(funny voice) Come here baby girl, wanna go to the store? (funny voice) Let’s go to the store, baby girl. (Cory) Enter (Cory singing) Way up North In the state of Alaska Lives a man his wife and kids And this dude, he lives like hella, because that’s the way he is (Kristen) Ok, if you were a pen to sign photos, where would you be? In the pen to sign photos section. (Kristen) Which would be where… (Cory) In this aisle right… (Kristen) No… (Cory) Exactly what kind of pen are you looking for, like there’s a lot of pens We have all these pens I, ok, this drives me crazy because I want a pen that’s not gonna smudge I want one that that’s not gonna come off I want it to dry, like I just don’t want it to mess with the photos But I don’t know Ok we got pens, now we need to get some stuff to wrap the prints in so If we get multi-colored paper it’s kind of fun Do you think the paper will mess, like, bleed onto the photos? (Cory) Ah, that’s a good point Yeah, ok, let’s just get white (Cory) Your mommy says I’m gonna fart on your head some day I am not gonna far on your head. I will not fart on her head! Yeah, when she’s older and you guys are like playing and rough housing, you’re so gonna fart on her head. (Cory) I will not fart on your head (Kristen) Yes he will (Kristen) Alright, time for the signing party! Yeah, this is interesting. I’ve signed stuff before but never like, this sort of thing (Kristen) You’re own artwork, man! My own artwork! I’m signing my own artwork. Ok, so, do I – the big question is – I have two pens here I’ve got the silver, I’ve got the black. (Kristen) Yeah Which do I do on which? I guess just whichever I feel, right? (Kristen) Yeah, I think it depends on what looks better because like, you know, which is gonna show up best on each print? (Kristen) Ok, first one I’m so nervous! What if I mess up Like, what if I mess up my name and I put like… (Kristen) Don’t! (laughing) Nobody will know… Nah, I’m just kidding No, but we sold out of prints so… (Cory) I kind of have to Here we go First signature right here (Kristen) Done? Want to see it? Want to see what it looks like? (Kristen) Look at that! (Cory) I think that works! (Kristen) I think that looks really nice in silver black would not have shown up Yeah, so it really pops. So I think it’s good to because I put it sort of higher up (Kristen) Yeah, that way if you frame it it will show up Yeah, so let’s do like a… oh! wall! There’s a wall here See, you put it there (Kristen) Yep (Cory) In the right light I think it will show up, but I mean like… (Kristen) Oh no, definitely (Cory)Yeah, I like that (Kristen)That’s an awesome picture too Hey, you want to know something? (Cory) Huh? (Cory)What? You’re officially a professional photographer now! Oh yeah, because I’ve sold prints! Whoah. (laughing) Honestly, I’ve never thought this would be a thing, like, I’ve just… I just enjoy this There’s nothing about this that I was like, “Man! I hope one day I make money doing this” Like, nah, I just love taking photos (Kristen) Yeah, that’s the best kind of job Yeah, see for me I wanted to – I guess what lead to all of this is like I just, I love film making. And one thing led to another. I had a different camera that I was using for film making that happened to take pictures too And then I was like, well I will take pictures while I do this And I enjoyed it so much I was like, “Wow, this is cool” And it’s – yeah, here it is (Kristen) It’s pretty awesome! Like, what if – what if this becomes like, my thing My like, new thing I don’t know, but then you wouldn’t do video anymore (Cory) No, I’d still do video Yeah? You know what? There’s gonna be a day though when I’m going to be super old and nobody cares about me (laughing) Like, why do I want to watch this decrepit old guy And I can take photos of things and it’s beautiful So, like the mind will always be there I think in photography But, the personality won’t always be there Because there will be a time when… So, this will be one of those things that I do until I’m older (Kristen) Oh, for sure (Cory) I love this print This print is so beautiful This is the winter sunset and I like the the silver signatures on there It looks really cool Um, but this one um, somebody is going to get a very special one – I’m not sure what happened there It’s like the print – this is the first one I went to go sign of this one And, it like bowed up See how it’s like curved? It bowed up right in the middle of the Y See how this one says Cory… Williams… But, right here, I forgot the Y So, it’s just C W, what that one is So, just a heads up for anybody who gets this one It’s a special one (Cory) It is It’s unique (soft music) (heavy metal) (Cory) Oh, that was an awesome shoot So I just finished the short film that I started making when we went to Denali And I think it worked out well Hopefully I don’t have to do any reshoots It’s one thing about film making is like, I always have to do reshoots It’s name of the game Especially when you’re like me and you’re just doing it by yourself all the time I do have some friends now that can help me with stuff but It’s the middle of the week and I didn’t want to call anybody while they’re at work You know (raspberry) So many bugs here! They just – you see them? They’re swarming Oh my gosh guys, just as I was leaving I saw this beautiful bald eagle sitting up on the trees So, I had to to catch him on camera I really hope he calls (soft guitar music) Huh What’s this all about Holly – Who’s Holly? Holly. Holly. Holly was here. Seattle Huh, I wonder if Holly was here So, I just had to pull over I was on my way home and I saw this beautiful view Look at this! Oh my gosh I wish I could bust out the camera and film that for the short film But, it just wouldn’t make sense because everything’s so dark That’s the Knik Glacier It’s beautiful Goodbye sun, thank you so much for cooperating with me today You were awesome So, I ended up shooting two short films today Did you? Two! Nice! Yeah By the way, I just realized This shot right here Boom. That’s one of our Etsy prints. So like, if you don’t know where that’s from It’s from our backyard. Just looking out over the deck Is that picture really from there? Yeah, right there See the two trees? The sun right in between? That’s where it is It’s just… Boom. I literally opened – To get that picture, I opened the sliding glass door took the shot and then came back in I honestly thought that picture was from somewhere much more epic (Cory) Um, no Just here Just the house Oh my gosh dude The northern lights are going to be out like crazy tonight (Kristen)That’s insane We’re gonna have like a northern lights picnic We have like three hours until they get here (Cory) Doesn’t matter, I can set it up now Alright, this is gonna be so cool! (music) Alright guys, it’s late so I’m going to go to bed We’ll see you tomorrow Goodbye! Woah! (fart) I’ve got to do that again (music)

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100 thoughts on “WHO DID THIS?

  1. Hey Corey and Kristen, among the other social media links would you mind adding a link to your etsy store? it would make finding your prints much easier! 🙂 i was looking for the sundown print between the trees but it's sold out 🙁 will it be coming back? 😀

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    You should put a bunch toghether some day and make a "Living in Alaska – nature short" thingy! 😀

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