WHO MAKES BETTER PANCAKES?? (Mama Bee vs. Denny’s)

Ladies and gentlemen this is the challenge that I always look forward to, pancakes can you believe that some wooden loco decided to challenge mamabee at cooking *Explosion Noise* and that somebody is Denny’s. Denny’s has issued a challenge to mamabee saying that they have tastier and fluffier pancakes then you might be what do you say about that? said that you may have lost your mind challenging mamabee to a fluffier tastier pancake challenge mamabee you’re going first today’s pancake day literally we’re going to eat pancakes and they’re gonna take the monkeys for dinner to dennys to eat pancakes and compare and I want you to tell the truth don’t think all you know if I lose I will take the loss if my pancakes are not as fluffy I get it and apparently they have some like holiday flavors happening I have my holiday flavors too Denny’s! Ooh she got a holiday flavors I will be perfectly honest. You better be a seriously I want to know I’m gonna tell the kids to I want the truth I can handle the truth Challange, challange let’s do it Mamabee or you can you do it mamabee do you have juicy blueberries like this Denny’s are not going to see the best challenge ever wanted first things first things first one cup of flour 2 teaspoons of baking powder half a teaspoon of baking soda there’s the dry ingredients done you can find everything else in the bowl so we’re going to put our egg three tablespoons of sugar one cup of buttermilk a quarter cup of vegetable oil and half a cup of water now let’s start with my dry ingredients look at that smoke just because your mine not because I need them but they’re really good this has to be one of the greatest days of my life it’s basically just eating pancakes all day what do you do for a living we take that yummy food. You have fluffy pancakes or warm I love them with sausages I think they’re called pigs in a blanket is that what they are changes in a blanket trenches in the seven that’s sheet let us know in the comments what pigs in a blanket mean cause that is… alright we got this blankets right here baby so you don’t want to overbeat okay *Beatboxing* Denny’s you better come correct with your pancakes because these smell amazing Oh what! Fired up you want medium heat. creamy this is fluffy If you search in the dictionary for the word fluffy is going to show this now that’s a perfect score right there look how fluffy that is look at that it’s like oozing with fluff okay take note dennys if the pancake is difficult to flip that means it’s really fluffy let’s do this many already oh my good what there’s the first one super fluffy but the question is are they better than you and what they do and now we wait because the monkeys will be home any minute now they better hurry up because I want to eat these pancakes and then when we’re off to Dennys for dinner more pancakes the monkeys are home from The monkeys are home from school you know what’s happening today yes we are Do you know what’s happening today? yes. Ah no. Yes. What’s going on miss monkey? taste test your guy’s pankcakes And then Denny’s and see who’s is better That’s basically what’s gonna happen right now and get so mamabee is trying to entice you guys by putting a little gummy worm i’m pretty sure Denny’s doesn’t put gummy worms in their pancakes no but apparently they have a sticky bun one a sticky bun flavor that I cannot wait to try all right ok so it’s cool rising his monkey still rising how’s the fluffiness oh that’s little rising this monkey water sugar makes everything taste a million times better mamabee’s fluffy pancakes Syrup Syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup okay Let’s try the gummy worm out He’s going for the gummy worm right away *laughs* Really? Really? Perfect gummy worm These are really fluffy, I like um.. Are you getting this when I enjoy food when I like the texture so this so far Wow! Mamabee Fluffy Fluffy. That’s amazing. Rich. On a scale of 1 to 10? 10!!! 11! 11… at least a 10. there you have it. Denny’s my family really likes my pancakes my pancake is I think they were a hit they were fluffy yeah they were yummy and ok so good let’s go try Denny’s now right what you really want to do this yeah? YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS DENNY’S ARE YOU SURE?!?!? Alright let’s try this out ok I think we should choose salted and banana cream banana cream sticky buns and we’re gonna try the new pumpkin cream pancake they have a pumpkin cream pancake? Cream pancakes can actually have your holiday dinners here instead of having people over and the whole mess. No cooking. no cooking. Deck the halls with Denny’s pancakes Falalalalalalalala I think that it’s going to be like REALLY close between Denny’s and mama’s cooking because both of their cooking is amazing Pressures on for who? pressures on for Denny’s not-not you already got a ten out of ten from my family sorry I didn’t i’m not getting that excited we got the camera banana caramel caramel banana sticky pancakes is that sticky bun? Yes can I try some? can I try this *laughs* We’re gonna try them all relax based on the presentation I think that Denny’s is in the lead Huh! You didn’t even try them!? yet. No but based on the presentation I said K are we gonna sit here and kiss these pancakes or are we gonna eat them now? cute little one for last Rudolph pancake Ohhh. Wow. Rudolph Get into our holiday spirits right? Mamabee Hmm… Uhhhhhhh not gonna lie it’s not looking good for me I think you should be doing it first this is the Salted and banana Salted and banana It’s like so like it looks so perfect that it’s so light I mean it doesn’t *mumbles* She’s not happy *laughs* oh no the slow clap from Mamabee she’s given up mommy’s pancakes or Denny’s I can’t answer that question nope he refuses to answer mamabee’s pancakes or Denny’s Denny’s OHH WHOAAA!!! Denny’s Let’z go The pumpkin cream The last Thank you so much Denny’s for inviting us for the challenge this was fun these are definitely fluffy these are definitely very fluffy very tasty and thank you so much for issuing this challenge you know there are no real winners and losers in this you-know-what didn’t have any of that thanks for watching everybody please like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left hand a little thingy will pop up and you get to subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said voice it’s my radio voice bu

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100 thoughts on “WHO MAKES BETTER PANCAKES?? (Mama Bee vs. Denny’s)

  1. Mama Bee's are better. I DON'T like Denny's pancakes. (I never tried mama Bee's but they have to be better.) 🐝 🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  2. well my mom bakes very good and made pancakes if theres no pancakes she bakes it she made fluffy pancakes maybe?

  3. my mom is not spanish only filipino.please make a video that your gonna tell your real real real name. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don't know pigs in a banker in Spanish but pigs in a blanket isn't pancakes wrapped around a sausage it's a sausage wrapped in bacon

  5. So………. they just came from school. That's like 2 or three-ish. That means your having DINNER at 4 or like 5????????????❔❓❔❓❔❓

  6. The big thing about this that gives Denny’s a pretty big and frankly unfair advantage is that Mama Bee made completely different pancakes than Denny’s. For a truly fair challenge, you guys should’ve ordered regular and blueberry pancakes, not all those fancy ones.

  7. Me and your wife should 1v1 in cooking

    Not in any other way but your way, and i am pretty decent as a chef if i say so myself

  8. gets dictonary from bookshelf searches looks up from book WHERE IS THE PICTUREEEE AT LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. Today i went to my moms store in wildwood boardwalk mr.gyro GO EAT THEIR PANKACKES WELL IT WAS MY MOMS HOMEMADE RECIPE

  10. Hahaha i saw the video where you wanted one of those pink electronic mixers and papa bee is just like i know what i should get you for your birthday you got it yay

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