Weekly Cantonese Words with Olivia – Bugs and Insects

Hello! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words!
I’m Olivia, and this week we are going to talk about Bugs and Insects. Okay, Bugs and Insects. 蜘蛛 (zi1 zyu1)
蜘蛛 (zi1 zyu1) are “spiders”. 蜘蛛 (zi1 zyu1) in a sentence: 蜘蛛係益蟲,唔好殺佢呀。
(zi1 zyu1 hai6 jik1 cung4, m4 hou2 saat3 keoi5 aa3.)
“Don’t kill spiders, they are good insects.” 螢火蟲 (jing4 fo2 cung4)
螢火蟲 (jing4 fo2 cung4) is “firefly”. Now this is something I like. 每到六月,就可以去睇螢火蟲。
(mui5 dou3 luk6 jyut6, zau6 ho2 ji3 heoi3 tai2 jing4 fo2 cung4.)
“In June, we can go look at fireflies.” 毛蟲 (mou4 cung4) is “caterpillar” 我養過毛蟲,睇住佢變成蝴蝶。
(ngo5 joeng5 gwo3 mou4 cung4, tai2 zyu6 keoi5 bin3 sing4 wu4 dip2.) “I have kept caterpillar
and watch it turn into butterfly.” It was a really cool experience. 蚊 (man1) is “mosquito”. Mosquitos are annoying!
我俾蚊咬。(ngo5 bei2 man1 ngaau5.) “I got bitten by mosquito” or “I got mosquito
bites.” 我俾蚊咬。(ngo5 bei2 man1 ngaau5.) 蜜蜂 (mat6 fung1) is “bee” 蜜蜂整蜂蜜。
(mat6 fung1 zing2 fung1 mat6.) “Bees make honey.” See the play of words? 蜜蜂 (mat6 fung1)
is “bee” and 蜂蜜 (fung1 mat6) is “honey”. It’s really easy to remember.
蜜蜂 (mat6 fung1) and 蜂蜜 (fung1 mat6) So that’s it for today, today we talked
about Bugs and Insects. And I’ll see you next time at Cantonese Weekly Words. I’m
Olivia. Bye! 下次見!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Cantonese Words with Olivia – Bugs and Insects

  1. Just a curious question(s?: What is/are the cantonese word(s) for: praying mantis, lady bug and scorpion?

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