Venom (2018) – You Have A Parasite

Oh, hey, Anne. Eddie, hi. How you feeling? Oh, feeling… I’m sick… Well, Eddie, you have a parasite. They’re not exactly sure how you got it, but
it would explain the fever. That would make sense. Also, I’m hearing, uh… I’m hearing a voice. Uh, Auditory hallucinations are actually very
common. Oh, hey, Dan. How you doing? I didn’t realize that you were on the call,
too. Yeah, I’m here. Hey, Dan, would this parasite… Would it, like, be ale to make me, I don’t
know… Like, climb a really, really, really tall
tree, but super, super fast? Yes. We just did. Uh, well, Eddie, it sounds like it might be
causing some metabolic abnormalities that are making it hard for your body to maintain
homeostasis. You said “causing” and “body,” and… I lost you. Listen, Eddie, um, we are gonna get you on
some meds, and we are gonna clear that out. Yes. Never gonna happen. Will you stop doing that now. Not now. Eddie, we’re just trying to help you. I know. I know. I’m just, I’m not actually talking to you,
Annie. Who are you talking to? I’m just gonna call you back, all right? Thank you. Thank you, Dan. Thank you. Thank you, both.

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