When you have a sexy maid (feat. Mike Rizzi & notanothergay) | KRISHNA

Guess who tested positive for chlamydia. Really? Wow, you are not having a good week. Yeah. Had somebody had sex with me, they would have
gotten chlamydia and bed bugs. Well what are you up to? I’m just cleaning up before the maid gets
here. Want to get acai bowls afterwards? What the ****? I hate when people do that. Why are you gonna paid for a maid if you’re
just going to end up cleaning anyway. And it’s pronounced “aka” bowls actually. Uh, no it isn’t. And I just want them to spend more time cleaning
surfaces than doing things I could easily do myself. Krishna. Don’t clean. My mother was a maid. Trust me. Hey! So I think today I want to do the kitchen,
the bathroom, and then like a hard scrubbing of the floors. Okay! I’ll just get started then. Cool! Thank you so much. If you need any food or water or anything
you can grab whatever you want from the fridge. Chris what the heck. My mother was a maid. Trust me. NO WAIT! Oh no! I’m so sorry. No worries. You know, I feel like you two should date. Krishna, where do you want me to put these
books? Just on the bookshelf is fine. Oh no sorry not that one. Lower. Lower. Lower. Lower. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah. If you laughed at least two times or more,
click the like button and subscribe to see the bloopers next week. ****! Guess who tested positive for chlamydia! Really? I want to die! You are not having a good week. ****, we all have chlamydia now! Chris, this is funny! Keep going! Start over! Do it again!

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75 thoughts on “When you have a sexy maid (feat. Mike Rizzi & notanothergay) | KRISHNA

  1. This was beyond awesome. Great filming, acting, and throwing of stuff. Like, you guys throw stuff around really well. Lol.

  2. Rimsky-Korsakov in a vlog! Wonders will never cease. क्या कह सकता हूँ , अच्छा तो यह टीम बहुत अजीब है

  3. Krishna being Krishna, you know just a good, wholesome, decent person and then Chris comes along and we all know we have a "Chris" in our lives and now Krishna is out of toilet paper and needs to see a chiropractor for his neck for the way he was staring at the maid…tisk tisk. Peer pressure is real y'all! it's so real! 😉😂

  4. Hey K
    SO funny, and SOOO much eye candy!
    blush i actually did that at work last week, "accidentally" dropped something so my colleague could bend over and pick it up
    i'm not proud, but hell, his booty is nearly as fine as Mikey's!!
    love you loads K

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