What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food?

Do you get hot and bothered when your date
throws up on their food and slurps it all down? Then you my friend may be a flyosexual. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. My
dad always warned me that flies were the scum of the earth and that I should NEVER (i repeat:
NEVER) allow them to land on my food. They’ll vomit! They’ll poop! They’ll spread contagious
diseases and you will die! Felt a bit like receiving an abstinence lecture, to be honest. In a recent survey, Orick asked participants:
“if you were at a restaurant, which critter would make you drop your fork? Rodents? Cockroaches?
Flies? Ants? Or snakes?” SNAKES! I’d definitely be atta that joint in a heartbeat. 61% of
people said they would bounce if they saw cockroaches, but scientists warn that FLIES
are actually twice as germy as cockroaches. And they’re specifically referring to those
pesky houseflies that can be found anywhere – after all, there are over 90,000 different
species of flies. So what’s the real deal on flies and food?
Flies do gross things like eat garbage and poop and rotting animal carcasses. All those
germs from the gross stuff they think is delicious gets transferred to their legs and small hairs
all over their body. It only takes a second for them to transfer those germs to your food
or to your body. It’s also true that flies can’t chew, so in order to eat, they spit
enzymes on their food to dissolve it and then slurp it up. And yet another truth is that
flies can carry cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. But…notice most people DON’T get those
diseases…which brings me to the rational side of things. Flies that are festering on
food can definitely make you sick, so if there’s a bunch of flies feeding on a rotting apple
– you probably shouldn’t eat it! But when they land on food for a few seconds, it’s
unlikely that it’ll transfer enough bacteria to make you sick. It’s also a misconception
that they poop every time they land. That would be a lot of tiny fly bowel movements.
They might spit or vomit on your food if they’re intending to eat it, but it’s the bacteria
that’s stuck to their body that actually spreads disease and makes people sick. Long story short: fly vomit is your friend,
fly bodies? Not so much. Thanks for watching DNews – do you get grossed out if flies land
on your food? Let me know down below and we’ll catch you on the next episode – hopefully
with a little less feces.

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100 thoughts on “What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food?

  1. Out and about in public…
    Makes the biggest scene ever when a fly land's on your table.
    At home…
    Go away fly.

  2. Even if it lands on your food for one second that doesn’t make it better when they just came from eating poop 😄

  3. actually they carry diseases, etc on their legs, so that fly that has been on dog poop, etc then lands on your food for a couple of seconds, that's all it takes, I highly recommend if you have flies coming in your home buy a zapper and put it in the kitchen, most people get sick from flies being in contact with their food or services that flies have been on and assume its food poisoning , these flies are fast and clever , ps don't leave dog or cat etc food down if your dog doesn't eat it straight away, put it in the fridge, and try it later , flies are intellgent , I get the two big buzzy flies popping in around about my dog meal times, even before ive fed my dog , they know routine for sure . everyone buy a zapper, its the only safe way to keep your home safe from them and chemical products that only make you and your pets sick. there are many varieties of fly zappers on Amazon for all budgets, who cares about a zapping sound compared to vermin spreading diseases in your home, they walk over your kitchen counters when you don't even know it when you make a sandwich on that same clean service you cleaned hour ago … yet that fly has been there again in the meantime, they hide, they are so intelligent,, they wait until you fall asleep before they pester you all night and land on the same parts of your body over and over, …… electrocute the lot of them. don't let them drive you insane. lol

  4. 9 out of 10 insects in hospitals carry superbugs that cannot be killed but they can kill you. https://www.sciencealert.com/most-flying-insects-in-hospitals-carry-harmful-bacteria-study-finds. If this is happening in UK NHS Hospitals (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7163817/How-HALF-flying-insects-NHS-hospitals-carry-superbugs.html) imagine the number of insects in countries like Asia or Africa. You must avoid wasted consultation, visiting doctors when you think you have flu but how do you know when you must visit? Ask Dr Maya (FREE App for iPhone) and read Maya Bring Tears of Happiness. maya.doctor

  5. I'm coming here because this morning my niece had askd me while having our breakfast 'What would be the purpose of the creation of flies by God..?' (I know the vid didnt suite wit the question) Anyone having an answer for me.. pliz..? Heheee..! 😁

  6. i declare this channel the "loosy goosy" channel. so when you see a fly sit on your food, its ok!! go ahead and chew that sucker down, or when your food falls on the ground, ahh what the hell brush it off and devour it. Very wise infromation, i guess cleanliness isnt a part of this channels strong points =+D

  7. What happens when a fly lands on your food you may ask?


  8. Well I just got on here to do some research about what do flies go through from birth to death and I saw your video and there's nothing wrong with a fly to me but I tried to kill one the other day thinking that there were horrible like your parents told you and my hand went through the wind when I cut my main artery long story short I'm okay I might get a tattoo of a fly next to the cut and my arm is okay till next time👍😂😎

  9. I m a Muslim. Our prophet said that if a fly fall in to milk or food, then we have to sink it with our finger and then take it out of the food.
    Because in one wing of fly is decease and in other one is cure.

  10. If there is a fly in a restaurant I probably wouldn't drop my fork and walk out, but a cockroach on the other hand may cause me to have to burn the place down.

  11. I hate flies so much that when I hit it I don’t hit it hard so it doesn’t die after I have shocked it I torture it starting from the legs and up 😡

  12. so if a fly has just hatched or turned from larvae to fly, is it germs/disease free until they start to land on all those dirty places? might be bad if you accidentally eat food that has a dead fly on it…

  13. I have a massive cut in my hand I went to sleep with the cut uncovered when I woke up there were maggots in my cut.. no lie I almost passed out

  14. The best lesson I learned in college is how to kill a fly that has landed. Basically it flies straight up, or slightly backwards, and then forward, so if you clap your hands above it, a good chance you'll kill or stun it. Just don't do that over your food, and wash your hands after your bloodlust ends. Of course if you have a proper fly swatter, and it lands on a flat open surface, much easier!

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