Web Extra: FOX and Friendly Fire | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Hi, I’m Samantha Bee and I have
some good news to report Roger Ailes, one of the most powerful men
in news and politics is out. The former Fox News chairman and CEO toppled
following accusations of sexual harassment, first made in a lawsuit
brought by former anchor Gretchen Carlson. Then this week reports that Fox
star Megyn Kelly told investigators Ailes harassed her when she was a young
correspondent in Washington congratulations Roger, you finally
achieve your ultimate fantasy getting fucked by two gorgeous employees at the
same time For those of you who aren’t forced to
watch it for your comedy jobs, Fox news is the only 24 hour news
network to feature a strategically placed leg cam to showcase the most
qualified body parts of its female contributors plus the daily women’s show trading on
the titillating tension between owning a harem and fear of emasculation so yeah, turns out the guy who runs that
network is kind of a creep. Who would have guessed? Roger Ailes made Fox news an
unstoppable power house by discovering the secret to big ratings: what viewers really want is to be
furiously angry while also having a boner the other part of the arousal was
achieved through Roger’s uncanny ability to take a thing that may or may not
exist, put an ominous spin on it and then force
feed it to us all day like a foie gras goose until we were terrified fox news was his masterpiece, a
right-wing nightmare factory powered by white resentment and relentless
misinformation turning out propaganda 24/7 and making family Thanksgivings
unbearable for 20 years, but now he’s heaved his rancid bulk out of Fox HQ for
the last time. Girl powe! We’ll never again have to worry about Ailes using his
manipulative genius to drag our nation into Mordor like a pervy shelob Roger Ailes. Is he helping you? Is he advising you? Well, I don’t want to comment but he’s been a friend of mine for a long time holy Christ we’re fucked

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56 thoughts on “Web Extra: FOX and Friendly Fire | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

  1. Now Ailes can retire back to his palace on Tatooine to spend more time with his pet rancor and frozen carbonite Han Solo trophy.

  2. he is old, white, rich, and conservative so he will face no justice and looks like he got a multi million dollar severence package

  3. good lord someone get this woman a chair. How can you call yourself a host without one. I know tbs isn't the biggest, but surely they could afford a simple chair. You don't even need a desk. I'll buy you one if you need me too, but don't expect anything fancy.

  4. since murdoch apparently just dictated the new UK PM I'm not that thrilled to see him suddenly go hands on in the US…

  5. In the U.K. We have a law called 'the trade description act', it means you can't sell a lemon whilst calling it
    an orange. Fox would be prosecuted daily for pretending to be a news show…..And she's right, Trump= F##cked.

  6. He left! But he managed to stoke public anger to the point where they've hatefucked the GOP into a coma and who knows what they are going to do to their democracy in November.

  7. Wait, I'm confused. Why on earth would Sam criticize a show for having "too many" women and what they wear? Women can choose to wear dresses and skirts if they want to and if anything you'd think she'd praise the use of women in more major roles. I understand fox news is absolute nonsense, but Sam is having some inconsistent feminist outrage here

  8. I used to work at a nursing home, and hoo boy, did those old people love petting that Fox. Every day they'd line up at the trough to guzzle away, never noticing that it was actually the Fox's litter box.

  9. Ailes' legacy will continue to wreak havoc long after his personal influence has faded. Much like Trump's.

  10. A non comedian who employees people to thumb up her own videos = samantha bee
    I don't like fox – but she's obviously a liar cause she likely never says anything about the constantly lying cnn and others

  11. Bee is amazing! Look up her classic Daily Show report from a few years called "NILFs" -or any other Bee appearance from her time there- & you see the DNA fully brought to term on her show. Full Frontal is not for is not the weak or the spineless.

  12. "Leg Cams" Whoo hoo! 'DEM LEGS!!!

    I don't like the stuff that is said on Fox News, but I can't deny those all those gorgeous legs, high heels, and mini-skirts! There are times when I will just turn to the network but keep the sound off. Seriously. I am not being sarcastic. I do that sometimes. 😀

  13. or forced to watch it because of your father who's a acolyte of the show. He even made me read one of O'Reilly's books. Urg.

  14. why wouldn't trump comment? why is it that Righty has to speak in hushed tone when they talk about their views? why are they the ones who have to take back what they said- Uh- I really didn't mean that- I was being sarcastic- I meant hit them on twitter

  15. I am a Bee fan and a Faux hater so loved it. Is it even possible that the massive lies of Hannity and O'Reilly may be reined in?

  16. and here it is weeks later and nothing has changed; its almost as if they like wearing mini skirts and push up bras; will never understand those family values folks

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