VW 2015 Beetle Classic | 2015 Montreal Auto Show | Volkswagen Canada

>>If you’re looking at a Beetle, you’re certainly not looking to blend in with the crowd. >>And with the Beetle Classic, it takes you one step further. >>It’s all about heritage. And Heritage is the name we’ve given to our new 17″ alloy wheel. >>It looks just like the Beetles from the 70’s, only this time using the most modern alloy technology >>so they’re lightweight and really powerful. Inside, the checkered cloth >>is stylish, elegant and extremely comfortable. >>And WOW. Talk about feature.>>This car’s got everything including a standard navigation system >>so you’re never going to get lost in your Beetle Classic. >>Under the hood of the Beetle Classic, >>you’ll find our All New 1.8L Turbocharged direct-injection engine. >>That’s a mouthful and wow does it provide power on the road.>>170HP and 184 lb-ft of torque>>makes sure you get great mileage, great economy and real robust driving characteristics. >>And it comes in your choice of transmission. >>5-speed manual, or 6-speed automatic.>>So you can tailor your Beetle Classic to your driving style. >>The Beetle Classic is available now. It’s loaded with features >>and available at value pricing. >>and available at value pricing.

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