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100 thoughts on “We Have a Crazy Person Running Our Country

  1. can't he's people read that at moment the lawyers for Trump are fighting to stop pre-existing condition in the court & that he is cutting benefits to the disable & the seniors he is destroying the climate change in 30 years from now we will be fighting for water & food so keep on voting for this derenge president self loathing /blood on his hands /crook /capo de tutti & evrybody around him has been convicted of felons .so lying with the dogs & with flees.its a disgrace folks we have become the laughing stock of the world.

  2. We know trump is looney tunes and we have known this fifteen years ago…trump just didn’t get insane three years ago….dingbat Donald does not belong not only in the WH but D.C. or theUSA…TRUMP IS THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD

  3. when it comes to these Trump rallies, what makes it hard for me to watch isn’t so much Trump (who’s always hard to watch in general) but seeing all of the people in the audience behind him who just cheer on and feed into every single thing he says no matter how untrue or straight up crazy it is! just reminds me that there are still people out there who are so politically brainwashed they are incapable of thinking or seeing anything as anything other than a “republican”. naive to their own hypocrisy, and literally only think with the perspective “republican vs democrat”. i could go on and on… just unbelievable…

  4. The reason he wants everyone to read the transcript is so you can tell him what it says (Trump can't read or tell the truth LOL)

  5. To the African Descendants standing behind dump, I do hope they paid you both well to stand behind him.
    FYI, you gentlemen just made a "deal" with the devil. You sold your souls, buds.

  6. I just can't imagine having such a tiny brain that you can stand and cheer someone while they heap praise on themselves. It gives me diarrhea while I'm vomiting.

  7. Kimmel is the Crazy Person. The economy of the USA has NEVER done better than it is today with Trump at the helm. Not because I say so, it is because every economic indicator says so….the stock market….the unemployment rate…. the GDP etc etc etc. Look it up. 'Jimmy' graduated from Ed W. Clark High School, and then attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas (for one year), and Arizona State University (for two years) and that was IT….OUT. And too embarrassed to even say what he failed in. Trump not only graduated from The Wharton School Of Economics but turned an inheritance of 1 million into Three BILLION. Who would you rather have managing your finances…..yes….and you got him….lucky you.

  8. I think he has a "pre exsisting condition" also known as dementia. Acctually that's an insult to people that were smart and then came down with dementia. Trump has never been smarter than a fifth grader

  9. All you morans on here have been completely controlled and lied to by this far left media. The polls are hilarious. Except the same polls in 2016 had Trump losing as well. Lmao. You’ll see. Trump 2020 is inevitable. 🇺🇸💪🏼

  10. Jimmy Kimmel…you are such an OBVIOUS IDIOT I won't even rant on you. You've already showed us ALL what BETA MALE you are. Jackass.

  11. He sounds like he just pulls stuff out of his a**. I mean as the president of the US at least sound professional when speaking in front of our country.

  12. Ronald Regan was not that great a president for the people of the USA . The dog didn’t defer from active duty, the dog served.

  13. I've been trying to come up with some kind of comment that best sums up my reaction to this video but I'm at a loss for words. All I can think of the meme with Picard doing a facepalm. I'm that feeling. How many more days do we have of this nonsense? I want a new president now!

  14. Loved the Mar-a-Lego — Woooo! So Funny! Glad we can laugh at something — this President is so…what's the word????

  15. I love the comments, communist and liberal retard tears, so much salt, but Jimmie is the big treasure chest, more salt please you brainwashed leftists!

  16. #1, dogs don't sweat…or lie,…#2 they are loyal. All 3 are the exact opposite you. You TREASONOUS BSTRD. Burn in hell.

  17. Watching that video of Sean Spicer side by side with a real professional pair of dancers was painful, though I give credit to Spicer's partner, who actually has grace.

  18. Been saying it from the start. Can't believe Americans actually voted him into office. He's just a sleezy pyscho casino owner.

  19. So the corrupt, senile Biden is more popular than Trump. I guess your country deserves to die in unemployment and debt. You definitely don't deserve Trump.

  20. We are going to miss this clown show , when he is taken off the air. But it will be the best thing for our country, and possibly the world.

  21. I know the Trump campaign pays minorities to stand behind Stump and act as though they think he's wonderful. But how can they reconcile money for betraying themselves and their families? Disgusting.

  22. funny how he praise himself for u.s army work on isis but when obama was potus he kept complaining that people gave to much praise to obama for bin-laden, what an idiot

  23. It’s so refreshing to watch a 9 minutes video after the awful “Team Coco” YouTube channel that splits them up into 1 minute clips (yes, ONE!)

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