Wild Card: Ella Mesma – Guerreras (Sadler’s Soundbite)

Wild Card is a series of events curated by a new generation of dance artists. For this Wild Card we have invited Ella Mesma to come and curate an evening around the idea of female warriors, or as she’s called it in Spanish, Guerreras. This is a cross road of different styles which usually wouldn’t come together. Ella is an incredible performer, she has training of different kinds, both as a b-girl, latin as well as contemporary so we’re at the cross road of theatre, latin and hip hop, which you might not expect to come together. It makes her movement vocabulary and her world very, very special I think, together with a feminist approach on wanting to tell the stories of women. She’s focusing on a specific dance style called rumba, which actually crosses over both the flamenco world as well as the latin world with roots in Latin America and Africa. So through the devise of that, she’s created a piece called Ladylike, which will be presented as part of the evening. There will be other elements as well and I think it will definitely be a punchy evening of strong ideas, strong women and a great way of bringing together styles you don’t expect to see.

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