What Do Bedbugs Look Like?

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. Not exactly a comforting sentiment when you think about it. But, creepy crawlers are a fact of life. Bed bugs, have specially high notoriety. Many people feel they appear due to filthy living conditions, but that’s just not the case. Some of the most prestigious and cleanest places can acquire these
unwanted visitors from anyone, or anything that has come into contact with them. Not knowing how to identify them, is the number one reason
infestations develop. So lets answer that important question, what do bedbugs look like? Well the first thing to look for are the adult bed bugs, they can be the size of an apple seed, and not far off from the color as well. And when they feed, their small, flat, oval-
shaped bodies will turn to a reddish-brown color. Newly hatched nymphs are white or tan, and about the size of a pinhead. They too, will turn
a reddish-brown color after feeding. That’s it. Now it’s just a matter of
knowing, where to look. Until next time, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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One thought on “What Do Bedbugs Look Like?

  1. Thanks for sharing.ย  Bed bugs usually come out at night for a blood meal. However, they are opportunistic insects and can take a blood meal during the day, especially in heavily-infested areas. Bed bugs usually require 5-10 minutes to engorge with blood. After feeding, they move to secluded places and hide for 5-10 days. During this time in the bed bug life cycle, they do not feed but instead digest their meal, mate, and lay eggs.

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