We CAUGHT Our CLONES! Time For The Ultimate Battle In the HEXBUG Gladiator Ring!/ Jake and Ty

– [Ty] This video is sponsored by HEXBUG. – [Jake] You can learn more about about HEXBUG Gladiators by clicking the link down below. – [Ty] They’re also available
in-stores at Target. (mysterious music) (bells jingling) – Did you take my phone? – No.
– No! – Ty.
– I did not! – We haven’t seen your
phone, we didn’t take it. – You always take my phone. – Who clogged the toilet? (intense mysterious music) – Jake, Ty. – [Ty] What? – What have you guys been doing? – We’ve been on the computers,
Mom, we did nothing. Something fishy is going on. Why are we getting blamed
for all these things we didn’t do?
– Yeah. (electronics buzzing) (intense mysterious music) – We caught them. – You’re busted! – We don’t care, what are you going to do about it?
– Hm? – You guys gotta get back in the mirror. We’re getting in trouble for everything. We’re not going back in the mirror. – It’s our turf. Our parents are blaming us for everything. – You want us to go back in the mirror? We challenge you to a battle. – Losers go back in the mirror. – And winners stay. – [Both] Challenge accepted! – Get ready to battle. (action music)
(electronics buzzing) – [Jake and Ty] Whoa! – You guys ready to battle? – We brought our favorite toys. – What’s inside the box? (wood creaking)
Whoa. – HEXBUG robots! – Wow. – For this challenge, we’re battling robots in Gladiator Stadium. – You have a ton of these things here. You get eight unique
characters to pick from. – We’ll let you go first. – Wait, what about batteries? Batteries are already included. – Oh, that’s really good.
– Cool. Let’s set this up. – Watch this, I’m going to snap. (upbeat techno music) – [Jake and Ty] Cool! – This is going to be epic. – Mm-hmm, we can pick first. – Yeah, which one should we pick? – Hmm, this one. – Uh, I’m going to pick this one. – Okay, let’s do that one. I’m going to pick this one. – Cool. Each one has different snap-on weaponry. I think that’s going to be a good place. And then, just have one on the back so they can’t get me from the back. (upbeat techno music) We’re ready to battle. I’m going to challenge Clone Ty. – Good luck, that means I get Clone Jake. – Challenge accepted. – I’ll take on Jake. It looks like we get
these four gladiators. – What they don’t know is that we can mix and match winning combinations to ensure our win. – Okay. (upbeat techno music) – Finished.
– Finished. – Let’s build our other gladiators. – Okay. – Make sure that you mix and match to ensure our victory. (upbeat techno music) – My gladiator is done. – I’m almost done with my gladiator. – Whoa, that’s cool. – We’re ready for battle. – You can find HEXBUG
Gladiators in-store at Target. You ready to battle? – Uh, yeah. – Ready, go. (HEXBUGS rattling) – Oh, already? Why? – That was too easy. See, mixing and matching does work. – Time for me to take on team short stuff. – I’m not going in the
mirror, I’m winning this one. – You ready for this?
– Mm-hmm. – Three, two, one, go. (HEXBUGS rattling) – Come on.
– I have to win, come on! – [Ty] Whoa, I’m going to win. Come on. – [Jake] Mix and match will win this. (HEXBUGS rattling) Come on, maximum spin. – Spin! – [Ty and Jake] Go! – [Ty] Get him. Ah, they’re so close.
– Come on. What are you doing? Just get in there. – Argh, stay on. Come on Gonna win.
– I’m going to win. – [Ty] No. You got this.
– Come on, please win. – Yes, go, go, go.
– You got to stay on there. – Keep going, come on.
– Get off, please. – Yes, you got him, so
close, just push him. – No, no!
– Go, go, go! Come on. – Don’t fall off.
– Don’t let him free, no. – Yes.
– Come on, yes, push him, push him, push him. – [Both] No! – [Jake] Come on, don’t go back there. Get him, yes, push him off. – No, no, no!
– Come on! – Come on, stay on there. – You just got a chance, (action music)
yes, keep pushing. – No, no. – No! – Come on, stay on there. – You can win this. – Come on!
– Come on! Yeah! – No, I lost. I have to win the next one. – Come on Ty, we have to win this. – Mm-hmm, that didn’t go so well. Let’s pick our next two. – Okay, um.
– I’m going to pick this one. – I’m going to pick this
one, it looks really cool. – Okay. – What should I stick in the front? (upbeat techno music) – Okay, I’m done customizing my robot. – Same here, I really hope
these robots will win. – Mm-hm – I’m so nervous because
I lost the last round. I have to win this one or
else I go into the mirror. – This is going to be too easy. Are you going to bring
some game this time? – I got this. – Ready, get set, go. (bell rings) (HEXBUGS rattling) – No! – Yours is out first. (laughing manically) Jake has to go in the mirror. – This is too easy. Just got to win this last battle
and they’re in the mirror, and we can wreak havoc on this family. – I hope I win, I put claws on the side so I could grab him and knock him off. – I’m going to win, you have no chance. – Uh-uh, I’m going to win. Ready?
– Set. – [Both] Go.
(bell ringing) – You’re gonna lose. – Uh-uh. – Come on!
– This is so much fun. – Yeah. Yes, yes!
– Whoa – Yours fell off first. Yes!
– No! Oh no, I lost. – And now, you have to go into the mirror. – No! We just lost. – And mom, dad, and our sisters will never know what happened to us. – Mm-hm. – [Both] Yeah, we won. Now you guys have to
go back in the mirror. (laughing manically) – You can learn more
about HEXBUG Gladiators by clicking the link down below. – They’re also available
in-stores at Target. (intense mysterious music) (electronics buzzing) (intense mysterious music)

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  3. You guys could have walked to the mirror then stalled so they got mad then they get close and then u push them in

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  5. Hope u can escape or something because that seems really scary. I also saw the last video where you got told off of doing nothing because of your clones. I was really worried when you two lost the game so hopefully u get them back from doing anything you haven’t done.

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