Walter’s Laugh – The Money Pit (4/9) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

Hi, this isJulia Child
with a tip on making
crepes Suzette, that marvelous
flaming dessert
that you do at the table. You need a nice flaming setup.
l’ve got a heat source there. There’s an attractive pan. ln the pan l have a mixture
ofsugar, butter, orangejuice
and grated orange peel. l’m taking a crepe,
and l’m bathing it
in this mixture– [ Crackling ]
[TV: Child Continues ] [ Loud Crackling ] [TV: Child ]
l like to use a no-stick pan
and heat until water– [Tiles Breaking ]
[ Electricity Crackling ] [ Blender Whirring ] [TV: Child Continues ] …and on goes
some nice brandy. Let it bubble up well,
and then dip it
intoyour flames– Ow ! Little problem
in the kitchen.
Nothing trivial. Well
the ďurkey’s done. So is the kitchen. Actually,
i t’s a l i ttle overdone
for my taste. Let’s not
go there again. You don’t want to
tell me what happened ? l just want to relax
in a nice lukewarm bath. [Walter]
l don’t think
that can hurt us anymore. [ Laughing ] [ Laughing Hysterically]

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13 thoughts on “Walter’s Laugh – The Money Pit (4/9) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

  1. Legend has it that the laugh still out there and is moving away from earth in an ever-expanding circle, and is now approximately 30 light-years away. The original television broadcast has already passed several star systems, with a few of these harboring intelligent life. As best as the alien scientists can tell, this seems to be some sort of primitive mating ritual. However, it seems the female has no interest at all in the male…The scientists also speculate that if this is what the males have to go through each time they want to mate, there can't be that many of us.

  2. Laughed at my husband like this one time when I walked into the kitchen an saw him use an electric can opener to open a can of biscuits.

  3. this laughwas used to signify that you had lost in an accessible battleship game for the blind that you could play years ago the game is no longer available but you might be able to play it I’m not kidding

  4. My God this kitchen, this house is just doomed
    Julia cannot save dinner and Tom and Shelley you bought a house of horror

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