What’s Living In Your Pillow?

(radio show fades in) Good morning RTÉ Radio One on Wednesday This is Morning Ireland with Rachel English (radio show fades out) (Narrator) I was listening to the radio a while back
and I’d heard the results of the previous National Pillow Check Up, so I decided to send mine in. When I wake up in the morning I don’t
feel like I’ve had a good night’s sleep really I don’t feel as rested and almost as energized as as I’d like to be another reason is my skin doesn’t have, just kinda … the glow it would have had in, you know, in the past so I was thinking it could be something about the pillow.
So that’s the main reason. (Radio reporter) Hi Derek well I am standing here in the microbiology lab of airmid healthgroup
and the reason we’re here is because just over two weeks ago we
asked Mooney (the radio show) listeners to send us in photos of their dirty pillows we were flooded with entries (Dr Bruce Mitchell) Pillows had to be cut up, then they had to have bits of their filling and their surfaces put into a buffer to elute out
allergen and they also had to be cultured to see if there was bacteria and mold and when we looked at the data we found
that some of the pillows actually had staggering quantities of
bacteria and nasty bugs Staphylococcus aureus, it can give rise to
skin infections, skin boils, respiratory infections. E. coli, it’s not a good thing to have in your bed. And on the fungal side, we had Penicillium and Aspergillus and they’re nasty bugs particularly if you’re immunocompromised in any way. and we had Candida (Derek Mooney, radio host) It seems like the entire nation has gone pillow mad! (Narrator) I suppose I’m a bit excited! Just to see what the results would be. (Dr Bruce Mitchell, airmid healthgroup) Any kind of harbinger of a potential infection or allergic reactivity really should be removed if the
individual is susceptible to either. (Narrator) I’m very surprised at the results, yeah I would have had no idea that they were
dust mites and fungal mold in there. No wonder I
wasn’t having a good night’s sleep! But I’m very relieved also because it means
that the solution is quite simple you know just got a new pillow, get a
good healthy pillow.

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