
drip through. Phil: Nice! Dan: See, we just destroy our house. Phil:
Yeah. Dan: Find sugar everywhere for months. Ro: I just like go slow and steady. Phil: I’m imagining it’s a snail that
I’m going in a spiral shape. Dan: Oh that’s so much better than me. Ro:
What are you doing? Dan: I regret all my life choices. Phil: Oh
Dan, what are you doing!? Phil: I don’t know, mine’s just fallen
down the stairs… Phil: Yours is like… Dan: It’s not having
a great time. Phil: I’m trying a new technique now. Dan:
OK, what is this new technique you’re trying? Phil: It’s like a lion’s mane, rawr! Dan: I’m going for the whirlpool that represents
the inner torment in my soul. Phil: Yay! Dan: There we go. Dan: Oh no, I got some on my hands. Phil:
Oh no what a shame! Oh no! Dan: Oh no it’s happening again! Phil: Oh no! What’s happening!? Ro: Treats for me! Dan: Just lay me down,
can you both just pipe it into my mouth? Dan: This is happening. Ro: They’re gonna set for just a few minutes.
Phil: OK. Ro: And then, we have Ro: 1 final decoration step. Dan: The spiderweb?
Ro: Yep! Phil: You know it! Dan: Yes! Ro: Pew-pew-pew-pew! Phil: Dan got
all the gold stars! Ro: That’s Spiderman. Phil: I bet he’s
happy it comes out of his arms and not Phil: out of his nose. Ro: That would be hard
if you were him to shoot them Ro: out of your nose because you’d have
to go…. Phil: Yeah. Dan: And that’s just gross! Ro: We are gonna need some white royal icing.
Phil: OK. Ro: I put them in plastic baggies with number
2 tips at the end for a little bit more control. Phil: So what’s happening. Ro: We are gonna
pipe 2 crosses, any way you want, Ro: you can go horizontal or vertical. Dan: What, what are you doing!? Phil: I drew
a cross? Dan: What on earth do you think a spider’s
web looks like? Phil: I’m sorry! Phil: I’m sorry! Ro: Oh no! Dan: Oh my gosh! Phil’s
spider got a bit dizzy! Ro: We’ve got our crosses, now it’s time
for inner-web. Phil: Inner-web! Ro: They kind of look like little smiley faces.
Dan: They need the little ladder Dan: steps for them to climb on. Phil: Yes. Ro: Yeah!
Dan: Otherwise how could the spider sit in the web? Phil: Rainbows… Ro: So in between each line, you’re just
going to do a little happy face. Phil: I’ve got this! Mine looks quite
spooky though. Dan: Yours, yeah yours looks like a true basement
web! Phil: One that’s been around for awhile.
Ro: Let me see, you guys, let us know who has the best Ro: web, I think we all know who it is…
Phil: Um, definitely not me! Dan: Don’t, don’t even humor us in the
comments guys, we don’t deserve it! Ro: Now we’re gonna decorate the rest of
our donuts! Phil: OK, I’m gonna do this one well. Dan: I mean mine looks like the spider ate some bad chili, and it just kind of lost control whilst Dan: trying to make a web… Haaarrrrggggghhhhh! All: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the spider donuts that we made
today, in honor of Undertale! Phil: I’m so proud of us! Dan: Muffet would
be proud! Phil: They’re so good! Dan: Especially with
this little apron as well. Ro: Yeah you guys, spoiler! When you meet
Muffet… Phil: Spoiler alert! Ro: This is her tablecloth in the video game. Ro: So let’s display our favorite donut.
Phil: My favorite donut here, Phil: mine’s the basement donut. Dan: Yours
is the beautifully iced one! Phil: Beautiful, it’s almost as if you know
how to bake! Dan: The successful one! Ro: We have to do a taste test. Phil: OK,
let’s do this! Phil: Hawmh! Mmmm! They are so good! Ro: That’s good! Mmmm! Dan: I’m gonna
need a private moment, OK, sorry guys! Ro: I like the lemon! Dan: Whoooooooo! Ro: A big thank you to Dan and Phil for coming
and baking with me today! Both: Thank you for having us! Dan: We had a great time! Ro: You guys, this
was so fun! Dan: This was a successful bake! Phil: Yes!
Dan: We, we really needed this in our lives! Ro: Can I come visit you? Both: You can! Dan:
We’ll show you how we bake in the UK! Phil: Introduce you to the queen. Dan: You’ll
have a terrible time! Ro: These guys are amazing, please go check
out their channels if you haven’t already, Ro: I’ll be putting all their links down
below. And I’ll be taking lots of pictures Ro: of our baking creations that we made today
and I’ll be posting them on Ro: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter!
And if you guys make these, please Ro: take a picture, and send them to us, we
would love to see your baking creations. Dan: We would! Just send ‘em over! Phil:
So much! Send everything! Ro: I love to like, re-tweet them and stuff.
Dan: All that. Ro: It just makes me happy! Phil: Yay! Ro: Makes my day! Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Phil: Bye! Dan: Goodbye! Ro: Dee-dee!

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