While In Chicago, President Donald Trump Compares City To Afghanistan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “While In Chicago, President Donald Trump Compares City To Afghanistan | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Yet another Trump lie exposed. The 9 states with the highest gun death rates are all deep red Republican except one. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Missouri and West Virginia are 8 of the top nine. All deep red. New Mexico is the only Democratic leaning state (light blue) in the top 9. All these states have exceptionally weak gun laws. As far as cities go, Chicago is number 10 in gun deaths per capita.

  2. SHUT UP THE 2 useless who ever.
    The other day the both of you idiots protected trump and bashed the people who BOOOODED trump.
    Get a job at fox you creeps

  3. The Chicago racist cherry picking by the right is just sad. It's not even in the top 10 violent/high crime cities in the US, and those are mostly in red states like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield Missouri, New Orleans, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis Tennessee, Anchorage, Indianapolis, Little Rock, Tulsa, and Beaumont and Houston Texas.

    (Inb4 "but these cities' mayors are democrats!", yes, many are, but if one knows anything about state political power, then he/she should comprehend that the office of mayor is mostly ceremonial and they have little power or control over their city and especially the police; state and federal lawmakers largely control cities, especially state governors).


  5. I want to personally thank Mika and Joe for playing their part in giving the world this disease of an American President.

  6. He is not an evil genius. He is just a man who was never qualified for the Presidency because he knows nothing about America and the World in general. He is the old man in the bubble.

  7. What's that? Trump's flagship Doral hotel has had verifiable, repeated problems with terrible bedbug infestations? Gee, I wonder if that's why he's been losing money there…. Bedbug infestations seem like a serious problem for a supposedly high end hotel…. scratch….. itch…

  8. Its the off-duty cops aka Blue ISIS that goes around killing random blacks.
    We black people know, if a black gets killed, we know exactly who they had beef with. But when these nazi police terrorists assassinate people walking home from work, those cases get cold. Blue ISIS are the murderers and they need to be attacked just as random.

  9. Trump the bully now focusing on Chicago?
    We need intelligent, respectful, inclusive, informed, compassionate, strong leadership.
    America please vote to ostracise trump and all trumpian signs and symbols.

  10. I love MSNBC, but Joe is SO annoying. I can’t watch anymore unless you change the show to “ Morning Willie” 🤔

  11. Hundreds of thousands have DIED due to Trump's recklessness. He says his Impeachment is a LYNCHING. He better be careful what he asks for or he may get it.

  12. The pussygrabber is NOT right about ANYTHING. Because he is always not into a problem for the solution, he mentions a problem to let him – he thinks – look good.

  13. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  14. This traitor who says he loves American sure likes to bash it!!..Instead of encouraging communities he just belittles everything/everyone who call these places home!!..Go back to Russia and take all your cultist with you!…..HOAX- When you get caught!!….Impeach this useless body of flesh!…

  15. This empty hole standing in his orange face is openly inciting police officers to revolt against their Chief. Why doesn't somebody do something. God deliver us from this man's evil insanity. he is causing the carnage he promised.

  16. After hearing Trump speech of ASIS Leader killed..different things didn't add up being the time frame of helicopter strike force first under attack from ground ASIS that their leader would of give him time to get away in the right exit tunnel,,,another amount of time needed to escape once entrance told by Trump that it was blown up,,,if leader had on a explosive vest in a tunnel would of bring the tunnel down and would of taken time to remove gravel to reach remaining parts to get a DNA sample..unless tunnel is as size of a vehicle or larger….what the chance this happen being close to Trump impeachment and the biggest rally to be seen at baseball game….why was the Dem, not told of this and only a few seen in that picture that were "YES" Trump members…a cover up like Trump seem to know but not say…one reporter on air had a Kurdish officer that was on that strike attack but Trump speech said only American were the only one that carried the attack…odd,,,anyways perhaps I'm rough and glade the ASIS leader is taken care of for the awful crime he did.

  17. Wonder why they decided to blow up the building to level it to the ground after the leader took his own life unless he had a look-alike hidden inside…odd.

  18. He doesn’t say very nice things about America. Makes one wonder why he’s got so many nice things to say about Russia and North Korea.

  19. I thought I would never call a President of the United States of America a CLOWN,but this president (small p) is…..he is not only a CLOWN but a corrupt, lieing, cheating, Un-American,Putin loving CLOWN.

  20. This was typical of Trump's childish attacks on any city which votes Democratic and doesn't go along with his racist policies. How about blaming crime on the perpetrators not on the law abiding citizens and their police commissioner? Also many of the serious crimes are committed using guns illegally transported from other states where the gun laws are lenient courtesy of the NRA which Trump supports.

  21. Chicago has it's problems and I wish they would implement programs to help low income people so that they can stay away from gangs but come on now, it's not worse than Afghanistan by any means..

    With that said it is disingenuous for an American president to say such horrible things like this about an American city.. When you listen to Obama talk about the problems in Chicago he doesn't put them down because there are amazing people doing great work trying to help the beautiful city! I love Chicago, I'm from Indianapolis and would always go to Chicago and never had a problem.. Just wish he would stop attacking America!

  22. 90 Chicago has cleaned up the crime over the years they have worked extremely hard Cabrini-Green was the worst projects in Chicago

  23. trump is a coward–all those people shot with guns in chi-town,,,,we need to abolish the superpact leaders the NRA-and collect and destroy those guns—-LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!

  24. Since Trump has been in office hundreds of innocent civilians have been slaughtered.
    Something is seriously wrong with him

  25. Joe, that's why it is perfectly appropriate to chant.. 'lock him up, lock him up'. He may occupy the White House but he deserves all the disrespect he gets. He's earned it!!

  26. Just dropped in to see if Joe Scarborough is going to apologize for saying that free speech is “fascist and unAmerican.” That essentially was what he said yesterday regarding the chant at the World Series to lock Trump up. I don’t know what’s happened to Scarborough.

  27. I am disgusted that the fact that not only are they insulting the president but here he is trying to stand up to political leaders in Chicago about the crime and the violence and you guys are sitting there like practically saying oh it's okay the violence and crime in Chicago's okay. Wtf

  28. Because the gun laws aren't strict enough. Pretty soon we'll have more guns than people. He knows he is not getting Chicago's vote, sure hope the whole state turns their back on him.

  29. Since Trump has been President America has become an international joke whose leadership has resulted in American prestige & respect has been comprised.

  30. First of all, has Trump been to Afghanistan? How does he know what is it like and what make him have the right to compare Afghanistan to Chicago?

  31. Totally statistical and factual bullsh*t from MSNBC. More Americans died in Chicago than Afghanistan last year. Then again, that is Americans shooting Americans. So, who cares….blame the French.

  32. Hate Crimes Increase for the Third Consecutive Year, F.B.I. … https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/13/us/hate-crimes-fbi-2017.html

    Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds | The New York Times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9YPYRaeTW0

    All the Times Trump Has Called for Violence at His Rallies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIs2L2nUL-0

    Meet Trump's Most Menacing And Toxic Voters. Ever. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trump%27s+instigating+violence&sp=EgIIBQ%253D%253D

    Donald Trump Can't Stop Congratulating Donald Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XERwP5YE6w

    2 years ago Donald Trump compilation: The 90 most shocking things he's said during election campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAIfU5RBBso&t=28s

    Trump's 'racist' remarks: Outrage around the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JynsEWMi7s

    Trump's Always Been Racist | Trumpster Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpyGDdYGaPc&t=42s

    Trump Rallies Turn Racist & Violent…Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-oVADGr3LA

    Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds | The New York Times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9YPYRaeTW0

    3 years ago All the Times Trump Has Called for Violence at His Rallies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIs2L2nUL-0

    An Incitement To Violence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lOOAQXBOd8

    Trump's new pivot on foreign policy: Bring back the warmongers https://www.salon.com/2018/03/14/trumps-new-pivot-on-foreign-policy-bring-back-the-warmongers/

  33. Let’s face facts Donald Trump is a foreign enemy state representative who hates America

  34. 4 more years people! Democrats are going to lose again, and the MSM is going to be just as clueless as to why like they were last time.. Regular americans DOES think that chicago is crime ridden hellhole.. He's not offending anyone who's voting for him by saying things like this.. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER.

  35. unless hes got hold of another sharpie,trump doesnt even know where Afghanistan is.it was winder while trump was there.

  36. Most of the rest of the world despises the USA and has for a long time. Trump is a product of his culture, he's not unique, he is America.

  37. Why do you want him to attack Russia what for?? You stupid he is not attacking chicago he is stating the facts about murder rate in Chicago. Stupid one sided bought out and sold media shame on you

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