Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

If you want to hear a story about the height
of kleptocracy or maybe better said the depths of cronyism currently in charge of our country.
This is the story for you. Donald Trump has confirmed that he wants to host next year’s
g seven summit at his own Doral Golf Club in Miami, Florida. This would be completely
unconstitutional and this is not my opinion. It’s the opinion of legal and political experts
because there’s this thing called the emoluments clause asked why he wants to do this. This
is hilarious. Donald Trump said, well, it’s convenient because it’s close to Miami airport.
Checkout a visibly sweaty, sniffing and confused. Trump making the case for this after arguing
with a reporter about what counts as a question and then making himself a martyr for willing
to be president of the United States. Take a look. Here we go. Yep. I actually have a question
for you on next year’s g seven summit, but can I just clarify something you said you
mentioned earlier today, one question go. Let me do the clarification and then I’ll
get to the question. You talked about calls with China and a breaking news alert. I’m
trying to understand what specifically you heard from China and on next year’s [inaudible].
You alluded today drop several hens about Miami, about drought and hosting next year’s
g seven at your property. What reassurances, if any, can you give the American people that
you are not looking to profit off the presidency? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve spent and I
think I will. A combination of loss and opportunity probably it’ll cost me anywhere from three
to $5 billion to be precedent. And the only thing I care about is this country couldn’t
care less, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. People have asked me, what do you think it
costs and between opportunity, not doing thing. I used to get a lot of money to make speeches.
Now he gives speeches all the time in order to get Zippo. And that’s good. And I did a
lot of great jobs and great deals that I don’t do anymore. And I don’t want to do them because
the deals are making a great deals for the country. And that’s, to me, much more important.
Derail happens to be within Miami. It’s a city. It’s a wonderful place. It’s a very,
very successful area of Florida. Uh, it’s very importantly, only five minutes from the
airport, the airports right next door. It’s a big international airport, one of the biggest
in the world. Everybody that’s calling all of these people with all of their big entourages
come. Uh, it’s set up. So PR, and by the way, my people looked at 12 sites, all good, but
some were two hours from an airport, some were four hours from Miami. They were so far
away. Uh, some didn’t allow this, so they didn’t allow that. With arou. We have a series
of magnificent buildings. We call them bungalows. They each hold from 50 to 70 very
luxurious rooms. Trump also very interested in racking up mini bar revenue during the
[inaudible]. That’s why he wants Russia back in Putin’s entourage. We’ll show up to DRL
in the new g eight and they will just owe Trump tons of money because of all the vodka
consumption. I mean, this is just so stupid and so illegal, completely unconstitutional.
This would violate the emoluments clause against a government official self enriching by virtue
of being in office. If Donald Trump was not president, there would be no discussion of
holding a g seven at a Trump golf club. This is a way in which Donald Trump is self enriching
by virtue of being president of the United States or potentially self enriching. Trump
constantly sends signals to foreign officials about where should they spend their money.
Trump has already wracked up endless violations of the emoluments clause, and this would be
another one, and the thing with Trump is maybe it’s a good thing compared to corruption behind
closed doors, although there’s plenty of that with Trump. With Trump, a lot of the corruption is out
in the open. I’m wondering, is it possible that doing the corruption and the cronyism
out in the open helps Trump get away with it in some way? If the g seven was that some
secret location and later it turned out that it was Doral or Mar-a-lago, maybe that leads
to more outrage and consequences than Donald Trump. Just saying straight up at my golf
club for all of the cow towering too and praying to the altar of the constitution though I
would love to just hear Republicans say this can’t happen. This can’t happen, but even
though they fetishize the constitution, it’s actually a lot like the Bible for them. We’ve
talked about how a lot of Republicans are all about the Bible but not really. They’re
all about the parts that are convenient for them. Somethings something about abortion,
something, something about gay marriage because man lying with another man or whatever. Otherwise who cares when the Bible is not
convenient for you? They similarly claim to be all about the constitution, but it’s only
certain parts, right? The second amendment and their complete misinterpretation of it
that they are definitely in favor of for sure. The First Amendment for people they agree
with. Absolutely. The emoluments clause. That sounds like something that should only apply
to democratic presidents, and I’ll tell you this, if Trump wants to do the g seven next
year at Doral or Mar-a-lago or whatever, he will probably get away with it. The way it
will go down is will here, it’s about to happen for month after month after month, outrage
panels, debates. Then it will happen. Even the legal experts say, Oh yeah, this is clearly
illegal. It’ll be a week of corporate media panels about, is this impeachable? Is it not
impeachable, blah, blah, blah legal experts. Again, we’ll continue to be United and say,
yeah, this is illegal. Then Trump will threatened and you could tropical storm or something
and everybody will move on and forget about it and he’ll get away with it like he’s gotten
away with everything else. Fiasco after fiasco, cronyism, swamp filling worldwide. Embarrassments
the media outrage cycle chases it for their own benefit and then we move on to something
else. When Trump says let’s bomb a hurricane or send people back to s hole countries or
whatever, and there’s a very good chance, I hate to tell you this, there’s a good chance
this is not going to end in January of 2021 with the inauguration of a Democratic president.
There is a good chance and we need to recognize it and we need to prepare mentally for it
cause I don’t want to see the crying on November whatever, 2020 if and when this happens, there’s
a good chance this is going to go on until January of 2025 when Donald Trump will be
78 years old and will be completing eight years as president of the United States. Be prepared. Buckle up it because it may well
be happening that, uh, is sort of the bulk wrapping up our g seven coverage yesterday
and today. It has been an extraordinary embarrassment. Half the country thinks that it was some major
alpha male victory of some kind for Donald Trump. Uh, but anybody who understands sort
of how the world works and basic geopolitics and diplomacy understands that this was truly
the height of embarrassment for our country. Make sure you follow the David Pakman show
on Instagram, uh, at David Pakman show, we will have a poll and other content related
to the [inaudible]. And while you’re there, follow me at David Dot. Pacman. I have posted
a video to my Instagram of a Portuguese dog. Now, I don’t mean a Portuguese water dog.
I’m not talking about the breed. I’m talking about a dog from Portugal named [inaudible],
which means flee in Spanish or presumably in Portuguese as well. I’m guessing, uh, who
watches the David Pakman show? Okay. There is a Portuguese dog that watches the David
Pakman show daily and I have a video of that dog on my Instagram
at David Dot. Patrick, follow me there. We’ll take a quick break, much, much more after

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91 thoughts on “Visibly Sweaty Trump Wants G7 Summit at His Golf Club

  1. What a bald faced liar. He hasn't lost anything by being president, if anything he has taken that opportunity to publicize his "brand" and profit off of his position. All the foreign trips and secret meeting he and his family have had were just business meetings done on the taxpayers dime. He has even traveled to Florida each weekend to play golf, again on the taxpayers dime. I hope that when his presidency is declared illegitimate the government will present Trump Enterprises with a bill for the cost of those trips and for the reimbursement of the wages he collected and said he donated. Even if the money was donated, he would be able to deduct that amount of money off his income taxes, so he would have gotten that money in his pocket that way. This man's idea of sacrifice is while other men were at war, and serving their country, his sacrifice was to stay home in a comfortable home and make money. Maybe his idea of sacrifice was that after his Trump steaks did not sell, he was forced to eat all that fatty horse meat himself.

  2. The only thing Trump, republicans and their supporters care about is their "Racist Agenda"! They don't care that Trumps a criminal, that he's corrupt, that he's a rapist, that he's a sexual predator, that he's a pathological liar, that he's a traitor, that he's a dumb ass, that he's a selfish bastard, that he's making money off the presidency, that he's a bigot, that he's homophobic, that he's xenophobic or a male chauvinist pig! They only care that he's a RACIST! His RACISM is all republicans care about! That's why they love him so much! That's why they stand by him! They envy that he's a proud RACIST!!!!

  3. Who can argue with his logic? 🤔. Oh wait, anyone including a 4 year old. This crook though…lock him up, lock him up!

  4. the only reason he says he is losing billions its because he will file for bankruptcy the second he is out of office!

  5. Ordinarily I would post this clip to FAKEBOOK, BUTT, FAKEBOOK IS

  6. from all i'm hearing you say about the likelihood of Trump being president throughout and until 2025, this then has become the MOST frightening video you have as of yet put out. thanks!

  7. He literally just tried to justify the reason why he wants the G8 to be held in his property .. he said well since I do speeches for free .. then I deserve this ! This is absurd and needs to stop !! Anyone who can defend this behavior doesn’t deserve a platform ! Just say you are racist or something and leave !! Wtf


  9. Donald Trump steals from you Americans and betrays you, mostly from those who don't have much anyway and you sit there and watch stupidly!
    Any reasonably intelligent, democratic country would have thrown this so-called "president" in jail long ago and removed him from office!

  10. If he tries to have it there we protest before it happens and block all vehicles entering. He needs to stop profiting off of the office. He has broken that 2300 times

  11. It is important to talk about what people can do to stop this from happening. I know you talk about the vote but there is so much more that can be done. Contribute whatever time or money you can to the candidate of your choice; do everything in your power to prevent Trump from winning. If for some ungodly reason he does, at least you can say you did everything possible to try to stop it. The election of 2020 is far from being decided and there is still a lot of time to help make a difference.

  12. The Russians have completely wired the fucking place and are jizzing themselves over the potential intel orgy they’ll get and Trump looks great for Putin

  13. Yes he's losing billions so therefore whtever he gains will be just a drop in the bucket..
    Trump supporters eat this up like there's no tomorrow..

  14. I can't begin to say how sick & tired I am of hearing & reading about all of the greed & corruption perpetrated by not only Trump but also by his cronies. If all of this does not inspire people to act & really drain the swamp, then nothing ever will. I’m talking about everyone who is living under a ’Democratic ’ system. Unfortunately, I believe that continuing apathy will be the death of democracy, everywhere.

  15. you think China is sincere eh? wow. are you an idiot right there in front of the entire world, talking about making money off the presidency illegally, holy shit ,

  16. 2:08,… lol. He sounds like he trying to sell the fucking place,… : )
    He can fly them in using Trump airline,… Feed them Trump Steak,… They could spend their free time in Trump Cassano's, or in his theme Park, "Jurassic Trumping",… : )

  17. Democrats have to win 2020 by standing behind whoever is the nominee. I like Bernie but if Satan is the democratic nominee I will have to vote for that person no matter what. Because not wanting to vote for Hillary got us Donald Trump to my regret. We must band together as one, we are stronger together then we are divided period end of story.

  18. WTF David, how can you think that this POS can win re-election with such a low approval rating David? Am I missing something something here ?

  19. See, David, this is what pisses me off about this whole Orange Buffoonary and shows that ask dumb-ass questions that you presented at 4:00. How does he get away with his behavior? Really? REALLY??? Oh, hell no. This entire shit show of a presidency, our world stage humiliation, is because of the DEMs: Pelosi • Schumer • Nadler currently are playing cutesy little games. Obama, the Hope & Change guy? He gets in and hires all of Bush's admin and protects banksters. He srops more drones than Bush! Clinton was a trainwreck, but Wasserman-Schultz/DNC hands her the primary. And here we are, watching Pelosi cower to the same donors that fund Trump. I am so sick of these rhetorical Progressive soundbites. If the DEMs still can't or won't see We, the People, are fucking sick and tired of alllll of them, then that sweaty, ugly orange pudgy thing is gonna rock another term. The People voted DEMs in last Nov to kick some orange ass and all they've done (with the exception of The Squad) is … NOT A FUCKING THING. God damn. Get on with it.

  20. Sadly, Trump's behavior, and the Republicans quietly allowing it, is slowly pushing the country towards a civil war. Trump will lose in 2020, and I hope there is a peaceful transition of power to a more responsible administration. But we need more than that.

    We need to make sure Senate rules are changed so that the majority leader cannot dismiss any bill he chooses. It is like one man taking away the democratic voting power of the senate. That's not democracy. The founding fathers never intended this. It's part of what is protecting the current, rogue president, and it must change. The current senate leader should be impeached for abusing this privilege.

    Also, I'd like to see the electoral college make a simple change: make it so the electoral college cannot be a factor in 2 consecutive elections. So if a president loses the popular vote but wins the electoral college for his or her first term, the next election has no electoral college, so that president must win the popular vote in order to get a 2nd term. Or put the electoral college into effect only once every 8 years, instead of every 4. That seems fair to me.

    And of course we should have election reform. A paper trail for example. Find some ways to end Gerrymandering. Find ways to keep hackers out of the precincts etc. Also, all political advertising should show the source of the money, down to the individual donors. That's only fair. The super pacs should have to submit to election laws like everyone else.

    Also, we must find a way to redistribute wealth. Capitalism is great, but after many decades, the wealth starts to concentrate. The rich get richer, the poor poorer, and we turn into a feudalistic society. Probably the best way to keep this in check is to use taxation not just on income but on capital for the utlra wealthy. Elizabeth Warren's proposal for a 2% tax on wealth over $50 million is a great great way to gently redistribute wealth. It will save us from becoming a 3rd world country, which is where we're headed right now.

  21. Trump appears to be drugged, hence the sniffing. I doubt that the other G7 leaders will agree to meet at his property, they'll cancel next year instead. He is too disruptive

  22. Russians are good for Trump's businesses, period. They are also good for the NRA and Lindsey, and Moscow Mitch and…the GOP! Keeping Russia great again 2020!

  23. Haha not going to happen you fucking moron. He won't be president by then hopefully. Listen to the verbal bullshit coming out of his month

  24. Dr Buga…I love 💕 your name…but I believe you are referring to Human crab 🦀 Lice AKA Crotch Crickets 🦗!

  25. This guy is a loser and what a fukin liar. Hes richer now as president. SHOW YOUR TAXES LETS SEE HOW MUCH YOU MADE. TRULY A FUKIN DUMMY

  26. There has been zero repercussions for pretty much everything this crook has done since he has taken office so why would he change? He is an unethical, immoral, apolitical opportunist and collectively America has embraced him and his 'values'. I wish you all luck. You desperately need it.

  27. WHY, WHY, WHY is this sac of shit still president?? Any other CEO would have been fired months ago! Pull your head out of your ass USA & lock this idiot up! Its so obvious he is screwing everyone over!

  28. Sounds legit… charge the shit out of the us government and all other 6 governments and pay yourself.
    Or, have us government and foreign governments upgrade your facility… free

    Yep legit.. #trumplogic

  29. About ten years ago I visited the US for the first time and I stayed at the Doral for several days after arriving at Miami airport… now it's owned by the US President and he wants to hold a G7 summit there. What has reality become?

  30. Miami airport is not the largest international airport in the world.
    Another falsehood from are lying president.
    I will not be surprised after hurricane Doria hits Florida, that Donald Trump will use FEMA money to repair his resort.

  31. This isn't about Trump's money,
    If you have more than 2 working brain cells you should be able to know the real reason.

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