Venom 2 Teaser – Carnage and Marvel Spider-Man News Breakdown

I need you to stay quiet this is a me
thing it is not a we thing you got that fine but make it quick open on five one of I think our great
hopes for future films is other articulations of venom symbiote
as fans the comics will know Carnage is the bond between Cletus Kasady
and the red symbiote and so this movie will introduce Cletus Kasady hi
Eddie carnage is the promise of the venom
character taken to the next level so you know going into venom you were hoping
that there’d be carnage and they delivered in a very delightful way that
made you go alright I’ll give you more of my money if you do this again welcome back everyone it’s Charlie we
have a whole bunch of new venom carnage and spider-man stuff to talk about
they’re currently filming venom 2 right now Tom Hardy’s been posting some previews from behind the scenes so we’ll break it all down there’s also news
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video I’ll name a new winner at the end of this so obviously in that clip
they’re just talking about setting up the carnage character at the end of the
venom movie just teasing a big venom versus carnage fight it started out as a
pretty simple concept but now it’s become a much bigger thing because of
all the Marvel and Sony stuff that happened this past summer so for a
little while we all saw spider-man left the MCU Tom Holland says that he got
really drunk at a pub got on the phone with Bob Iger Disney CEO and cried about
bringing spider-man back to the MCU and doing right by the fans Bob Iger gets on
the phone with a Sony president and they fix everything
spider-man is back in the MCU with a brand new sharing deal I’ll play that
clip of Tom Holland talking about getting drunk on the phone with Bob Iger
in a second hands down best way to bring spider-man back into the MCU just get
rip-roaring drunk while you’re talking to one of the most powerful people in
the entertainment industry but the thing that everybody had really been hoping
for this entire time is to finally see spider-man show up in a movie with venom see them cross over even if he’s not going to wear the symbiote right away just to see them together on screen would be amazing before all the drama
it didn’t seem like that was going to be realistic but now because of their new
sharing deal between Marvel and Sony it actually seems like they are planning on
doing that way faster than we ever saw so right now the venom 2 movie has been
shooting scenes that will be set in around New York City the movie itself is
filming in London but they’re making some scenes that they’re filming right
now look like they’re being shot in New York City there’s a couple big Easter
eggs and the stuff that they’re doing I’ll explain that in a second but this
is that funny clip of Tom Holland talking about getting drunk to save
spider-man I don’t know we had a really good plan with what we were going to do
with Sony the future of spider-man was still very bright
but it would have been a shame to take him out the MCU you know where he
belongs and we’ve built such a strong character in that world and it would
have been a shame to lose that but I’m just really glad that we…I’m really
glad you got drunk and got on the phone with Bob and then my family and I went
to the pub quiz and I get a phone call from an unknown number and I’m have a
feeling, I think this is Bob Iger but I’m drunk and then he said there is
a world in where we can make this work and then there was a bunch of phone
calls back and forth from Tom Rothman he was really instrumental in the
process and and and it was really interesting for me to have these two
studio heads ask, what do you think well Bob’s I think… Bob said you cried on
the phone is that true? you did you really I didn’t we I did you
did a little bit one of spider-man’s finest saves
although I would not recommend getting drunk on the phone with people that hold
the power over your contract so the really cool stuff that’s happening right
now on the venom set is that they’re filming scenes at the same Estes home
for boys most of you longtime spider-man comic
book fans and carnage fans will recognize that that is the orphanage
where Cletus Kasady was raised as a boy so presumably there’s either going to be a
flashback there or they’ll have an action scene there said in present day
and they’re setting things in and around New York City they’re slowly moving the
venom character into the periphery of where spider-man is remember what he
said during that venom carnage post-credit scene when I get out of here
there’s going to be carnage so in the comics after Cletus Kasady got the
carnage symbiote one of the first things he did when he went on his rampage was
destroy that orphanage if you haven’t heard anything about the Morbius movie
this sony is doing – it’s sort of a venom spin-off movie with Jared Leto
playing the Morbius character from the comics that movie is also supposed to
take place in and around New York City so you could see that Sony was already
sort of intending on setting their venom verse in and around
city it only made sense that eventually you would start to see spider-man show
up in those films tonight we had a really good plan with what we were going to do with Sony the future of spider-man was still very bright whatever their
long-term plan was before the Sony Marvel drama originally people assumed
that we wouldn’t see spider-man show up with venom in one of those movies like
maximum carnage eventually for a long long time but that might be happening
way faster now because of the terms of their new sharing deal between Marvel
and Sony spider-man has two more MCU movies now including spider-man 3
that’ll be inside the MCU and then there’ll be a crossover movie during
Marvel phase 4 that they haven’t announced yet just mystery movie
speculate all you want about what that’s going to be but right after the
powers-that-be confirmed this spider-man was back in the MCU a little while ago
Tom Hardy separately posted this picture of himself to his Instagram wearing a
spider-man iron spider costume so one is kind of funny to see him do that but –
this was also happening while they were ramping up to hire Andy Serkis and start
shooting the venom sequel so you have all this spider-man and venom stuff
happening behind the scenes and suddenly venom himself Tom Hardy is running
around inside an MCU costume earlier this year while Kevin Feige was doing
press for spider-man far from home before all the drama started he was
asked point-blank if Sony was going to use Tom Hollands spider-man in their venom
movies and he said yes probably but that would be their deal and he wouldn’t have
much involvement in it at the time most of us just assumed that that meant he
was trying to say that venom would not be part of the MCU so any spider-man
venom crossover would be sort of a separate thing and they wouldn’t
consider a cannon to the Marvel movies he later changed his comments after the
spider-man drama when they signed that new sharing deal his direct quote now
and this was published in deadline read spider-man is now the only character who
can travel between cinematic universes which is a joke about the Marvel MCU
multiverse and the way they intend on handling spider-man jumping back and
forth between venom movies and MCU movies and if that doesn’t get you more
excited he was at Brazil Comic Con just a couple weeks ago talking about Marvel
phase four he said that the multiverse would be the future of the MCU
over the next several years their next big story device that they’re using the
way that all the Hollywood news trades were explaining Marvel and Sony’s
crossover plan for spider-man and venom they called it a call and answer system
where spider would appear with venom in a venom movie
at some point Sony is allowed to reference the events of the MCU
spider-man movies as much as they want like Mysterio the vulture Avengers
endgame the snap him dying coming back to life big things like that then after
that venom crossover movie this Sony does when spider-man comes back into
another MCU movie again Marvel is allowed to reference the stuff
that happened to him in that venom crossover but from what they’re saying
Tom Hardy himself won’t jump back and forth between MC movies and Sony venom movies it’ll just be Tom Holland jumping back and forth between universes and
they’ll treat it like a multiverse story like the venom movies are happening in
an alternate universe Tom Holland already confirmed that there was a plan
for something like this in spider-man into the spider burst he was going to
record scenes as if it was his version of MCU spider-man appearing in a
crossover in that film they went up scrapping that plan at the last minute
but it just lets you know that that’s already how they were intending on
handling crossover oh it’s all part of this giant multiverse right now as far
as what the Sony people in the Marvel people have said venom 2 is just them
doing the carnage origin story and venom versus carnage with a couple lesser side
characters thrown in like they added the shriek character as Cletus Kasady’s
girlfriend before he becomes carnage but if Tom Hardy himself is teasing a little
bit of MCU spider-man just having some fun with the fans in some of venom 2
will take place in and around New York City early prediction they start
referencing actual Tom Hollands spider-man at some point during that
film either in a post-credits scene or in the background of one of the scenes
in New York like on a newspaper the other really cool rumor that’s going
around too is that Sony intends on using J jonah Jameson the new version that
appeared at the end of spider-man far from home is this sort of thread through
the Sony in the Marvel films I’ll do more venom and spider-man videos as we start to learn more about what’s going on with the next movie but leave your
requests in the comments below congratulations David Patriots you’re
the giveaway winner for my last big Marvel video please email me on the
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Mandalorian episode 6 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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100 thoughts on “Venom 2 Teaser – Carnage and Marvel Spider-Man News Breakdown

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  5. Sony you listened to fans on sonic so listen now. Do not put spiderman in this universe. If you want an epic show down just have the girl friend get a symbiot. And make it r rated. None of this pg 13 crap and if you go scarry keep it scary dont lighten the mood with a quick switch to corny jokes. Do this and the movie will be epic. So dont listen to the staff, listen to the fans and venmon will top all disney franchise movies by itself. And dont cross him into the disney franchise. I swear if you do anything that is less then r or give carage white teeth im done with any marvel movie you make.

  6. I’m glad thay changed there minds and going to stick to the comic book because I grow up reading the marvel and dc comics in the 80s and where ever spider man was venom and other villains whereat far behind I’m looking forward to seeing the story line unfold simon

  7. Tom Holland's Spiderman should be able to have his own personal vendettas with Venom without the help of Shield and MCU. We all know this to be true because we all know at heart Peter Parker is a loner. Black Cat and Venom are the only ones agile enough to keep up with the web head at his best to the point that they are not in his way.

  8. I think that Eddie is going to die. But, the symbiote is going to work with spiderman and by that, spiderman is going to become venom. And he's got to destroy carnage

  9. As much as I like I like Tom Holland as Spider-Man, I think the Spider-Man films have been mediocre. Venom on the other hand was brilliant. Can't wait to see Holland given a decent script alongside Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson. Should be brilliant.

  10. Really like Hardy and Holland. I'd love to see these character together. Growing up in the 90s, I was of course a huge fan of Maximum Carnage and so add Woody as Carnage and TAKE MY MONEY!

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    Venoms” rival the grey Symbiote

    Miraculously survived and is going to manipulate another host. and build a rocket’ and is going to space and comeback whit around 50 Symbiotes. Which 30 of em’ is in fact.

    Going to die and Carnage is whit the 20 lucky survivors And all survivors is going to find a host.

    And they are going to destroy the planet and make humans and Symbiotes.

    Live together and it is Brock and Venoms job to stop dem”.

    And it is Venom and Brock job to stop dem.🪐VS🌎 THIS IS MI THOUGHTS🙂

  13. So here's my idea/ theory for a movie that works. So Eddie finds a new love far away from cletus. Marries her while doing antihero stuff along the way. Then comes carnage from the symbiote planet/wherever they got venom from. Bio weapon testing ok'ed from the feds. Cletus it tested on, escapes, finds and kills Eddies love on a murderous rampage to fight eddy (with Eddie barely alive even with venom) then to climax with venom vs carnage. Eddie rips him a new one . Teaser for spider man talking to Eddie and venom starting to get ticked off

  14. I want venom to keep going from the last movie no spider man vs venom shit would be stupid I want the guy and venom to work together against the rest of behind kind and go threw space and time and shit

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  18. Tom Holland didnt do shit except maybe remind Grand Overlord Iger that they could make tom holland disappear and therefore Sony would have to rebrand Spiderman again good luck with that shit. This is just a packaged neat little fun story to appease the public.

  19. Venom is the best.

    Eddie is the best.

    Carnage must die. If venom dies then i'm legit going to be so freaking upset. He's my second favorite after iron man if he dies then i think i'll just move onto dc. lol

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  22. I wish they had the guts to do a rated R venom movie. I love the comedic venom we got but the action scenes really didn’t do it for me. They had to dial it back because of the rating even tho he was literally biting heads off.
    Making it rated R doesn’t mean they have to show gruesome blood and gore. They could imply gruesome scenes or stage it in a way that the audience can’t see the worst of it. It just takes me out of the movie when I see him fighting. I know they’re just trying not to limit their audience but I feel like we’re seeing a very toned down version of venom.

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  25. One of the panels I will always remember was when Spider-Man and venom teamed up to find carnage. Carnage was just casually strolling around town killing people. One person he found was a random woman. He grabbed her and slammed her into a brick wall. She didn’t break through the wall. It was like throwing ground beef at a wall.

  26. It'd be dope if they use Madam Web to explain why spiderman is the only one can travel between universes….but it'll probably be Doctor Stange. Still cool.

  27. Tom Holland just does it for, ya know, the FANS. Has nothing to do with just trying to keep working and making big paychecks. Actors really think regular people are stupid.

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  32. Spiderman: The Venum Saga
    Spiderman: Multiverse

    That is the only movie concept I really love to happen specifically the multiverse where all the spiderman character in every comics and movies meet like Toby Maguire our ultimate spiderman in earth 616

  33. I'm sorry but I do not care for this new Spider-Man I don't care for homecoming I don't care for away from home it just now they're they're just ruining the whole entire thing for me I've been a fan of Spider-Man since I was a jitterbug I'm 41 this year and I myself I think that Tobey Maguire hands down best Spider-Man the attitude and everything it just went very fluently this new cat for what I've seen of them I just don't care for him I really don't now but that out the bag with the crossover and stuff like that would have been a mineral I can't wait for I've always been a big fan of them as well and is that Woody Harrelson playing Carnage dad is pretty boss

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