What am I doing ?

Guy: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here tonight, in Lidl, to buy ingredients to make a wonderful cake….? Girl: Ali Baba Guy1: Ali Baba? Guy2: It is a cake? Guy1: I just found out how it is called, dear people, and I can`t wait to work on it and eat it. Girl 2: Are we buying this flower in the end or no ? Because I didn’t understand…
Guy2: No Guy2: Weren`t we doing something with meat ?
Girl: Nope Girl 2: Peasants Guy: I would like to share with you, that today…what date is today ? Girl 3, Girl 2 and Guy2: 10
Guy: 10 ? November?
Everyone: yes Guy: The best thing in this universe happened to me, I slipped on a banana peel, I didn’t fall, but i did slip on a banana peel. Girl1 *obviously needing a spoon* Girl3: A spoon?!..I told you you`ll end up mixing with the knife :))
Girl1: Fine give me that knife! Girl2: Actually we have no idea what we are doing Girl1: The whole egg? Girl3: Yes, I think…Wait, open the phone lets see the recipe
Girl1: Now that would be bad… For the syrup:
1kg sugar
1l water
200ml wine
and the secret ingredient: *Love* (jk….just vanilla sugar) Girl3: Wait, wasn`t there a knife on the table!? Then cut the Babas in halves and bathe them in syrup :>Girl3: What are you pouring there? What kind of dusts?
Girl2: Hardener for my entire life…jk…hardener for the whipcream. Girl3: And how many are you going to use? X2 Girl2: Do I have to put 2 ?
Girl3: Yes Girl2: Ok, then wait, we`ll do something else Girl3: Shall I help you ? Hold that mixer?
Girl2: Nope it is ok I can handle it. Girl2: Listen to the sound. This is a dirty job. Girl2: It is not really glitter, but this is not important, I`ll just pretend…

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