What Spider-Man Gets Right (and Wrong) About New York City

Spider-man is New York’s superhero other heroes pass through,
wreck our shit and go away again But Spider-man is from here he likes bagels he rides the subway and he disrespects public property the point is, getting New York City right is crucial to getting spider-man right and
insomniac games did a pretty good job their New York City is quite true to life but some of the changes that they made are very interesting so let’s see I’m walkin’ here! In the game Fisk Tower is an
ostentatious skyscraper with big gold letters that spell out “FISK” and it’s right here, in Columbus Circle Roughly where Trump International Hotel is. technically it’s in the spot of the Time Warner building but let’s not pretend this
wasn’t on purpose Fisk isn’t the only villain standing
in for a local politician Norman Osborn’s Oscorp
has effectively replaced the software company of
former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Norman Osborn is of course
the mayor of New York City in Spider-man. Hey! Recognize that? It’s the Staten Island
Ferry and they also have them in spider-man except in spider-man they go
the opposite direction of Staten Island up the East River here in New York City
everyone wants to touch this Bulls testicles but in spider-man, you can’t because there is no bull statue Instead, insomniac games put in a perfectly
majestic statue of the enormous teleporting bulldog lockjaw from the
inhuman series they didn’t want to pay the licensing fee for the bull which I totally understand because I would much rather
take a selfie with a dog’s butthole it’s a short walk from here to Freedom Tower, which you won’t find in
spider-man’s new york the tower that stands here vaguely resembles
Freedom Tower but it isn’t an in-game landmark so it doesn’t have a name the 9/11 memorial also isn’t in the game we did catch a tour guide at the base
of the tower giving a talk about 9/11 “…on 9/11, when all transport in the city was shut down,” “citizen boat owners managed to transport over
500,000 people from Manhattan Island.” so it happened there are a few potential
reasons the memorials not there though 1, cultural sensitivity, I think it
would be kind of weird to play a spider-man running all over the 9/11
memorial, 2, – it’s possible that the memorial declined memorial declined to be licensed for use in the game 3 even if it were possible to license the likeness of the memorial it might have been pretty expensive we’ve reached out for comment about all
of this and I really don’t envy anyone who is involved in figuring out what to
do with such a sensitive location taking a deep breath let’s move up the west
side of Manhattan to an old elevated railroad that’s been turned
into a park called the High Line it runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking
District all the way up to 34th Street in an area called Hudson Yards in spider-man the High Line is still under construction but in real life, it’s done! it’s constantly packed with tourists Hudson Yards is almost done being
constructed too this sterile playground of gentrification literally wasn’t here when spider-man entered development four or five years ago so the Hudson Yards that you see in the game is already a thing of the past life comes at your path so does the mob. right over here is the Javits Center it’s not in Spider-man but it almost could be the building’s management is affiliated
with the mob and it’s cost the city literally billions of dollars they have comic-con there! The north part manhattan really got shortchanged.
Washington Heights has essentially been lopped off and Manhattan ends in Harlem there’s a medieval European museum called the cloisters in Manhattan’s
northernmost neighborhood of Inwood. In the game, it’s been represented by a
church and a graveyard but the highlight of New York City in
spider-man and in real life is the Empire State Building Here insomniac games just absolutely knocked it out of the park. The Empire State Building feels
huge and it dominates the skyline. If you were gonna get one thing right about
New York City it has to be this right.it It wouldn’t be in New York City and it
wouldn’t be spider-man without it you New York lovers probably caught
something that we missed so make sure you let us know in the comments If spider-man we have a great one about all
of his fighting styles and another about the amazing swinging in the game Thanks
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67 thoughts on “What Spider-Man Gets Right (and Wrong) About New York City

  1. Nice to know my hood is in the game. Sitting in Inwood right now. Not as cool as finding my actual building in Spider Man 2, but fun! I💗NY!!

  2. Central Park is waaaaaay too far north, also they call riverside park the west side park. Idk if that’s another name for it but I’ve never heard it

  3. As a native new Yorker I was very disappointed in the feel of in game New York. Besides the landmarks it was not accurate at all and the general "feel" was way off. I will admit I am very strict with this stuff however

  4. The Empire state building is like in the wrong spot almost. Don't know how to explain it exactly. And the streets always skip from like 34th to 32nd there's no 33rd street weird lol.

  5. Can Carnegie Hall be found in game? I’ve looked for it and I know it’s mentioned over police radio but I can’t find if

  6. 0:10 I live on Long Island and have never heard a single person from New York City say "Bagels" the way you did at the beginning of this. You said it like someone from western New York (ie, Buffalo or Rochester).

  7. First time I got to play this game was in my apartment in NY…in Manhatten…in Washington Heights. I looked at that map and died laughing haha just cut off the north of Manhatten completely. And yes, the Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park were shortchanged. No love for my neighborhood :/

  8. The Staten Island ferry terminal isn’t there either, and Greenwich got OVER simplified to the point where stonewall was taken out of its original location on Columbus and put one block over kinda… the storefront where stonewall WOULD have been is a Chinese dry cleaners hahaha

  9. People mad commenting because there are some streets or places that are not 100% how it looks in real life. STFU!!! You can't enjoy the GREAT job they have done with this game? You are soooo annoying I swear. Grow up!!!

  10. I don't like how the streets numbers go up when I go to Harlem E 111st then 116st then 120st what the fuck.and park ave on Harlem is too short.first of all Harlem is very large neighborhood in new York city not short.and I also don't like how they create this Manhattan map size.why they can just make the one in real life and make it look realistic.the Bronx touches Manhattan.not further up.

  11. Thus is just a dope video where I learned about New York with some fun spidey swinging scenes. Excellent content

  12. So, I went to were I live in the city, and I found that they took out 4 or 5 blocks but they put my best friends house who lives across the street from me. I live by the freedom tower. Kinda mad tbh

  13. About the 911 thing, I think that tower could be one of the World Trade Center towers, because a superhero of some kind stopped the second plane when they saw the first plane hit the first tower.

  14. It'd be cool if they added DLC updates that would update those under construction buildings so that they'd now be comepleted. Like essentially update the city in real time so that it always matches the real life NYC.

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