Wasp Deposits Parasitic Larvae Deep Inside Tree Trunk

The wasp’s antennae scan every millimeter
of bark. For a very specific spot. She’s found it. Now megarhyssa manoevres her ovipositor into
position. But it’s much too long. First it’s coiled into a special flexible
pouch in her abdomen. Now the drill is at right angles to the wood. She can bore straight through the bark. With hi-tech precision she drills towards
the larva of a wood wasp. The megarhyssa pierces its body and injects
her venom. This won’t kill the larva, but paralyzes
it – for ever. She retracts the ovipostor – just a little. And then lays an egg directly on to the surface
of the immobilized wood wasp larva. Her egg turns into a larva, that will eat
the paralyzed host bit by bit… …until it’s ready to emerge.

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100 thoughts on “Wasp Deposits Parasitic Larvae Deep Inside Tree Trunk

  1. Some peaople sau that god made everything in the World and that he is a Great guy, but why the fuck then should he make insects that do that. And in the bible IT Also says that ITS alowed to have slaves, i defentely dont belive in god ITS such a joke If u Ask me. Like if u agree and dislike if u dont🌞

  2. Thank for letting me know their weakness, when I see one of these raping a tree I just got to whip out the good ol belt and smack it before it's too late.

  3. Why in the world am I watching this video at 3:05 in the morning you might ask?

    Why, because I’m an idiot who just gave himself nightmares on accident.

  4. Can you begin to imagine how sharp that ovipositor must be, to bore through solid wood with less force than a doctor giving you an injection?

  5. A wasp screws with a tree, and lays an egg, then another wasp screws ith the wasp and destroys that pupa.

    Nature drank too much vodka

  6. I HATE wasps…like you can’t just kill the prey…NOOooOOoooOo let’s keep it alive while my young eat it from the inside out

  7. God thought normal wasps where to bland and hit that "upgrade" button on his keyboard
    He was like "fuck go back" but it was too late…

  8. One time one of these was flying around my 2nd grade classroom because the teacher had brought in some wide logs to use as seats. Everybody was terrified of it because of its huge stinger

  9. I wasnt listening. Alll I was thinking about was a bunch of school kids come skipping along and wack the shit out of it with a book

  10. The Woodwasp itself is also a parasite. In Nature there are some Parasites that are specialised to parasite other Paratits.. really weird!

  11. Subhan Allah
    Creation to watch
    Creation to think
    Koee to hai jo
    Nizam-e- hassti
    Chala raha hai
    Wahi HUDA hai
    "HUDA" one of asmaae Al husnah.
    Beshak Mera Rabb azeem tar hai

  12. This wasp is amazing. Imagine it's like a doctor who would inject with a syringe through the wall without see the patient behind the wall. It's cool huh?

  13. Nice! I remember seeing two of these wasps coming to a dead tree in the backyard one day and I was wondering what they were doing walking around all the surface.

  14. Wow! You'd think that hiding deep inside the solid bark of a tree would be foolproof protection from predators.

    It's just incredible how no matter the defense, something in nature inevitably finds a way around it.

  15. Dude I walked out of my apartment and this big hell creature was flying at my face. Came back during lunch a d blasted it with bug spray didnt know what it was

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